Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine


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  • Tony Mak
    Tony Mak 11 часов назад

    Why not start with proper trials of the vaccines ? Apparently double blind trials using inert placebos are not done. Ever. Lot of people here talking about statistics, pulling numbers from the air. GET SOME PROPER DATA.

  • Roman Ortiz
    Roman Ortiz 11 часов назад

    You can see how frustrated he gets because he’s right. You had a bad time with vaccines. BUT wouldn’t you want everyone else to get vaccinated so while you cannot you also don’t risk death from these people not doing it just to be dicks? Like it’s not rocket science it’s very simple

  • Deborah Heuzen
    Deborah Heuzen 11 часов назад

    I support vaccines as a nurse mostly because i would not feel safe doing my profession without my hep B vaccine. As a health professional you put yourself at risk for a lot of things and without vaccines i could die just because i care for someone with a sickness that you should be vaccinated against

  • Deborah Heuzen
    Deborah Heuzen 11 часов назад

    Vaccines are for healthy people, if you have a reaction to a vaccine you are proven not completely healthy and yes then you can stop using vaccines, if not just keep getting vaccines. A friend of mine always got a light version of the sickness and i think she should not have gotten any vaccines, i on the other hand had 0 side effects, so i should keep getting vaccines and i am glad i did

  • Ethan Ong
    Ethan Ong 11 часов назад +1

    Jubillee should bring do another Pro/Anti Vaccine focus group and bring Dr. Mike along! Seriously... give him 2 minutes and he'll poke so many holes in the anti vaccine argument.

  • Lunatic Lunala
    Lunatic Lunala 12 часов назад

    Anti-Vaxxer logic:
    Natural Immunity!

    Eating greasy,fatty and salty foods is actually good for you! because if you get an heart attack, you will be immune to the next heart attacks because your body is now able to fight outside collagens.

  • That's What "i" Said
    That's What "i" Said 12 часов назад

    We all want the same thing: healthy children. Reading these rude comments it sounds like people just want to be right. Shift your focus. Everyone has different experiences and viewpoints; some people just assume they are right and trust what they are told, right or wrong; some people have had terrible experiences, a sickness or worse, death of a child. Be kind to each other and help, share, discuss calmly, consider the information you're hearing and passing on, and respond with questions and kindness. If we scream at each other, no one listens and we don't move in ANY direction. Ask your doctors questions, do research and do some more; share real information - remain patient and caring and openminded with each other. We should be helping each other, not attacking each other. I am so turned off by the rude comments here. A real pity.

  • Aromina Belanshe
    Aromina Belanshe 12 часов назад

    2:00 I didn't know he had a tattoo of his log- oh nvm.

  • RedDog
    RedDog 13 часов назад

    Kids are LITERALLY asking Reddit how they can get vaccinated without their parents' consent

  • Josh Hiroti
    Josh Hiroti 13 часов назад

    Fuuuuck, some times things like this are so difficult to even listen to even critique, when it's the same tired disproven arguments just end up cringing

  • Queen E
    Queen E 13 часов назад

    Shut up doctor mike

  • Amber TaylorRay
    Amber TaylorRay 13 часов назад

    I am not vaccinated I think lol
    My children will be for sure 100 percent
    My babies will be safe lol

  • gamerdude4
    gamerdude4 14 часов назад

    If only the people could actually hear you

  • Linda Almassian
    Linda Almassian 14 часов назад

    Anti vaxxer logic: my kid can’t get autism if they die from polio

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego 14 часов назад

    If you're so stupid that you're on the anti-vaccine side, then you shouldn't be having kids in the first place.

  • fajar ahmad setiawan
    fajar ahmad setiawan 14 часов назад

    I think the anti-vaxxers are irrationally obsessed with certainty and at the same, fear of probability. However, this irrational fear also invalidates them to have a chance to physically thrive more by getting vaccination rather than just waiting and hoping for the ultimate cure of all. Needless to say, none of the arguments from anti-vaxxers are legit. It's just an overgeneralizing fear and skepticism based on PERSONAL experience and even further, they're mistargeting the real problem here, faulty practitioners and crappy healthcare.

