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Dr. Dre Inducts LL COOL J Into Hall Of Fame ft. Missy Elliott, Rick Rubin, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Dr. Dre inducts LL COOL J into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame featuring Missy Elliott, Rick Rubin, Questlove, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, DMC

    Video courtesy of Rock Hall and HBO.

    Elliott Rubin , Dogg,
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  • Shabazz the GreaterTaker
    Shabazz the GreaterTaker Month ago +719

    Dre's energy was genuine and real and on point. Honor & Respect!

    • Jason Velez
      Jason Velez 17 days ago +1

      Growing up in Queens, NY during the 80’s and 90’s LL was a legend and inspiration to us… he showed us that nothing is impossible. Sky was the limit if you were willing to grind it out and rise up. A true General of the game and well deserved induction in the R&R HOF. 🙏🙌💪☝️

    • shamieka muldrew
      shamieka muldrew Month ago

      @Iron Tyson AND 1ST of ALL FOOL HE DIDN'T make movie on HIS own the rest of NWA APPROVED IT& HIS SON or Daughter AIN'T NEVA DOWNED the movie

    • Tuche Sampho
      Tuche Sampho Month ago +3

      @Iron Tyson put the pipe down have a feed and get some sleep

    • Iron Tyson
      Iron Tyson Month ago +2

      Honor and respect…. The same Dre that is a fake studio gangsta. The same one that beats up female journalists. His straight out of Compton propaganda might work on the dumb but everyone in the hip hop world know, Dre was no a tough guy or a gangsta and was afraid of eazy and made the movie to try a ridicule eazy e and make Dre look hard. He’s a joke and 100% know what was planned to bring eazy down. F Uk him

    • JUST ME
      JUST ME Month ago

      LL would of knocked him out cuz mama said nok him out

  • Geenie_Kaya
    Geenie_Kaya Month ago +125

    Damn y’all I’ve never seen Dre like this, so energetic and in such a good mood!

    • The Comic Haul Crew
      The Comic Haul Crew 8 days ago +1

      @Ernest Suarez

    • Ernest Suarez
      Ernest Suarez Month ago +17

      Got rid of that baggage he carried all those years.

    • LynRuiz
      LynRuiz Month ago +10

      IKR? Dre had more energy here than he ever did as a solo artist!

  • Moto Cave
    Moto Cave Month ago +235

    Man I'm 43 now and to think back all the music he gave to us has actually become a milestone for many memories growing up and the times we had over so many years!
    From hanging out with my first real girlfriend , roller skating in the late 80s then " Around the Way Girl " ! LL Cool J , Thank you so much for being my generation ! Mad Love !

    • Haidar Ameer
      Haidar Ameer 28 days ago

      That was a hoax ,that was satan wasting 43 years old of your life away from the words of god my brother

    • taliah H
      taliah H Month ago +1

      @Oldschool Authentic 😄😄

    • Oldschool Authentic
      Oldschool Authentic Month ago +2


    • Moto Cave
      Moto Cave Month ago +2

      @Oldschool Authentic You are the age of the people I looked up to 🤟🏽in your Olds Cutlass or Buick Regal , Caprice Classic !

    • Oldschool Authentic
      Oldschool Authentic Month ago +5

      YOU ARE A YOUNGSTA...💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I' M CLASS OF 85.................HAPPY HOLIDAYS......

  • Walter E. Kurtz
    Walter E. Kurtz Month ago +82

    This is the first time in 35 years I've seen Dre say more than 3 consecutive words

  • Limit Bass Fishing
    Limit Bass Fishing Month ago +198

    "He's not an O.G., he is the G!" That might be the greatest and truest compliment I have ever heard.

    • makaveli 420
      makaveli 420 24 days ago

      Kool G Rap should be in the hall of Fame too very underated east coast rapper

    • TheUdawgShow
      TheUdawgShow 24 days ago

      I’ll call

    • TheUdawgShow
      TheUdawgShow 24 days ago

      I love

    • Reggie Word Singletary
      Reggie Word Singletary 25 days ago

      Real shitt

    • 33controlfreak
      33controlfreak Month ago +1

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  • Ouzi Pistol
    Ouzi Pistol Month ago +927

    I really admire Dr Dre for elaborating highlighted LL career with out script his natural speech abilities is incredible!

