I spent a day with SEX THERAPISTS

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • I spent a day with SEX THERAPISTS (or sex gurus) to see if the negative stigma and controversial rumors about sex therapists are true.
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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  2 months ago +12244

    ⚠️ shoutout to asexuals who were not properly represented in this video. i plan to spend a day with asexuals in the future for you to be heard as well.
    🚨 *youtube refuses to monetize anything that has “sex” as a topic, even for discussion and educational purposes. therefore i am paying for this video entirely out of my pocket and youtube will not promote this video in the same way it normally does. plz share this video with one friend so this video about sexual health will get the attention it deserves.*
    come back next week for *I spent a day with E-BOYS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :)
    luv, anthony padildo

    • S Y M O N
      S Y M O N 10 days ago

      Ayyy Asexual representation!

    • Francine Frensky
      Francine Frensky 17 days ago +1

      yes thank you for addressing asexuals! i was feeling a bit left out

    • afloat
      afloat 22 days ago +1

      :D Ace representation

  • A gluten free bread
    A gluten free bread 5 hours ago +1

    Could you do I spent a day with princess performers?

  • Woman of Steele
    Woman of Steele Day ago

    “Control the female?” 😂 bullshit

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 20 hours ago

      it's true because the female sexuality is commodified in our society because words like "Hoe" "Slut" or especially "Thot" apply mostly to females

  • Stephanie Weber
    Stephanie Weber Day ago

    I wish you had Dr. Doe from sexplanations on this episode....

  • chengpaochee lor

    9:48 bet y’all would to

  • Monika Radzaj
    Monika Radzaj Day ago

    I want this job!

  • Hanane El
    Hanane El Day ago

    I hate the hippie couple, especially the guy. Honey you're not a sex therapist only because you believe in female ejaculation.

  • Kawaii kiwi ʕ ᄋ ᴥ ᄋʔ

    "The one thing we have in common"
    *asexuals have entered the chat*

  • TT Chara Show
    TT Chara Show Day ago

    Sexual things in life have been ignored and shamed upon in societies, which in of itself is completely baffling! We've done this since the dawn of humanity, yet we go to such extremes to avoid these topics simply because we feel shameful, despite it being a beautiful and natural thing.

  • Nasexsav Kifs
    Nasexsav Kifs Day ago

    “We all come out of the vagina”
    I was born through a caesarian section so I beg to differ.

  • Zoë Roux
    Zoë Roux 2 days ago

    The hippie couple seems fake about what they're talking about. Idk I get vibes from people and they're giving me weird vibes.

    • Hanane El
      Hanane El Day ago

      When Anthony asked "have you ever fantasized about one of your clients"... The reaction was so fucking cringy, people go to therapist to be vulnerable and expose a shameful hidden part of themselves to understand an issue and treat it not to be seen and treated unprofessionally.. Honestly that was disgusting

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 2 days ago

    Asa butter field is quaking

  • idontknow sunflower
    idontknow sunflower 2 days ago


  • NemesisProducts
    NemesisProducts 2 days ago +2

    Society: If you have lots of sex you´re a slut
    Also society: If you have no sex at all you´re weird and a prude and need to be "fixed"
    Somehow everyone thinks other peoples´ sexual lives are *their* personal business that they should have the right to control. Like for example I as an ace have been told so many times by friends that "someday you´ll find the person you wanna have sex with", and I don´t understand why it´s so important to *them* if I have sex or not??? They would never see a glimpse of it anyway, so why do they think it´s their business?

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 20 hours ago

      women are told that if they have lots of sex they are sluts men are told that if they have no sex at all they are weird and prudes who need to be "fixed"

  • Daniel Pinheiro
    Daniel Pinheiro 2 days ago

    after watching this video i've realized why so many people are mad at trafic

  • Tadija's world
    Tadija's world 2 days ago

    Yes yes yes sex

  • Tadija's world
    Tadija's world 2 days ago

    On tittle sex therappist says sex that means I wanna have sex with you!

  • Christina Carlile
    Christina Carlile 2 days ago

    You should also ask what type of education it requires for careers like this!

  • Lexi King
    Lexi King 2 days ago

    the couple just seem like swingers with too much free time, but the other woman is so majestic and intelligent omg

  • xmen4ever8290
    xmen4ever8290 3 days ago

    Being asexual and watching your asexuality video BEFORE seeing this one I want to say, thank you, Anthony, for the videos you've made because you are really bringing awareness and visibility to people who don't have it.

  • Ismael Medina
    Ismael Medina 3 days ago +1

    I don't think they are certified sex therapist. They are professionals like Shanon Boodram that acknowledge asexuality, you can check her videos for more info.

  • Archer Animates
    Archer Animates 3 days ago +1

    That was ignorant of the guy to say that everyone enjoys sex. He just ignored an entire community of people

  • Killerwolf24
    Killerwolf24 3 days ago

    I would never trust someone’s opinion if they have neon yellow eyeshadow on

  • Hotpatao :p
    Hotpatao :p 3 days ago +1

    I love your content. Keep up the good work. Also your editor is a hella funny

  • Jamal PlaysPiano
    Jamal PlaysPiano 3 days ago

    I am one of those and I’m 12

  • Chulti03
    Chulti03 4 days ago

    S E X

  • Ali Wooded
    Ali Wooded 4 days ago +1

    “Sex is the one thing everyone loves”
    Asexuals: What’s sex?

  • Amy Lowe
    Amy Lowe 4 days ago

    assumption: sex therapists have a great sex life.
    truth: sex therapists struggle like all the rest of us.
    lets see that video.

