• Published on Jan 7, 2018
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    This episode features the following College Kids:
    Ethan James

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    Do They Know It #103 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? #9 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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    REACT  Year ago +328

    Hey FBE Family! New podcast episode where we talk about the behind the scenes of the company and answer your questions! "OUR FIRST SITCOM! | MyMusic Reunion Special (FBE Podcast Ep #28)"
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    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago

      REACT do know it music rock 80s

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago

      REACT do know it music videos 90s

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago

      REACT do know it music videos 80s

    • David J. Boles
      David J. Boles Year ago

      Could you folks do a react to George Michael (Wham! days and solo)? Thanks kindly for reading this, hopefully this comes to fruition! Cheers!

    • Celina Zietlow
      Celina Zietlow Year ago

      REACT Can they react to German Rap?

  • Acherontiaatropos Power

    I feel so unsure . . .

  • Julia Kehrli
    Julia Kehrli Year ago +8

    After seeing them all miss Wham!, I think it's time for a College Kids/Teens React to this band. They need to know about the wonderful music George (Michael) and Andrew (Ridgeley) gave us. (Part of me wants to see how the girls react to George in what I like to call his "golden-mulleted glory days", because let's face it... he was gorgeous back then. 😉) Who's with me?

  • Антон Микерин

    They didn't recognise U2! U2, Carl! How?

  • Estefania Ovalle
    Estefania Ovalle Year ago +2

    Now make a teens react to def leppard vídeo!! It is about time to do that!

  • Marlene Godinez
    Marlene Godinez Year ago +17

    how did they not get queen, freddie's voice is so iconic

  • Bimbo Laggins
    Bimbo Laggins Year ago +6

    Oh the 80s, before music went to crap

  • Myka Switzer
    Myka Switzer Year ago +4

    The Smiths! (including asleep)

  • So Philllaaa
    So Philllaaa Year ago +2

    LMAO “this is from the vine with the chihuahua” tell me why I thought of that vine tooooo!! 😂😂

  • Michele Kirschbaum
    Michele Kirschbaum Year ago +1

    "Wham! UK", actually. Not just "Wham!"

    • Acherontiaatropos Power
      Acherontiaatropos Power Year ago

      Nah fam just George Michael. . .

    • snowie
      snowie Year ago

      Michele Kirschbaum it was just "Wham!", actually. they were only known in the US as "Wham! UK" because there was another band called Wham there

  • Joaco Guns
    Joaco Guns Year ago +1

    Algo de lo que me di cuenta mirando estos videos, es que ellos no tienen la menor idea de algunos temas que gente hispanohablante podríamos decir al segundo de escuchar. Es increíble

  • SuperPlush Kolin
    SuperPlush Kolin Year ago +1

    I love 80s Music it’s my Favorite

  • rabm82
    rabm82 Year ago +8

    Parents vs College kids 70's - 80's - 90's music. Could be a laugh

  • reagan hauert
    reagan hauert Year ago

    Teens/college kids react to Greta Van Fleet!

  • Javier Díaz
    Javier Díaz Year ago +5

    Who doesn’t know with or without you or U2 or that another one bites the dust os by queen??!!!!


    react to bon jovi

  • getthefuckoffmyamp !

    my little brother absolutley loves "another one bites the dust" 😂 I'll put it on and turn it up and he'll go ham in the back seat .

  • Erika
    Erika Year ago +4

    Tag yourself I'm Ethan "this is from that vine with the chihuahua"

  • duff me cagan
    duff me cagan Year ago +3

    y’all should add metallica songs or something

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore Year ago +1

    These kids need to watch 'Do the Right Thing'.

  • nora pīrāga
    nora pīrāga Year ago +5

    Teens react to Phil Collins!

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris Year ago +5

    How did they not get U2 or wham?

  • oauseer
    oauseer Year ago +22

    These guys are only a few years younger than me but I felt like I came from a different generation watching them nonchalantly react to these iconic songs lool. These are some of the most groundbreaking artists in global music history man 😂😂

    • a. nimelover
      a. nimelover Year ago +2

      oabuseer im 19 and I got all of them its not the age trust me 😂😂

    • ArcaneFire
      ArcaneFire Year ago +4

      oabuseer oh you poor thing go cry elsewhere

  • Radames Figueroa Boria

    Do they know soap operas.

