• Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Britney Spears' Songs read by Elders!
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    Briney Spears' lyrics read by Elders! Watch to see their reaction!
    This episode features the following Elders:
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    Elders React #44 - ELDERS READ BRITNEY SPEARS' HIT SONGS (React)
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    REACT  Year ago +187

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    • abbby lauren
      abbby lauren Year ago

      REACT Do christina Aguilera

    • Paulina Mora
      Paulina Mora Year ago

      Teens, adults and kids react the movie COCO from pixar!!!

    • Madan Timalsena
      Madan Timalsena Year ago

      Can you please make a reaction video of steve vai

    • NicoleSpeaksTruth
      NicoleSpeaksTruth Year ago

      REACT do a teens or college kids react to anime. And include Yu-Gi-Oh!

    • Shubham Sharma
      Shubham Sharma Year ago

      REACT elders react "greatest hits of Avril lavenge"

  • RichieWongTang
    RichieWongTang Year ago +4

    Can’t believe u called it greatest hits without these few songs:
    From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
    I Wanna Go

  • Fanny Engström
    Fanny Engström Year ago +1

    React to Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015!!!

  • Patricia 19
    Patricia 19 Year ago +1

    Billie Eilish!!

  • mira
    mira Year ago +1

    Melanie Martinez pls 💛💛💛

  • Vince Cortese
    Vince Cortese Year ago +3

    Adults or Elders react to IMAGINE DRAGONS more obscure songs (not hits like Radioactive or Believer).

  • Rahul Loves'ThePayne


  • L D
    L D Year ago +8

    Elders react to Madonna please

  • Sarah Pavri
    Sarah Pavri Year ago +1


  • Emmanuel Doninelli
    Emmanuel Doninelli Year ago +3

    U have to do Britney Spears songs that r more than just erotic which have other legitimate feelings to them

    • Suicidal_Donuts
      Suicidal_Donuts Year ago

      some thing The React people tend to choose some awful songs for Elders React, I've noticed. But sometimes they're on point

  • Brea Renae
    Brea Renae Year ago +2

    Next elders should react to Black Veil Brides

  • Maria 101
    Maria 101 Year ago +12

    Elders react to Amy Winehouse!!

  • Brandon Fridmann
    Brandon Fridmann Year ago +14

    REACT please do elders react to P!nk. If anyone agrees that P!nk should be next like my comment and comment as well. Let’s get the Queen up there!!!

  • Kenny Perez
    Kenny Perez Year ago +2

    Selena Q Perez

  • filip
    filip Year ago +1

    Read Bon Jovi lyrics

  • Jackys Rodriguez
    Jackys Rodriguez Year ago +5

    Shakira & Christina Aguilera!!!

  • sharksandsheep
    sharksandsheep Year ago +112

    I wish they'd thrown in "Every Time." Something besides just the dance music.

  • panos maragkos
    panos maragkos Year ago +2

    9:54 CAN HE BE MY GRANDPA???💕

  • Bryana Estrada
    Bryana Estrada Year ago +3

    They should react to Turn it up by Kim Kardashian😂

  • Gissell
    Gissell Year ago

    5:52 XD

    POACH Year ago +5

    Elders break down RHCP greatest hits! Upvote!

  • sufferbuddy
    sufferbuddy Year ago +7

    Do Michael Jackson

  • Owen
    Owen Year ago +7

    YESSS thank you for doing this, been waiting for Britney on here for ages!

  • John Wayne Holland
    John Wayne Holland Year ago +10

    he wants so see her singing live and acapella well grandpa we all want that since 1998

  • Dylan Lörik
    Dylan Lörik Year ago +425

    “If you’re gonna say it, just effing say it”
    Gosh the irony

  • Prithvik Sivadas
    Prithvik Sivadas Year ago +2

    Please do linkin park

  • Sydney Milligram
    Sydney Milligram Year ago +3

    Green day's greatest hits please

  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson Year ago +5

    Do elders react/lyric break down to Tupac’s ‘changes’, ‘dear mama’ and ‘keep ya head up’.

