• Published on Aug 25, 2017
  • Lorde's Songs read by Elders!
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    Elders break down the lyrics to Lorde's Songs! Watch to see their reaction.
    This episode features the following Reactors:
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    Lyric Breakdown #37 - ELDERS READ LORDE’S HIT SONGS (React)
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    REACT  Year ago +364

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    • Shâñtí Williams
      Shâñtí Williams Year ago

      REACT please have the elders react to eminem guts over fear and beautiful pain lyrics

    • Natassja Gresham Buchanan
      Natassja Gresham Buchanan Year ago +3


    • sprity
      sprity Year ago

      Monke M.
      now, eraser sbtv extended version would be a nice one, you need me i dont need you i wouldnt go that far, but he has some pretty amazing lyrics, from all the romantic stuff like wake me up to a team, stuff like affire love, supermarket flowers etc so many good options

    • sprity
      sprity Year ago

      Ed sheeran lyrics would be nice indeed

    • W Enny
      W Enny Year ago +2

      REACT ED sheeran !! and p!nk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea
    Andrea Year ago +4

    elders react to frank ocen

  • Soniya shah noor
    Soniya shah noor Year ago +4

    Please please please I beg you , make them react to marina and the dimoands please please she is an expectional lyricist and have an amazing voice please man

  • aliza zakharia
    aliza zakharia Year ago

    Elders react to sam smith

    HAGAR Year ago +1

    Catherine looks like she could be Lorde's, grandmother, to me at least.

  • faris lord
    faris lord Year ago +1

    House of Memories - Panic! at the Disco , PLEASE

  • Jurassic Mellon
    Jurassic Mellon Year ago +1

    Reminds me of randy from south park

  • freckled_demon_21
    freckled_demon_21 Year ago +1

    Jon Bellion!!!!!

  • Naomie Young
    Naomie Young Year ago +7

    Do Melanie Martinez next

  • HHitoK
    HHitoK Year ago +2


  • Natassja Gresham Buchanan


  • Blitzki benito diez
    Blitzki benito diez Year ago +2

    Make elders react to Ghost B.C. put the music and after that show them the videos

  • Marco M
    Marco M Year ago


  • bbybutterflyy
    bbybutterflyy Year ago +6

    Elders read and react to Amy Winehouses greatest hits!

  • Diogo Soares
    Diogo Soares Year ago +4

    elders react to Childish Gambino and his reason to quit music

  • alicia m
    alicia m Year ago +7

    Elders read Halsey's songs!!

  • Jessie HoolaHoops McGee

    Elders read Poppy's Lyrics

  • Jessie HoolaHoops McGee

    So cute they wanna "go out and buy the CD"

  • Michelle Liu
    Michelle Liu Year ago +7

    Ì love how wholesome this was. Wow, got so much good vibes. Thanks, Katie, for bringing one more gem into RU-clip

  • --
    -- Year ago +1

    elders react to bts!!

  • Abdullah Adosri
    Abdullah Adosri Year ago +2

    React to Onerepublic please

  • yikes!
    yikes! Year ago +5

    Bless these precious people

    • me too
      me too Year ago +1

      TheJohnnyFuckingMarr i am happy they loved lorde :)

  • Toya Fergg
    Toya Fergg Year ago +1

    Do xo tour lif3

  • winnie honey
    winnie honey Year ago +1

    do Paramore!

  • Jorge Rafael Maria Tavarez

    Elders react to 80s remix or V A P O R W A V E

    • yikes!
      yikes! Year ago +1

      omg elders react to V A P O R W A V E

  • Sandhya
    Sandhya Year ago +4

    Elders react to Kanye please like jesus walks and all that

  • hewji kaijo
    hewji kaijo Year ago +4

    i like holgie, she's cool af

  • Lina
    Lina Year ago +10

    this makes me so happy

  • Monica St. Clair
    Monica St. Clair Year ago +25

    Elders read Florence and the Machine!!

  • Camila Mazzuchell
    Camila Mazzuchell Year ago +16

    Can the next one be Florence + The Machine please?

  • Ace Spades
    Ace Spades Year ago

    I would LOVE to see a Lyric Breakdown of Tove Lo's songs!

  • Tucker Jones
    Tucker Jones Year ago +1

    React to Taylor swift songs

  • Steven Holcomb
    Steven Holcomb Year ago +15

    Florence + Machine

  • Steven Holcomb
    Steven Holcomb Year ago +14

    Florence + Machine

  • Steven Holcomb
    Steven Holcomb Year ago +14

    Florence + Machine

  • Baroness Von Wilhelmina

    Marina and the Diamonds, please!!

  • SøDunWith Yøu
    SøDunWith Yøu Year ago +2

    Elders react to Jocelyn Flores - Xxxtentacion

  • Nathalie A
    Nathalie A Year ago +6

    please react to Logic :)))))))

  • Donat
    Donat Year ago +2

    Please do Lyric Breakdown, Post Malone-Congratulations!!!

  • Rami Niz
    Rami Niz Year ago

    React to Ariana Grande !!!! 💕

  • Euphoric_ Zyx
    Euphoric_ Zyx Year ago

    React to EXO Power

  • Sai Capio
    Sai Capio Year ago +18


  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +3

    Read to Immortal Technique's "Dance with The Devil". XD

  • EXO-L ARMY iGOT7 United

    Please react to GOT7

  • EXO-L ARMY iGOT7 United

    Please react to EXO

  • EXO-L ARMY iGOT7 United

    Please have them react to BTS!

