Liverpool v. West Ham United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/24/2020 | NBC Sports

  • Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah led a furious Liverpool comeback as the Reds rallied for a 3-2 win against West Ham. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #WestHam #Liverpool #SadioMane #MohamedSalah
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    Liverpool v. West Ham United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/24/2020 | NBC Sports

Comments • 80

  • Alexander
    Alexander 28 days ago

    Flappyhandski gives up the easiest goal possible. That's why Arsenal got rid of him.

  • Erick Saldivar
    Erick Saldivar 28 days ago +1

    Who’s here after Liverpool lost against Watford?

  • Walker Morgan
    Walker Morgan 28 days ago

    can't beat city hall

  • Andrew Du
    Andrew Du 29 days ago

    They didn't even show Bowen's chance 1v1 with Allison ffs that was one of our best chances of the game

  • Michael Vega
    Michael Vega 29 days ago

    Liverpool was tested. They came through at the end. West Ham gave it a good go but Liverpool just has too much talent in front of the net. Results; Liverpool victory.

  • mohamed ahmed
    mohamed ahmed Month ago

    Liverpool baby we gonna beat arsenal record💯💯💯

  • Julien Diaz
    Julien Diaz Month ago

    minamino was a disappoint

  • HunkMine
    HunkMine Month ago

    This kneeling technique is the worst thing ever taught to keepers and still have no idea why it isn't abandoned

  • HandyMan
    HandyMan Month ago

    Liverpool would have not won if not for Fabianski's mistake.

  • Lobokai Solki
    Lobokai Solki Month ago

    So this is LFC sans Henderson... just saying.

  • C. the Peace ☮️
    C. the Peace ☮️ Month ago +2

    Liverpool as turning into the Golden State Warriors of the English Premier League. Although I think West Ham choked especially on defense.

  • Don Heus
    Don Heus Month ago

    I like how firminho almost round house kicked wijnaldum in the face 2:27 lol

  • Jerry H
    Jerry H Month ago

    Liverpool literally always had more players in the box/near ball when scoring...West Ham stinks at defending

    BVG OPERΛTOR Month ago

    +1 respect for the low-key celebration by Liverpool after Fabianski’s gaffe.

  • Alex esparza
    Alex esparza Month ago

    Has anyone else notice that everytime Alison starts the play they score 😅🤔

  • Noah P
    Noah P Month ago

    There’s just an aura of inevitability whenever Liverpool is in a close match. They always find a way to get the winning goal

  • Brandon Percell
    Brandon Percell Month ago

    This is always a great match up.

  • Daniel Graham
    Daniel Graham Month ago

    Liverpool will lose 1 game in a dramatic fashion....

  • dgreen305
    dgreen305 Month ago

    VAR actually did it’s job.. somewhat 😆

  • Daniel Joy
    Daniel Joy Month ago

    I don’t care if mane was offside on the 4th goal, that pass by TA was insanity

  • Dave Curb
    Dave Curb Month ago

    Firmino misses too much

  • InstegramSHQIP
    InstegramSHQIP Month ago

    Fabianski made 3 mistakes and all of them leaded to goals!! but you have to know one thing relegation teams play hard against the top because they have nothing to lose and their moral is high because they want to beat the best.... in this situation its not just relegation teams every team play better against Liverpool because they are the best team in Europe currently!!

  • Highridge
    Highridge Month ago

    Fabianski pulled a Karius 😂😂😂

  • Jose Luis Berumen
    Jose Luis Berumen Month ago

    I want to look like a soccer player

  • Aloha
    Aloha Month ago +1

    The Peasant League is a joke, that is why a mediocre team like LFC can be unbeaten. LOL



  • Alex Thomson
    Alex Thomson Month ago

    Does van dijk have waves 🌊

  • James Kelvin
    James Kelvin Month ago +1

    11:15 VAR missed a big corner at the end there around minute 88. Could have tied up the game there for West Ham.


    Firmino just grabbing people’s faces and shoving them 😂😂

  • vcdc
    vcdc Month ago

    Mane is such a great team player. He is very humble, talented and match saving guy!

  • vcdc
    vcdc Month ago

    I haven't seen a goal like this for a very long time. 13 touches and every one is like number 10

  • G G
    G G Month ago


  • MrDan708
    MrDan708 Month ago

    If Fabianski had just played an average game, this was Liverpool's first defeat. Amazing.

  • Diamond Xpress
    Diamond Xpress Month ago

    Mane yet again to put Liverpool in front

  • Google Account
    Google Account Month ago +1

    6:13 Fan got so emotional he starting hugging that security guy😂 wholesome asf

  • er1ctorre5
    er1ctorre5 Month ago

    I swear Liverpool are so lucky

  • Naruto Windy
    Naruto Windy Month ago +1

    Liverpool won because it was playing with 10 + 2 goal keepers.

  • Cory McConville
    Cory McConville Month ago

    Ngakia cost us dearly today. He's young and inexperienced so some lapses are expected... but still; we're staring at the drop. "Looming horror" indeed.

  • kaziabir1
    kaziabir1 Month ago

    Alarming this is one of the worst performance I've seen Liv this year very concerning

  • Roger Wallace
    Roger Wallace Month ago

    I know it's not the case but sometimes LFC seem to play like half-asleep until like minute 70 just to make things fun for everyone

  • stludachris
    stludachris Month ago

    Why no VAR for out of bounds / corner kicks?

