How To Use AirPods 2 - Tips and Tricks

  • Here is how to use AirPods 2. These AirPods 2 tips and tricks will show you everything from the basics like how to setup AirPods to more advanced and unknown features of Apple's wireless earbuds. With Hey Siri built in, a wireless charging case, and the ability to customize the gestures, there is a lot you can do with the new Apple AirPods 2. This video will definitely show you how to get the most out of your AirPods 2.
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  • Keith Fox
    Keith Fox Day ago +1

    Thanks this was so helpful.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  11 hours ago

      Glad to help!

  • daisy rowland
    daisy rowland 2 days ago

    Could it do all the things with fake air pods

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Day ago

      Depends on the ones you got

  • Asher Black
    Asher Black 3 days ago +2

    who’s scrolling through comments while watching?

  • 1301324a
    1301324a 7 days ago +1

    My birthday gift from my wife I love them

  • THOR
    THOR 7 days ago

    I will break the rules
    Who watches with out airpods?

  • sunflower Yt
    sunflower Yt 9 days ago

    I think mine broke bc they don’t connect to my phone and the yellow orange light flickers.

  • Kay PlayZ
    Kay PlayZ 11 days ago


  • Jaice Lee
    Jaice Lee 11 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video. Very helpful

    • DHTV
      DHTV  11 days ago

      No problem appreciate the comment and happy to help!

  • karina Joumaa
    karina Joumaa 12 days ago +1

    Thanks for the tips cuz I got air pods and I didn't now how to use it

    • DHTV
      DHTV  11 days ago

      No problem glad they helped!

  • Dee Boy
    Dee Boy 12 days ago

    Who else ordered airpods and waiting for it

  • Ap TTRS
    Ap TTRS 13 days ago

    I stole my airpods

  • hassan farooq
    hassan farooq 14 days ago

    Because i worry about charging

  • hassan farooq
    hassan farooq 14 days ago

    Please reply mr

  • hassan farooq
    hassan farooq 14 days ago

    When i charge airpod light on after few seconds light off what's problem i don't know

    • DHTV
      DHTV  14 days ago

      That's what it does

  • Sourav Soni
    Sourav Soni 15 days ago


  • Mye Samonte
    Mye Samonte 15 days ago +1

    Great review! Just the things I needed to know 💯

    • DHTV
      DHTV  15 days ago

      Awesome glad you found it useful!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 18 days ago

    on my 3rd pair of airpods 😤

  • Maso
    Maso 19 days ago +1

    I spent 20 minutes trying to use the next song feature before I realised that the song I had selected was at the end of my playlist.

  • ً
    ً 21 day ago

    Full fucking flex

  • Nesrine Hamdy
    Nesrine Hamdy 22 days ago +1

    That helped me so much because I just got them for my birthday 🎁

    • DHTV
      DHTV  22 days ago

      Awesome, glad to help. Happy birthday!

  • mihai florin
    mihai florin 24 days ago

    AirPods pro YOU dummy

  • My Cat Deacon
    My Cat Deacon 25 days ago +2

    Copped some AirPods I feel cool now

  • Nikoletta Hajdu
    Nikoletta Hajdu 26 days ago +1

    Do Motorola phones work with airpods

    • Nikoletta Hajdu
      Nikoletta Hajdu 23 days ago

      @DHTV could you pls do video off motorral phones and airpods

    • Nikoletta Hajdu
      Nikoletta Hajdu 25 days ago

      @DHTV ok

    • DHTV
      DHTV  25 days ago +1

      They would work but just as standard Bluetooth headphones. A lot of the features won't work.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 26 days ago +1

    yeah this video helped a lot i didn’t even know all these features. but LMfAO you are so funny. homie changed his tone and said i don’t condone spying or anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Majed Majed
    Majed Majed 26 days ago +1

    thank you for this video it really helped

    • DHTV
      DHTV  25 days ago

      No problem glad you liked it!

  • Wendy Etafo
    Wendy Etafo 27 days ago +1

    This helped! I just got my AirPods 2 yesterday

    • DHTV
      DHTV  26 days ago

      Awesome, glad the video help you out! Enjoy the AirPods!

  • Alice MacFarlane
    Alice MacFarlane 29 days ago +1

    Just got Airpods! Thanks for this!!

    • DHTV
      DHTV  28 days ago

      Glad you liked it!

  • ej2cold123
    ej2cold123 Month ago +1

    Just picked up a pair I’m not regretting it great sound quality, good smooth connections and, good battery life

  • Diana Prieto
    Diana Prieto Month ago

    why dont i have option to customize the airpods

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Try rebooting the phone or reconnecting the AirPods.

  • Iris Milstein
    Iris Milstein Month ago +1

    Thank you!

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Happy to help!