  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaar 4 days ago

    no wonder why some parents won't let their daughters have male friends because the sex part always gets in the way

  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaar 4 days ago

    in some cultures a woman's worth is placed heavily on her purity or modesty that if she makes a small interaction with a man or shows 1% of her body she's "defiled forever" Sex isn't just about procreation it's about love and intimacy not to mention pleasure but if a man's obsession with pornography and excessive masturbation gets out of hand he would need hormone treatment girls who aren't properly educated on this topic would have irrational fears of teen pregnancy if they would talk to boys

  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaar 4 days ago

    honestly I know so much about the "Madonna-whore" complex since purity is a made up concept designed to degrade girls

  • Emzz Eekz
    Emzz Eekz 4 days ago

    I profoundly ADORE, this "I spent a day with..." episodes❤❤❤ KEEP IT UP, MUCH LOVE.

  • HelloJinxie
    HelloJinxie 6 days ago

    All these vids are very interesting topics. But I feel like its a bit too long. It gets boring after a while.

  • N. Nanci
    N. Nanci 6 days ago +1

    *Thinks about asexuals during this whole interview

  • rawr saur
    rawr saur 6 days ago

    Lmao Anthony literally making sex noises the whole video lmao I've never herd him say mmmm mhm mmm mhhm mmm mmm so fucking much hella fucking funny

  • Dannie Alexander
    Dannie Alexander 7 days ago

    How does one become a sex therapist.. ... que Google search

  • Kelsey Alyea
    Kelsey Alyea 7 days ago

    We need a mmmm counter.

  • Proggy Froggy
    Proggy Froggy 7 days ago +1

    That flame orange hair is hypnotising. I love it.

  • Candice Poe
    Candice Poe 7 days ago

    I enjoy your interviews Anthony, very unbiased and interesting questions!

  • Gat Sharon
    Gat Sharon 7 days ago +2

    I want to speak to the ginger lady

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel Chavez 7 days ago

    These people make ke feel accepted

  • Naomi Pineda
    Naomi Pineda 8 days ago

    not all religious people believe sex is bad most actually believe it is a very important step to having a healthy relationship is having healthy sex.

  • ocean qrage
    ocean qrage 8 days ago +2

    “ s*x is one of the most important things, when you have it, your the closest to heaven on earth.. or hell. “
    Me : ahh, well you see - as much as I would love to be in heaven. I don’t wanna have a child.

  • James Barela
    James Barela 9 days ago

    All I saw was "SEX" and clicked on the vid hoping to aee Anthony Padilla naked!!! Super 🔥

  • Eimantas Bart
    Eimantas Bart 10 days ago

    For every time Anthony says mmmh woulg get 10 bucks I would be a millionaire

  • Bonnie Mairead
    Bonnie Mairead 10 days ago

    I loved all the liitle editing in this video, and "The white one because it's more see through" really cracked me up.

  • Neonravekid
    Neonravekid 10 days ago +1

    Dr. Stephanie really got me in the feels man. She's absolutely right. There's a lot of pain and hurting that goes on... I can't even imagine what she's been told. And then like she said wanting to just hug them and say it's going to be okay. It's great that people like her exist though. We need more people like that. There's so much suffering in the world as it is. We definitely need more healing.

  • Flux o
    Flux o 10 days ago

    What the fuc

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro 10 days ago +1

    The couple seems like their not gonna last at all, is so submissive to her, what a short leash

  • NoahM 25
    NoahM 25 11 days ago

    is this couple LeoLulu...

  • Linald Gabo
    Linald Gabo 11 days ago

    For every anthony says "hmm" in the video I'll take a shot

  • maknaes Kookies
    maknaes Kookies 12 days ago

    *shout out to anyone who just immediately thought of wattpad and a certain KTH after seeing this*

  • SirLockInBottom
    SirLockInBottom 13 days ago

    But what about AIDS and STDs?

  • Hannah Coyne
    Hannah Coyne 14 days ago

    i don’t think anthony was emotionally mature enough for this video

  • im_so_ bored
    im_so_ bored 14 days ago

    also, monogamy was not invented to keep women down, it was to PROTECT women from men's desires and STD's. unlike men, women get all std's and feel most of them. men are just carriers, - with the exception of herpes, gonorrhea, the sif. this generation is truly sex obsessed

    • im_so_ bored
      im_so_ bored 6 days ago

      @Butterboi virginity was not believed to be sacred. the bible preached on keeping it to ensure future offspring were of that male

    • Butterboi
      Butterboi 6 days ago

      @im_so_ bored I know that it existed for a very very long time period, I'm just saying that in very ancient times like BC they weren't aware of those things/didnt entirely understand it. In old christianity, its ideal for women keep their virginity because its believed to be a sacred thing. But it doesnt apply to men.

    • im_so_ bored
      im_so_ bored 6 days ago

      @Butterboi yeah they did. most std existed for a long time at least in europe, apart from syphilis which took europe by storm after the 'discovery' of the new world.

    • Butterboi
      Butterboi 6 days ago

      People didnt know about STDs in ancient times though..

  • bunnyhype
    bunnyhype 14 days ago

    anthony: goes mmm at porn

  • Tyler Joshua
    Tyler Joshua 14 days ago +1

    What an ignorant thing to say. Not everyone enjoys sex, ex. asexuals, people who have been traumatized.

  • Vanilla Duck
    Vanilla Duck 15 days ago


  • Bina 0606
    Bina 0606 15 days ago +289

    “The one thing we have in common”
    Asexuals: *scared noises*

    • Julia Lovell
      Julia Lovell 7 days ago +7

      God so accurate. Literally they said that and I out loud said, “bitch no”

    • Cock& Balls
      Cock& Balls 12 days ago


  • Jake
    Jake 16 days ago

    For once a video like this is not age restricted