Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.
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  • Kimberly Peralta
    Kimberly Peralta 3 hours ago

    I feel bad for him and some one said that he is a brat 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Its _Estra
    Its _Estra 7 hours ago

    i need his help A LITTLE "BIT"
    and then he says its on his ASS that he needs help, and THEN he says its, WHATEVER
    i wish his dad could of just ditched him, somewhere with a bit of money.
    his father could of bought a new tv, some glasses, heck, even gucci, but he spends it on his ungrateful bratty obese son.

  • Delwyn Evans
    Delwyn Evans 13 hours ago

    Stop being mean at least he baths guys leave him alone

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 13 hours ago

    Reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Bart says "I wash myself with a rag on a stick"

  • Cindys World
    Cindys World 13 hours ago

    He doesn't wear cloths and he wears shorys while taking a bath...?!

  • Lord of the frozen Sea
    Lord of the frozen Sea 15 hours ago

    big guy take a shower

  • Take the red pill Wilson

    Did anyone tell you ? You need to go on a diet .You need to exercise. Stop eating processed food. Go on all vegetable diet. Only boil them. Ok there you have your prescription you bad boy. I am a doctor .

  • Esteban Miranda
    Esteban Miranda 17 hours ago

    Bro where are your nips??

  • coward
    coward 22 hours ago

    'Muricas fastfood to grave pipeline

  • coward
    coward 22 hours ago

    Better have a trust fund

  • Ccp Cccp
    Ccp Cccp 22 hours ago

    Карета маловато тихоокеан надо купаться 👍☺️👎

  • Jaden Sarabia
    Jaden Sarabia Day ago

    Don't be mad at him you don't judge a book by its cover the first one and the second comment please just be nice for once

  • gspice
    gspice Day ago

    why doesn't he just wash himself with a rag on a stick?

  • hawkman2111
    hawkman2111 Day ago

    last part sounded kinda shitty

  • Star Script
    Star Script Day ago

    Does he need a personal gym too?

  • Sofia Penuliar
    Sofia Penuliar Day ago

    God bless his loving father...

  • FussyDo Flamenco

    CASTRATING males in every way. Child abuse creates this type of adult w/ will to die & failure to thrive/live. The dad is so effeminate, weak, no balls at all, obviously(closet) gay & his mother is the type female that castrates men. These 2 together created this MESS. Will they EVER ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY? Hell NO!! He needs to watch Dr. Judy WTF to figure out WTF happened to him! sheesh

  • happydaz
    happydaz Day ago

    Nolonger even human

  • Gacha Girl679 Yay

    It's his fault, he played video games all day!

  • asmr bitch
    asmr bitch 2 days ago

    I just feel bad for the dog

  • eino debmiel
    eino debmiel 2 days ago +2

    It doesn't look like human any more

    Ning AK CHANNEL 2 days ago

    Super dad

  • Michael Steele
    Michael Steele 2 days ago


  • Kyle Crocker
    Kyle Crocker 2 days ago +3

    God Damn, that's a well built deck.
    That trouf full of water then him in it

  • للعشق جنون
    للعشق جنون 2 days ago

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱حيل لللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللل شهل سمن

  • Peanut and Oreo Basset

    You would think that not being able to wipe your own ass would be a HUGE incentive to lose weight, but not in his case.

  • eliza huston
    eliza huston 3 days ago

    I could help him get up stop doing shit for him once grocery stops take aways stop his got no one to be his humble slave I can get him to move.
    magic words .

  • Spooky
    Spooky 3 days ago +1

    Personally, I'd try to start losing weight if I got to the point where i would need to wallow in soap water like a pig.

    BASSGOD KAZZI 3 days ago


  • 2 cats
    2 cats 3 days ago

    and how you take bath when its snow?????

  • zat rat
    zat rat 3 days ago

    At least he isn’t bed bound

  • zat rat
    zat rat 3 days ago


  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 3 days ago +62

    Is USA even real? The entire country feels like a reality TV show

  • vorlon shadow gamer
    vorlon shadow gamer 3 days ago

    How do people let it get this bad :/

  • shana herrera
    shana herrera 3 days ago +2

    He got stuck in a shower for 9 hrs? Jeez

    • 321scully
      321scully 3 days ago +1

      Perhaps he had to lose weight to get out.

