Stephen A. not sold on LeBron being the Lakers' closer | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says Los Angeles Lakers' superstar LeBron James' shooting and lack of aggressiveness in the closing moments of big games does not solidify him as a pure closer. Max Kellerman disagrees and says LeBron is a true closer with his ability to facilitate and make the best basketball decisions.
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Comments • 1 443

  • NLMB Drizzy
    NLMB Drizzy 3 months ago

    I can't stand the disrespect Stephen A gives LeBron

  • Eddy Shluger
    Eddy Shluger 4 months ago +2

    Leflop can't play in the west.

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 7 months ago

    When the hell did Jordan pass to Paxson? What the fuck is Max talking about? If he means Jordan passed it so that someone else could hit the game winner, that was a different white guy: Steve Kerr (1997). If he means Paxson's game winner (1993), then Jordan did NOT pass to Paxson; Horace Grant passed to Paxson.

  • JKennyPro
    JKennyPro 7 months ago

    I'd take lebron for forty EIGHT minutes and heres why. Hes decently reliable to come thru with a game winner, more than likely in bigger games than regular games, I ALSO take him for the full 48 because with him leading you you're more likely to NOT need someone to close the game with a clutch shot with him running your team/offense in comparison to ANYONE else running the team

  • Manuel Pichardo
    Manuel Pichardo 8 months ago

    Where is kd when he was in okc

  • RambleTamble
    RambleTamble 8 months ago +1

    Don't let him scream on you Max. Damn, my mom don't even yell at me like that!

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 8 months ago

    Stephen a is right on this one Bron is not a closer

  • Dendi Puppy
    Dendi Puppy 8 months ago

    Stephen A. is correct. Lebron is a bad free throw shooter. Btw I’m a laker fan since 2001

  • Richard Collins
    Richard Collins 8 months ago

    Sorry smith your full o shit all Time no way Kareem over LBJ your high

  • DerrickKet562
    DerrickKet562 8 months ago

    SAS has been so much harder on LBJ since Skip left...

  • Jess Mad
    Jess Mad 8 months ago

    He’s tanking on purpose

  • Chris Montes
    Chris Montes 8 months ago +2

    They both need to calm down. Kobe Byrant was a closer. He took over the game at the end if they we're down and he always took the last shot. LeBron is a great player but he is not a closer.

  • Rene Amaya
    Rene Amaya 8 months ago

    Stephen shut the fuck up!

  • Serg NYC
    Serg NYC 8 months ago

    Max wrong. Not about #'s when closing game is the discussions.

  • Serg NYC
    Serg NYC 8 months ago +1

    I agree 100. He has improved but there are better closers. But over all, this eras Goat.

  • Yvonne Ricks
    Yvonne Ricks 9 months ago

    u crazy Stephen A i wouldn’t depend on him give me kobe or jordan!

  • Marcus Smith0789
    Marcus Smith0789 9 months ago +1

    Go Subscribe To RU-clip Marcus Smith0789
    Music Out Now !!!! " I Can't Let Em Take Me Off My Game " Featuring Donald Gee
    & Sambo @kid_marz_

  • Francisco Jiménez
    Francisco Jiménez 9 months ago

    Max won, period.

  • Cairo Wilson
    Cairo Wilson 9 months ago

    Mike G.O.A.T this big forehead MF'R is crazy. LeBron nuts is on his tonsils..

    MAJAPA 9 months ago +2

    As of 10/22/18: Stephen A u right

  • Marc Dulguime
    Marc Dulguime 9 months ago

    Following the footprints of Skip. Comeon.

  • KingGodTravis
    KingGodTravis 9 months ago

    Steven Ais an official LeBron hater, KD can not get RESPECT for joining that team, I would play with that confidence on that team.

  • ToniTruthMogul
    ToniTruthMogul 9 months ago

    Another wave of super stars are coming better than LeBron. NBA just dumbing it down right now. I liked when coaches really coached. Now I swear it's like they are pulling plays from 2k. Seems as if the NBA is a open market for anyone who can shoot 3s

  • Crystalis Chronicle
    Crystalis Chronicle 9 months ago

    lmao lebron fans saying.. he's a closer... makes me laugh.... where them crying baby memes at?

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick 9 months ago

    My personal opinion, concerning a closer. A closer is an offensive player that can win the game offensively, making the right decisions, and having the ability to finish (WIN)!

