AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm Gel

  • Published on Feb 6, 2008
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    The AntWorks Ant Farm gives you a front-row seat to the fascinating world of ants. The AntWorks habitat consists of a nutrient and supplement-rich blue gel which provides everything ants need to survive.
    The AntWorks gel arrives as a solid. Once you add ants to the gel, then the true fun begins. Watch them dig an endless maze of tunnels. Using the included magnifying glass and extreme zoom lens, you can observe their behavior in uncanny detail.
    The AntWorks Illuminated Combo Box also features an LED light-up base which beautifully highlights the tunnels and also means AntWorks doubles as a fascinating night-light.
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  • nessi
    nessi 9 days ago

    11 years later and I *STILL* haven't gotten one of these

  • Parker Hernandez
    Parker Hernandez 22 days ago +3

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Tea Bae
    Tea Bae Month ago +2

    This video is as old as me

  • Slitherio Gaming
    Slitherio Gaming Month ago +2

    So we can just use hair gel???

  • Clever Thirdy
    Clever Thirdy Month ago +2

    It was made in 2008?!

  • Da Peekie
    Da Peekie Month ago

    It becomes toxic cuz of their poop and you know, so its not good for their food and water and it kills them, they will not live long without a queen idiot don't kill ants if u don't know shit about them.

  • ArcToplex
    ArcToplex 2 months ago +1

    2019 someone?

  • Allegiance 66
    Allegiance 66 2 months ago +1


  • Skylareen Tan
    Skylareen Tan 2 months ago


  • Garnet Killer
    Garnet Killer 3 months ago

    *fun fact*! The big white part in the ant thing is where the ants take the dead ants!

  • Katatsuki
    Katatsuki 3 months ago

    Do they even know how to get an ant colony into a new home?Do not just throw them in! If you want to keep ants as pets, please do some research first and do not buy this product!

  • Koropihn Valasco
    Koropihn Valasco 3 months ago

    The only people who would dislike this are vegans and vegetarians

    WHAT EVER? CHANNEL 3 months ago


  • FBI. Gov
    FBI. Gov 3 months ago

    The Harvester Ants Are Recommended? They Have Stingers How Do You Get Them Though 😑

  • StarioLax
    StarioLax 4 months ago

    Where the queen at

  • warrior ant 368
    warrior ant 368 4 months ago

    Hey vat19 this ant farm suck im an ant keeper ants will die in this crapy gello ant farm replace that jell into sand

  • Sud
    Sud 4 months ago

    the LED is like having a nuke button incase they get too smart you can vaporize them!

  • Kizza
    Kizza 4 months ago

    surely all the ants would be ded when it comes

  • LuckyClover
    LuckyClover 4 months ago

    Oh gosh, ten years later, they have a toliet paper gun.

  • Salty Does stuff
    Salty Does stuff 4 months ago +1

    I’m watching in 2018, are you?

    Probably not

  • Panda Pony
    Panda Pony 5 months ago

    One year before this I was born.

  • shawna calac
    shawna calac 5 months ago +1


  • trường đặng
    trường đặng 5 months ago

    Old video

  • DanMatrixCube
    DanMatrixCube 5 months ago

    Where do people even buy ants from because I might buy some soon

  • Waza Osas
    Waza Osas 5 months ago


  • Alexandru Ovidiu
    Alexandru Ovidiu 5 months ago

    Gel kills ants!

  • augdog 10
    augdog 10 6 months ago

    The gel in mine is dense at, I can't even see inside

  • bean the alien XxX
    bean the alien XxX 6 months ago

    Omg this is such an old vid

  • Dejna Radur
    Dejna Radur 6 months ago

    This has to be really really old like every other thing is so different

  • ShadowWolf Pup
    ShadowWolf Pup 7 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh old vid

  • Chris Telo
    Chris Telo 7 months ago

    How much is it

  • Vincentvincent Vincent
    Vincentvincent Vincent 7 months ago


  • User
    User 7 months ago

    Gel farms kill ants.

  • Größenwahnsinniger Totalitärist

    Animal Cruelty, thats not Natural.

  • Slashy Plays
    Slashy Plays 7 months ago

    #Antlove why throw them be gentle

  • ben bot07
    ben bot07 7 months ago

    Why is the video so quiet?

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 7 months ago

    I hope Justin B is no longer in charge of ANY PETS.

  • Ignoble.
    Ignoble. 7 months ago

    2008? it's very old video.

  • Katie Блять
    Katie Блять 8 months ago

    Woah thus was 2008

  • VLAD gamerul-pro
    VLAD gamerul-pro 8 months ago


  • SquidCats
    SquidCats 8 months ago


  • RobloxGamer231
    RobloxGamer231 8 months ago

    Comment "hi old guy" if you are from 2020.

  • iman sayuti
    iman sayuti 8 months ago

    Hey guys, instead of complaining here, why dont you complain to the nearest exterminator for killing millions of ants every weeks?, grow up and accept reality, stay hydrated

  • Patton~❤
    Patton~❤ 8 months ago

    dang 10 years ago

  • Flamez
    Flamez 8 months ago


  • mrcat
    mrcat 9 months ago

    2018 anybody?

  • RandomdudeZ9
    RandomdudeZ9 9 months ago +1

    I always find the oldest video that you can still buy the item

  • kartikey seth
    kartikey seth 9 months ago +2

    Avoid mixing ants cause they'll start to fight.........
    Me: Let the battle begin.

    WAYNE _WOLFY 9 months ago

    Who is watching 10 years later (2018)

  • A Fellow Brudda
    A Fellow Brudda 9 months ago

    2018 Anyone?

  • Holy Guacamoley
    Holy Guacamoley 9 months ago

    I was 1 when this came out....