  • Joey Teter
    Joey Teter 4 days ago

    I’m sorry, but the funniest thing is the dad just sitting there staring at his 700 pound son thinking about how easy it would be to just dunk his ass and not have to deal with it anymore lol

  • brolicbrooklyn
    brolicbrooklyn 4 days ago

    Who takes a bath with shorts on?

  • jessica valsaint
    jessica valsaint 4 days ago

    He needs help wiping his ass 😂😂😂😩😩😩

  • toecutter
    toecutter 4 days ago

    He is a human BLOB

  • Gaming On A Shitty TV

    2:00 Legend has it, Dad is still taking quick nips off beer bottles.

  • Paula M.
    Paula M. 4 days ago +1


  • Ms. Gutsy Mummy
    Ms. Gutsy Mummy 5 days ago

    How do they drain that water out? That tub's too heavy to be tipped over. 😯

  • j p
    j p 5 days ago

    Ziggy piggy 🐷

  • Technology Guru
    Technology Guru 5 days ago

    his fart must be A
    tom boom

  • G H
    G H 5 days ago

    A bigger guy.. lol

  • Shanika Stephenson
    Shanika Stephenson 5 days ago

    Lol white people problems

    • Smol Bean
      Smol Bean 4 days ago

      Shanika Stephenson race literally has noting to do with obesity. a lot of other people that are a different race can get like that.

    • Burger Hobo
      Burger Hobo 5 days ago

      He's on death's doorstep

  • Cynthia Ramos
    Cynthia Ramos 5 days ago

    He needs to do something about his weight! !!!

  • Mariama Bah
    Mariama Bah 5 days ago

    What a good dad

  • Carsyn Kettner
    Carsyn Kettner 6 days ago

    So ungrateful. I would kick him out.

  • Alexis Disher
    Alexis Disher 6 days ago

    Just imagine the cost of their water bill

  • Sandra Bryant
    Sandra Bryant 6 days ago

    I feel Badd for himBecause he can't fit a raggle about after

  • Bri Horner
    Bri Horner 6 days ago

    I never judge people... But he does need help...

  • Wendell Dixie
    Wendell Dixie 6 days ago


  • Shoshanah's world
    Shoshanah's world 6 days ago

    Oof poor dad

  • Lily G
    Lily G 6 days ago

    looks like he got that assy attitude.....hes not even humble 2 his father

  • Carly John
    Carly John 6 days ago +1

    How do this people get fat.😃.why in the hell should you eeeeeat that much as if you got out from a desert..khaaaa!!!

  • Isla CD
    Isla CD 7 days ago

    Don’t judge yourself by its cover

  • Shawn Patrick
    Shawn Patrick 7 days ago

    Buy a hot tub.

  • Isabella Campomanes
    Isabella Campomanes 7 days ago

    It's like a pig because of The pink

  • kevin wright
    kevin wright 7 days ago

    his dad looked disgusted .. I know I would be disgusted too😑

    WINGTHESKILL 123 7 days ago

    He is a hippo

  • dadada486
    dadada486 7 days ago

    This kind of thing usually runs in the family...his dad is realtively normal weight!

  • Serena Potter
    Serena Potter 7 days ago

    He is like a big glob of fat. I am screaming

  • monicka lynn
    monicka lynn 8 days ago +2

    He's def a biggin! Hope he gets healthy and has a better quality of life

    • 321scully
      321scully 3 days ago

      He is happy as he is. He get's his food, get's his games, father takes care of everything, why change?

  • Bling Bling Boy
    Bling Bling Boy 8 days ago

    he’s hot

  • Jacob Lankford
    Jacob Lankford 8 days ago +1

    Look on the bright side at least he's clean

  • mxblue
    mxblue 8 days ago

    I wonder if his family was ever temped to just hose him down.

