Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball' The Voice Highlight Blind Auditions

  • Published on Feb 10, 2015
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    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
    Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball'
    Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball'
    Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball'

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  • VaBeach Beach
    VaBeach Beach 29 minutes ago

    My heart aches for her family. Rip christinia

  • Nininitisha M
    Nininitisha M 6 hours ago +1

    I hope people will dont forget this unbelievable angle and superstar

  • Kaleeb Blake
    Kaleeb Blake 9 hours ago

    Rip ❤️❤️

  • 잼잼
    잼잼 9 hours ago

    난 이거 평생 들을거야

  • Varun riat
    Varun riat 11 hours ago

    ❤ RIP Christina

  • mili fernandez
    mili fernandez 11 hours ago

    Tenía mucho talento, una vida por delante,muchos sueños por cumplir, y por culpa de un hijo de puta que simplemente decidió que ella no iba a hacer lo que soñaba ahora no está con nosotros, en este momento siento tanta impotencia y tristeza, en paz descansa Cristina grimie

  • 꼬맹이ASMR
    꼬맹이ASMR Day ago

    0:18 이분 누구에요? Who is she?

  • Malik Dias
    Malik Dias Day ago


  • Qajjan
    Qajjan Day ago +2

    2020 anyone? I'm Still heartbroken over Christinas way too early passing ❤

  • Parth Yadav
    Parth Yadav Day ago

    who is the women judge

  • Еркин Кайыркулов

    Жаль что убили девушку

  • Renz Marion Evangelista

    who's listening in January 2020? 😌❤️

  • Alonso J. Castro Sánchez

    Her mom cry......

  • Milagros Gonzales

    Eh mirando este video que me dejó sad pobresita, mirando y escuchandola en el 2020

  • Leticia Fontenelly


  • Janelle Buffin
    Janelle Buffin 2 days ago +3

    2020 yayt, I’ll always come back to this video once in awhile and smile 😭

  • ღ яσѕє - ηуυηღ

    Literally, i have no words. Love her.... 😭

  • Miah ddelrosso
    Miah ddelrosso 2 days ago

    Who still listening in 2020?💔😞 real life angel 💗

  • Danny Langie
    Danny Langie 3 days ago

    Still missing her 2020

  • BootyPie ASMR
    BootyPie ASMR 3 days ago +1

    Im gonna be the only non RIP comment.
    They always go for the pretty boy Adam xdxd

  • Enimsaj What
    Enimsaj What 3 days ago

    Goosebumps* until now 😭

  • nemy belly
    nemy belly 3 days ago

    Miss you so much christina😭😭😭why did you have to go??? 😞 RIP

  • Caio
    Caio 3 days ago

    Esse mundo é um verdadeiro lixo :/

  • J You
    J You 4 days ago

    I still go back to her performances ! She was a great singer

  • Leirix61
    Leirix61 4 days ago

    This was the everbest audition i have ever heared! :)

  • Ahan Thakur
    Ahan Thakur 4 days ago +1

    She must be a super star in God's world of good people right now

  • Steel Pulse
    Steel Pulse 4 days ago

    RIP. ❤

  • Tracey. Cee
    Tracey. Cee 4 days ago

    I can watch this all day!

  • Şahan Tuştaş
    Şahan Tuştaş 5 days ago +6

    her mother can't hold her pain... and she is dead too. love both. rest in peace 😢😢

  • Tereza Parmová
    Tereza Parmová 5 days ago

    I will always want you... I will.

  • Mary Edwards
    Mary Edwards 5 days ago

    Adam Levine sounds just like Scott Disick

  • Daniella Linsangan
    Daniella Linsangan 5 days ago

    Still here.

  • kristenlcox
    kristenlcox 5 days ago

    Still my fave performance. Every time. Chills. Rip.

  • Irene Cleo
    Irene Cleo 5 days ago

    that Shakira?

  • Anny Gomes
    Anny Gomes 5 days ago

    Gostaria de saber oque os jurados falam 😥😭😅

  • Darly Sumalinog
    Darly Sumalinog 5 days ago +2

    January 2020?

  • Samuel Pop
    Samuel Pop 5 days ago +12

    I hope I'm not the only one who listings to this Angel in 2020

  • Joben Russel Bartolome


  • Eva Viano
    Eva Viano 6 days ago


  • Death_Sentence_05
    Death_Sentence_05 6 days ago

    I'm so sorry ... :(

  • charm fe
    charm fe 6 days ago

    I miss youuuuuu 😭😭😭😭

  • Sarah Humayrah
    Sarah Humayrah 6 days ago +4

    She still has a voice 🖤

  • Bhakti Ghongate
    Bhakti Ghongate 6 days ago

    I dunno why but i come here again and again christina😞

  • Stephany Abelita
    Stephany Abelita 6 days ago

    Hi babe. Its been three years since the last time I saw you on that stage. Til' now you're still shining in our hearts. 😍

  • Karie Moody
    Karie Moody 7 days ago


  • Franchette Marie Pomar


  • angel cortes
    angel cortes 7 days ago

    Alguien me puede decir porque la mataron o porque murió era una chica muy bonita y con un gran talento

  • Naomi Fernandes
    Naomi Fernandes 7 days ago +1

    by far the best cover yet

  • Kylee Strickland
    Kylee Strickland 7 days ago


  • Kennya lima
    Kennya lima 7 days ago

    Alguém escutando em 2020?💔

  • Songs Expert
    Songs Expert 7 days ago +5

    I still can't imagine that she's gone 😢💔

  • 루네
    루네 7 days ago


  • Waduge Chandur
    Waduge Chandur 8 days ago

    I want to dowload this vidio but it cant ti be dowanloaded

  • Angelin Alice
    Angelin Alice 8 days ago +1

    We always miss you dear 😭😭😭

  • David Cường
    David Cường 8 days ago +3

    2020. Still listening to her. Amazing talent. May she RIP

  • Igor Lima
    Igor Lima 8 days ago +21

    2020 and i can't believe she's gone 😭❤ RIP Christina

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen 8 days ago +1

    Hearing the judge say "It's gonna get bloody" hits really fucking hard, no matter how differently it was meant. Damn.

  • Tasteof Cali
    Tasteof Cali 8 days ago +1

    I miss her voice. She was amazing 💔

  • Silvia Mazzon
    Silvia Mazzon 8 days ago +4

    2020 we never forget u hun ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

  • 3000我爱你
    3000我爱你 8 days ago +1

    We will forever remember you Christina... Rest well up there in heaven~~ RIP Christina Grimmie