Easy Way To Save $3500 A Year!

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    Easy Way To Save $3500 A Year!
    Are you throwing $3500 a year down the toilet? Today we show you how you can stop flushing your money and start saving today! :-)
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Comments • 284

  • Living On A Dime
    Living On A Dime  Year ago +13

    Do you enjoy Starbucks? Get our homemade coffee recipes here www.livingonadime.com/gourmet-coffee-recipes/

    • rikid39
      rikid39 7 months ago

      I can’t even listen to u ur so rude

    • Caroline Stone
      Caroline Stone Year ago

      Living On A Dime printing up shortly

  • Amelia Manimtim
    Amelia Manimtim 4 days ago

    I wish I have found your blog earlier, your awesome, telling the truth.

  • Jennifer Paul
    Jennifer Paul Month ago

    I've watched this episode before and I'm watching it again, the new slang word "YEET!" comes to mind 😂

  • kcee amack
    kcee amack Month ago

    Love when you put your foot down...No excuses people. Lol stop sitting and waiting the coffee pot

  • Her Aeolian Harp
    Her Aeolian Harp Month ago

    Any of you decades ago read Amy Dacyczin? Her Tightwad Gazette has a lot of similar principles. About coffee, she recommended using coffee grounds twice. I cannot say it makes for the tastiest cup, but if you are a two cup a day person, you can add spice or flavor to the second cup. I like cardamom, which I buy cheaply at South Asian groceries.
    What do to with old coffee grounds? Infuse a tablespoon or two in a bottle of rum. Let it sit a few months. Filter it out. Coffee liqueur. (Thanks to Splendid Table on cutting food waste for that.)
    You all have great tips. Stay feisty and no nonsense. This is what Americans need, especially the younger generation who at times appear to lack the practical skills of their parents and especially grandparents. Phew. That's all. Time for some (homemade) coffee.

  • Her Aeolian Harp
    Her Aeolian Harp Month ago

    No fan of Starbucks but I had a small amount of frequent flyer miles from when I was better off. I used the points I had to get a ten-dollar Starbucks card. Otherwise, I try not to go at all.

  • Lynetta Livingstone

    My coffee maker cost $ 20. I buy 2 flavors every 3-4 months; I wait until it's on sale. It tastes the same as brand new.

  • darcy aits
    darcy aits Month ago

    Murphy’s law..lol

  • Felicity Davis
    Felicity Davis 2 months ago

    Great video but the only thing is obsessive coffee drinkers rather buy expensive coffee just because when you make it at home some of the time It doesn't taste like Starbucks coffee or whoever coffee

    • Living On A Dime
      Living On A Dime  2 months ago

      I began recently roasting my own green beans. You can buy them for $4/lb and roast them in a whirly popper popcorn popper. For Starbucks like beans you go almost to the point of burnt, French roast. Bes cup of coffee I have ever had in my life. I roast every 3 days and have become a complete snob about it. LOL ~ Heidi

  • Simply Julie
    Simply Julie 2 months ago

    I LOVE a good Tawra rant!!!!!

  • Denise Stathatos
    Denise Stathatos 3 months ago

    I usually do not buy convenient store items! I usually buy food with my grocery store shopping! I buy frozen foods at the grocery store and make the food at home!

  • Michele Simko
    Michele Simko 3 months ago

    300 dollars monthly with 25 Percent increase due to rise price is 375 now for your groceries. Be froglets

  • Kelley Perine
    Kelley Perine 3 months ago

    I use instant coffee. Fast and easy.

  • Tenisha H
    Tenisha H 3 months ago

    Great video.

  • Margaret Martin
    Margaret Martin 4 months ago

    One of your best videos 🙏✝️👍🏼🌹

  • Farr from Perfect
    Farr from Perfect 4 months ago

    Preach!!!! I love you!

  • Tom Collier
    Tom Collier 4 months ago

    Last time I got a coffee outside of home, I had a coupon for a free coffee without purchase. Other than that, probably about twenty years ago.

  • Raven Skye
    Raven Skye 4 months ago

    I use instant coffee for everyday, it is quick and easy-and a friend gave me a used coffee maker for special occasions. A double insulated water bottle for water save me tons of money every month. Saving money is my goal!

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts 5 months ago

    Admittedly, Dunkin Donuts is one of my all-time favorite brands. But within the last two months I have starting making coffee at home and bringing it into the office, skipping the stop at Dunkin Donuts in the morning. I am saving approximately $18 a week by doing this :)

  • Diane C
    Diane C 5 months ago

    You don't even need to buy a coffee maker. A tea kettle works quickly if you only put 1 or 2 cups of water in it. And there's no clutter on the kitchen counter. As an added plus, its whistle will remind you that it's ready.