  • Victoria Madison
    Victoria Madison 8 days ago

    It should be the opposite him looking after his father because that's what i do look after my father omg I feel sorry for his father

  • Dnomder yboK
    Dnomder yboK 8 days ago +1

    I am the globglogabgoglab

  • lst. skittles
    lst. skittles 8 days ago +1

    He bathing in his own filth

  • tanilah lashayy
    tanilah lashayy 8 days ago

    Awe poor thang imm praying for you

  • Armchairwoman Mao
    Armchairwoman Mao 8 days ago +4

    Real life King Size Homer. All he needs now is a floral muu muu.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 days ago +13

    He is very attractive... i am serious...

    He has a very large gravitational pull that planets can orbit around him

  • Ckbruinfan
    Ckbruinfan 10 days ago +2

    ron really let himself go after hermione left him

  • Love Life
    Love Life 10 days ago +1

    And I thought I was fat at 250 pounds😂😂😂

  • Ljubomir Bosic
    Ljubomir Bosic 10 days ago

    Sramotno suđenje osjeć qlavu detetu i dobit 10 qodine budite ubeđeni kad izađe iz zatvora mi ćemo njoj qlavu osjeć pa nek se zna stasu srbi nek bude jedan prema jedan samo želim da znam dali ima decu i odakle.je

  • Ccleanerable
    Ccleanerable 10 days ago

    Wouldn't be simpler to sending him to the carwash ?

  • blue rosse
    blue rosse 10 days ago

    He’s washing up in dirty water man!!

  • Ouss Jaouhar
    Ouss Jaouhar 10 days ago

    Poor dude

  • Jasmine Dicla
    Jasmine Dicla 11 days ago +1

    I'd never wanna be that fat.

  • Bender's Sting
    Bender's Sting 11 days ago +1

    father is enabling him

  • Adebisi
    Adebisi 11 days ago +1

    He could try a car wash

  • History Center
    History Center 11 days ago

    The best

  • TNT -esprode
    TNT -esprode 11 days ago

    Aí mano dá uma forcinha vocês da Gringa aí é escreve no meu canal

  • AGSBraintoast
    AGSBraintoast 11 days ago

    "its whatever..."

  • Prittylady lex
    Prittylady lex 11 days ago

    Well i appreciate they came up with this idea because most ppl on this show and that size do not bathe at all..

  • Ann Lim
    Ann Lim 11 days ago

    He will die of fatness if he don't go on diet

  • Ruben.Vivian.Aidan Mateo

    Where are the rubber duckies

  • jane hill
    jane hill 12 days ago

    God Bless this Father

  • Gabriel Fuentes
    Gabriel Fuentes 12 days ago

    Who among you watched movie slither? This literally reminded me of slither.

  • Krystal Tagolgol Madžar

    FAST-FOOD : it's not our fault🔪

  • Shaini Ayodya
    Shaini Ayodya 12 days ago

    Y didn’t he stop gaining weight even when he knew that he can’t handle it? I really don’t pity him but his dad.... He could have at least walk a little in evening after those big meals... 😑 ah y would I care, it’s his matter anyway

  • الإمبراطور الإمبراطور

    اسال الله ان يشفيك ويعافيك في هاذا الشهر الكريم وان يشفي كل مريض

  • Mollie Brianne
    Mollie Brianne 12 days ago

    So unhealthy!

  • pearl
    pearl 12 days ago +1

    This is actually sad:(

  • Ellie Stothard
    Ellie Stothard 12 days ago

    That’s embarrassing😂😂

  • Purple Queen
    Purple Queen 13 days ago


  • Kyla Sim
    Kyla Sim 13 days ago

    Doubt you should bathe in dish soap and pour it on your head.

  • Ness
    Ness 13 days ago

    I'm sorry but the fact your parents have to wipe your ass for u when ur young this is just pathetic ..if he actually cared he wouldnt b a tub of Lard...an daddy too soft ...see what happens when u wanna baby kids ...they grow up to be man child's ...smh I miss the good old days of tough love .

  • snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes

    This made me cry to death.😢💔