Creativity is a remix | Kirby Ferguson

  • Published on Aug 10, 2012
  • Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix. From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, he says our most celebrated creators both borrow, steal and transform.
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  • Lucas N82
    Lucas N82 25 days ago

    W 5:37 Jobs kłamie jak z nut.

  • Pink Girl
    Pink Girl 6 months ago

    Say this to the whole Tumblr community.

  • Piano Keyboard Guide
    Piano Keyboard Guide 9 months ago

    Love it!

  • Tarman
    Tarman 11 months ago

    This is wrong about Apple. For one thing, Apple was talking about multi-touch for the phone. The iPhone used a capactive touch screen and Apple developed a UI with multi-touch. What the original Surface (2007) and the Jeff Han multi-touch example used was an Infra-Red sensor that sensed where the fingers were and NOT a large capacitive panel. Without Steve, we wouldn't have got multi-touch screen-only phones til about 2012.
    Second of all, Jobs was quoting Picasso (based off of TS Eliot) and was NOT talking about stealing technology. Basically, stealing is taking someone's idea and making it way better. What Jobs is against is COPYING. Notice for example that Apple never sued Microsoft over the Windows Phone? Because even though it used multi-touch, it was totally different from the iPhone. On the other hand, Android was a complete copy of the iPhone.

  • Darwin
    Darwin Year ago +5

    "A musician is a sum total of his or her influences." -Yngwei Malsteen

  • Killer Whale
    Killer Whale Year ago

    was showed this in school, changed the way i think about a lot of things, terrific ted talk

  • Waxadisc Music
    Waxadisc Music Year ago

    Very good presentation

  • KandakeAmanirenas_and_MatriarchalChoctaw

    It's the lack of respect via overt acknowledgement that is problematic. So much has been stolen and copied, obviously borrowed and reworked, influenced and "remixed" without broad, respectful acknowledgement or reverence. Between Artists, that's a low thing to do.
    Success along with respectful appreciation is accomplishable by the honest. Only one of the hundred examples I could mention; Rolling Stones were very cognitively positive and proudly forthright about their influences and covers and borrowed bits from the music and lyrics and playing styles of African-American Blues, R&B, Jazz, Rock&Roll, AfroBeat, Dub, Funk and Disco musicians, composers and lyricists. Doing so positively affected those they borrowed from and were heavily influenced by as well, allowing them to earn greater respect and appreciation.
    Compare what I've mentioned regarding musical artists to some of the responses here about Apple Computers' Steve Jobs, who was a malignant narcissistic sociopathic abuser and known thief and user of the creations of others without crediting those creators. I use the word "thief" because he used words such as "created" rather than terms like "built upon," "borrowed," or even "very similar to," etc., where such a term would have been much more accurate, respectable/respected and appreciated by the originators and their peers and fans.

  • Mikegotlikes
    Mikegotlikes Year ago

    Anyone else come from jumpcut?

  • Dhillon
    Dhillon Year ago +1

    Your awesome! We as people need to understand each other, share the concepts and creations & not be selfish when opening boundaries to the world.

  • Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz Year ago +1

    Great message! I’m 15 years old and is starting RU-clip and the ideas in thsi video is super important to me!

  • Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz Year ago

    I was sent over here, by a relatively small RU-clipr by the name of R Cody Wanner, he’s a vlogger and he motivates small *creators* like me to just upload videos.

  • Toby Townrow
    Toby Townrow Year ago

    Damn you for making me listening to Dylan. MY EARS!!!!!

  • Telph
    Telph 2 years ago

    Breaking News! Apple just successfully sued Samsung for their "blatant copying" of their patented "slide to unlock" technology. Samsung owes Apple 119.6 Million dollars in damages. Its official, Apple just proved that everything that they invented anything electronic that has a switch to unlock. This is NOT a step in the right direction for copyright laws.

  • Toyman Blood
    Toyman Blood 2 years ago +1

    Everything you hear everyday are remixes, and for the most part, you tend to like them. You can't help but appreciate things remixed from ages ago with some components added - in the end of the day you'll be either left with a smile, or just exhale in displeasure.

  • JanCarol11
    JanCarol11 2 years ago

    I have always said that an artist is an input output creature. All output = not good for art. Garbage in, garbage out - these are all programming phrases - but I believe they apply to art, too.

    F.S.C. LIGHTNING 2 years ago

    idk as someone who writes this is so sad somehow and I feel like I'm the only one.... but I think I'm not...xD it feels like everything creative is boring cuz it already exists

  • htiguy1
    htiguy1 2 years ago

    Great talk!