  • Val Kelly
    Val Kelly 5 months ago

    Let me just say I love watching your shows. And I love how patient you are with each other! Little suggestion for Mike though when Tawra Is trying to show how fast a recipe is I wouldn't respond to any comments so she can get it done and the same when Dave was trying to show his camera that he worked hard to buy it kind of took the excitement out of it with all your interruptions.

  • Lady of Huntingdon
    Lady of Huntingdon 5 months ago

    Are those writing these comments are not judging you? They can move on from your show if they don’t like what you say. I personally love your honesty keep it up😀

  • TheNhanvey
    TheNhanvey 6 months ago

    I don't buy coffee but I drink a lot of soda. Made me think about my habit, I spend around 20 a month on it or 240 a year. That is clothes for my family....time to give it up!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 6 months ago

    coffee is so easy and fast to make and I enjoy the sound of it brewing, even with a Keurig. I actually enjoy it more at home since you can relax and go sit in a comfy spot while sipping it. I would not pay more when I know I can have it way cheaper at home. Its a no brainer , especially if your trying to save money!

  • Gina Kay Landis
    Gina Kay Landis 6 months ago

    Tawra - Mozzerella has the casein washed out of it during processing! Found that out by watching a cheese making show on RU-clip! Mike - L-Lysine works by blocking Arginene pwr an article online, good luck with your L-Lysine dose! There are also, now, bottles of liquid amino acids that people on the Keto and other eating plans take. Glad you mentioned L-Lysine because I am calcium deficient and it helps with absorbing calcium. Thanks guys!

  • Daniela Jelcic
    Daniela Jelcic 6 months ago

    I bought a latte at Starbucks as a treat couple days ago, haven’t had a latte in months and months.It was $4.83! Won’t be doing that again anytime soon 😱

  • Adrian Restivo
    Adrian Restivo 6 months ago

    Ben Franklin said “ penny wise pound foolish”. Your mom said stop thinking about chicken and laundry powder costs and start eating home. Do not get me started on smoking. All smokers must be rich.

  • mrsfig01
    mrsfig01 6 months ago +1

    Ha your husband is so funny with that cup that's a great idea I am going to copy him.. I'm so glad I found your Channel, I love it how you're kids just pop in and the comment your son made about the coffee drinkers why don't they just drink water my daughters busted out laughing when they heard him.. thank you again for taking time to make this video

    GEAUX FRUGAL 6 months ago

    I use spring water for coffee. I use an Expresso with foldgers little sugar milk make it my way I save money. When I was working I had an automatic coffee maker. I set it up the scent of coffee alone will incentivise you to get up.
    I located a source for Expresso that gutted Walmart price. Sam's club.
    Ever time how long it will take to make grits eggs and coffee? I got where I could get all done under 10 min this is an excellent meal and filled me up. Just getting to the McDonald's or coffee shop can cost you more than 10 minutes.
    My 2nd wife crashed the car her fault going to Jack in the box to get ice? How much did that ice cost? Can you say insurance rate hike , deductable? Rental car? What about road rage every little move you make on the road can trigger one of these psychotic fools. Remember that the people who do this are probably there because they either didn't buy groceries, or the true reason they never clean the kitchen !!!
    Some don't shop right and lack the groceries. I you use 6 eggs a day you will not exceed sell by date. Waste food not money. If you find you can't eat 6 eggs a day make a deal with a neighbor tell them hey I got 15 dozen of eggs I paid a little over $21 for them are you willing to go in halves. That or you could hard boil the eggs eat your 3 in the morning have three on hand you can barter with someone else for something they have that work. our next homeless guy you see with a sign will work for food just hand him 3 eggs .

  • Tammy Pierce
    Tammy Pierce 6 months ago

    Can’t believe what I’m hearing! I know I’m listening to this months after the fact but maybe you should demonstrate how to make coffee with your coffee maker on one of your shows. Show them it takes only about a minute since they don’t seem to get it.

  • Jan From NYC Saves Money!

    See the problem is that some folks don't understand the cumulative effect of things. Its never about the one time "treat"---- its about spending small amounts of money foolishly each day that adds up! Example when I stopped buying a bagel outside for 2.50 each day and decided to eat my toast at home I saved well over $650 bucks a year!

  • Lisa Hughes
    Lisa Hughes 6 months ago

    I love your pitcher of flowers behind your sink. Beautiful! Loving your videos, advice and the LOAD cookbook.