  • Icxy AB
    Icxy AB Month ago +1

    Me I have mine on right now

  • East Coast Remixes
    East Coast Remixes Month ago

    Yo how tf they turn on 😂

  • besmellah azimi
    besmellah azimi Month ago

    I did

  • Laiba Manan
    Laiba Manan Month ago

    If we connect an airpods with wifi(youtube) what problem will with airpods??

  • Laiba Manan
    Laiba Manan Month ago

    If we connect an airpods with wifi(youtube) what problem will with airpods??

  • Shining Star
    Shining Star Month ago

    Hi. Can fake AirPods connect to Find My iPhone? Or only Original Airpods can do it?
    I recently bought new Airpods not from Apple store and I‘m concerned if this one is real because I cannot locate the serial number online for checking purposes. It says “Invalid serial number” but I see the location of my airpods in my “FIND MY IPHONE app”. tia!

    • Shining Star
      Shining Star Month ago

      DHTV That’s also what I’m thinking. The seller insisted that what I bought is original. Well, I don’t agree with him cause I can’t locate the serial number online.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      I'm not sure to be honest I would say no but some fakes are really good

  • Sam Brown Fernando
    Sam Brown Fernando Month ago +1

    Nice video mate, very clean, in to the point.. very helpful... 👍

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1

      Thanks appreciate it!

  • Sanaba Keita
    Sanaba Keita Month ago +2

    Thank you so much

    • Sanaba Keita
      Sanaba Keita Month ago

      DHTV of course I did

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1

      Glad you found it useful!

  • Ki'
    Ki' Month ago


  • M F Q
    M F Q Month ago

    I just got gen 2 wired case AirPods. They are working for my music but not for calls. What should I do? I have an iPhone SE, if that matters.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Should work, try reconnecting it and make sure your phone is updated as well.

  • Serge Aad
    Serge Aad Month ago

    I ve already got my airpos2

  • Love Sierra
    Love Sierra Month ago

    Talking so much.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      I think it was ok and the video was free. Can't beat free info.

  • Shiloh Moulton
    Shiloh Moulton Month ago +1

    Very useful 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Shiloh Moulton
      Shiloh Moulton Month ago +1

      @DHTV bro that's crazy thank you that's so cool

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Happy to help!

  • OfficiallyTwon
    OfficiallyTwon Month ago +1

    I just bought my AirPods & for someone who knows quite a bit about tech these shits have me LOST😂😂

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Lol tech is advancing fast

  • Luke Puttock
    Luke Puttock Month ago

    Mine don’t respond when i tap, anyone know why?

    • Luke Puttock
      Luke Puttock Month ago

      DHTV got them from Argos so i’m pretty sure they’re legit. i’ll try that tho cheers

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Try reconnecting them and restarting the phone. Also are they real AirPods or fake?

  • Cole the Gr8
    Cole the Gr8 Month ago +2

    Who loves AirPods 🥰

  • Salty Peridot
    Salty Peridot Month ago

    I just bought AirPods like last week but when I first got them I was so fucking confused

  • Marco Fondevilla
    Marco Fondevilla Month ago +1

    Who bought airpods on their own and not from their parents

  • Zendric Low
    Zendric Low Month ago

    Not gonna buy AirPod pro but gonna buy AirPods gen2

  • xiTz BOSS
    xiTz BOSS Month ago

    Is the bass on airpods 2 good?

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      It's decent but not like beats.

  • Gök Öz
    Gök Öz Month ago

    Crap video

    • paullly
      paullly 24 days ago

      sound like someone who can't afford them

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1


  • V Verma
    V Verma Month ago

    Which case r you using on your iPhone mate? Thanks 😊

    • V Verma
      V Verma Month ago

      DHTV nice video, I bought 2nd Gen but they never stay in my ears and no bass at all, don’t know how these got cleared in testing in a company like Apple 😄

    • V Verma
      V Verma Month ago

      DHTV Thanks :)

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1

      As of now I am using Apples battery case. In the video I believe it was a case by Spigen.

  • Jgzx6
    Jgzx6 Month ago +1

    Got AirPods for Christmas

  • dean jordan
    dean jordan Month ago +1

    Thank you.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Happy to help!

    MIMICITY Month ago +1

    The widget isn’t showing my AirPods percent

      MIMICITY Month ago +1

      DHTV thanks

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1

      Try restarting the phone

  • Purushottom Dutta
    Purushottom Dutta Month ago

    How can I verify whether it is AirPods 1 or 2, if I buy AirPods 2 without Wireless charging case? Also can I verify it with it’s serial number?

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Yeah you would have to look that up on google. Should be a page on apples forums or website with the info.

  • h
    h Month ago

    Wait so why doesn’t my AirPods case have the light on the front of the case?

