Kyle Richards Has Emotional Reading With Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2016
  • The "Real Housewives" star connects to a surprising person from sister Kim Richards' past. See Kyle's reading with the "Hollywood Medium".
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    About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
    Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he provides an exclusive perspective into celebrities’ private lives, captivating fans as their stories unfold on camera. One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection, and closure with loved ones who have passed on.
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    Kyle Richards Has Emotional Reading With Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!
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Comments • 207

  • Samori king Dunn
    Samori king Dunn Month ago

    Anything he can do we all can do better now let's look up famous dead ppl oh Estelle Getty..
    Betty white there's a lady shes short and I dont know who she is .
    She funny but I don't know who she is .
    Betty white that's Estelle Getty from golden girls Tyler oh golden girls ok I love that show ......ALLLLLLL GAYS WATCH THE GOLDEN GIRLS hes fake asf

  • Stephen Anthony
    Stephen Anthony Month ago

    Total BS. I think he's so odd. Everyone knows about Kims fiance being murdered.

  • PlanetSleaze
    PlanetSleaze 2 months ago

    Kim’s talked about her murdered boyfriend all over television and the internet!! Speaking of mediums, I’ve seen the story in every form of media, even a book (“House of Hilton”). Oh wow!”, as if he didn’t know. “J, J, I keep getting a J...” I even remembered off the top of my head that the man’s name was John. Tyler is such a bad actor. People who believe in their abilities, that’s one thing, but this little twerp is vile.
    You know what would’ve been funny? If Kyle hadn’t been able to place what situation to which he was referring, I bet he would’ve kept revealing more and more details he’d read online. He wouldn’t be able to just let it go.

    • PlanetSleaze
      PlanetSleaze Month ago

      graeme stark You don’t remember Rebecca, Kyle’s psychic? That psychic “talked to his spirit” too.

    • graeme stark
      graeme stark Month ago

      I've watched all the seasons n didn't know this.....IJS

  • Ronnie Roo
    Ronnie Roo 2 months ago

    Hate Vile Kyle, so fake as a friend and human being.

  • holy crap
    holy crap 2 months ago

    her alcoholic mom wants to know how much money their daughters have been gold digging

  • jessica hondraya
    jessica hondraya 3 months ago

    Tyler is awesome I am not a celebrity at all he didn't know me or my situation, he definitely has a gift by the way he is for real do you think all these people he is reading gonna go on national television and spill their guts and family issues with have the chance of running there status of a celebrity just know that you people that never had a reading by Tyler you don't believe we have had a reading we know 100%he knows somehow what an absolute gift and energy to be around wish there were more Tyler Henry's in world sadly there is not, we love you Tyler Henry 😊😊😊😊😊

  • heather lochner
    heather lochner 4 months ago

    I have so many unaswered qurstions of at least 3-5 people i wish is could get a reading frim him

  • Jenny cheeks
    Jenny cheeks 4 months ago

    Wonder what's gonna happen for the chicks that have like a million abortions aka birth control. When they have to actually meet all of thier unborn

  • Susan Marie
    Susan Marie 4 months ago

    wow Kylie really messed up her face now look how pretty she was only three years ago

  • Josh Begandy
    Josh Begandy 4 months ago +1

    Little Lindsay Wallace from "Halloween '78" grown up to be a Gorgeous Sweetheart of a Woman

  • y mac
    y mac 4 months ago +1

    I wish she would have quit talking so much.. It’s just distracting
    Not at all trying to be disrespectful...

  • Amber Rae
    Amber Rae 5 months ago +2

    You look so pretty Kyle! Love your outfit ❤️

  • Souraj Krishnan
    Souraj Krishnan 6 months ago

    She got no reading lol! It's all for Kim

  • Tangible Tarot
    Tangible Tarot 6 months ago +1

    Love you Tyler and the peace you bring others ❤

  • preben svensson
    preben svensson 8 months ago

    3 moses 19,31

  • Lisa Burton
    Lisa Burton 11 months ago


  • craig negrey
    craig negrey Year ago

    This thing is always emotional she is always crying or running away on and on booboo hoodoo

  • armpitfuzz
    armpitfuzz Year ago

    This guy is doing so much fishing, he should be on a bloody boat.
    It's common knowledge about Kim's fiance being shot.

  • declan lee
    declan lee Year ago

    Tyler you should do non celebs you know everyday people that want closer

  • Hay ARya-AR-Men-atsi

    Wow! The hummingbird part was so interesting.

  • djfoo68
    djfoo68 Year ago

    Once again, I smell smoke! His pants are way on fire!