  • Qamar Muse
    Qamar Muse Year ago +6

    Do Beyoncé’s greatest hits

  • Tessa Amaru
    Tessa Amaru Year ago +3

    alders react to janet jackson

  • Nicole Stone
    Nicole Stone Year ago +3

    I would really love to see a lyric breakdown video of the elders reacting to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s songs. Now that would be the best thing ever.

  • Hermenegildo Baca
    Hermenegildo Baca Year ago +1

    9:32 best part of the video.

  • Jared Liu
    Jared Liu Year ago +7

    I love Britney so much omg

  • digitalp0llution
    digitalp0llution Year ago +5

    React to Mariah Carey!

  • Bring Me The BEANS!!!

    Please do a lyric breakdown for Bring Me the Horizon! I'd love to see how they'd react to songs like Sleepwalking and Join the Club.

    CLUELESS Year ago +5

    I like how that one lady said "If you’re gonna say it just f-ing say it” but she didn’t even say the word herself. 😂

  • Ernesto Fraga
    Ernesto Fraga Year ago +6

    Mark is such a daddy. Shock me!

  • rysa lmao
    rysa lmao Year ago +31

    yas Queen Britney!!! lmao this made me laugh 😂. I love the legendary miss Britney Spears

  • emilia
    emilia Year ago +3

    Elders react to Khalid !! He’s amazing

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Year ago +7

    Pls!!!! Elders react to Taylor Swift's repertoire

  • J Pettersson
    J Pettersson Year ago +8

    BRITNEY SPEARS did not write hit me baby one more time that was max martin by himeself

    • kenneth sim
      kenneth sim Year ago

      i think its originally for TLC...but they rejected it.

    • Dylan Dzikowski
      Dylan Dzikowski Year ago

      Son of Roger true. If my memory serves me it was originally intended for Toni Braxton.

  • Paula Saba
    Paula Saba Year ago +8

    This is so funny😂😂

  • Magpie
    Magpie Year ago +268

    i wish they included womanizer

  • storms a brewing
    storms a brewing Year ago

    The next elders react should be tiffany debbie and stacey q

  • Pay for Britney's hair extension

    "yOu wANt a pIECe ME" This is so me

  • Pay for Britney's hair extension

    "BritTANNY spears " 💀💀💀

  • Reni C
    Reni C Year ago +153

    Britney actually has a pretty amazing voice... but because of her image she keeps singing that way

    • Devon Grosstephan
      Devon Grosstephan Year ago +17

      Reni C the way she affects her voice is fun for her and became her brand. But yes, she has a GORGEOUS voice outside of that

  • Auri Auri
    Auri Auri Year ago +7

    react to the old tokio hotel pleaseeeee

  • Łukasz
    Łukasz Year ago +10

    Please React to SIA's Songs. Bet they will be amazed like they were with Lana del Rey's.

  • William Beaudry
    William Beaudry Year ago +7


  • Jenny Chisenga
    Jenny Chisenga Year ago +2


  • Edoardo Sabatello
    Edoardo Sabatello Year ago +59

    Jesus, the blonde one’s so passive aggressive

  • M.R.A Ang
    M.R.A Ang Year ago +5

    I loooove Britney. She’s iconic forever lol

  • Hanem
    Hanem Year ago +2

    Please watch the acoustic cover of Toxic by Britney Spears on my channel it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you so much.

  • csorsa
    csorsa Year ago +4

    From 9:42 so nice words ❤️

  • Max H
    Max H Year ago +10

    Elders should react to P!nk’s hits!

  • Manell B
    Manell B Year ago +5

    Rock is soooooo cute

  • David Lomax
    David Lomax Year ago +4

    I love to hear what they thought of Everytime

  • assmane999
    assmane999 Year ago +2

    It would be cool if you could get her to react to this

  • wwe womens evolution

    Plz let elders react to Kasha's top hits

  • super star
    super star Year ago +35

    5:52 😍😍😍😍

  • super star
    super star Year ago +1

    6:21 what was that ?😂😂😂😂

  • Tabitha Escoe
    Tabitha Escoe Year ago

    Love love love it

  • Candace Nelson
    Candace Nelson Year ago +12

    React to Amy Winehouse music

  • Aqua The Inkling
    Aqua The Inkling Year ago +1

    Can you do Through the Fire and Flames?