    АБУ СУФИЁН 2 years ago


  • anjaneya naik
    anjaneya naik 2 years ago +3

    Simple Pickup brought me here!
    thank you Jesse

  • Gobberfisch
    Gobberfisch 2 years ago +1


  • I hate Everybody
    I hate Everybody 3 years ago +11

    What the people in the comment section need to understand is, that he doesn't even judge anyone. He just explains how things are created and why it is so normal it happens like this. And I have no fucking idea why people dont understand that... Probably cuz they only watched one minute and already started flaming in the comments and then stopped watching the video.

  • sorrow the greninja assassin

    nothing in existence is original. every that came after enery, the only thing that technically existed the universe, is a rip off, even in chain of unoriginality. we are nothing original. humans, along with all other animals, and plants and all other multiple cell organisms are all ripoffs of the first single cellular organisms, which are ripoffs of elements and compounds, which alone are ripoffs of atomic build up, and even atoms are ripoffs of sub particles, which are ripoffs of quarks, which are ripoffs of the only real and original things to ever exist, energy and space.

  • Revolutionz1500x
    Revolutionz1500x 3 years ago

    Yeah, Ted does talk. He is Mark Wahlburgh's bear

  • Amanda McMahon
    Amanda McMahon 3 years ago

    The fundamental idea of folk music is to create a new version of an old song or idea. Folk artists are story tellers that do so with the times and their job is to keep these old stories/song alive. So I think it's debatable weather you can call it steeling for a Folk Artist. That being said, its a fine line crossed too often. There is really only a need for this where there is a lack of creativity in the first place.

  • Ryder Darrenson
    Ryder Darrenson 3 years ago


    • Pulse
      Pulse 3 years ago +3

      There is no nothing

  • Technicolor Transformation

    It's hard to imagine anything that is not somehow a combination of other things. They say that the more someone packs their memory with such building blocks, the more possible combinations they can come up with, and the more likely they are to find a novel combination that is somehow seen or felt to be valuable, beautiful, or solves the puzzle.

  • Natalia Plachta Fernandes

    Seems to be comfortable point of view for people without imagination and crativity.
    How can you compare making a CAR/iPod to ART?! Really don't see any difference?
    Very important part of creativity is INTERNAL. And, sorry, but the truth is - not everyone is the same creative, not everyone is creative.
    Although yes, maybe in a way you can work on this, but it will be improving knowledge and ability of connecting facts, not creativity... But that's just my opinion :)

    • DeliciousDishes
      DeliciousDishes 3 years ago +8

      This has nothing to do with someone having "creativity" or "imagination".
      In visual art we have something we call our visual library. Seeing a lot of things that are pleasant to look at and memorizing them as well as their patterns is what leads to artwork. "Creative" designs result from combining and applying things you have seen or experienced before.

    • Dino Spumoni
      Dino Spumoni 3 years ago +2

      Natalia Plachta Fernandes Cars and iPods are art.

    • SIPRA TV
      SIPRA TV 3 years ago +2

      +Natalia Plachta Fernandes Everything is made up of dots. So everyone is copying he who has invented the dot. So everyone is a copier. Only God is the true Artist because He has created everything from nothing.

  • RedFlyer411
    RedFlyer411 3 years ago +33

    My mom has always used the phase "There is nothing new under the sun"
    She used this as a inflator and a deflator for my ego. Telling me that my ideas were old and there was no problem with me reusing them, but to do it in my own way. Not copying word from word.

    • Heidi Kerley
      Heidi Kerley 7 months ago

      I was hoping so much that he would use that quote/verse in his talk. It is ancient wisdom that sums up his point perfectly!

    • Shivam Sharma
      Shivam Sharma Year ago +1

      That phrase again was used by Sherlock Holmes in "A Study in Scarlet"

    • B Whit
      B Whit 2 years ago +2

      Ooh, a verse from Ecclesiastes. That's my second favorite book of the Bible.

  • Frederick Thorne
    Frederick Thorne 3 years ago +1

    Often, not always.

  • Weird Mike
    Weird Mike 3 years ago +13

    Glad Steve Jobs is dead

    • Thomas Felder
      Thomas Felder Year ago +2

      Come on man. Give a guy some peace. No one deserves *that*.

  • Crystal Xmen
    Crystal Xmen 3 years ago

    His face is also unoriginal. Think something new dammit!

