Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • After attending Diddy's million-dollar party, he showed the rap mogul that a party could thrown on a budget.
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  • New Classic
    New Classic 20 hours ago

    Great story telling but not factual. Facts: Jay Z and Diddy came up in the business at the same time in NY. In fact, Jay used to attend Diddy's white parties with his then gf the late singer Aaliyah. Furthermore, at that time Pharrell was already an established producer in the hip hop/ R&B genre having had a hit as early as 1992. By 2000s the only unknown artist was Kanye thus making this highly entertaining but fictional narrative.

  • ?,?,
    ?,?, Day ago +1

    Jamie Foxx is the ultimate hype man
    This probably all happened but.....
    It was not all 1 party and it was different years dates maybe from 1995 to 2003
    Jamie messes up dates all the time I don't think he's lying he just gets the dates wrong

  • Vision L
    Vision L Day ago

    This is why... most people believe Jamie Foxx is the most talented performer in Hollywood.

  • karl Rensburg
    karl Rensburg 2 days ago

    Definitely a legend. Good stuff jamie.

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 2 days ago

    Wish I had 208 dollars for a party...

  • Go CPNG
    Go CPNG 2 days ago

    Those Guest Can Wait.

  • Onaja Harris
    Onaja Harris 3 days ago

    lml story aint real tho. timeline is screwed up

    • Onaja Harris
      Onaja Harris 11 hours ago

      @Chesco nah what year did gold digger come out? and everyone knew Jay z in 1999 thats Big Pimpin year, reasonable doubt is already 3 years old at this point. beef with pac, Hard knock life etc. he was already well established by then.

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name 4 days ago +2

    Hes been telling that story for years, and it still doesn't add up. Golddigger came out in 2005. Let's just say that it was recorded in 2004 for arguements sake. Jay-Z had literally released 8 albums up to that point, and it was at that point he took a break from rapping. He was already a superstar by then and had 4 albums in a row that went #1 on the billboard top 200, including the first Blueprint album which did like 500k the first week. Yet "Nobody knew who he was hehehe". Yeah right Foxx.

  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck 4 days ago

    "no atheists in the foxx hole" ... I'd love to hear the pretext of this as without it, it seems like religious bollocks.

  • sylenceexposed
    sylenceexposed 4 days ago +2

    When I go to the strip club I throw change on the stage cuz I’m a baller on a budget.

  • sharkl11
    sharkl11 4 days ago

    Why does stephen always bring up religion and beliefs? The Atheists comment came out of no where

  • Rev
    Rev 5 days ago +1

    I think that bad movies was "Stealth".

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins 5 days ago

    All Jamie Fox does is name drop. I've seen like 15 interviews like this.

  • Emcee Grady
    Emcee Grady 6 days ago +2

    The timeline on this story don't work. Either way entertaining story.

  • Daz Boot
    Daz Boot 6 days ago

    He's a class act you have to say

  • Zoheb Akhtar
    Zoheb Akhtar 7 days ago +1

    And what a great story it was.. Hilarious

  • luca Rossi
    luca Rossi 8 days ago +36

    The 3 certainties of life
    1 death
    2 taxes
    3 jamie foxx telling this story on a talk show

  • Emiliyan Yankov
    Emiliyan Yankov 10 days ago

    *bitch please* Jamie Foxx is a way better human being AND way more talented than Kanye...

  • MrThedreadman
    MrThedreadman 10 days ago +3

    You got to love the Fox ! He's amazing and a great artist.

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma 12 days ago

    Yeah Colbert, America is a white racist nation. How else would black entertainers like Foxx, Puff, Kanye, etc....throw million dollar parties in their multi-million dollar mansions....oh wait.

  • Ash Fana
    Ash Fana 15 days ago +4

    He's such a great great talk show guest. funny, sings, has a story, nothing to plug hardcore... carpet bombs some serious mega wattage names but in such a fun way... dayumn that man.

  • bberakable
    bberakable 16 days ago +2

    Jamie Foxx tells the best stories.

  • Sandi Talic
    Sandi Talic 18 days ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the brand of Jamies sweatshirt ?

  • Dom Turismo89
    Dom Turismo89 22 days ago

    Remember when he made music

  • Dom Turismo89
    Dom Turismo89 22 days ago

    This story again!!!!!

  • Kessler Biatingo
    Kessler Biatingo 23 days ago

    He doesnt old just like Will

  • Ms. Nelle
    Ms. Nelle 23 days ago


  • josiah edwards
    josiah edwards 23 days ago

    Lmao nobody knew jay z?