    • shamieka muldrew
      shamieka muldrew Month ago


    • Tuche Sampho
      Tuche Sampho Month ago

      @Lemony Snicket as much as u thing it's funny to write
      every1 in hiphop writes not every song u here came from free styling same goes for speeches

    • Zoreaga Team Foch
      Zoreaga Team Foch Month ago

      He Def had a script in his hands ✋

    • Cassandra Tiare
      Cassandra Tiare Month ago +1

      It on a teleprompter! and hes probably learnt ALOT of what to say!

    • Joel Willis
      Joel Willis Month ago

      so weird he keeps looking down at his paper...

  • Kenny Chéry
    Kenny Chéry Month ago +80

    To me, LL was like the old rapper that always stayed young, always stayed relevant! He just always knew how to make a banger!!!!

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago +35

    The fact that I fell in love with him when I was 11 years old, and I'm 44 now... What a journey 🥂💯🙌🏼🔥👑
    You deserve it Legend 💞

    • MclarenForever77
      MclarenForever77 3 days ago

      @Mimi appreciate that so much.

    • Mimi
      Mimi 3 days ago +1

      @MclarenForever77 Wishing you the best birthday 🎂🥳🎊 hope you enjoy your day

    • MclarenForever77
      MclarenForever77 3 days ago +1

      @Mimi glad, I'll be 45 in a few days time this month.😁

    • Mimi
      Mimi 3 days ago

      @MclarenForever77 Yes 🙌🏼 I still listen too 🔥 My birthday was in November, so I'll be 45 this November.

    • MclarenForever77
      MclarenForever77 3 days ago +1

      I'm 45 now, I guess you too, I'm like listening to them all since young..

  • T Bizzy
    T Bizzy Month ago +18

    Much respect to LL for a long and outstanding career that impacted and inspired so many artists and fans.

  • Aisha Barrett
    Aisha Barrett Month ago +13

    First concert I ever went to( in the 80's) and I got to meet him! He really is and forever will be the G.O.A.T.!! Congrats L.L.!

  • shaun almanza
    shaun almanza Month ago +22

    Well deserved! 👏🏼 great introduction speech by Dre and LL still got it. An amazing performance.

  • Curlycee
    Curlycee Month ago +15

    This was everything!!! I love LL Cool J, I’m only thirty but when my mom would play his songs I memorized every word! I love him in every role he’s ever played as well #g.o.a.t ❤️🔥

    MUNDUS Month ago +29

    When I was growing up, LL became an inspiration to me. I loved the confidence he portrayed for everything whether it was music, TV shows, interviews, etc. I emulated his confidence as a adolescent because I didn't believe in myself.

    I never thought the song Hey lover would be my catalyst for a crush, until I started dating.

  • Nikki 6IX
    Nikki 6IX Month ago +17

    40 years later Fine AF still. The GOAT!!!!

  • Joshuaan Williams
    Joshuaan Williams Month ago +419

    Congratulations LL!!!! You is still my number #1 favorite rapper and hip hop idol til this day. I've been a huge since I was 6 years old. You inspire me and your music motivated me. You are the greatest of all time. Congratulations!!!! Much love and respect.

    • Ocean Kite
      Ocean Kite Month ago +2

      Nice words bro

    • kanye gang
      kanye gang Month ago +11

      'Jiggling baby' could have got my asssssss whoop on many days cause when I found out I was jiggling oh boy oh boy 😂

  • Jeu de Boules
    Jeu de Boules Month ago +35

    How he walks to the mic with his own song. Goosebumps

  • Reyn Martz
    Reyn Martz Month ago +14

    Love DR DRE, Always have always will, my favorite rapper's till this day.
    LL you are just a BAD ASS.

