LEGENDARY BELLY FLOP FINALE | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 8

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • We’re ending Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse with our annual legendary belly flop finale, with a very special guest judge! Mayhem is coming September 13, pre-order Borderlands 3 at: smo.sh/borderlands
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Comments • 5 901

  • Smosh Games
    Smosh Games  3 months ago +1065

    Get more HOT TEA about the making of this year's Summer Games in this week's SmoshCast! ru-clip.com/video/zjDFdj9I3KQ/video.html

      MUHAMMAD ZWAIL 23 hours ago

      can you guyes do smosh summer games adventer

    • Kyle Brown
      Kyle Brown 19 days ago

      Smosh Summer Games: Mythical Madness

    • Amber Smith
      Amber Smith Month ago

      pirates could be a good theme for next year

    • Lonely Star
      Lonely Star 2 months ago

      Smosh Games lasercorns stomach said steak guys. If you didn’t notice it

    • kiki -kiki
      kiki -kiki 2 months ago +2

      Smosh Games we an all agree that y’all should do medieval times next summer!!! Damien will crush it-

  • Baby Animal 2002
    Baby Animal 2002 19 hours ago

    I hope for winter games this year

  • FangirlAwesome
    FangirlAwesome Day ago +1

    Alright but can we appreciate how freaking adorable Kimmy is? More of her please

  • RikuSenpai
    RikuSenpai Day ago

    Kimmy is genuinely the best haha

  • Mariam Aroud
    Mariam Aroud 2 days ago

    bruh just imagine tyler ( lazercorn’s son) grows up and watches these videos and realizes how crazy his dad’s work family was

  • I have a Channel
    I have a Channel 2 days ago

    Ian’s team is always the best

  • Merged zamasu Half corrupted

    So, How are we going to tell smosh people only watch summer games for courtney's bewbs?

  • phantom joker
    phantom joker 4 days ago

    Epic moment should've gone to Courtney freaking Miller cause they broke the score

  • Matthew Benton
    Matthew Benton 4 days ago

    I need to learn Shayne's workout regimen

  • Blu Rubiks
    Blu Rubiks 4 days ago

    Good job Joven i was rooting for you. Also sad that Boze didn't show up.

  • DaultonB123
    DaultonB123 4 days ago

    I love kimmy so much

  • Samantha Hollenhorst
    Samantha Hollenhorst 5 days ago +1

    why is no one talking about courtney getting the perfect score that she’s deserved for years? her reaction to getting a trophy was the cutest thing

  • L Marcum
    L Marcum 5 days ago

    Ok I just got done re watching all summer games and it was not wes with the curse but Cortney is the one who has not been on the winning team for summer games ever

  • 44werewolfnomore
    44werewolfnomore 6 days ago

    I thought courtneys shins were going to connect with the edge of the pool... like... damn

  • trinket17 8392
    trinket17 8392 7 days ago

    Matt looks like the one judge from the show FaceOff Glen Hetrick...

  • Dumb Ass1394
    Dumb Ass1394 7 days ago

    Go to Australia and do the theme parks there (Movie World Gold Coast) its got Wild West, superhero, Scooby doo and looney tunes

  • ryan ngiam
    ryan ngiam 7 days ago

    Smosh you should go to Asia or come to Malaysia for summer games

  • Mindy Starkey
    Mindy Starkey 8 days ago

    I absolutely love Courtney so much

  • Just Jayden
    Just Jayden 8 days ago

    Boo Mushroom clout!!!!😡😡😪😪😪

  • Skyler Dreams
    Skyler Dreams 8 days ago +1

    I'm totally siding with Mushroom Cloud ALL DAY ERRYDAY, but Mari deserved that perfect 30

  • Lyssdog003 Sedehi
    Lyssdog003 Sedehi 8 days ago


  • JDAM 9
    JDAM 9 9 days ago

    Courtney f'n miller did a f'n frog splash!

  • Cookie Yum
    Cookie Yum 9 days ago +1

    Ok but mushroom clout won with 136 and toxitea got 133. So mushroom clout won it was not a tie

  • Tornado Boy
    Tornado Boy 9 days ago

    Winter games?

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 10 days ago

    I feel like when joven won if he showed his wife this she was either very proud or just like “cool you won at a dumb camp you and your friends go to”😂😂

  • khalid alshaikh
    khalid alshaikh 10 days ago

    Has any one noticed that mushroom clout did one more flop that toxicitea

  • Art Diva
    Art Diva 10 days ago +2

    What about “If anyone thinks that I don’t have the GUTS, then they must really be EMPTY-MINDED!”