  • Judi Bohn
    Judi Bohn 6 months ago

    Great Job Tawra. Im doing the same in my house and it is so freeing when i throw out 5 trashbags of junk and declutter. Tawra i 100 % agree with you. I do get food stamps and i dont go to starbucks on my dime. I have been treated there but i cant even think of the last time i even went there. I think its insane to spend that much $ EVERYDAY on coffee. I do have a programmable coffee pot but even dont have coffee much because i cant rectify buying coffee with food stamps. I will buy tea bags but i get gallons and gallons of tea from that little bit of $. And because i use very little sugar or honey in my tea its all extremely cheap. Going to the movies? Whats that? Lol not been since i won a ticket at church to go....long ago. And i either dont buy popcorn and drink or i take it in with me but usually eat a meal b4 i go and dont need anything. Milk...love it too Tawra. Last month got a great blessing at food bank 4 gallons of milk. 3 in freezer and gallon of milk date went out half way through. ..made cheese with it and delicious with crackers and my dogs slurped up the whey from it. Win-Win.

  • Janell Queen
    Janell Queen 6 months ago

    What kind of camera was that?

  • KoKoChanel
    KoKoChanel 6 months ago

    Just saw this... (catching up on all your stuff.)I’m a new viewer. LOVE THIS!! 💕
    YOU TELL EM!! ☕️

  • Anna Bailetti
    Anna Bailetti 6 months ago

    I bought a perculater at a thrift store for fifty cents!! the best coffee is made at home... thank you for your video:) whilst it is heating up i go do other things.... i get most of my house work at least prepped in this time if not done, before i go to work. I havent worked out if it is cheeper to drink coffee this way with the cost of electricy for grinding the beans and heating it up but it works with my routine and ballance of life.

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl 6 months ago +1

    So glad I don’t drink coffee 😊

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 6 months ago

    "If you are being tied down and forced to watch our show, then you need to call the police."
    Lady, I SO wish we were neighbors.
    I love your no-nonsense approach. 🤗

  • angela zahn
    angela zahn 6 months ago

    I agree with this message practice what u preach .u go

  • Robin Livingston
    Robin Livingston 6 months ago

    Those unicorn soaps are so adorable

  • B Ghany
    B Ghany 6 months ago +2

    Tell'em Tawra!! Very, very true

  • Carla Davis
    Carla Davis 7 months ago

    Why is it that people who need financial help do not want your pep talks??? The pep talks and critiquing the spending problems is a GIFT PEOPLE.... Something these gracious folks are doing FOR FREE DUH.... Better to be judged now than by a bankruptcy judge later....

  • Kara Lewis
    Kara Lewis 7 months ago

    TIP :-) If you want amazing coffee use a french press. If you use a coffee maker with a paper filters you lose some of the oil from the coffee beans along with the flavor. Paper filters absorbs some of the oil which affects the taste. Also use filtered water so the calcium in the water doesnt not bind with oils from the beans. Just make sure your coffee beans are coarsely grinded for a French press. I know starbucks sells French presses for $27. If you buy starbucks coffee beans from anywhere (even cosco) they will grind the beans for you in store no extra cost.

  • Annette Rose
    Annette Rose 7 months ago +1

    I admit I love a good coffee drink. I only indulge a couple times a month. I get actual espresso not drip and I'm willing to pay for it.

  • icecreamlady driver
    icecreamlady driver 7 months ago +1

    At the dollar store you can pick up flavored coffee creamers so you can have lots of yummy flavors for pennies on the dollar. I don't drink coffee and I have thought many times about how much money people spend on coffee.

  • enriquemata640
    enriquemata640 7 months ago

    Really good stuff. I don't do Starbucks but your video has me asking myself: "what kind of adjustments can I make?". I know that I have a long way to go.

  • Annabel Louise
    Annabel Louise 7 months ago +1

    I love your videos. Everything you say makes so much sense 😀

  • Maritsa Darmandzhyan
    Maritsa Darmandzhyan 7 months ago

    you should ship media mail

  • daviddianna
    daviddianna 7 months ago

    LOL we used to sell Starbucks cups on Amazon. We would buy them for $10 and sell them for from $20 to $30 and make around $5 a cup. AS a result of buying all those cups, we always got free coffee. This was one of our side hustles to pay the student loans that we should never have taken lol. I love the conversation though. I will say though that for a couple on a little DATE, Starbucks is a fun environment and a cheap date. They can use the free WIFI and have a conversation while listening to fun music. Our very frugal son and his wife seldom eat out at all but they will have a little date at Starbucks. We no longer sell on Amazon because we achieved our financial goal that we were working on at the time and it has been a while since we have been but WE LOVE Starbucks when we splurge. I know you were not being judgmental. You were just simply saying DON'T ask how to save money if you are going to WASTE on the obvious.