    • h
      h Month ago

      Shaunie M I also have second generation :/

    • Shaunie M
      Shaunie M Month ago

      h I think it’s because he has the second gen airpods not sure

  • Uriah Thompson
    Uriah Thompson Month ago

    Ay I have a question I plug my AirPod second generation into the cord and the orange light shuts off are they still charging or are they defected?

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Month ago

    My case does not charge wirelessly on my stereo/wireless charger

    • Thomas L
      Thomas L Month ago +1

      DHTV why do I feel disoriented using them tho feels really weird?

    • Thomas L
      Thomas L Month ago

      DHTV tbh bro I dunno I pinched them off my sister while she was asleep I have no clue how to use them I think I’m gonna change them for her then put them on her bedside for tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Does it on other wireless chargers and is it the wireless charging case or the regular?

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Month ago +2

    I was looking at people like they were ass holes until I got a pair dam they are good but for the first hour I felt dizzy for some reason haha maybe it was the lack of support tension from the wires I dunno

  • Commander Mango
    Commander Mango Month ago

    Who else is watching this with fake AirPods?

  • Moises Alejo
    Moises Alejo Month ago

    I have an lg stylo 4 and I need to know how do I increase the volume? I barely bought a pair.

  • shah daniyal
    shah daniyal Month ago +1

    Well I love ❤️ your way what you already spread tips and knowledge about AirPods it was amazing May god bless you brother

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago

      Thanks appreciate it!

  • Shakendra Williams
    Shakendra Williams 2 months ago

    Do you know why Siri keeps activating when I have my AirPods on and I didn’t say hey Siri

    • Shakendra Williams
      Shakendra Williams Month ago

      DHTV most of the time , I literally do not say anything and I even turned off hey Siri

    • DHTV
      DHTV  Month ago +1

      If you say things that sound like hey Siri sometimes it activates.

  • Rubi Aguilar
    Rubi Aguilar 2 months ago

    I just found some and cleaned them haha free 😄

  • Roken Ssj3
    Roken Ssj3 2 months ago

    I ain’t even got AirPods why am I here

  • Saya Adhi
    Saya Adhi 2 months ago

    I have airpords 2 but not that blinking light on the front

    ATL KEVIN 2 months ago

    The people at my school get jumped for their AirPods

  • Carlos Duarte
    Carlos Duarte 2 months ago +1

    You could use the Hearing thing like a walkie talkie

  • B Elle
    B Elle 2 months ago

    What wireless stand do you use for your iphone?

  • Remember Me?
    Remember Me? 2 months ago

    Why can’t I change the name? When I go to bluetooth and press the blue *i* I only have 2 options: forget/disconnect airpod

    • DHTV
      DHTV  2 months ago

      Forget it in Bluetooth, then reconnect the AirPods and see if it comes back. You might have to restart the phone.

  • Fernando Jimenez
    Fernando Jimenez 2 months ago +2

    I just got airpods today for my birthday! Im so happy.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  2 months ago


  • Dy1010
    Dy1010 2 months ago +1

    Getting airpods on my birthday a bit late but i didnt want any since now

  • DëprëssingBurbërrÿ
    DëprëssingBurbërrÿ 2 months ago

    Everyone in the comments just got AirPods or already had them, while I’m just watching this because I’m bored and I don’t have AirPods.

  • Khai Crxgee
    Khai Crxgee 2 months ago +1

    Sorry, didn’t get them for Christmas, got them on New Years 😆

  • Paula Duran
    Paula Duran 2 months ago

    In settings wen I click on the “I” icon I see nothing, my only options are “disconnect” or “forget about this device”

    • DHTV
      DHTV  2 months ago

      Make sure you have iOS 13 or later installed on your iPhone, also try to forget the AirPods in the Bluetooth settings and reconnect them.

  • Manuel Encalada
    Manuel Encalada 2 months ago +1

    La Voz del Pueblo es la Voz de Dios.🎧🎼🎵📻🔊🎵📻🎼🔕🎧🔉🎶🎸🎹🎚️🎙️📢🔉🔉📯📯📣🎶

  • x el
    x el 2 months ago +1

    I seen some kid using airpods on a iPhone 6

    • DHTV
      DHTV  2 months ago

      They work just some features won't.

  • Gd tracetop
    Gd tracetop 2 months ago


  • Dr Groove
    Dr Groove 2 months ago +1

    So how do I answer a phone call when I have my air pods in my ears and my phone in my pocket.
    The only way I can do this currently is by taking the phone out of my pocket which is a pain in the ass!
    Same with adjusting the volume while on a phone call.
    With the cable headphones that come standard with a new iPhone there is a small control on the cable with which you can operate these functions... I am struggling to do this with my new AirPods.

    • DHTV
      DHTV  2 months ago +1

      Just tap them twice to answer the call and tap twice to hang up.