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick 9 months ago

    Enjoy all you say Steven A. My personal

    MONSTER FISH MONGER 9 months ago

    SAS must have amnesia did he forget when Durant disappeared instead of closing out GS when they were up on them in the series the year before he flakes out and joined the Warriors ??

  • Xtradonaire X
    Xtradonaire X 9 months ago

    Stephen is totally wrong...Max is RIGHT all the way! Thank's Max... Stephen is like Rush L., thinks he has all the answers when facts proves him wrong.

  • Ramon Brown
    Ramon Brown 9 months ago

    Where was KD when he was on the thunder haha good point LeBron over KD

  • BigrodInc23_
    BigrodInc23_ 9 months ago

    Max exposed SAS on this one...

  • LBJ The Goat
    LBJ The Goat 9 months ago

    Max knows about basketball than this Stephen A.
    if lebron have a best team and kd as well... Lebron will destroy KD!
    . I remember also that Stephen A. said west is very far stronger than east... what happen in 2012? Miami big 3 vs OKC big 3? haha! SKIP reason was they were babies LMFAO!

  • J R
    J R 9 months ago

    stephen a smith is a pure lebron hater. he is so petty omg lmfao.

    DA CHIEF 9 months ago

    Stephen A. smith is Drunk he Takes An L on this One 😐

  • Cazh Edwin
    Cazh Edwin 9 months ago

    I’d pay Stephan A to be my lawyer

  • Kareem Foy
    Kareem Foy 9 months ago

    Stephen A thinks too much about hero ball. Lebron makes the best decisions out of any basketball player. Its easy for kd to score on GS. Lebron had a 51 point triple double and still lost. You cant say lebron isnt a closer because his teammates dont hit shots they usually make. If steph dont hit wide open threes are you gonna say kd is dumb for passing him the ball? Lebron shouldve just went to Golden State.

  • Billy Cole
    Billy Cole 9 months ago

    Both of them make great points. I can't say either of them are wrong on this one.

  • James Son of Mary
    James Son of Mary 9 months ago

    LeBron isn’t a better closer than KD but he’s improved in that regard and should be the Lakers closer.

  • AJ Terry
    AJ Terry 9 months ago +1

    People are basing Lebrons clutchness off of one postseason run...let’s not forget that Lebron shot 5-47 in game tying or go ahead buckets throughout his career up until 2016 or 2017. Im not exactly sure what the number is now, probably a little better, but let’s make one thing clear. Throughout his career Lebron has not been a clutch player he has missed countless big shots which get overshadowed by the few clutch shots he does make. Remember 2014 finals? Lebron bricks potentially the biggest shot of his career just to get bailed out by Chris Bosh and ray Allen. While I would consider him one of the best closers simply because he’s Lebron James, I would not take him over real clutch players like kyrie and Kevin Durant. Don’t get me wrong Stephen As argument was stupid but Lebron is not as clutch as people want to believe

  • Kidane Habte
    Kidane Habte 9 months ago

    This debate shows that Stephen A is an ignorant, arrogant, garrulous, hate; hidden behind his articulative ability. His hate of LeBron is paying his bills, but god...stfu bch

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 9 months ago

    Stephan A says that if you think lebron is the GOAT then you are insane. Then here he says he'd take lebron over anyone else in NBA history for the first 46 min of a game. How does that make any sense? So apparently the last 2 min of a game are more important than the first 46

  • HarpoSpoke
    HarpoSpoke 9 months ago

    Epic fail for SAS again. He just lets his fanboy bias ignore reality.
    The evidence of real world events prove him wrong again:

  • Pantelis Hapeshis
    Pantelis Hapeshis 9 months ago

    6mins 39secs. What Max says. Quote of this discussion.
    Stephen A you can shout all you want. It don't make you more right than Max lol.

  • Gaurav Patel
    Gaurav Patel 9 months ago

    Lebron is overrated the best ball player is KD.

  • Gaurav Patel
    Gaurav Patel 9 months ago

    Max is such a lebron cock sucker.

  • Hello122061
    Hello122061 9 months ago

    When are we, as basketball fans, going to give LeBron James his credit as a closer? Yes, he had a bad series 7 years ago against the Mavericks. Since then, he's been a great closer in the playoffs and NBA championships. He has three rings now and would have more if it weren't for the, arguably, best team in NBA history. If you look at the stats, he's hit more game winners than Jordan. Stop it Steven A, he's a great closer.

