Guy sings every hit song from 2000-2016 over one beat!

  • Published on Jun 3, 2016
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    Michael Constantino sings every hit song from 2000-2016 over one beat!
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Comments • 13 210

  • Jack Adkins Mobile-fortnite

    2:52 he closes mouth but sound still comes out
    And don’t say I stole this comment bc he said it happened
    At 2:50. 🙃

  • Jack Adkins Mobile-fortnite

    Who would actually think this was all natural

  • Jack Adkins Mobile-fortnite

    Lip sinking

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    I feel like I’m going to ascend into another dimension after this. I need to stop staying up all night, fuck.

  • The Classic Bros

    Fetty Wap ???

  • ZonkedSquire64 _

    If John ‘soap’ mactavish perused music instead of the SAS😂
    Nah but fr nice medley tho

  • Mikkel Andersen
    Mikkel Andersen Day ago


  • Jacob De Fon
    Jacob De Fon 2 days ago

    This is so fake

  • Raku Gaming
    Raku Gaming 2 days ago

    this is awesome, but i think there is a slight auto-tune

  • Deep Striker
    Deep Striker 2 days ago

    That could be a song on its own tbh

  • Momo Jjang
    Momo Jjang 2 days ago

    im disappointed barbie girl wasnt on here

  • Hawkner
    Hawkner 3 days ago

    His mouth stops moving and words keep coming out at 2:49 all the way to 3:00

  • Adz 2ugly
    Adz 2ugly 3 days ago

    Dis guys trim is horrific wheres the fade

  • Jasper Dullaart
    Jasper Dullaart 3 days ago +1


  • Metal bros INC.
    Metal bros INC. 3 days ago

    Anyone else realize some of the notes cut out before he mouth stops moving?

  • Viktor Sköld
    Viktor Sköld 4 days ago

    so much autotune

  • Andreew Seymour
    Andreew Seymour 4 days ago +1


  • Juicy Fruit9
    Juicy Fruit9 4 days ago

    So good ..good job

  • Blab Blab
    Blab Blab 4 days ago

    I love how people love talking about lip syncing and not loving how this guy sings

  • Kevoan Manderson
    Kevoan Manderson 4 days ago

    I never knew Jordi Alba sang

  • Stonez
    Stonez 4 days ago

    This video is fake!!! If it was EVERY hit song from 2000 - 2016 this video would be longer than 3:35. Disappointed with this clickbait. Not subscribing until you live up to the title of the video 😡😡

  • Adam Williamson
    Adam Williamson 4 days ago

    The songs didn't even go w the music

  • xapdoss
    xapdoss 4 days ago

    You can tell it's pre-recorded at, look at 1:34

  • Saajid Luenzo
    Saajid Luenzo 4 days ago

    He Nailed Ittttt 😍🔥

  • Stosh Kowalski
    Stosh Kowalski 4 days ago

    Cringe as fuck get this outve my recommends

  • Emile G
    Emile G 4 days ago +1

    Autotune level 10 000

  • DJ DaNz
    DJ DaNz 4 days ago

    Best year was 2016 for music?

  • Örvar Máni Kristófersson

    Why is this on my recommended thingy???

  • Daniel Cullen
    Daniel Cullen 5 days ago

    One-off Conor Maynard sing offs is a legit copy of this

  • Henricks
    Henricks 5 days ago

    Since when did Jordi Alba start to sing ?

  • Damian Sewradj
    Damian Sewradj 5 days ago

    Jordi alba look a like👍👍

  • Jonas Veselis
    Jonas Veselis 5 days ago

    Actualy in the video he wasnt singing cuz he doesnt do the long last letters as in the audio

  • Emelin.2004
    Emelin.2004 5 days ago

    He took a pill in Ibiza

  • Hamish Clark
    Hamish Clark 5 days ago +3

    He looks like Jordi alba the footballer ( soccer)

    • Joe 2002
      Joe 2002 3 days ago

      Don’t insult alba like that

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 6 days ago

    Rip Macklemore

  • llekel M
    llekel M 6 days ago

    Clever mix, great songs, great beat. Yes, this is lip synced and auto tuned, but still has a great voice for this particular project and I enjoyed every second!

  • Turkeyboy 55
    Turkeyboy 55 6 days ago

    Is anybody else mad that captain sparklez fallen kingdom isn’t on here?

  • Dvas5190
    Dvas5190 6 days ago

    That’s fucked up that they names him “guy” why not just put his name

  • No P No G
    No P No G 6 days ago

    love this guy

  • Newfie Mudder
    Newfie Mudder 6 days ago

    This video is auto tuned as fuck and its shit

  • BushyWushy 31
    BushyWushy 31 6 days ago

    Goes to comment

    Realizes video is 3 years old

  • evan was killed
    evan was killed 6 days ago

    What is that haircut tho

  • Garrett Schermerhorn

    Bad lip reading 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Malizion
    Malizion 6 days ago

    Would be great without the autotune and loud background music

  • Cool Undies Kid
    Cool Undies Kid 6 days ago

    So no 2000-2010? Ok I’m boutta head out

  • Neildy22
    Neildy22 6 days ago +2

    Do Best Fifa songs 00-19

  • FireX
    FireX 6 days ago +1

    2:50 we all saw that...