  • Shok thaworld
    Shok thaworld Month ago +42

    This is amazing! LL definitely deserves all the accolades, he helped shape that era...I still listen to alot of LL' s songs,great artist 🙌🙌🙌💫💫💫✨✨✨🙏💯💯💯💯

  • Believe 55
    Believe 55 Month ago +22

    He deserves “EVERYTHING” he worked so hard for!!!
    Much love ❤️ to you LL COOL J
    Living Legend for sure 🥰❤️🥰

  • Scelo Nene
    Scelo Nene Month ago +143

    Giving him his flowers while he is alive. Thank you LL for your contribution to hip-hop

    • kelly colligan
      kelly colligan Month ago +1

      So true because they waited until Tina Turner was 81 for hers? WTF?? She got in with Ike a long time ago but she rocked it solo!!!

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago +5

    There are few things better than watching a legend get their flowers while they still with us.

  • King El III
    King El III Month ago +13

    LL was everything that rap needed to be for what it was to become. Legendary!

  • Life Hacks You Love
    Life Hacks You Love Month ago +3

    Love this man. His delivery was on point. Love you Dr DRE. 🥰😘

  • ESSJ333
    ESSJ333 Month ago +19

    LL Cool J is a legend Im glad I grew up during his era and grew up listening to his music.

  • Markus F
    Markus F Month ago +20

    LL Cool J is hard as hell!
    I started listening to Uncle L when i was 6 years old, that was 1987 and he's been with me ever since, always staying relevant with music, movies etc. Much respect.

  • Snazzy Shikena
    Snazzy Shikena Month ago +5

    I celebrate you living legend LL COOL J. Thank you for what you've done for HIP HOP. Blessings


  • Jay Roy
    Jay Roy Month ago +24

    Dre is such a legend !

  • Shea Jerseysfinest Austin

    LL: “I want to max out everything that’s inside of me I want to die empty”. That shit is deep. Definitely my favorite MC!!🎤

  • Cirilo Medina
    Cirilo Medina Month ago +6

    LL is like that awesome friend or cousin or uncle who’s always been there! He never changed up or sold out or anything, he’s stayed true to his craft. Congrats LL you’ve earned everything 🐐

  • sean rickards
    sean rickards Month ago +5

    Great intro Dre, you showed nothing but love and respect!

  • Don. C.
    Don. C. Month ago +4

    🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 Thank you, LL, for the memories. The most impressive thing I always was in awe of was your lyricism at such a young age. You spit rhymes on your songs as if you were battling EVERYBODY. You were never lazy about having the dopest production, writing your lyrics and delivering them with passion on wax and in concert. I felt you gave me my money’s worth and my time well spent. I have prayed for your continued success and supported your music, movies and shows. I can truly say “I love you, my brother.” Even though I haven’t met you yet. I subscribed instantly so I can check out your latest endeavor “Rock the Bells.” I think you should buy the Troop company and hire me to redesign the clothing and kicks! Ha. Peace god M.C. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod Month ago +9

    I’m so happy for LL Cool J....I’m 64 and he still makes me get up and dance! Congratulations man. ❤️🙏🏼💜

  • Kev27RS
    Kev27RS Month ago +364

    Dre's opening speech about what "LL" stands for, was awesome! 🔥

    • Denise Austin
      Denise Austin Month ago

      @ Illustratio Spectrum Studio Light (ISSL) lol 😈

    • Ahriman
      Ahriman Month ago

      @Marti S ru-clip.com/video/m9ef2QlVLrM/video.html #APREME

    • Ahriman
      Ahriman Month ago

      @Kev27RS ru-clip.com/video/m9ef2QlVLrM/video.html #APREME

    • Kev27RS
      Kev27RS Month ago

      @Marti S 💯

    • Marti S
      Marti S Month ago +3

      He's the Motown of rap.. he so deserves this honor . He stayed true to who he was through the years you never heard about him getting in trouble or doing crazy things he always kept his head about him he could rap the phone book.. him and the Beastie boys are both inducted now.. keep in mind too he wasn't just a rapper back in the day he's still coming out with song.. but he just has a voice that's iconic to me. danced through the years to llj, Beastie boys Dre...