  • Victoria Condes
    Victoria Condes Year ago +14

    This is the 8th time I scream U2 at the screen

  • Richy Lloyd Tan
    Richy Lloyd Tan Year ago +4

    Pls react to 20 years of Britney Spears 1998-2018 😊

  • Moviefan2k4
    Moviefan2k4 Year ago +1

    I knew four of them, and recognized "I'm Coming Out"...but had no idea it was Diana Ross or an '80s song.

  • holmbjerg
    holmbjerg Year ago +16

    Wham had George Michael. They might have known who he was.

  • Lily R
    Lily R Year ago +14

    y'all need to do an entire sade adu react please... she is so iconic

  • Julius D
    Julius D Year ago +1

    React to The Outfield

  • Allie 'n Everything
    Allie 'n Everything Year ago +1


  • Allie 'n Everything
    Allie 'n Everything Year ago +185


  • Jay Turner
    Jay Turner Year ago +4

    React to the smiths

  • Reylen
    Reylen Year ago +1

    React to "Addict with a Pen" (like maybe a lyric breakdown). By Twenty One Pilots

  • 925lexi
    925lexi Year ago +3

    I knew every song, but I mixed up Def Leppard with White Snake for some reason 🙄💁‍♀️

  • Ami Blue
    Ami Blue Year ago +1038

    Wait... HOw can't people now about Queen or U2??? How's that even possible??

    • Wessel Stienstra
      Wessel Stienstra Year ago +21

      Yeah my best explanation would be that they might have been a bigger thing in Europe, but still.

    • MareK
      MareK Year ago +17

      Ami The Duck i agree, its a shame...

  • hanoc101
    hanoc101 Year ago +2

    I get 5 cents every time someone says the word "iconic" in one of these videos.

  • Justin Nielsen
    Justin Nielsen Year ago

    Too easy lmao

  • Christopher Walsh
    Christopher Walsh Year ago +1

    React to the wolf tones please

  • Alice Avocado
    Alice Avocado Year ago +2

    Where are The Smiths??

  • Jack Thapa
    Jack Thapa Year ago

    Can you feature Pride by U2 in these kind of episode ?

  • Jack Thapa
    Jack Thapa Year ago +15

    Never heard about def lepard ??wtf ..they are one of the most sucessful band of all time

  • not sure
    not sure Year ago +7

    Kids react to Bon Jovi

  • Andrea Perez
    Andrea Perez Year ago +2

    They should react to the Dolan twins

    • beatsbygenri
      beatsbygenri Year ago

      Andrea Perez only 12 yr olds watch them

  • Clockwork Girl
    Clockwork Girl Year ago +4

    Has no one ever seen Do The Right Thing?Radio Raheem (RIP)?Fight the Power?Just me? OK...

    • Joner Kazoodles
      Joner Kazoodles Year ago +1


  • Rojer Grison
    Rojer Grison Year ago +4

    What about Tears for Fears , Kajagoogoo ,Flock of Seagulls ,Bow wow wow ,Starship, Toto,Heart, INXS , so many good groups

  • Paloma Callo
    Paloma Callo Year ago +7


  • Moz'ART Designs
    Moz'ART Designs Year ago +1

    Anyone know where I can find Michelle's shirt???

  • The Chi Girl
    The Chi Girl Year ago +18

    Ok it's official...they NEED to react to Sade!!! Like for real for real.

  • Gabriel Grimaldi
    Gabriel Grimaldi Year ago +4


  • Krystle Krys
    Krystle Krys Year ago +1

    Knew all of the songs except U2.

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Year ago +1

      Yikes. If you were anywhere around the 80s you heard something from "The Joshua Tree."

  • gabby bove
    gabby bove Year ago +11

    I'm hurt nobody knew I'm coming out by Diana Ross thats my jam all thanks to mom hah

  • Garth Langford
    Garth Langford Year ago +3

    React to Foo Fighters!!!!