  • krisly02
    krisly02 6 days ago +3

    I didn't know Jordi Alba could sing

  • Tanner Hoiland
    Tanner Hoiland 6 days ago

    Nice hair

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts 6 days ago

    Sick as fuck bravo👏👏

  • Max Moscaliov
    Max Moscaliov 6 days ago

    He really looks like a white drake

  • Taiygu
    Taiygu 6 days ago

    Can u put this on Spotify?

  • CingCasper
    CingCasper 6 days ago

    FuCC R Kelly

  • XxShadowBlade98 008
    XxShadowBlade98 008 6 days ago

    No eminem

  • Juriaaassuu
    Juriaaassuu 6 days ago

    looks like Johnny sins

  • Zero Grav
    Zero Grav 6 days ago

    If u put it in 0.25x speed the voice and the actual song don’t line up at all

  • Kilo.
    Kilo. 6 days ago +2

    Sheeeeet Just got mad f*ckin' vibes

  • Chris RJ
    Chris RJ 6 days ago

    Some of those songs are off by a year...

  • AngryEagle 4121
    AngryEagle 4121 7 days ago

    Auto tune and lip sinking wow you have out done it come on all in one song

  • AngryEagle 4121
    AngryEagle 4121 7 days ago

    Lip sinking my guy

  • KingGabe 69
    KingGabe 69 7 days ago

    I get this shit reccomended every year

  • American Pro
    American Pro 7 days ago +1

    This is honesty so fire🧨

  • Lil RICE
    Lil RICE 7 days ago

    The music doesn’t match the song he is song. I feel like he is trying wayyy hard that he have to use autotune

  • Arisdel Rosas
    Arisdel Rosas 7 days ago



  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 7 days ago

    Nostalgia up the fuckin ass

  • Dark Slasher154
    Dark Slasher154 7 days ago

    Where does one buy talent like this?

  • Matthew Jacob
    Matthew Jacob 7 days ago

    I took a pill in Ibiza.... you can’t fool me. This really hit me with some *major* nostalgia

  • Gamingbros Ryan and bryce

    It’s clear a lot of auto tune

  • Maniac 420
    Maniac 420 7 days ago

    A few of the songs were lip synched but I heard like one or two that were his real voice cause this guy was using autotune and it was really hard to tell.

  • itz_willowz
    itz_willowz 7 days ago

    No headphones how does he hear the beat lol

  • Tavi Moddel
    Tavi Moddel 7 days ago

    I hate this so much

  • Juan Z.
    Juan Z. 7 days ago

    There is so muchh autotunnee

  • Kari White
    Kari White 7 days ago

    1:35 , does the oooooooh part, closes mouth, oooooooh part still goes

  • KingTRoss
    KingTRoss 7 days ago

    This makes me cringe

  • sam wienen13
    sam wienen13 7 days ago

    Fake look at 2:55

  • Ketchupflesss
    Ketchupflesss 7 days ago

    but why this beat? why not another one?

  • QuinBongo #1
    QuinBongo #1 7 days ago

    he is lip singing

  • BLACK_HyDrA161
    BLACK_HyDrA161 7 days ago

    Lip sync look at 2:50 while he says "far" now it might be the echo

  • Testo & Anabolika
    Testo & Anabolika 7 days ago

    so fucking fake voice

  • WinTR
    WinTR 7 days ago

    These are the real songs , all the songs past 2016 are just utter shite

  • Opal Cepheus
    Opal Cepheus 7 days ago

    I didn’t find this the least bit impressive.

  • Hugh Livingston Barclay

    AutoTuned and Mimed haha

  • Nick Hoppe
    Nick Hoppe 7 days ago

    So sad that this was lipsynched

  • Keaton Phillips
    Keaton Phillips 7 days ago

    He needs to get a better haircut

  • Frist name Last name

    No Eminem ?

  • Slungel Deluxe
    Slungel Deluxe 7 days ago

    He looks like jordi alba

  • FormalFN
    FormalFN 7 days ago +38

    Barber: Do you like ur hair forwards or backwards?
    Mike: Yes

  • THE_KrazyCouch2 '
    THE_KrazyCouch2 ' 7 days ago

    RU-clip always doing this.

  • Chippz TV
    Chippz TV 7 days ago +1


  • James Carbone
    James Carbone 7 days ago

    Congrats on 1Million!

  • Morten Knutsen
    Morten Knutsen 7 days ago

    1:55 look at his lips this is fake

  • Acobe
    Acobe 7 days ago


  • Supremo
    Supremo 7 days ago

    this dude looks like gross gore

  • Griff Mann
    Griff Mann 7 days ago


  • Reid Huels
    Reid Huels 7 days ago

    look at 2:50 when he said far.. lowkey looked like he was lip syncing

  • XuhN
    XuhN 7 days ago

    Sounds so nice..

  • Jacob Warren
    Jacob Warren 7 days ago

    Legit the billionth video that I found in recommended that I have no clue what it is RU-clip please stop.

  • Harris McLean
    Harris McLean 7 days ago

    Were can I buy this

    FORTNITENOOB LEVEL8 7 days ago

    Doesn’t he need headphones to be able to do that

  • Inflake
    Inflake 7 days ago +5

    Think about how many times this video would have been claimed by UMG...