  • Luis S.
    Luis S. 15 часов назад

    Pro - vaccine but anti pro - life = liberal logic

  • HeavyTuber
    HeavyTuber 15 часов назад +1

    Following the measles outbreak in Washington State, CBS 2 is hosting a Town Hall about vaccinating children.

  • appdata prozent
    appdata prozent 15 часов назад

    All the anti vaxxers are relying on the vaxxers right now because if you would put them all together one would catch a disease and they would all die. They are to selfish to risk those side effects themselves though, so they let other people take the risk.

  • your comment might not work so please
    your comment might not work so please 15 часов назад

    Loved the conversation between docs.

  • your comment might not work so please
    your comment might not work so please 15 часов назад

    Hmm doc I visited were like(yeah,what/okay/okay/here tons of unwanted medicine) and they never talk politely,they look at us as SUPER UNEDUCATED.

  • Lisa Negel
    Lisa Negel 15 часов назад

    There is no cure for the common flu yet. Don't relate shot with flu xD.

  • your comment might not work so please
    your comment might not work so please 16 часов назад

    Anti-vax people have seen the results,but on the other hand those results are worst(a lot worst) on the non-vaccinated side .

  • your comment might not work so please
    your comment might not work so please 16 часов назад

    Ur a doc why,u can literally be a MODELLER/ACTOR.

  • Alyssa Wascher
    Alyssa Wascher 16 часов назад

    When there is a risk, there should be a choice. My kids had “adverse reactions” and both have medical exemptions. I understand why people choose not to vaccinate, it’s scary! I cannot imagine forcing a parent to vaccinate their child and their child react poorly like mine did and possibly not live. I believe there should be choice, so I’m not pro or anti vax but I also think with that choice should also come an actual education because all I was ever told is “they’re safe. You were vaccinated and you’re here so there is your proof.” I was told time and time again that my kid’s 105 fevers after vaccines was a coincidence but it happened every single time and now they have medical exemptions for it. So many doctors do try to hide the truth from their patients and it’s sad.

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 16 часов назад

    I want these Anti-Vaxxers or whatever they're called to live during the Dark ages. Where there's little to none medical knowledge. Where there no even proper cure to any disease. Where there's no any kind of Vaccination. That's where they would see the harsh reality of a world without Vaccination. Seems like people are getting dumber as we progress our technology. Smh

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 16 часов назад

    Polio for everyone.

  • Jenn Jolie
    Jenn Jolie 16 часов назад

    Despite our vaccine schedule 36, which is the highest in the World ,the United States ranks 34th in the world for children under 5 mortality rates -trailing Cuba and Slovenia. The following vaccines contain Phenol
    Hib (PedvaxHIB)
    Hib/Hep B (Comvax)
    Pneumococcal (PPSV-23-Pneumovax)
    Smallpox (Vaccinia-ACAM2000)
    Typhoid (inactivated-Typhim Vi)3 According to the Institute of Vaccine Safety at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, phenol is used as an antibacterial preservative in these vaccines. Here is the MSDS on Phenol- "The amount of tissue damage depends on length of contact. Eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness. Skin contact can produce inflammation and blistering. Inhalation of dust will produce irritation to gastro-intestinal or respiratory tract, characterized by burning, sneezing and coughing. Severe over-exposure can produce lung damage, choking, unconsciousness or death… The substance may be toxic to kidneys, liver, central nervous system (CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. … Repeated exposure to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of health by an accumulation in one or many human organs.”7 Here is the data from the EPA "Animal studies have reported reduced fetal body weights, growth retardation, and abnormal development in the offspring of animals exposed to phenol by the oral route. Decreased maternal weight gain and increased maternal mortality were also observed". Vaccines contain ingredients that are not safe. Manufactures need to be held accountable for the safety of their products.