  • Natalie Quintal
    Natalie Quintal 25 days ago +1

    Jamie is hands down one of the funniest dude around and he has so much range..while in conversation he is singing, acting and delivering the punchline..and none of it is rehearsed..also this dude can play the piano and dance like nobody’s business.

  • Deeq Adan
    Deeq Adan 26 days ago

    Cool is Fuck 🙏🙏🙏

  • Iwon
    Iwon 26 days ago

    Jamie legs look like he been in a wheelchair

  • Mkhuseli Mazungula
    Mkhuseli Mazungula 26 days ago +1

    He reminds me of an uncle with how he tells the stories. Truly a multi talented star.

  • dAnnZ5o fickerius
    dAnnZ5o fickerius 28 days ago

    He is lying

  • prince omar
    prince omar 29 days ago

    I heard this story for like 10 times and i still smiley amazed every time

  • frantix22
    frantix22 29 days ago

    what a talent

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures 29 days ago

    This annoying I heard this story on joe roegans podcast. He really love this story huh

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures 29 days ago

    Anybody else notice how big Jamie’s pupals are?

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant Month ago +1

    I don't believe a word of this story but it's entertaining.

  • Kwanda . M
    Kwanda . M Month ago +6

    Everyday to lift my spirits I go on RU-clip and listen to Jamie foxx tell the same stories over and over and I don't get tired.

  • adam forbes
    adam forbes Month ago

    *could be thrown

  • Tub Tsab
    Tub Tsab Month ago +5

    I’ve heard these stories a million times that I could repeat them word for word. Yet I would never be able to tell it like Jamie Foxx. I still laugh every time.

  • Maro Vok
    Maro Vok Month ago

    That’s why he doesn’t tip drivers 100$:would be half of his budget for refreshments for party ,vip party ,he is super cheap ,drove him after he made movie with Tom Cruise,making millions,free mired for hours for him but he didn’t tip a dollar. ..maybe he. Is used to t asking pics with Emploees ,instead of tips ..

  • niyona howell
    niyona howell Month ago

    I loveeeee him!!!

  • Joanne Sgrignoli
    Joanne Sgrignoli Month ago

    Very enjoyable. I love Jamie Foxx. I never watch this show. Not a fan.

  • aboelsof alabed
    aboelsof alabed Month ago

    That was good shit

  • BeastMode73060
    BeastMode73060 Month ago

    You go giiirll 💁‍♀️ tell it!! Lol

  • TheTechCguy
    TheTechCguy Month ago

    Do all famous rappers know each other? Do you not make scrambled eggs with eggs?

  • Anna Kosov
    Anna Kosov Month ago

    That's an awesome story

  • asr 01
    asr 01 Month ago +6

    Jay z part was hilarious 🤣

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith Month ago +1

    Jamie fox nice humble dude

  • DJ Revolver
    DJ Revolver Month ago

    Reusing his Joe rogan podcasts huh?

  • Adam warlock
    Adam warlock Month ago

    Jamie fox never has a dull interview

  • Maria Lewis
    Maria Lewis Month ago +1

    I could watch Foxx for hours....he IS the BEST ever.... 💕💕💕

    THE ENTERTAINER TRA Month ago +1

    That's how legends makes parties they don't need bottles and beers to make it happen period .

  • Robb holmes
    Robb holmes Month ago


  • dennis tech 305
    dennis tech 305 Month ago

    Who else wants to hear Manny sing ?👀👀👀😂😂😂😂

  • 1B Veiws
    1B Veiws Month ago

    Best interview ever. Never seen jamie so enthusiastic in an interview before.

  • Amani Wanyoike
    Amani Wanyoike Month ago

    What's the song that was no 1 in the country

    UBZUKKI Month ago

    absolute entertainer

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez Month ago

    Story 50% lies knowing him

  • Adja Koumba
    Adja Koumba Month ago +1

    Jamie Foxx 😂 , i do remember that song.

  • OK OK
    OK OK Month ago

    dude i LOOOVE jamie fox these days so much through all these tv shows

  • DJ Marzalado
    DJ Marzalado Month ago

    6:30 okay Colbert

  • Tera Pan
    Tera Pan Month ago

    whats up with this guy telling this story to everyone. Jamie lets go party homie youll have a new story.

  • Joy Mosley
    Joy Mosley Month ago

    Go head Jaime!

  • ThumbsHunter
    ThumbsHunter Month ago

    i was in tears when he started doing kanye west.

  • Dion.Ell
    Dion.Ell 2 months ago

    He chats so much shit, this is rehearsed

  • Master
    Master 2 months ago

    One of these days Jamie is gonna tell the WHOLE story. Dig what I'm saying, the WHOLE story? The ENTIRE story if you know what I mean. All I'm saying is there is A LOT MORE that went on.