  • Allie Mitchell
    Allie Mitchell 9 months ago

    Possibly The Oldest Vat19 Video

  • かわいい虹猫Kawaii Niji Neko

    Dude this things is old

  • markel the best 1 Gamer

    wait i bought this and there is noooooooooooo queen add a queeeeen

  • food luver
    food luver 9 months ago

    This video is older than me

  • Sofia Villanueva
    Sofia Villanueva 9 months ago

    You sound tired 😴 lol anyway 2018 anyone?

  • Sydney Thomas
    Sydney Thomas 9 months ago


  • Marco The lord
    Marco The lord 9 months ago

    My second grade class had this.

  • lampshade animations
    lampshade animations 9 months ago

    What if they die

  • joe blo
    joe blo 9 months ago


  • P Ds
    P Ds 9 months ago

    2018 !! 10 jears !

  • Anything With Joel
    Anything With Joel 9 months ago


  • Alexandru Stefan Lupulescu

    Soooo old

  • Ruari Maybank
    Ruari Maybank 9 months ago

    2018 anyone??

  • Deathy
    Deathy 9 months ago


  • Daniel Eden
    Daniel Eden 9 months ago +1

    Woah. A Vat19 video from 2008!

  • John Andreadakis
    John Andreadakis 9 months ago


  • teteth miranda
    teteth miranda 9 months ago


  • lego2o
    lego2o 9 months ago

    2018 and these guys are still at it

  • Jayce Mccoy
    Jayce Mccoy 9 months ago

    They will all die if ther is no queen ant it would be a waste of money

  • i dont have a name
    i dont have a name 9 months ago

    2018 anyone

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz 9 months ago


  • Casper Randominator
    Casper Randominator 9 months ago

    This was posted one day before I was born

  • Isabelle No Last Name
    Isabelle No Last Name 9 months ago

    This such a old video.

  • Anh Đức Bùi
    Anh Đức Bùi 9 months ago


  • Thegamingguy1101
    Thegamingguy1101 10 months ago

    These kill ants. Even if you have a queen

  • Courtney
    Courtney 10 months ago

    I wonder if they still sell this?

  • Rodoshe Talukder
    Rodoshe Talukder 10 months ago

    WOW!! THIS IS 10 YEAS OLD!!!!!

  • SPCshottyweather redo channel

    Anyone 2018?

    Wait everyone is lol

  • cupcake Lava
    cupcake Lava 10 months ago

    2018 anyone??

  • Hoi I'm Lily
    Hoi I'm Lily 10 months ago

    Wow this is old

  • Abandoned Channel R.I.P
    Abandoned Channel R.I.P 10 months ago


  • riley hyde
    riley hyde 10 months ago


  • Gekken Syahir
    Gekken Syahir 10 months ago

    I came from the future.By 2018,vat19 would have about 5 million subscriber that is interested in buying your product.but some of them doesnt have money because of the price or the shipping fee or both.

  • Adam TiBoi
    Adam TiBoi 10 months ago


  • Smile Dawg
    Smile Dawg 10 months ago +1

    2018 anyone

  • Dexter Elton
    Dexter Elton 10 months ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Baby Cloudtail
    Baby Cloudtail 10 months ago

    My eyes, they burn! (from the graphics)

  • Noice Memes
    Noice Memes 10 months ago

    2018? Any one?!??

  • Dhruv Shrimali
    Dhruv Shrimali 10 months ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Carly Mara
    Carly Mara 10 months ago

    Are any farms easy to care for?

    • Vendetta's Heart
      Vendetta's Heart 9 months ago

      Carly Mara To start I would recommend Camponotus Ants. More commonly known as Carpenter Ants

    • Vendetta's Heart
      Vendetta's Heart 9 months ago

      Carly Mara If you are serious visit this website

    • Vendetta's Heart
      Vendetta's Heart 9 months ago

      Carly Mara If you do Please do not use Gel ant Farms. Gel ant farms are highly looked down apon. Gel provides hydration however does not provide protein and other nutrients. Gel infact slowly poisons ants and over a month period (time depends on the species and if they have not starved to death already) will begin to slow and eventually stop dead. Unless another food source is available you are starving them. However you will still be poisoning them. If they do not build in a rough area around the centre it usually means they are in distress. This can be that they reject the queen and or no queen is present. Also the environment is not suitable to the species. Most Gel farms hold harvester ants. Ants need a constant supply of food, hydration and an increasing area for new workers to colonise. Which these kind of farms can not provide. This will eventually lead to a mass die off. Gel is also extremely dangerous and tends to collapse. Gel also does not provide moist air to incubate eggs if a queen is present

    • Carly Mara
      Carly Mara 9 months ago

      +Vendetta's Heart Canada. But it's just a thought, having an ant farm

    • Vendetta's Heart
      Vendetta's Heart 9 months ago

      Carly Mara Yeah. Where do you live. Could recommend an ant species that is relatively easy to care for

  • Skill Gkill
    Skill Gkill 10 months ago

    Is there a Queen or they will just die off in a few months not worth it

  • Abdul Rahman Wali
    Abdul Rahman Wali 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who wants to play with the jelly lol

  • { FishChips }
    { FishChips } 10 months ago

    Old huh

  • Frogii
    Frogii 10 months ago

    This is old..

  • elijdyck353 NPE
    elijdyck353 NPE 10 months ago +1

    Who else is watching in 2018

  • XQ DC
    XQ DC 10 months ago

    I had this

  • 아테나
    아테나 10 months ago

    I wasn't even born yet, I was born 2 days after this video..

  • skim_dilk
    skim_dilk 10 months ago

    Without the queen they will just die quickly even with food