  • Romeo Samson Jr.
    Romeo Samson Jr. 9 months ago

    They should settle everything by playing the game. Lol

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 9 months ago

    Max speaking FAX

  • Richard Gomez
    Richard Gomez 9 months ago

    Lebrona da drama queen taking the last shot, is like giving the game away, Lebrona is not clutch she freezes up so she can blame others. MJ just said gimme me da damn ball period, game over...

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 9 months ago

    Let the debates begin !

  • walter doku
    walter doku 9 months ago

    Why are the men yelling over the woman! smdfh

  • Vetrip The Joke
    Vetrip The Joke 9 months ago

    If they cant make those shots they shouldn't be in the NBA

  • Big C
    Big C 9 months ago

    So why did Lebron rage quit during the finals they talk about this guy every day played out

  • Shawn Ping
    Shawn Ping 9 months ago

    Fact where the fuck was KD at OKC

  • Slipknot Shady
    Slipknot Shady 9 months ago

    He SHOULD be the closer till further notice, unless Ingram improves his clutch game this season.

  • La SaHe
    La SaHe 9 months ago

    Stephen A should gargle LeBRON’s balls.

  • MV Rosie
    MV Rosie 9 months ago

    How could passing to a wide open Korver ever be the wrong call lmao

  • Elliot Mertz
    Elliot Mertz 9 months ago

    Man I really feel bad for the woman in between them she must be going crazy poor woman

  • ruben campos
    ruben campos 9 months ago

    Sorry Stephen A.. You lose 😂😂😂

  • ampecsu
    ampecsu 9 months ago

    5:04 what the hell noise what THAT??

  • daniel barker
    daniel barker 9 months ago

    Y you fooling ur self u suppose to take it on ur self t finish the game ain't he intelligent enough

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 9 months ago

    Oh god Stephan A smith please go back to speaking facts you don’t have to be the skip bayless of the show

  • laron norman
    laron norman 9 months ago

    Stephen A love u brother but he is right being a closer is making last basket or last defensive stop if you played ball in any aspect of ur life u would know this this is why more basketball player have to be on deck at these moments both of you are right love the show love u guys!!!

  • Swoosh Walker
    Swoosh Walker 9 months ago

    get harrison barnes

  • Stoner Talk
    Stoner Talk 9 months ago

    how is a 3 round series an aberration????? Stephen A. smith is trying to take a page outta Skip Bayless book now smh

  • Jesse Bourbeau
    Jesse Bourbeau 9 months ago

    He has a great record in the last 2 minutes, his failures late game are so highlighted that folks are blinded by the hate

  • king James II
    king James II 9 months ago

    Where was LeBron when he went up against Dallas Mavericks.

  • Xavier McFadden
    Xavier McFadden 9 months ago

    Get Steven A outta here💯

  • john 316
    john 316 9 months ago

    and who is that lebron hating in the middle constantly interrupting max.

  • Kareem Kenyatta
    Kareem Kenyatta 9 months ago

    TBH....I agree with both points of view

  • Michael X
    Michael X 9 months ago

    Whew, they get paid for saying nothing!

  • Michael X
    Michael X 9 months ago

    This shit is funny!

  • Joseph Daniel Batino
    Joseph Daniel Batino 9 months ago +1

    Kobbre tries to close every damn game and he's called a ball hog.

  • Joseph Daniel Batino
    Joseph Daniel Batino 9 months ago

    Stephen A Smith always prefers one-on-one scoring players. Stephen A, if Lebron's teammates could not hit open shots, he's never gonna win. The fact that his teammates are open means that the defense is swarming on him. Korver was supposed to hit open 3pts shots, that's only reason he exists in the NBA. How is Lebron gonna close a game when he is playing 1 against 5 with a top defensive team. Its easy to close when you only have to play 1 on 1, like what KD is doing coz damn no one is gonna leave Curry and Klay open.

  • ERE
    ERE 9 months ago

    Molly always jumps in when the debates start getting good and interrupts them

  • Jason Malone
    Jason Malone 9 months ago

    People focus on that block by lebron in 2016 finals...but forget to mention he just missed 2 shots before the block and the next shot right after the block keeping the game tied...had lebron made all 3 shots and never blocked the dunk cavs would have still been up by 4 in the last few seconds of the game because gsw couldn't buy a bucket!...