  • Cheryl Oldford
    Cheryl Oldford Year ago

    They wait for initial reaction to something hes said, they all do that. Im not convinced.

  • satuesday
    satuesday Year ago

    how did she not know about kim’s miscarriage

  • Kace face
    Kace face Year ago

    How could he know this stuff? I believe it... i think

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    Like we (the stupid) audience are too stupid to know that Bravo (who produces the Housewife shows) and E! (who produces/promotes this fraud) aren't both owned by the same parent company NBC/Universal Cable Entertainment. That is why she "reads" all the HW's.

  • Sidrah Zubair
    Sidrah Zubair Year ago

    I don’t believe in spirits coming down to earth ! So this is fake he’s not real

  • samantha morales
    samantha morales Year ago

    This is sick really sick don't you see this guy is with the devil , pat attention to his moment on hia drawings its upside down crosses

  • Christina Bobitch

    Funny to watch Tyler get excited and scribbling when I just watched a show recently that debunked him.

  • tnt
    tnt Year ago


  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Year ago


  • Oz Terri
    Oz Terri Year ago

    gimme a break, anyone can have their emotions manipulated, especially when departed loved ones are mentioned. tyler henry has a shirtload of karma coming his way. FAKE.

  • Silver Girl
    Silver Girl Year ago

    Her sisters boyfriend dying would be known, she is famous too.

  • Souleymane Camara

    Cool Mon bro

  • Steph D
    Steph D Year ago

    I know it's all part of his persona but he's facial expressions and hand movements annoys me, idk why

  • Evann Howard
    Evann Howard Year ago

    Why is he scribbling

  • yoan yoann
    yoan yoann Year ago

    i m a MEDIUM! and i can certified that there are so many people like me, like tyler around the world! when i watch tyler on TV what he said is what i see about peoples even behind my tv screen !!!!! YES IT'S POSSIBLE you know! so death is not the end ! when you passed away it's like " you are in the kitchen and you 're open the door to go to the next room! every human soul are living around us everyday!!! dont forget that! sometimes when somebody appear it looks like a flash or a face or a dark fog, or the entire body!!!! WELL for me i am medium since my 12 years ago now ( I M 39 YEARS) and i can assured that the world next to us is REAL!! i dont smoke MARIJUANA OR takes OTHER DRUGS i just say what i see what i am and what i feel!! it's great that tyler makes himself to help everybody ( not only hollywood famous peoples)! good luck for the futur as well !!! yoann from FRANCE

    THE777MOVIE-REVIEWER 2 years ago

    It is disgraceful that people play with other human beings emotions feelings memories and manipulate lie and mess with their minds.

  • Lady Muck
    Lady Muck 2 years ago

    Don`t be deceived, he communicates with demons, they know everything about us, the whole thing is demonic. Getting into contact with people like that opens doors to your life for the demonic powers to enter and that can lead to something bad happening in your life or in your loved ones` lives. Leviticus 19:31 Do not turn to mediums or spiritists; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.

  • Crutch456
    Crutch456 2 years ago

    Christ this was pathetic

  • Katt Fan
    Katt Fan 2 years ago

    He should do reading with Kim,she would really need it,and people seems to have a message for her

  • jeffrey cohen
    jeffrey cohen 2 years ago +1

    I wonder how I would meet with tyler. cohen.jeffrey07
    he has won my heart.

  • Lisa Burton
    Lisa Burton 2 years ago +3

    You can't just assume he is fake, he has a true real gift, Most the readings he says things that hasn't been shared on the internet therefore he couldn't of just googled all of his answers, just saying

  • mizdyg1
    mizdyg1 2 years ago

    i believe his ability...1000%

  • Emmia B
    Emmia B 2 years ago

    She did not care to hear from that "J" person...she had to bring it back to and funny at the same time

  • Angela Santiago
    Angela Santiago 2 years ago

    love Tyler

  • Angela Santiago
    Angela Santiago 2 years ago

    love Tyler

  • country
    country 2 years ago

    kim has talked about a his murder amd the miscarriage plenty of this is public knowledge

  • Sara Romoff
    Sara Romoff 2 years ago +2

    so fake his scribbles mean nothing

  • Damn Datgirlbadd
    Damn Datgirlbadd 2 years ago +3

    Why he seems surprised when she said the name?😂😂😂

  • Desiree RL
    Desiree RL 2 years ago

    That is a question i ask myself , if he reads for other people who are not celebrities.