  • Vanessa A.
    Vanessa A. Year ago +88

    *Wake me up before u go go* everyone's quiet....then there's Eric😂😂😂

  • Jess Reid
    Jess Reid Year ago +4

    React to Hayley Kiyoko!!!

  • HyperInfinity/ ShmoneyGod

    5:04 What!? 😲

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Year ago

      That kinda hurt. I distinctly remember hearing it on my lil clock radio in 1984.

    • i cri
      i cri Year ago


  • Tavarus Veazie
    Tavarus Veazie Year ago +36

    I love how we are still mad about Apple putting that unwanted U2 album on our phones 🤣🤣🤣

  • RawPrincess818
    RawPrincess818 Year ago +12

    Teens react to Tame Impala :)

  • Alvaro3900
    Alvaro3900 Year ago +10


  • MrGriff305
    MrGriff305 Year ago +17

    that was depressing... who doesn't know U2?

    • MrGriff305
      MrGriff305 Year ago +3

      Kareem Bah .. They've also made some of the best songs of all time and played the Super Bowl and Obama's 2008 inauguration... but yeah... free iphone album

    • Kareem Bah
      Kareem Bah Year ago

      MrGriff305 we all know U2 because they put their album on all iphones.

  • O.M.A.R
    O.M.A.R Year ago +9

    Please put my favorite 90s song Freedom by George Michael.

  • Isaac Foshay
    Isaac Foshay Year ago +17

    Wtf happened to the emo chich

  • Vojtech Horacek
    Vojtech Horacek Year ago +7

    Kids not knowing Public Enemy is a bit of a downer, but then again, they didn't recognize U2, so maybe there's still some hope left.

    • MrConstantine02
      MrConstantine02 Year ago

      The kids not recognizing U2 was by far one of the biggest disappointments.

  • Fabio Casarino
    Fabio Casarino Year ago +1

    Wow Michelle are so beautiful!!

    • TIm D
      TIm D Year ago

      Fabio Casarino is

  • M B
    M B Year ago +1

    Reaction to Craig David plis

  • SlightlyUnderAverage

    Got all the songs but not Sade or Public Enemy

  • SlightlyUnderAverage


    • i cri
      i cri Year ago

      SlightlyUnderAverage i heard a def leppard song today on the radio,, but it wasn't pour some sugar on me

  • arishok77
    arishok77 Year ago +15

    This time you chose perfect 80-s and it is a big shame for guys not knowing Sade, U2, Queen or Deff Lepard. Maybe this challenge will help them to realize how good music was at that time.
    You can also try 90s pop hits like Headaway, 2 Unlimited, Captain Jack, Rednex, Dr Alban etc

    • Stijn Brouwers
      Stijn Brouwers Year ago

      And Wham! dude. I mean who doesn't know wake me up before you go-go

    • arishok77
      arishok77 Year ago

      Yes, forgot PE also, it is a legend! They are just listening to current music but there is so much interesting they should learn.

    • dantheman741968
      dantheman741968 Year ago +3

      and Public Enemy.... how in the World they never heared of PE

  • BacktoThe80s
    BacktoThe80s Year ago +28

    college kids react to 80s heavy/glam metal!

  • Bobbynibbles
    Bobbynibbles Year ago +3

    College kids react to Enigma.

  • Cassie Jane
    Cassie Jane Year ago

    I only know Fight The Power from BTS

  • Gaetano Di Pasquale

    These kids are getting more butch as the years go on

  • Amanda P.
    Amanda P. Year ago +9

    How can someone not no who the hell def leppard is! I'm only a few years older than them! My mom showed me what good music is

    • i cri
      i cri Year ago

      Amanda P. me too but with my dad he made me love def leppard but it's alright since they're not too popular i guess.