  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 17 часов назад

    Okay listen I am 19 years old, and i have never had a shot. Ever, nothing. I am perfectly healthy. So riddle me that. I do not want to start any kind of argument or anything. But I am also tired of vaccines being shoved down peoples throats without people having properly done their research. And I just think every individual should do their own research and such and have their own opinion. If you're pro vaccine, then cool. If you're anti, cool. But why do we need to go around arguing with each other. Just let each other live our lives

  • Local Dreamer
    Local Dreamer 18 часов назад

    Rather have a couple issues than be dead...☕️

  • Kimberly Conner
    Kimberly Conner 18 часов назад

    This is such an important discussion! I'm pro-vaccine because I know the diseases they preventing are so much worse than a mild fever. My daughter was born premature and I worked way too hard to keep her alive just to lose her to a preventable disease! Also, I'm pro-vaccine because of herd immunity. There are 3 people in my family who have been hospitalized due to adverse reactions to vaccines! In order to protect the ones we love, we need to do all we can to keep those deadly diseases away from them!

  • macy maddox
    macy maddox 18 часов назад

    the comments on the actual video are so funny

  • renflower3rr
    renflower3rr 18 часов назад

    This is a first world problem! That is 😔 so sad.

  • Abby Bonds
    Abby Bonds 19 часов назад

    I don't know about other people's schools but my school district in CT wouldn't let anyone who wasn't vaccinated to start school (Elementary-High school). They also wouldn't be able to participate in sports until they had a doctors note saying they were up to date with all vaccinations and shots.

  • TheDoubler13
    TheDoubler13 19 часов назад

    the middle pro vaccines guy look like the g man

  • Otokogoroshi
    Otokogoroshi 19 часов назад

    This video (the middle ground one) just angers me. There is NO middle ground. There is no compromise, you are either vaccinating your kids or you're RISKING LIVES. Fuck these idiots.

  • MJS ;arts
    MJS ;arts 19 часов назад

    I was going through (I’m not now) chemotherapy and I couldn’t be vaccinated.

  • K 2
    K 2 19 часов назад

    Can u help me with my health please Doctor Mike😍🤕

  • Ken Tichy
    Ken Tichy 20 часов назад


  • Rissa
    Rissa 20 часов назад

    so u want to maybe have a side effect or die ??

  • Nightcore B3ats
    Nightcore B3ats 20 часов назад

    Every single medicine has some bad things about them. "my child had a bad reaction therefore its bad" like some people are allergic to chicken does that make it bad? I mean alot of people are allergic to painkillers but does that mean it isn't doing anything good?

  • Vitabrick Snailslime
    Vitabrick Snailslime 20 часов назад

    The business of the anti-vaxxers has a lot in common with religious zealots on a crusade to convert the world. I take them on quite regularly, not because I think that I can change their minds, but because of the slim possibility of an uncommitted person reading the arguments. I don't want them to go unchallenged.
    I hear that Facebook is considering removing this platform for them to spread their insidious bullshit, and high time too. As far as I'm concerned the sooner the argument is over the better. They really need to be starved of Oxygen.

  • The Crook
    The Crook 20 часов назад

    The pharmaceutical companies create customers not cures.

  • Marijuana Saves Lives
    Marijuana Saves Lives 20 часов назад

    How many people died from a vaccine the past year Zero?
    Hundreds of thousands die from pollution in the U.S. alone per year.

  • Slated
    Slated 21 час назад

    M8 I'm fucking 22 and have arthritis, it's a genetic thing, not a side effect of vaccines. Dumbass.

  • Param Nigam
    Param Nigam 21 час назад +4

    1.4K anti-vaxxers disliked this video

  • Andrea Hawkins
    Andrea Hawkins 21 час назад

    Vaccines are good, but nothing should be forced on anyone.