    • Maria Ivanova
      Maria Ivanova 2 years ago

      Crystal Xmen Ikr....I look more like my father...I'm so unoriginal

  • Jack Li
    Jack Li 4 years ago


  • Johnny9
    Johnny9 4 years ago +2

    pc won

  • Ivan Mršić
    Ivan Mršić 4 years ago

    Was this made in POWERPOINT?

  • Sean
    Sean 4 years ago +9

    And this is why I have always hated Steve Jobs. He is not an innovater, he is a thief that should have been thrown in prison forever.

    • Floo
      Floo Year ago +2

      But that's the whole point of the video that thieving is a part of the artistic process.

    • R E
      R E 2 years ago

      Yes, we are aware that jobs took parts from Atari, he even offered apple to Atari but they refused.

    • Dino Spumoni
      Dino Spumoni 3 years ago +7

      Oh I did.

    • Sean
      Sean 3 years ago +1

      Apparently you decided not to watch the video.

    • Dino Spumoni
      Dino Spumoni 3 years ago +13

      1nFamouSninJa A video about how _nobody_ is an innovator and you find a way to hate on one specific person in the video because you already didn't like him beforehand. Pathetic.

  • Crouzier Benjamin
    Crouzier Benjamin 4 years ago


  • planesrift
    planesrift 4 years ago +4


    • Bouxesas
      Bouxesas 4 years ago +1

      Oww so cute. A butthurt Apple fan

    • Christian Nicholas
      Christian Nicholas 4 years ago +2

      the apple fanboys really has no brain. like at all.. even one cell of the brain is non-existent.

    • herihehe
      herihehe 4 years ago


    • chimp3376
      chimp3376 4 years ago +6

      +planesrift SPEAK UP BOY I CAN'T HEAR YOUR?? SAY AGAIN !!

  • esgarramanter
    esgarramanter 4 years ago +2

    That guy is very pro 80's, even the hairdo is 80's af

  • fistful0fst33l
    fistful0fst33l 4 years ago

    Kirby Ferguson's face looks like that of a little kid.

  • sknk92
    sknk92 4 years ago +29

    And that's why Apple sucks and Steve Jobs is irrelevant in the computer scene.

    • Tarman
      Tarman 11 months ago

      Steve JObs was smart enough to use multi-touch for phones. If it weren't for him we wouldn't get multitouch screen only phones until 2012.

    • Roseanne Schmidt
      Roseanne Schmidt 2 years ago +1

      LOL Right. He's essentially iPablo.

    • Dino Spumoni
      Dino Spumoni 3 years ago +5

      sknk92 Irrelevant despite founding the most valuable and important tech company of all time lol.

  • ericcartmansh
    ericcartmansh 4 years ago +73

    Patent laws are made by lawyers. Patents are written by lawyers. When you have a patent and you want to attack someone with it you need a lawyer. When you are attacked by someone with a patent you need a lawyer to defend yourself.
    The lawyers always make their money.

    • Some women need to be beaten
      Some women need to be beaten 7 months ago

      And usually the lawyers are jews

    • Jack Hynd
      Jack Hynd Year ago +2

      And here i thought laws were written by congress

      P.s. dont use the argument that a lot of congressmen are lawyers, not that that is untrue but because they no longer practice law.

    • Fish4Man61
      Fish4Man61 4 years ago +7

      Learning to break down larger bodies of text into their subgroups and ideas is really invaluable, and is critical for most college level English classes. I think this will help you understand if English is a second language to you, because you clearly are missing some understanding to how the vernacular works in this writing.
      Let me do so for what I wrote. "How so?" This was a question directed to the previous post, with the name address to you. You stated "Rather Naive" to the OP. So, I asked, How so?
      Now, end that sentence - start new. Question mark ? after so.
      New thought into explanation. "He wasn't being negative about lawyers, just drawing a perhaps, overly simplistic view on the situation." After leading with asking how he was naive, I broke down the core summary of the OP that you were saying was naive. I was stating that he wasn't being negative to lawyers at all, although it was still a bit of a simplistic viewpoint that the OP posited.
      Continuing this thought, I added "But that doesn't make what he said wrong" as my next sentence. In the context of what was just said, it means simply that the OPs idea, despite it being overly simplistic, is not wrong simply because it may be overly simplistic.
      I then added my overall opinion on what was said. "I found it interesting though", and to break it down the summary of the original poster, my opening, main thought about lawyers ( a conclusion in many forms of writing simply backs up what was said before ), said that "it doesn't make me hate lawyers though". Just because I agreed with it or found it interesting, doesn't mean there is anything to hate about lawyers. And the original thought is supported.
      Now since I broke it down section by section, now lets look at the overall logic of the reply.
      Because the original post was an overly simplistic view of lawyers (my post said this), and you said it was naive, it was likely that you meant something about the lawyers, and because it was negative to some degree against them, you might think it was the opposite. Either way, because of the uncertain meaning of your statement, as it was a bit puzzling I asked "How so?" Then explained what everything looked like to me from the OP, and there wasn't anything that made me think that it was.
      That is the summation of the breakdown of the ideas, logic and structure of the responses, from you and me.
      Does this help you any? Breaking this might be a bit of practice for breaking down some sources for my research paper due in 2 and a half weeks at the end of the fall semester, so I don't mind answering any further questions you may have.
      But I am curious, how did you think the OP was naive?