  • Clarke89
    Clarke89 Month ago +4

    Dre delivered the into really
    Well word for word awesome tribute to a living legend

  • Yana's Eyes
    Yana's Eyes Month ago +10

    "I want to max out everything that's in me. I want to die empty." I felt that❤️

  • Glynis AftaMath Cleaning Services

    Congratulations LL he did it for New York we love him he sung for the ladies but still went hard for the men he deserves this

    • DjFusion KoFB
      DjFusion KoFB Month ago

      Why New York? Why can’t it just be Hiphop?

  • Andre N.
    Andre N. Month ago +5

    Props to Rick Rubin for producing "I need a beat" for LL Cool J..One of my favorite track is "Nitro" which was one of baddest underrated hip hop joint ever.

  • Battlefield Tampa TV
    Battlefield Tampa TV Month ago +13

    2 living legends OMG 😲 Happy to see these guys grow old and get their just-dos... Salute G.O.A.T

  • KiLovely
    KiLovely Month ago +13

    LL is the MAN!!! Living Legend indeed!!!

  • Citizenshane the Shaniac
    Citizenshane the Shaniac 28 days ago +1

    This is what hip-hop is about. Dre is always going to be one of my all-time favorites. He’s all dignity, all class and when I seen that footage of that cop harassing him outside his own home, I wished I was there to educate the officer, I wanted to come to the man’s defense, I was so angered and disgusted in such an unnecessary act of harassment. I would have calmly approached the situation and I would’ve looked right in the cop’s eyes to say “do you realize who this gentleman is? You don’t deserve to be in his presence. It scares me to think you’re a civil servant in law enforcement instead of the post office or social security office because I can only imagine how many innocent men and women you have harassed and assaulted. It is in the constitution clear as day in the government and authorities and the system alike were implemented for the sake of working for us, you officer work for Andre Young just as our 3 branches of government are elected to do the same thing yet I have never once seen a day of justice in my life. Do you want to know who America’s worst nightmare is? It is the overprivileged undisciplined white Sociopathic children of parents who only care about their own legacies and will destroy peoples lives simply because they can’t afford it. I know this because I had that happen to me more times than I can count. This man you were harassing outside his home gate has done more for this planet and humanity in a day than you, your family, and all your ancestors have combined in your entire lineage combined. I know it was like two years ago but it still bothers me.

    Anyway, very thoughtful words, Dre and congratulations LL, I was 8 years old when I heard the words “Don’t call it a comeback…”, a few months later my Twin and I performed it in our school talent show. 🥲

    It’s so ironically perfect that Dre to inducted you the 5th grade I strolled into my classroom singing ‘Automobile’ verbatim, word for word even trying to beat box the piano riff and all. Both these men had a huge influence on my love for hip-hop to this day.

    Just cause you’re bad and you’ve been there and done that don’t 😆does not mean you’re finished yet, not even close, you Gentlemen have a long way to go.

    Thank you both.

    P.S- You know I Love You, Missy!!!

  • Kesha Hunt
    Kesha Hunt Month ago +2

    Love me some LL and everything he does, super talented from rap to acting skills

  • Devon Boger
    Devon Boger Month ago +74

    LL is not given enough recognition. I know you have Big and Pac, and Eminem and Snoop, but LL was that dude set in his own lane. He was alone on his stage. People don't know that him and Jay-Z were upcoming friends back in the day and LL career took off faster than Jay-Z career. Jay-Z went on to take over but LL paved the way for many solo rap artist. He is at the top in my book.

    • Yolkava
      Yolkava 7 days ago +1

      Like Busta Ryhmes!

  • Jason Supra
    Jason Supra Month ago +5

    One word… GOAT! LL is a legend and the music he made was inspiring, infectious and most of all hip hop!! 👊🏼

  • Paula Deegan
    Paula Deegan Month ago +3

    Great video - Thank You!
    My mom is 78 years old & she likes LL Cool J - concerning his acting lol!
    So it just goes to show the depth of his God-Given gift & the hard work he put in to hone his craft in all aspects of the entertainment industry!