  • Marcela Turrent
    Marcela Turrent 21 час назад +1

    I actually had really bad reactions to vaccines, and probably I can’t get vaccinated anymore, but because of that I’m pro vaccines, because yes I had a really bad reaction to them, but I know for a fact that vaccines have helped us for decades

  • Briannapartyday
    Briannapartyday 21 час назад

    When I was little I was vaccinated by the MMR vaccine and got a rare bleeding disorder called ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) but am I gonna be like “children no vaccines for you” I’m still gonna get my child vaccinated because my experience is different from what my child or anyone else have. Just my little opinion I’m not going to let other people’s children and people in general get sick with these illnesses

    • Briannapartyday
      Briannapartyday 21 час назад

      I ended up getting a blood transfusion to cure the ITP

  • - khalianne -
    - khalianne - 21 час назад +1

    i feel like the anti-vaccination side doesn’t realize that people with vaccines are helping them not get these diseases. I understand if your child or yourself had a reaction and you don’t want to get a vaccine anymore,but I also think that telling people not to get vaccinated just because of the risks can risk the population even more than already is. i agree with everything this doctor is saying

  • facts 43
    facts 43 21 час назад +1

    Physicians for Informed Consent Finds MMR Vaccine Causes Seizures in 5,700 U.S. Children Annually
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2017
    Los Angeles, Calif. - The California-based nonprofit organization, Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), recently reported in The BMJ that every year about 5,700 U.S. children suffer seizures from the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.
    This finding is derived from results of the most statistically powered safety study ever to measure the association between MMR vaccination and febrile seizures. More than half a million children were evaluated, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, from a Danish population that is relied upon globally to examine vaccine safety. The results showed that seizures from the MMR vaccine occur in about 1 in 640 children up to two weeks following MMR vaccination. Applying this risk of seizures to the 3.64 million U.S. children vaccinated with a first dose of MMR every year results in about 5,700 annual MMR-vaccine seizures.

  • facts 43
    facts 43 21 час назад +1

    vaccine machine working hard to silence legitimate science, expert analysis, documented evidence. .
    Medical Professionals Speak Out
    This is a list of medical doctors and PhD medical scientists who explain why vaccines have risks, and may not be as safe or as effective as we are being led to believe (in their linked videos/ lectures, click on the name).

  • facts 43
    facts 43 22 часа назад +1

    billions quietly paid out by NVICP, but the overwhelming majority of vaccine injuries are never even REPORTED. OF the thousands reported, only a tiny few are compensated. therefore, the real numbers of dollars that should have been paid out to vaccine injured people is in the trillions and trillions. “Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. […] Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of ‘problem’ drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed.”
    Again, let’s stop and think about this revelation for a moment: fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccination are exceedingly rare (and predominantly minor). According to the CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 deaths, 1,091 permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,274 emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total as this report asserts? Simple multiplication would yield vaccine adverse events reports numbering 5,911,700!

  • n. p.
    n. p. 22 часа назад

    I am not anti-vaccination (my children are current) -- but I did want to share something that made me second guess this argument.
    I worked assisting adults with disabilities for 9 years. About 16 people over the years. Before we start working with an individual, we read over their ISP (individual support plan), BSP (behavior support plan), and other things, including their medical history.
    2 out of the 16 people I worked with had disabilities starting at very early ages. According to their medical records, their parents/pediatrician claimed that after a regularly-scheduled vaccination, their child stopped being able to sit up 24-48 hours later. The child (my clients) basically stopped being able to freely move, talk, and as they grew older, their mental capabilities seemed to permanently compromised. The two gentlemen I worked for are now dead, but they received their vaccines in the late 30s/early 40s. After these incidents ( at aged 3 and 5 years old), they were soon sent to mental institutions and did not get out until state institutions were shut down in the 1980s.
    Nothing is 100% safe in life. If 99% of the population can be safely vaccinated with no side effects, there will always be that 1% that had horrible reactions. There will ALWAYS be two sides to this argument -- as long as there is the 1% that is harmed. Sometimes, like the men I worked for, in devastating ways. I think there should be compensation for those seriously harmed by these vaccines, if they can be proven to be the reason.
    We are an individualistic society, so instead of looking at the good for the whole community, we tend to think "what will this do to ME and mine?' My child went to a school for one year with a 39% vaccination rate. It was a scary time. It's sometimes terrifying living in a community where the focus is on the individual, instead of the community as a whole.

  • n. p.
    n. p. 22 часа назад +3

    "Vaccines are safe-ish"
    and not vaccinating your kids is self-ish.