  • Erdem Karadeniz
    Erdem Karadeniz 10 days ago +1

    Everybody: OMMGGG!? OMGG!!
    Judges: SHES BACK OMG!
    Me: WHO?!
    *Courntey Frickin Miller Joins the chat proceeding ot scream*
    Me: *Mom come pick me up im **-scared-** freaked out.*

  • Arnold Hubbard
    Arnold Hubbard 11 days ago

    They should do a Heroes vs. Villains theme for either Winter or Summer games because I want to see a My Hero One's Justice tournament

  • Dogicorns mikuu
    Dogicorns mikuu 12 days ago

    Ok can I just say..... On the podcast Damien said that he doesn't like his body, but dang boy you are good look in!

  • Henley H.
    Henley H. 13 days ago +1

    The fact that Shane was so meak at first just made Courtney Freaking Miller so much better.

  • Chantel Kropf
    Chantel Kropf 13 days ago +2

    Next up smosh winter games 2019

  • Caleb Zentz
    Caleb Zentz 14 days ago

    Do it next year

  • Violet Frenell
    Violet Frenell 14 days ago


  • Kemi Jackson
    Kemi Jackson 15 days ago

    It was 33 to 36

  • Max Richards
    Max Richards 15 days ago

    Joven was a top tier player in Summer Games, Camp, and Wild West.
    He was also a bottom tier player in Winter Games, Again, and We Blew It.
    Now that Flitz is gone, I'm happy that Joven has stepped out of his shadow and earned the MVP of the apocalypse! Jovenshire truly is the Chosen One!

  • Dante Taikutsu
    Dante Taikutsu 17 days ago +1

    Courtney F***kin Miller, - Courtney Frickin' Miller's slightly angrier twin sister.

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie 17 days ago +1

    Dude Courtney you gotta stop, you'll hurt yourself someday.

  • Selish
    Selish 18 days ago +2

    lasercorn drowns in the pool :

  • parrot king vlogs and more

    Finally it ain't Ian's team that wins

  • Halo
    Halo 19 days ago

    24:11 is Courtney freakin’ Miller’s turn. You’re welcome.

  • Song Lor
    Song Lor 20 days ago


  • Antoine Uy
    Antoine Uy 22 days ago +1

    Bellyflop 2018: Everybody beat Keith Leak
    Bellyflop 2019: Everybody beat Shayne Topp

  • Animal and Food Lover
    Animal and Food Lover 24 days ago

    Any Zombaes here?? Mykies Zombaes

  • RyanKathrine
    RyanKathrine 24 days ago

    I’ve been waiting to see “the steak” when I heard the SmoshCast 😂

  • Sylvia Mitchell
    Sylvia Mitchell 24 days ago

    Also, Joven really carried the team, and not sarcastically!

  • Sylvia Mitchell
    Sylvia Mitchell 24 days ago

    by the way, i've watched the ending of this by itself about 15 times. From CFM forward. Only

  • Someone in your class
    Someone in your class 25 days ago

    I wish I was talented and old enough to join smosh

  • Tiani Richards
    Tiani Richards 26 days ago

    Courtney Freaking Miller pulls out the 31/30 to replace poor Olivia who died in the making of this years Summer Games. This was the most EPIC Summer Games yet, and I cant wait to see what they do next year.

  • Lillian Jean Wagoner
    Lillian Jean Wagoner 26 days ago

    Why is Sarah giving everyone such low scores?

  • joseph barthelmy
    joseph barthelmy 26 days ago

    Smosh Summers Games 2020 Olympic Edition.

    SOPHUS KENJI 26 days ago


  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 28 days ago

    Wow, ya ignore smosh for a few years and come back to suddenly find it's basically all the fun contest games Nickelodeon decided weren't profitable enough to keep doing

  • Aweso Max
    Aweso Max 29 days ago


  • Hayden Hiemstra
    Hayden Hiemstra Month ago +1

    Sarah whittle says on every judgement I'm turned on

  • Dj Hawk
    Dj Hawk Month ago

    The laser streak is broken?!?


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Month ago

    Sarah can’t judge a flop

  • Juju Fhrz
    Juju Fhrz Month ago +1

    Someday Courtney will get hurt from belly flop
    And we will not question it

  • rn _mt101
    rn _mt101 Month ago

    Imagine they do a tour around a country of Smosh Traditional Summer Games?

  • Allisen kay
    Allisen kay Month ago

    I want a winters game