  • TwinStarss
    TwinStarss Year ago +2

    cover Britney again next please!

  • Emma Daniel
    Emma Daniel Year ago +3

    React to love island (it’s a uk show that is shown every summer)

  • Dasha Zakharova
    Dasha Zakharova Year ago

    It's so good

  • SkyMond
    SkyMond Year ago +4

    Sias greates hits + Musicvideo + meaning

  • ciaran kavanagh
    ciaran kavanagh Year ago


  • fix
    fix Year ago +75

    Well the kids and even the older generation knew some of Britney's songs. She is very well known for every generation

  • Myrzasarah Azrin
    Myrzasarah Azrin Year ago +1

    Elders react to stranger things

  • Henrik Abellare
    Henrik Abellare Year ago +33

    Do an episode featuring Mariah Carey please!

  • Price Troche
    Price Troche Year ago +12

    it would be fun to see britney's lesser known singles and b sides getting reacted to!

  • darlingmutual
    darlingmutual Year ago +5

    OMG IDEA elders react to troye sivan! reading his lyrics then listening/watching :)!

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ Year ago +2

    i didnt remember the lycris was that good

  • Chi Pham
    Chi Pham Year ago +3

    How about 2pac lyrics? Most notably “keep your head up”

  • Mike Spenser
    Mike Spenser Year ago

    Instead of piece of me should of had BOYS.

  • Twizted Attik Gaming

    How about a kids, teens, adults or elders react to otep

  • Andy D
    Andy D Year ago +538

    Britneyology really should be college degree.

    • Minh Do
      Minh Do Year ago +26

      I'll Aced it and retake it just for the heck of it

    • M.R.A Ang
      M.R.A Ang Year ago +29

      Andy D I’d take that course

  • rimmka29
    rimmka29 Year ago +81

    Everytime must’ve been included. That shows her deep sensitive side

  • Estefi
    Estefi Year ago +6


    • Tyriq Official
      Tyriq Official Year ago

      Estefi What is your favorite demi song and why?

  • Agraj Nagarkoti
    Agraj Nagarkoti Year ago +10

    "LADY GAGA!"😂😂😂

  • Ana Esperanza
    Ana Esperanza Year ago +3

    Don is my favorite lol he’s so cute

  • Antonio Anić - Ćurko

    Elders read Nicki minaj's hit songs

  • Naim Spice
    Naim Spice Year ago +1

    Spice Girls!

  • Craig Shearon
    Craig Shearon Year ago +2

    React to *SIGRID*

  • Ariana Cintron
    Ariana Cintron Year ago

    Please do a reaction of Messyourself!!!!

  • malcolm brown
    malcolm brown Year ago +3

    7:23 Me af ❤

  • Blahblah Blah
    Blahblah Blah Year ago +3

    9:41 I LOVE YOU!

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore Year ago +6


  • Alain Gil
    Alain Gil Year ago +7

    yes, I too want to hear her sing live and acapella

  • Alex Carreto
    Alex Carreto Year ago +4

    "It's Lady Gaga" hahahahahahaha

  • Alex Carreto
    Alex Carreto Year ago +8

    Please react to Christina Aguilera. ♡

  • Just Away
    Just Away Year ago +5

    When he said Lady gaga lmao

  • ManOnThe Moon
    ManOnThe Moon Year ago +2


  • Kai
    Kai Year ago +5

    Have them react to KESHA please ♥️♥️♥️

  • Farhan Ghifari M
    Farhan Ghifari M Year ago +7

    React to Janet Jackson please!

  • edward gonzalez
    edward gonzalez Year ago +1


  • Christian Rubino
    Christian Rubino Year ago +1

    Loved this video. Make me is my fav