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel 22 часа назад

    "It wasn't until I became a Mom and did my own research..." 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Santiago Martinez
    Santiago Martinez 22 часа назад

    You’re gonna have to excuse me but screw anti vax people. Yeah it’s sad that YOUR son can’t get a vaccine or got a reaction but guess what asshole you can’t put mine at risk because you’re stupid ass doesn’t understand how it works. The worst of this is that anti vax people really think they’re genius. Fuck off.

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 22 часа назад +1

    @5:30 Total b.s. most doctors will not look into your child's history or even tell you about the adverse reactions that can happen with vaccines. Most doctors will happily just pump your kid full of all the vaccines and even if your kid does have a reaction will tell you it was just a coincidence. By then your child can be permanently hurt and you have no recourse. If they are an infant, how do know until it's probably too late?

  • Holiday
    Holiday 22 часа назад +1

    There IS NO MIDDLE GROUND. That's the biggest problem with this video.
    You do it or you don't, you can't be half vaccinated for something. Stop being stupid and save your kids lives.

  • Matthew Pancini
    Matthew Pancini 22 часа назад +1

    As someone that has had a reaction to vaccinations, I’m pro vax. Yeah sure, I have mild autism, but I’d rather be extremely socially awkward than to be dead or have a crazy illness. Seriously, vaccinate your kids. Take the risk, I’m glad my parents did. It’s worth the consequences.

  • kittysgotamachete
    kittysgotamachete 23 часа назад

    Ok so Bob Spears is profiteering from anti vaccine beliefs in the US. He has been linked to outbreaks caused by his horrible advice and is a complete hypocrite.
    Check out behind the bastards 3 pt podcast on anti vaxxers. The 3rd is all about the horrendous excuse of a dr. Bob Spears from the debate video.

  • Inês Valério
    Inês Valério 23 часа назад

    All I want to know is: is that carpet real fur?

  • Kara Lowes
    Kara Lowes 23 часа назад

    love this video!

  • Gaby R
    Gaby R 23 часа назад

    Bob sears is on probation for not giving a new born its necessary vaccines

  • Serif The Skeleton
    Serif The Skeleton 23 часа назад +1

    Anequdote does not equal Data

  • TetanicCloud 54
    TetanicCloud 54 23 часа назад

    If your child cannot be vaccinated because they will react severely, wouldn’t you want other children to get the vaccine so they cannot spread the disease to your child that is not able to be vaccinated for it?

  • bunnymyeon
    bunnymyeon День назад

    I didn't know vaccines weren't free in other countries 😷

  • Smiley5z
    Smiley5z День назад

    Why is this an issue? Just force these people to go to a third world country without vaccines and make them watch the children that are dying horrible deaths from diseases vaccines prevent. Or just remove these people from the gene pool. I'm much more in favour of the latter

  • Sabeak G Mariam
    Sabeak G Mariam День назад

    Hey doc, could you discuss the health benifits vs risks regarding Keto Diet pills? Along with your professional opinion? They seem to be pretty effective

  • rmpll
    rmpll День назад

    Interesting that the Anti Vaxxers Talk more...

  • Amy Sternheim
    Amy Sternheim День назад

    If unvaccinated men were told of a specific side effect the mumps has on grown males there would be a stampede to their doctors for the MMR vaccine! LOL
    Yes, I am vaccinated! My sister was one of a few in a measles outbreak at the Univ. of Maine, Orono in the early 1990s. She noticed the rash on a Tuesday after coming home for a visit 2 days before, fortunately I didn't contract the measles.

    • Amy Sternheim
      Amy Sternheim 14 часов назад

      Not funny, that "fiery heat" makes your mate shoot blanks! Bye-bye, baby!