  • Eshwar Dookran
    Eshwar Dookran 9 months ago

    max on point with SAS mixing up offence & shooting !!!

  • MrJreed1000
    MrJreed1000 9 months ago

    Didbt they have a better free throw sooter on the line in gane 1 last year in george hill.. And he missed the free-throw to win.. SAS arguement is trash.. Again

  • John Guillory
    John Guillory 9 months ago

    For everyone using the numbers of LeBron saying he is a good closer why has he only.won 3 rings out of 8 such a great closer. Also, KD can score anywhere on the court at a high percentage LeBron is limited to around the hoop and sometime mid range and 3 point is okay, I do agree with max KD was not as good of a closer until GSW

  • Alberto Noel
    Alberto Noel 9 months ago

    So now , lebron closed a dead or alive game once and now he is the closer of the closers ? C´mon Max.

  • HT logistics3434
    HT logistics3434 9 months ago

    LOL 😅 😅 SAS

  • Winston Rhock
    Winston Rhock 9 months ago

    Stephon a wrong about some things but I agree with him. First 46 minutes I’m taking lebron over anyone. Last 2 mins game close I rather have kd, mj, kobe, a heatlhy tmac etc closing for me than lebron 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Just JackZaMonRaidenTime

    Did you watch him last year? He can close

  • Vibe with ya Boyz
    Vibe with ya Boyz 9 months ago

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  • Nathanael Bellas
    Nathanael Bellas 9 months ago

    Lebron is better at everything but Free Throws than KD

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 9 months ago

    Stephen A. must not have watched last year. He was far and away the most clutch player last year, hitting big shot after big shot. All time leader in playoff clutch moments. And people always say, "LeBron can't be trusted from the FT line." You can't be a clutch FT shooter when he hasn't been a great FT shooter period. That's not a fair argument.

  • Protect from Evil beings

    I love Steven A .. he talks with sense in it

  • Furious Rivera
    Furious Rivera 9 months ago

    Stephen Asshole Smith always contradicts himself 🤣😂🤣😂

  • OG_ Apples
    OG_ Apples 9 months ago

    I like white dude better

  • NIc K
    NIc K 9 months ago

    she makes me want to suicide myself

  • Adrian Amani
    Adrian Amani 9 months ago

    Steven A. will have a heart attack one of these days. He better be exercising or he'll burst a vessel

  • Kawhi Johnson
    Kawhi Johnson 9 months ago

    Fuck Ace jay

  • Dexter Marley
    Dexter Marley 9 months ago

    Sports are something that can be validated by stats. So how about we score it by the stats. You can have your favorite preferred players but also notice that when it comes to specific numbers it’s all in the stats. I love the way Kobe and LeBron play the game. I love the toughness and skills of Iverson, obviously Iverson never won a title but his numbers were pretty damn good. Curry’s stats out weigh Iversons and yes I enjoy the way Curry plays but my favorite preferred player between him and Iverson is Iverson. I give Curry all his props and he is a wonderful player, he’s just not my favorite over Iverson. Let’s just tune in and see how the season goes and just enjoy this sport.

  • Farnemo
    Farnemo 9 months ago

    Clutch means being mentally ready to close out, not having better numbers than another. I pick LeBron over any other player any time. Not saying KD wasn't a legit pick either tho, but Max had a point there.

  • Darius Clark
    Darius Clark 9 months ago

    Stephen A lost his damn mind lol

  • will Davis
    will Davis 9 months ago

    Stephan A you talk to fast🤣🤣

  • May Sanchez
    May Sanchez 9 months ago

    Molly needs to go!
    You can see in her face she takes issue with SAS and she always acts out of order.
    She needs to go!

  • eddie james
    eddie james 9 months ago

    Lol!!! SAS losing his show to MaX!!! Guess who'll be working at Fox next! Bye Stebbie!

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas 9 months ago

    SAS shouldn't be SOLD bcuz Bron has NEVER been a CLOSER... He STAT PADS and CHOKES when there's PRESSURE that DOESN'T come from the GODDAMN EAST

  • Dave Joseph
    Dave Joseph 9 months ago

    Molly si danm Hooooooot