  • Chloe Kit
    Chloe Kit 2 years ago

    He looks like a mix of Justin beiber & Macaulay culkin

  • Aaron Merkel
    Aaron Merkel 2 years ago

    He needs mental help because he thinks he has special abilities. ;)

  • Lala Deity
    Lala Deity 2 years ago +1

    some mediums actually draw slight images on a paper not scribbling left right up and down just had to put that out there heh

  • kristy reynolds
    kristy reynolds 2 years ago

    Hopefully the poor baby on the otherside wasn't listening! itd would have found out that it was forgotten?

  • kristy reynolds
    kristy reynolds 2 years ago

    WOW! U dont know if your sister had twins and one died? not that close huh?

  • TheAustynatorrr
    TheAustynatorrr 2 years ago

    She gave him too much information. Dummy. I believe in him though but I can see how people would be skeptical over this read.

  • Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims 2 years ago

    He is as fake as his hair color. lol

  • M Starz
    M Starz 2 years ago

    So many haters out there. How can you discredit something when the people he's reading doesn't know how he knows the specifics of there life. Of course, be skeptic and not gullible. But some of the stuff he says is hard to ignore.

  • marlon anan
    marlon anan 2 years ago

    I have a strange feeling coming through that Tyler does not like women

  • toxic tongue
    toxic tongue 2 years ago

    All the stuff about her sister Kim is on Wikipedia. Just look it up. If I was a "psychic" and do a reading for Kyle Richards, I would look up all her family, lol. No surprises here.

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins 2 years ago


  • english rose
    english rose 2 years ago +7

    what fake horrible woman she is sooooo fake ,,that cry she does ,which she recovers from too quickly for it to be real ,,and shes always wiping tears aways that are not even there becas shes not really upset ,,,shes a snake

  • Jane Stuthridge
    Jane Stuthridge 2 years ago

    What a TOSSER!

  • Kristen S.
    Kristen S. 2 years ago +1

    kyle is so Beautiful the hummingbird reminds me of the movie dragon fly with Kevin costner♡♡♡

  • Silver Eyed King
    Silver Eyed King 2 years ago +2

    These kind of people should work for the government they are great liars would make good spies or politicians.

  • Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize 2 years ago +1

    To all the naysayers - I've watched his readings and followed up by looking at Wikipedia and I can tell you, Wikipedia for sure doesn't give a lot of the information he shares. Even if you don't believe, he gives the people he "reads" a loving gift and leaves them with peace.

  • T LS
    T LS 2 years ago +3

    why is this kid getting so much hate? just cos he's young?. shut up you all

    • Jessica Umarquez
      Jessica Umarquez Year ago

      I know right !! Bullying ,mean-girls If you don't have nothing nice to say why can't you keep it to your self ...

  • BeatrixKiddo
    BeatrixKiddo 2 years ago

    Matt Fraser - check that one. He changed my skeptic mind.

  • Denise Burke
    Denise Burke 2 years ago +8

    he looks like herbie from Rudolph ......the dentist

  • Lindsey H
    Lindsey H 2 years ago +25

    I am immediately struck by the fact that she's not even sure her sister had a miscarriage... like literaly how do you not know something like that

    • Jess Bell
      Jess Bell 2 months ago

      I thought exactly the same!!!

    • betty davis
      betty davis Year ago

      Because Kim's a smarmy liar and who know's if she was telling the truth!

  • Panhandle Paranormal
    Panhandle Paranormal 2 years ago +6

    It seems like shes pretty careless about her sister and her situation. Its like- oh sorry she took your moment? How could you sit there and have to think about this...? I canst stand my sister yet i know every time the wind blows in her life... ?? I feel sorry for her _._

    • betty davis
      betty davis Year ago

      No reason to feel sorry for Kim. She put Kyle through hell.

  • Yotto O.
    Yotto O. 2 years ago +3

    This. Is. Retarded.

  • MrSuperior 13
    MrSuperior 13 2 years ago

    Is this real

  • Vince J
    Vince J 2 years ago +17

    But I think this guy is very honest and he is the true thing, as far the Long Island Medium I have my doubts. But who knows, I'm no professional.

  • Isabel Olsson
    Isabel Olsson 2 years ago +11

    Hy Kyle, I which you well. My question is!!!! When are you going to open your eyes and see that your sister Kim is jealous of you and she hates you??? She chooses everyone before you!!! She is an addict with no return she seeks love in the wrong people, because, please, to put Brandy before you!!! Wow!!!! Brandy doesn't even love her self, she is totally gone with the wind. I have a sister like Kim. After 42 year she told me how much she hated me and wanted me out of her life for ever . I am better off. Good luck.