BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN Thailand

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Many of you told me that 7 eleven in Thailand is awesome. So I stopped by to grab some brunch, and I definitely think the 7 eleven in Thailand has some of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten at a convenient store. So here's my review of the 7 eleven in Thailand. Enjoy! :-)
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Comments • 2 958

  • I Psychosis I
    I Psychosis I 6 days ago

    I feel like other 7 11 in asian countries are like eye candy so many snacks and food options. American 7 11 are so bland and gray

  • Amethyst Quartz
    Amethyst Quartz 6 days ago

    Yeah well americas food is extra processed, loaded with sodium and preservatives and most of the time not fresh. I've noticed that other countries don't really do this. Kinda explains why america has an obesity crisis

  • shinjuya
    shinjuya 6 days ago

    I think you would do more episode for 7 eleven in Thailand. Maybe 100 more episode​s.

  • Paw Paw
    Paw Paw 6 days ago

    Mikey! The wonton soups are very good too at Thailand 7'11 😍

  • Private Arc
    Private Arc 8 days ago

    Damn they have really good food in Asian 7/11

  • Mana Aeliria
    Mana Aeliria 8 days ago

    Jackie Chan, is that you???

  • Hyperion Jr
    Hyperion Jr 11 days ago

    The sign said 20 baht that’s less than 1 dollar
    Edit : I went there ten months ago

  • Antiheld 01
    Antiheld 01 12 days ago

    The "Flaky" sandwiches are with Croissant dough

  • Yung BoilUp
    Yung BoilUp 13 days ago

    Impressed how much food you eat in one sitting

  • Chandan Bhardwaj
    Chandan Bhardwaj 13 days ago

    I love 7 eleven series

  • Tofu_S2
    Tofu_S2 15 days ago

    Very try on america 7/11..just full of disappointment

  • XxNelliexX
    XxNelliexX 15 days ago

    Ready for me to be a Karen XD
    Everyone I know pronounces it as Thum yam like an um not when i heard tom yum i was shocked XD i mean still hungry now

  • beachiekeeeen
    beachiekeeeen 15 days ago

    Ya US 7-11 sucks. I wish they would offer more international options.

  • abc xyz
    abc xyz 15 days ago

    7 elevens originated in Texas however the ones in the United States are pretty disgusting.

  • deepa pillai
    deepa pillai 15 days ago

    The toasties were BOMB 💣!!!

  • anonymous .03
    anonymous .03 16 days ago

    I miss my land 😔

  • anonymous .03
    anonymous .03 16 days ago


  • Tamali eur
    Tamali eur 17 days ago

    me:live in sweden
    last year a was in thailand, when i came back i couldnt even move ,iw wondered why. Mom:7-eleven

  • Divya Puri
    Divya Puri 17 days ago

    OMG i miss thailand just because of their 7 elevens...also the triangle gimbap there is soooo good!
    ISTG i survived on street food(SHOUTOUT to the pork cheese sausage with that heavenly sauce!) and 7eleven there for a week and i loved every minute of it!!!!

  • ZeNeonKnight
    ZeNeonKnight 18 days ago

    Completely agree on the Hungry Man comment. We need this food in the U.S.

  • FBI
    FBI 19 days ago +2

    “A corndog without the corn”

    *so a dog?*

    • FBI
      FBI 18 days ago +1

      Zaynab Rahman ....uhm u saw nothing.

    • Zaynab Rahman
      Zaynab Rahman 18 days ago +1

      Wait what are you doing here? 😂

  • RahmatJ
    RahmatJ 19 days ago +2

    you lowkey looks like Jackie Chan

  • princ3sstofu
    princ3sstofu 20 days ago

    The tuna croissant is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Like everytime I go back to visit, I gotta grab a few of those!

  • Kat K
    Kat K 23 days ago

    7-11 on Oahu is pretty good too!

  • alana
    alana 24 days ago

    I LIKE J.A.D.C

  • Abdulla Rifai
    Abdulla Rifai 27 days ago

    that Hotdog pop tho Lol!