  • Kim Rector
    Kim Rector 7 months ago +1

    omg funny

  • Ann Love
    Ann Love 7 months ago +1

    I back you 100 on the food stamps & coffee out each day.

  • Katie Cauthen
    Katie Cauthen 7 months ago +1

    Get it together people!!!!!! Let me just tell y’all something!!!!! I have to be at work at 7:30 every morning I make my coffee everyday at home! And take a cup with me to work!!!! Get your bahonkes up 5 minutes earlier if “you don’t have time” blah blah! It’s just excuses!

  • K H-C
    K H-C 8 months ago +1

    Oh my, the lady buying coffee everyday while complaining she can't feed her family on their food stamp allotment! I know someone like that, eats out twice a week, grabs a coffee everyday, is always crying on Facebook about not being able to 'afford' things because she's a single mom. She pays no attention to her finances, blows her money on shopping and fun outing with the kids, then manipulates others into paying her expenses. She gets people to pay for things like new tires on her car, oil for her furnace, even her yearly camping trip with her kids! She likes to cry 'poor, single mom' yet spends more money on frivolous things than my hefty-incomed household. Makes me sick to my stomach and MAD. She manipulates and uses, takes advantage of people trying to help, and it's WRONG.

  • angelfoodcake1979
    angelfoodcake1979 8 months ago

    Gosh, she gets so angry. Wow! Personally, I don't think aggressively preaching is the way to help people towards change. I understand it's shocking where money goes, especially if you see the numbers right in front of you. I wasn't aware of any actual numbers, so that was educational. I just calculated it with local prices. An americano in Starbucks Dublin is 2.50eur (got the price off the website), if you get one every work day and I allow for 3 weeks holidays, that's 612,50eur per annum. A cappuccino is 3 eur and results in 735 per year. Multiply this if you go more than once a day. I make my coffee at home and I have never thought about it any further until watching this episode. Glad to hear that there's something that I'm doing right ;) However, that's how times have changed. It's a broader societal issue. I'm not sure what got it started. Anyone? Also, listening to the comments I feel as if there's a large bunch of coffee addicts out there. Maybe the government should introduce a higher tax on takeout coffee, addictive controlled substance typa thing. They'd make a ton of money.

  • JiasJewels
    JiasJewels 8 months ago

    We used to drink Starbucks coffee when we had extra money. Now we go out very rarely (once every few months). But we make our caramel fraps at home. Very easy to follow recipes on RU-clip. Is not exact, but close enough to satisfy and at a fraction of the cost. We use a blender! Not that difficult.

  • Christina Kutsar
    Christina Kutsar 8 months ago

    Tawra, Have u tried the simple truth (non-organic unsweetened vanilla) almondmilk instead of milk, it is very good? My baby is very gassy when i have milk, protein intolerance so i do almondmilk, but the only one i like is kroger brand simple truth, i add sweeteners myself because the sweetened version is too sweet for me. My mom does better with goat’s milk.

    • Living On A Dime
      Living On A Dime  8 months ago

      Christina, I will tell Tawra - she is on sabbatical right now and so she won't see most messages until she gets back. But I'll tell her. :-)

  • Connie's Corner
    Connie's Corner 8 months ago

    Wow sounds like a sermon, but I guess Americans do need one about their spending. They just don't know any better. Capitalism is to blame for over spending it is a US way to go, over spend, over eat, over indulge, etc.

  • amytursky
    amytursky 8 months ago +1

    We are seniors who to movies for $4.00 and eat popcorn at house before we leave.

  • robin butt
    robin butt 8 months ago

    I only buy one coffee once or twice a month sometimes I haven't't even bought coffee since Aug or Sept of last year I think I only buy food with food stamps but I make a list of things I can make quickly like ramen noodles or instant potatoes plus I don't spend all my food stamps just so I have some leftover in case they get cut like they did this month but I'm fine with drinking coffee at home with different flavor creamer I love you guys so straight forward ppl just need a reality check

  • Death Reaper
    Death Reaper 8 months ago

    Lol um you do put your coffe filters right? If not I want that coffee pot lol. If we’re home we just make coffe if I’m going to school or something but the gastation is like $1 so for a 24 oz maybe we go to a coffe place about every 3 months I don’t like how damn long they take to cool down so I like putting my milk in at home