    • chimp3376
      chimp3376 4 years ago

      No you didn't you spouted "How so? He wasn't being negative about lawyers, just drawing a perhaps, overly simplistic view on the situation. But that doesn't make what he said wrong. I found it rather interesting. It doesn't make me hate lawyers though."

    • chimp3376
      chimp3376 4 years ago

      +Fish4Man61 Did you mean to comment me or ericcartmansh?

  • Dom Green
    Dom Green 4 years ago +3

    Thanks for this!!! WOW BRAVO!!!!

  • Randolph's Grin
    Randolph's Grin 4 years ago

    what a great talk! so funny, and what a talented guy....

  • Oscar Fernández
    Oscar Fernández 4 years ago +1

    There are juuust a few things this guy doesn't think abut to do his assumptions:
    In music: there most be at least more than 7 consecutive identical music tones to consider it you stole something; the music is based in 7 basic notes, so OF COURSE much music will have similar notes.
    About the Grey Album: Of course it is a robbery if you take the music from The Beatles and you mix it without their permission, of course it is not legal!! And here is an example of doing it RIGHT, paying for the rights of the music of somebody else, and because of that even having the original artist doing a collaboration: RUN DMC, Walk This Way.
    He talks about taking the user interface taken from Xerox. Apple PAID FOR THAT, those who claimed were stolen were the designers because THEIR COMPANY SOLD IT WITHOUT THER CONCENT, but Apple paid to those who owned the rights.
    About multitouch and talking about it being presented one year before (that's 2006), well, the iPhone was announced in 2007, BUT of course it was designed and tested YEARS BEFORE. most of the companies, like Microsoft showing that Pixelsense table present their products when they're not even ready, when they are still prototypes, the Pixelsense came into market at 2008. Now, looks like this guy doesn't know Apple had right for that technology because yes, they didn't invented their technology by their own: They bought the company that made it!!! Most of the patents for the multitouch technology for Apple devices comes from those made between 1999 and 2005 by the company Fongerworks, and in that last year Apple bought that company, so those patents became property of Apple.
    This guy should know the difference between simply stealing without any consideration and yes, taking from others, but the legal way, that will be with the approval of the original owner, buying the product, it's rights or even the company; yes, of course in some cases there will be people involved that will not be OK with that (those from the team that created the graphic interface), but that problem this not belong to the company that pays, but the one that sells.
    And if other companies would like to use patents, design stiles or materials like those Apple uses, at least they should pay for using that patent, don't they??

    • Christian Nicholas
      Christian Nicholas 4 years ago +2

      bla bla bla. i use apple. bla bla bla. apple is great. bla bla bla. everyone is wrong but apple. bla bla bla.

    • DjNawo
      DjNawo 4 years ago +8

      +Oscar Tapia So I guess you completely missed the point of this video.

    • FNA
      FNA 4 years ago +19

      +Oscar Tapia Do you need binoculars to see the point?

  • Chris Do
    Chris Do 4 years ago +43

    "Good artists borrow (or are inspired by), and great artists steal" - Pablo Picasso

    • Max Douglas
      Max Douglas Year ago +1

      Chris Do sent me here

    • Polina Bentley
      Polina Bentley 2 years ago +2

      hi Chris

    • Trey Robinson
      Trey Robinson 2 years ago +1

      I ultimately landed here through your vids Chris!

    • Ismail El azizi
      Ismail El azizi 2 years ago +1

      Hi Chris, I am so glad to find you here, tonight my plan was to miss TheFutur videos by watching this one, because I have a habit to watch you every night.I think I failed to do that, but I am happy to see you here.

    • Chris Do
      Chris Do 3 years ago +2

      I think that's the point.