  • Kenny Collins
    Kenny Collins 27 days ago

    Can't believe you didn't get the ham and cheese toasted sandwich. I was addicted to those when there.

  • Juan Montero
    Juan Montero 27 days ago

    Cool water melon mints name means gay in latinamerica spanish jejejejeje!!!

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 27 days ago

    Dude! How much sodium is in all that yummy food?

  • Samir Harris
    Samir Harris 27 days ago

    Hope 7 11 comes to india soon

  • lydia simbi
    lydia simbi 29 days ago

    Do people in these countries need to cook at home at all??!!

  • Kendrick Ramos
    Kendrick Ramos Month ago

    Hi Jackie Chan! haha

  • ณ Valenciana
    ณ Valenciana Month ago

    Shrimp omelette over rice is the best. I can eat it every day.

  • Astro Sam O Sam O
    Astro Sam O Sam O Month ago +1

    You should be spokesperson for 7-Eleven. :-)

  • Mr. Chungus
    Mr. Chungus Month ago

    I had good ramen for the first time last week and it changed my life. So fresh and good in all aspects. I can't enjoy instant noodles because of the intense artificial nature

  • Zelda Knowledge
    Zelda Knowledge Month ago

    RIP hungry man

  • BoomZilla DM
    BoomZilla DM Month ago

    Those sandwich on the shelves you got are not suppose to toast those. Its more like a snack. The ones you toast are on the fridge shelves.

  • iwantmyplaylist
    iwantmyplaylist Month ago

    Toast every sandwich for elevated flavourrrrr

  • maythu zar
    maythu zar Month ago

    Try burma

  • Wintermaul Duke
    Wintermaul Duke Month ago

    Try 7-11 in Singapore. They are coming up with quite a lot of good microwaveable food that we didn't have before.

  • jay p
    jay p Month ago

    Wow Mike! How do you find enough room in your stomach every time? LOL

  • falling nation
    falling nation Month ago

    Yo that thai tea is actully soy milk its really good

  • Clapperonies
    Clapperonies Month ago


  • 星の魔術師
    星の魔術師 Month ago

    It's good but not better than Taiwan.

  • Kate Dizon
    Kate Dizon Month ago

    I feel bad for the chopsticks. 😵

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago

    Wish we had these kind of quality 7-11's in the states. Here we have garbage cardboard pizza and lame hot dogs. Ugh.

  • Talentless Potato
    Talentless Potato Month ago

    How do you not have a food coma?

  • Julia Kris
    Julia Kris Month ago +3

    “The sauce mingles with the rice like the prince dancing with his dream girl at the end of a great Disney movie!”
    😍😍 your videos are life

  • Patrick O'Riley
    Patrick O'Riley Month ago

    Do 7/11 meat pies in Australia

  • Saff
    Saff Month ago +1

    i always get so jealous of his life i wanna travel and eat food wahhh

  • Ar Nas
    Ar Nas Month ago +4

    Who else just loves the little forks in the noodles

  • MRNONAME ???
    MRNONAME ??? Month ago



  • Fatinhannani Suhaimi

    That stuffed banana dessert? Buy tons of it especially if you really love banana. The one and only time I eat it, I only bought 4. I definitely regret that decision. It is sooo good and lightly sweet that you could eat like ten of it in one sitting

  • David Chiu
    David Chiu Month ago

    Darn I always get lectured or scolded by the Seven eleven staff for filming or taking picture. If I ask they always say no. This guy is amazing

  • Janene Ilar
    Janene Ilar Month ago

    Don’t put the us down fool

  • Chiku Gupta
    Chiku Gupta Month ago

    Eat everything with rice and here I am who hate rice.

  • Manuel Masangcay
    Manuel Masangcay Month ago

    Every time he gets food he gets amazed

  • Na9er AlHujailan
    Na9er AlHujailan Month ago

    U look like Jackie Chan 👍

  • Pose Kekinian
    Pose Kekinian Month ago

    7- Eleven in thailand is worst