  • Tbh_ Wraith
    Tbh_ Wraith Month ago

    How Alexander Arnold so raw

  • Jefferson Huang
    Jefferson Huang Month ago

    Salah and scoring no longer make a good pair 😢

  • tonic
    tonic Month ago

    Are we starting to get figured out. We need to evolve our midfield a bit

  • BigTimeSpider
    BigTimeSpider Month ago

    that is one chunky boi ref

  • BigTimeSpider
    BigTimeSpider Month ago

    5:11 not on the line lol. ref where you at????

  • mikhael go
    mikhael go Month ago

    West ham had hit a lot of shots on target. gotta give it to them. as usual, amazing team ball by liverpool's side. everyone's a threat!

  • BigTimeSpider
    BigTimeSpider Month ago

    What a match though. Close one.

  • Iwan richmond
    Iwan richmond Month ago


  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov Month ago

    I got sweaty palms when i watched that 2nd goal,being a goalkeeper you have to feel for Fabianski, a great goalkeeper but sometimes it just happens.

  • Sohail Mohammed
    Sohail Mohammed Month ago

    We can declare it God is helping them win

  • Maame K
    Maame K Month ago

    The WILL to win the league this season is too strong for Liverpool to lose a game.

  • Pei
    Pei Month ago

    *Clicks* to start enjoying highlights
    *Banner Appears* Salah Scores! Mane Scores! Ruins suspense of highlights...

  • Dedeye Family
    Dedeye Family Month ago +1

    Now they have atletico to comeback against 😆

  • Michael Muniz
    Michael Muniz Month ago

    Another win and one step closer to their goal!! Go Liverpool!!!

  • Aesthetic Charms
    Aesthetic Charms Month ago

    hopefully liverpool turns up vs atleti

  • Levi Tolle
    Levi Tolle Month ago

    Alexander Armolds corner play always amazing

  • My name Is Long
    My name Is Long Month ago +1

    Stop trying this is Liverpool year. Even if you scores 10 goal against them they will score 11

  • A Toilet
    A Toilet Month ago

    6:12 this dude is literally hugging the steward😂

  • Isai Delgado
    Isai Delgado Month ago

    The exaggeration of the British commentary always gets me 😂😂😂

  • Saphir Mwamba Mukendi

    Firmino celebrated the first goal by almost kicking Wijnaldum in the face. Oh yeah, and by also shoving and slapping Trent Alexander-Arnold's face.

  • Mark Warner
    Mark Warner Month ago +6

    Liverpool go behind:
    Opposition goalkeepers: How do I use my hands?

  • Darth Vader's Mentor

    Klopp needs to cook up some new tactics, a few reinforcement in attack and defence.
    Over reliance on full backs causes a lot of problems at the back. And firmino the only consistently creative force in the team, besides Hendo.

  • Mike Butcher
    Mike Butcher Month ago

    Gotta say though.....the relentless pressurefrom Liverpool finally broke Fabianski.........😀😀😀😀

  • Mike Butcher
    Mike Butcher Month ago

    I am at a loss; why was Antonio continually allowed to stand in front of Alisson and block his movements? Where were the backs to dish some out on the goal line? West Ham came to fight and Liverpool weren't firing on all cylinders for sure. Come on 'Pool...........YNWA

  • KhOpHaE
    KhOpHaE Month ago

    Alexander-Arnold, enough said...and I'm a Chelsea fan.

  • Ketema Tadesse
    Ketema Tadesse Month ago

    3 goals by kipper mistakes

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller Month ago +1

    what a game!!

  • antiagonista
    antiagonista Month ago

    Another ugly victory by Liverpool

  • TheWitness1001
    TheWitness1001 Month ago +1

    Not a goalkeeper best night!!

  • Leapheng LENG
    Leapheng LENG Month ago

    Wow. West Ham's compassion to beat Liverpool at Anfield was way more than Man Utd at Old Trafford.

  • khalid ali
    khalid ali Month ago +1

    Yes we know they're lucky at times but we can't deny the fact that they never panicked and just focused on controlling the game and most importantly their emotions. True mark of champions. Credit to west ham they gave it their all.

  • Salah Mohammed
    Salah Mohammed Month ago +1

    It just wasn't Allison's day 😂😂🤣🤣

  • manuboy9
    manuboy9 Month ago +1

    Put any other Premier League Goalkeeper in West Ham's goal and they could of gotten the W.

    ANCHOVIEE Month ago

    fabianski is such a scrub.....

  • I666U
    I666U Month ago

    cooked ham

  • movinbutnotshakin
    movinbutnotshakin Month ago

    As soon as West Ham went 2-1 they went full park-the-bus, Liverpool took total control, and then won.

  • Hector rock
    Hector rock Month ago

    Cuando no es la defensa, es el portero, sino los delanteros.WestHam Esta hundido.....

  • god himself
    god himself Month ago

    so they only need 4 more wins for the title?

  • X.Ivan.X
    X.Ivan.X Month ago +31

    6:11 🤣 Look at that West Ham Fan hugging the security guard in the orange...