  • Jeroen Wiggers
    Jeroen Wiggers 4 years ago

    Check out this mix, that was inspired on the 'Everything Is A Remix' documentary series:

  • Giul Hanch
    Giul Hanch 5 years ago +49

    everything is a remix
    you are a remix, of both your biological parents

    • mitkabz
      mitkabz 6 months ago

    • chimp3376
      chimp3376 4 years ago +6

      +Giul Hanch woooh totally !

  • Mir Sahib
    Mir Sahib 5 years ago +21

    stealing is a bad word for the foundation creativity rather i should use 'inspire' as the foundation of creativity

  • Christopher Bear
    Christopher Bear 5 years ago +5

    The Remix is more creative than creating nothing

  • Team Shmo
    Team Shmo 5 years ago +25

    The only time I would say copyright should be heavily enforced is if someone takes your exact idea/product and calls it there own. For example if Jay-Z makes a song and later someone literally has the same beat and lyrics, but say they made it all. Clearly it is just a rip off.

    • Oscar Fernández
      Oscar Fernández 4 years ago

      @Team Shmo This thing that you say applies to people that just want to use something for himself, eventually publishing on the internet, and maybe be seen by many other, maybe, BUT those examples this guy shows us, the case of international artists: of course they can contact the companies and ask for the license to use their content, do you think Jay-Z tried to contact Apple (the music company for The Beatles, not the technology brand) to tell them they wanted to use the music from the White Album? He just took it. And in that case obviously is not something with a little similarity, he used extracts from the White Album.

    • Team Shmo
      Team Shmo 4 years ago +2

      @Oscar Tapia Ideally yes paying a small fee to use samples of work and add your own spin to it would be great, but the cost of doing so most of the time is outrageous. Not only that but most of the time even getting a chance to pay is impossible. I have a video on my channel that got a copyright claim and tried as hard as I could to talk to the company about it, but no one will email me back. They don't care unless they know you are good for paying millions to them. The small fry trying to make something of themselves has a very hard doing so because everyone is claiming copyrights. Even when your work is barely similar and clearly has major changes to it.

    • Oscar Fernández
      Oscar Fernández 4 years ago +1

      @Team Shmo That's not the only case, since the problem with that Grey Album is that Jay-Z didn't even asked for permission to sample the Beatles material, and of course he didn't pay for doing it, THAT"S TE PROBLEM, for example a good example of doing exactly the same BUT the right way, so even it becomes a success is Walk This Way with Run DMC, that paid for using the song and even had the collaboration of Aerosmith in the song.
      You can copy things, but when you do it the right way: asking and paying for it an even adding your own creativity the result of that will even be a pretty good example of creativity, a recent example is the duet Pomplamoose, that does almost only covers, BUT they pay the rights AND do arrangements that bring new life t those songs with a different sound and style.

    • Hal
      Hal 5 years ago +13

      If you're familiar with Furguson's work, he doesn't advocate that copyright shouldn't exist because that would also kill creativity. Instead copyright and patent laws should be toned down and a person should be given a more reasonable amount of time so that they can profit off their idea. After that, then the idea enters public domain. I for one agree that a person should be able to own the likeness of an idea for a short period of time so that people will be willing to innovate. However the way it is now, ideas won't enter public domain until our grandchildren are collecting social security. I don't know what the ideal number would be, but I'd like for it to be something that an individual can witness in their lifetime a transition from privately owned to public domain.

  • dino rush
    dino rush 5 years ago +17

    This should have more views

  • Telepathic Teddy Bear
    Telepathic Teddy Bear 5 years ago

    Amazing talk!

  • robertomasymas
    robertomasymas 5 years ago

    this was really good. I agree, except I am used to looking at things from a simpler perspective: patent law _arbitrarily_ changes the dividing line between the haves and the have nots, so within national borders, it is hard to justify. International pressure helps justify patents, not actual basic rights.

  • Adam Nicholl
    Adam Nicholl 5 years ago +2

    might of been said but comedians would be a good target for this remix theme

  • Bytemare
    Bytemare 6 years ago +1


  • Vanessa Blaylock
    Vanessa Blaylock 6 years ago

    Brilliant vision on remix & copyright! Thank You!

  • Hr Gott
    Hr Gott 6 years ago


      SEFED JONES Year ago +1

      don't comment on things if you have no interest

    • Jaret Jose Ulanday
      Jaret Jose Ulanday 2 years ago +3

      Something your life is too stale for it.

  • olivia gordon
    olivia gordon 6 years ago

    This is Great Well Done !! and im 14

  • DaniellicA KTB
    DaniellicA KTB 6 years ago +1

    creativity comes from the inside, you just need to have on what ...
    my thinking..probably poor English. me know.