  • wnadeau27
    wnadeau27 Year ago +45

    Teens react to Phil Collins

    • MrGriff305
      MrGriff305 Year ago +4

      babaoriley1971able .. Phil Collins made some beautiful and fun music for sure

  • Angelica Trevino
    Angelica Trevino Year ago +4


  • Spark246
    Spark246 Year ago +5

    I watched all of the react to 80's music and never once heard Dancing With Myself, i'm dissapointed

  • Melisa Medina
    Melisa Medina Year ago +2

    PLEASE react to end of the f***king world

    • i cri
      i cri Year ago +1

      Melisa Medina YESYESYESYES

  • ABSkillz 7
    ABSkillz 7 Year ago +2

    React to lil pump

  • Alex King
    Alex King Year ago +2

    Brittany is THE most beautiful.

  • Drew Worth
    Drew Worth Year ago +271

    "This is from the Vine with the chihuahua." My heart hurts.

    • i cri
      i cri Year ago +1

      Drew Worth i just laughed but frs tho rip vine

    • Amanda P.
      Amanda P. Year ago +30

      Drew Worth same. How the hell have they not heard of def leppard.

  • Ashriya Joshi
    Ashriya Joshi Year ago +3

    With or without you- Friends😅

  • Marianne
    Marianne Year ago +8

    Teens react to creedence Clearwater revival

  • D K
    D K Year ago +11

    Def Leppard! It’s about damn time.

  • Deja Pemberton
    Deja Pemberton Year ago +3

    React to do you know de wae

  • book feaster
    book feaster Year ago

    do the punishment challance

  • subscribeaccounts
    subscribeaccounts Year ago +3

    React to Do the right thing ... Fight the power!

  • derek butcher
    derek butcher Year ago +5

    Hey please could you react to wham/george michael !!

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork2001 Year ago

    Did Katie just say she loves me? That's a bit forward, what a hussy!

  • Marriel /LPS
    Marriel /LPS Year ago +10

    If you have Eric at React, then the video will be good!

  • Michael Crow
    Michael Crow Year ago +12

    Y'all gotta add some Bon Jovi or something! You just have to let them sing that powerful chorus in Livin on a prayer

  • David Johannesen
    David Johannesen Year ago +6

    you should add some 80s thrash metal

  • Trimaster20
    Trimaster20 Year ago +453

    Not knowing it was Queen that made Another One Bites The Dust? Like w0t m8?

  • No,Isaidposse
    No,Isaidposse Year ago +5

    As someone who lived in the 80's, most of these songs were considered popular radio crap. Aside from Queen and Sade, they were not cool.

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Year ago

      Indeed MrConstantine02. One of the best albums ever imo. I would guess some just have forgotten.

    • MrConstantine02
      MrConstantine02 Year ago

      Uhm... wasn't U2's The Joshua Tree heralded as a work of genius by the time it came out? I wasn't alive by then, but pretty much everything I've read puts it at the Top 10 or at least Top 5 of every list of 1980's rock albums.

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Year ago

      I know. I think "Your Love is King" is a better Sade song.

    • No,Isaidposse
      No,Isaidposse Year ago

      It's just a term....they were all on the radio.

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Year ago

      One heard Queen and Sade on fairly popular radio. I know I did. Sade was also at Live Aid.

  • hifijohn
    hifijohn Year ago

    guessing title is easy, they sing it in the song!!!

  • Alec Torres
    Alec Torres Year ago +8

    Ya’ll are killing me!!!😩😭. React, would you invite me on? I’d slaughter this challenge. Lol!

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild Year ago +7

    Depeche Mode in 80s #10 or 90s #something :) ?

    • Moonchild
      Moonchild Year ago +1

      Oh yes ^^ Enjoy The Silence

    • i cri
      i cri Year ago +1

      Moonchild oof i love their one song "Personal Jesus" they better react to that one in a next episode

  • Thomas Nicholson
    Thomas Nicholson Year ago +2

    Do they know 21st century Aussie rock songs

    • J.C.
      J.C. Year ago +1

      Thomas Nicholson nobody knows 21st century Aussie rock

  • hanoc101
    hanoc101 Year ago +9

    What? No Tears for Fears?

  • Holly Bella
    Holly Bella Year ago

    React to EDM / trance 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • dnd90
    dnd90 Year ago +134

    Not knowing Sade. These kids are doomed