    • MrRedstardude
      MrRedstardude 14 часов назад

      But it's funny when your mate gets swollen, fiery testicles! ( lame humour attempt)

  • Ligmafriends
    Ligmafriends День назад

    Dude your amazing

  • ArielsChannel
    ArielsChannel День назад

    So now we better understand that there are reactions. But what about the risk of death?
    It’s much more than 1 in a million that a VERY healthy child dies within a very short time after a vaccination. Thousands of children are dying. That’s not something I’m weighing against.
    why is it this way? Why are they shoving doses and doses and doses into a baby under one??
    Yes vaccines protect against diseases but the schedule needs to change.

  • Jennifer Cordero
    Jennifer Cordero День назад

    How is this not child abuse, how are these people so ignorant.

  • Couture Leotards
    Couture Leotards День назад

    Dr. Mike, I agree with everything you said except forcing parents to vaccinate their children. I am pro-vaccine because I am a student in the field before I was a student I was anti-vaccine but I can honestly say I was completely misinformed and didn't understand how to do research to find out if it was true or not. I do believe everyone who can be vaccinated, should, but no parent should be forced to do it because this would then open Pandora's box and allow a psychiatrist to force opioids on ADHD patients. ADHD and its treatment is a highly controversial topic as well. Especially since the medication works on anyone not just ADHD patients and most children take multiple drugs that still is not helping the initial issues of the diagnosis. If we start forcing drugs on children we have become an authoritarian society and I would rather not be apart of that. Besides all that a correction to your statement about forced vaccines for school, parents can still opt out of vaccines for religious reasons and as a Dr., you should be very aware of that! Some don't vaccinate because the ingredients contain pork and other unclean animals. Others believe that God got them covered and they don't need it because their faith is stronger than the medicine, if their children get sick its Gods will not men. These are the same people who don't get transplants, transfusions or take any medication no matter the issue. Psychologist are really being more sensitive to these cultural distinctions especially when figuring out how to treat patients, I'm sure Doc's got the memo as well.

  • MailC3p
    MailC3p День назад

    50,000 people died last year due to the flue, 80% of the people who died didnt have flu shots.

  • Gio
    Gio День назад

    the issue here Sandra, is to FUCKING VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!

  • Kristine Sulzanoka
    Kristine Sulzanoka День назад

    My nephew who was a toddler at that time and is amazing 10yo now got some antibiotics which burnt his stomach and as a result is intolerable to penicillin... well he still is vaccinated and still gets treatment from doctors when he is ill. Ok, it was established that that antibiotics call was VERY poor, but he’s as healthy as an oak! He just got to wear rubber when he is older to prevent getting an std, but he is not endangering his fellow pupil with diseases that could be easily prevented by a vacation

  • Melanie W
    Melanie W День назад

    How the f you get arthiritis from a reaction to vaccination
    Im sorry but that is ridonculous

  • keshlalish
    keshlalish День назад

    im in the middle.
    i will always get my kids to the doc for the infant disease, (i don't know the names in english sorry)
    hepatitus, tetanus etc.
    those that work and have provided years of benefit.
    the one i stay away from are the yearly flu shot and gastro shot, those that only provide 10% effectiveness.
    everyone i know who get the flu shot get sick, every time, every years.
    sure you can tell me it's not from the shot etc, but still this is what i see.
    people getting flu shot having worst flu than those who don't get it. maybe it's because they get some sort of reaction or something.
    so for me, proven shot are a go to, but those new shot they make every years, nop

  • Nasracabdi Xibil
    Nasracabdi Xibil День назад

    Dr Mike you are so talented and so gorgeous God bless you

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt День назад

    This wall is just raising so many questions.
    Looks like a billion hamsters had to die for it.

  • Bee Popp
    Bee Popp День назад

    5:32 for the people in the back.
    Vaccination when ever possible!!! If you can't, like my daughter couldn't when she had cancer, then you should be thankful for all of those people that can.
    There should be no anti-vaxxer movement! That is absurd. But what there should be is education for those who do have these terrible reactions to not get up on a soapbox to tell other people that would benefit from vaccines to not get them. Anti-vaxxer movements should stop immediately.

  • NoOne Special
    NoOne Special День назад

    Vaccinates child, reports adverse reaction, gets called antivaxxer. 😑 You could probably start your middle ground right there.