  • nica
    nica Year ago +4

    I need an intellectual convo like the this

  • Ellen Thurge
    Ellen Thurge Year ago +5

    Have them react to adele

  • Meron Tesfom
    Meron Tesfom Year ago +2

    React to EXO Power and Ko Ko Bop Please!!!!

  • Darwing Romero
    Darwing Romero Year ago +5

    react to praying and learn to let go by kesha!!!

  • Choukane
    Choukane Year ago +6

    React to daughter pleaaaaase

  • jessica uppal
    jessica uppal Year ago +2

    Elders react to THE Ariana Grande !!please

  • RBC Ray
    RBC Ray Year ago

    plz make kids react in Philly

  • Aidan Rosicka
    Aidan Rosicka Year ago +2

    I come for Don and Rock.

  • Cristian Sánchez
    Cristian Sánchez Year ago +3

    Lmao olders react "Lorde's hit songs" when she only had one😂😂😂

    • Jae T
      Jae T Year ago +8

      What? Multiple songs of hers are very popular though... I heard her all the time on the radio

  • Jared Duffee
    Jared Duffee Year ago +20

    Do elders react to Florence and the machine lyrics!

  • Iggy L.
    Iggy L. Year ago

    Corey Taylor's lyrics!

  • Zhi Liang Ch'ng
    Zhi Liang Ch'ng Year ago +5

    Birdy Birdy Birdy!

  • Victoria Powlay
    Victoria Powlay Year ago +2

    react to M83 for elders or teens

  • Victoria Powlay
    Victoria Powlay Year ago

    React to M83 troilogy :)

  • Isak Kita
    Isak Kita Year ago +5

    Lyric brakedown: jocelyn flores by xxxtentacion

  • Brock Collins
    Brock Collins Year ago +6

    Am I the only one that skips to them actually listening to the song

    • i h8skl
      i h8skl Year ago

      Brock Collins same

  • Nishadoesnt
    Nishadoesnt Year ago +18

    Elders react to Frank Ocean please!

  • BM3AfSpiller
    BM3AfSpiller Year ago +11

    Adults react to Frank Ocean

  • anne rivera
    anne rivera Year ago +3


  • One Nerd95
    One Nerd95 Year ago +6

    Elders react to Gorillaz?

  • sarah
    sarah Year ago +1


    HERMIONE GRANGER Year ago +133

    Please do elders react to Melanie Martinez

  • Nicholas Benik
    Nicholas Benik Year ago +14

    Please do elders react to Logics song 1-800-273-8255

  • Cece Jelly Beans
    Cece Jelly Beans Year ago +7

    Please have them react to Banks! ♥️

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes Year ago +7

    React to Melanie Martinez!!!

  • wonderwaffle 101
    wonderwaffle 101 Year ago +4

    React to logic !!!!!

  • nicolas elsa
    nicolas elsa Year ago +20

    react to marina and the diamonds

  • Katie R
    Katie R Year ago +6

    I love lorde so much, she's amazing

  • Sean Raby
    Sean Raby Year ago +4

    Elders react to Beyonce's greatest hits!

  • Lotta Jarva
    Lotta Jarva Year ago +1


  • kweenkarmille
    kweenkarmille Year ago +19

    this is my favorite video now! lorde is amazing and only old souls really understand her

  • Emily Schelstrate

    my queen

  • The Spotlighters Official

    Elders react to Vampire Weekend

  • Butternutty84
    Butternutty84 Year ago +7

    I'd love to see elders / teens react to Sia

  • Will
    Will Year ago +8

    Elders react to Rammstein translated lyrics

  • Juliana Music
    Juliana Music Year ago +10

    Elders react to Marina & the Diamonds or Sia.

  • s0rtiz
    s0rtiz Year ago +11

    Elders React to Marina and the Diamonds

  • Eric Griffiths
    Eric Griffiths Year ago +25

    Elders react to Marina and the Diamonds

  • Giuseppe Pio Morgana
    Giuseppe Pio Morgana Year ago +20

    Elders react to Marina and the diamonds!!!!

  • skylar n
    skylar n Year ago +24

    Elders react to Marina and the Diamonds

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro Year ago +5


  • Nicolas Cordoba
    Nicolas Cordoba Year ago +4

    You should do a Lyric Breakdown of Rebeca Sugar's songs (Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc) to see what parents think of what their kids are watching...

  • Aireanna Parrish
    Aireanna Parrish Year ago +3

    React to SZA

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Year ago +1

    OMG the struts. Rolling Stones meets queen meets my chemical romance(really a lot of other classic rock bands).

  • Kaja Lasocka
    Kaja Lasocka Year ago +26

    Marina and the diamonds (and her song Teen Idle)

  • Kaja Lasocka
    Kaja Lasocka Year ago +6

    Florence and the machine

  • legallytk
    legallytk Year ago +39

    React to SIA. She's an incredible song writer and artist who has been through so many hardships in life but has conquered them all.

  • 8th Vision
    8th Vision Year ago +1

    React to Pvris 🤙

  • Lucas.mbh
    Lucas.mbh Year ago +2

    Elders reacts to Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Daughter and alt-J music please

  • fadell tesfaye
    fadell tesfaye Year ago +5

    im gonna cry idk why

  • cats are my favorite animal

    Elders react to 1-800 by logic

  • 22jna
    22jna Year ago +1

    Omg omg omg ELLA! I love her 😍😍😍
    Btw i really love how Rock express every lyrics. He's so knowledgeable

  • Ant Asmr
    Ant Asmr Year ago +2


  • Felipe Pastén Cisterna

    Elders react to MØ!