  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos 2 months ago

    Cool as a fan

  • Quentin Sterling
    Quentin Sterling 2 months ago

    one of the most entertaining people in the last 50 years..

  • Elle Sol
    Elle Sol 2 months ago

    did he have just a little bit of cocaine before this interview?

  • nyc2cuse
    nyc2cuse 2 months ago

    Timeline doesn't make sense..so Jay-z and Kanye were at the same party where nobody knew them...and no one knew Pharrell either...sounds full of crap

  • Opharmz Energy
    Opharmz Energy 2 months ago

    He is soo intelligent and interesting to watch... what's not to love.

  • RDM 010
    RDM 010 2 months ago

    That was a really boring story. I guess if you care about famous people it's good...but otherwise, I have better stories and they cost $9.95.

  • elljay81
    elljay81 2 months ago

    Omg he told this story 10,000 times he needs new stories

  • Saurav Silwal
    Saurav Silwal 2 months ago

    he lookin life mike tyson over here he about to drop this mike tyson movie and yall dont even see it comin

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 2 months ago

    Kanye sucked live. He opened for U2 in NZ and he was so crap!

  • Mr J
    Mr J 2 months ago

    Party as in booty bros party

  • SayEmComedy
    SayEmComedy 2 months ago

    Tonight he’s Eric

  • Jimmy Z
    Jimmy Z 2 months ago

    This story is bullshit lmao. No one knew Jay Z or Pharrell in 2000?? Kanye had his jaw broke when he was sign to Rocafella. NORE brought out Pharrell in the mid 90s. That Gold Digger song came out in 2005. 8 weeks before that you telling me people didn’t know Pharrell or Jay & Diddy was killing the game!?
    No for the young bucks, Diddy was cold as dick around this time (google Gorilla Black), JayZ was platinum multiple times with 9 albums out and a retirement album out. Pharrell produced an insane amount of hits by this time including “Drop It Like It’s Hot” which was literally on top of the charts for months at that time.
    I love Jaime Foxx, like truly think he’s one of the best entertainers ever, but this joke needs tweaking if he wants it to be believable or if he’s guna say it so many times on every show possible lmao.

  • Nobody Smith
    Nobody Smith 2 months ago +29

    Jamie has enery drinks flowing through his veins instead of blood.

  • DaggerMan11
    DaggerMan11 2 months ago +3

    Story doesn't quite add up. Everybody knew who Jay Z was by the time College Dropout came out

  • I am love
    I am love 2 months ago +2

    Jamie needs a channel like Will Smith.

  • Ali Almarri
    Ali Almarri 2 months ago

    Did people forget Diddy was the gayest thing in the universe?

  • Dark Seid
    Dark Seid 2 months ago

    Damn the dude missed so many leg days

  • Nunya Buznizz
    Nunya Buznizz 2 months ago

    Colbert is a worthless piece of shit. I am here to see this awesome interview!

  • batuhan yesilbursa
    batuhan yesilbursa 2 months ago +5

    Jamie Foxx makes Combert look cool. That's how cool the man is.

  • gladys844
    gladys844 2 months ago +2

    So funny!
    Specially when he saved money with KFC! Lol!🤣

  • Shihab Uddin
    Shihab Uddin 3 months ago

    He He He I have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Khalid Madavana
    Khalid Madavana 3 months ago

    Does he sound like Mike Tyson in the beginning?

  • Louis Caruso
    Louis Caruso 3 months ago +2

    You can tell the dude steve didn’t know anything foxx was talkm bout

  • Sand Dunes
    Sand Dunes 3 months ago +1

    Not this story again oh lord Jamie

  • David Kang
    David Kang 3 months ago

    theres no way ppl didnt know jayz while kanye was coming up, even in the west coast jayz was already huge at the time. i think hes mixing up parties.

  • Joey Gillespie
    Joey Gillespie 3 months ago

    Lol thanks Ray Charles

  • truth Be toad
    truth Be toad 3 months ago

    Jamie is the man he is awesome

  • daezjn
    daezjn 3 months ago

    never get tired of this story!

  • GDI
    GDI 3 months ago

    Kanye sucks

  • Ali_Clearsenti
    Ali_Clearsenti 3 months ago +1

    Never underestimate the power of networking 🤝

  • Beautiful Lou
    Beautiful Lou 3 months ago

    underrated tx legend always on the grind he given u gems.. u gotta make it happen cuz nobody else will

  • Rogi Salv
    Rogi Salv 3 months ago

    god damn, i was smiling all that 8:13 minutes !!!