  • Alicia Shanks
    Alicia Shanks День назад

    I ♥️ the crazy furry RU-clip room! 😍

  • Don Givaphuck
    Don Givaphuck День назад

    Awesome video

  • Hh Hr
    Hh Hr День назад +1

    Anti vaccine kid: i don't feel so good
    Grim reaper: that's how death works

  • Sam
    Sam День назад


  • Jemma Luke
    Jemma Luke День назад

    Please be kind in response to my question... I'm pro-vaccine, but I have a question. With cancer and serious diseases becoming so rampant in our society, is it possible that the required vaccines are the medical industry's way of making you susceptible to cancer, so they can profit off of cancer treatments? Like all the chemicals in our food, wouldn't vaccines be the perfect time to inject cancer causing chemicals, so they can profit off of your suffering? Perhaps it's not even something doctors are aware of.

  • Shaun Varga
    Shaun Varga День назад

    the true battle is not between anti-vaxxers and people with common sense. it's a battle between people who believe dimwits like jenny mccarthy and disgraced scientists are more trustworthy than doctors and other experts and people with common sense. The entire problem with this vaxx debate is that your medical opinions as a doctor are undervalued by anti-vaxxers. if they assigned your medical opinion as a doctor as much credibility as they assigned jenny mccarthy, then they wouldn't have any grounds to be anti-vaxx.

  • yurian95
    yurian95 День назад

    by this theory, shouldn't those who cannot get vaccinated because they have adverse effects push for vaccinations for those who don't exhibit harmful effects? I understand not wanting to be vaccinated because it affects your body but if it doesn't and its perfectly safe for you, wouldn't it be your responsibility to get resistance against them so that it wont spread easier to the ones who can't get the vaccine because they aren't physically and financially able to?
    Wouldn't it be like the vaccinated ones are the protectors and frontliners who sign up for it. like becoming a police officer or a firefighter and the ones who aren't compatible be the protected ones? I don't know. It just feels like when Dr. Mike explained it this was the impression I got.

  • The Dartmoor Witch
    The Dartmoor Witch День назад

    There is no "middle" ground with this. Having reservations about vaccines is one thing but the anti-vax movement is overwhelmingly anti-vax, period.
    There's no "middle" ground much in the same way there is no middle ground on evolution, climate change and the Earth being billions of years old as being scientific fact.

  • duo1666
    duo1666 День назад

    "Because maybe it was just a coincidence and i just needed something to pin it on".... yeah, thats exactly what happened. You are emotional and irrational, because all emotion is is irrational. Your own bias is clearly coming into play. Sucks to be you, and being emotional is understandable, but your emotional, irrational outbreak and bullshit is literally costing the lives of children with this stupid anti vax bs. Like, i wish i was there to give her a big dose of reality and shove it down her throat.

  • xxara -
    xxara - День назад

    he’s so fine...

  • Matoro Rocks
    Matoro Rocks День назад

    IDK, I'd rather have arthritis than Polio or Measles. I do understand the argument when it comes to adverse reactions, but I feel like it has gone past that due to false facts.

  • Emre Sengul
    Emre Sengul День назад

    I think we’re going through one of the Great Filters right now


    It's sad knowing that people are harassing a person who save lives and making false accusation based only on a fb research but that's not as surprising to me as it should. People do the same to police officers, military. This is evidence that humans are the smartest and the most stupid beings at the same time

  • Justine Smith
    Justine Smith День назад

    Thanks for being smart man!!! Yay intelligence.

  • Zestful Maple
    Zestful Maple День назад

    I'm at least glad that they didn't get the anti vaxxers, that believe autism and all that shit are caused by Vaccines. I mean not only are those peole just so fucking stupid, they're just really terrible people, considering that they would rather have dead children than autistic children. Being autistic myself, it just gets to me. I'm just thankful that the Anti Vaxxers they chose have some legitimate concerns, even if they're pretty wrong


    What negatives the pain you gonna feel when the syringe will pierce your arm? Or maybe an allergic reaction! You choose between death and a few pain or an at most three days of sickness yeah I would prefer a syringe to my fingertips than death