  • Goin Bananas
    Goin Bananas Month ago +6

    I love both LL and Dre. Both living legends. They gave good music growing up. Good memories.

  • Digital Daddy
    Digital Daddy  Month ago +3

    Love LL. He for sure helped shape my life with lyrically beautiful jams.

  • Yvette kidd
    Yvette kidd Month ago +2

    Dr Dre is the real deal just like LL, Eminem, snoop, ect... they are all legendary, all these newbies should really take a note from what made them great.

  • Tanna Preston
    Tanna Preston Month ago +42

    Absolutely wonderful. He has earned it. NCIS shows his indescribable talent. And….I am a Southern born lady of a certain age.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Month ago +3

    I didn't know he could deliver like that. Dre should do a movie.

  • DannySanny
    DannySanny Month ago +3

    (2:32) 4:56Confidence! 5:06Talent! 8:24Faith! (8:37! XDDDD)Comeback! 9:05 - 9:29Resistance! 10:09Improofed! 10:40(A Legend!.)

  • Todd Nichol
    Todd Nichol Month ago +3

    A heart-warming display of DIVERSITY!!!! The double standards will never end.

  • Eazy
    Eazy Month ago +4

    Dr. Dre is the biggest and best influence as a producer in the rap game.

  • Musik216
    Musik216 Month ago +30

    Queens in the house!! LL, You more than deserve this honor. You are true to it💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Donna-Marie Chambers
    Donna-Marie Chambers Month ago +3

    There isn't a song he wrote that I don't dance to then and now 2021. He is so talented and now I enjoy his acting career NCIS.

  • Dayvion Carter
    Dayvion Carter Month ago +470

    It's about damn time, welcome to the rock and roll hall of fame LL Cool J .

    • Sam Bell
      Sam Bell Month ago +2

      Where’s the rockrock ‘n’ roll at? wait a minute! this is the wrong Hall of Fame I’m watching my bad🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Nova Corps
      Nova Corps Month ago

      I'm happy and all, but they inducted him in the "Musical Excellence" category and not as a performer. It's the equivalent of a runner up prize. I happen to think he was shortchanged.

    • Energy Asylum
      Energy Asylum Month ago +4

      Hell mudda-fuggin’ YEEEAAAYAAA! 🤘🏿✊🏻✌🏾👍🏼👌🏽👍

    GTA V REALISM Month ago +4

    Anyone who can do a song like "4, 3, 2, 1" and a song like "I Need Love" and be successful with both has to earn your respect, even if you're only a fan of one of them.

  • Sabrina Burnham
    Sabrina Burnham Month ago +3

    L.L.Cool J. deserves all these accolades. He represents Rap/Hip Hop well and has a good acting career. CONGRATULATIONS L.L. COOL J.!!!

  • Earl Lewis
    Earl Lewis 26 days ago

    Grew up hearing the legend. His songs…Motivation for the life changing decisions I had. His songs were the bar and the forecast for success.

    He is correct in being grateful…and reminds me of that.

  • Viet Paki
    Viet Paki Month ago +7

    Like the other Hall Of Famers, you are one of my favorites LL 👏 Thank you for being an influential person in my life. Congratulations for getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame!

  • Fee Mac
    Fee Mac Month ago +237


    • Crow Sword
      Crow Sword Month ago +1

      I may not be Dr. Dre but over here where I live (still) in this town where I grew up, I am known as Bart "Hiphop" Vandijck, so some might argue differently but let's not make it into a threat shall we

    • Crow Sword
      Crow Sword Month ago +1

      @Alicia's Talk Sessions "there's something unbelievably right about this...." was what I was thinking just a couple of years ago & I remember staying relatively calm while that particular thought went through my head - although I don't remember much short term

    • Alicia's Talk Sessions
      Alicia's Talk Sessions Month ago +2

      Wow I actually thought about that for a minute and you know what you're absolutely right ..

    • Hazy Palace Birdcage
      Hazy Palace Birdcage Month ago +2

      tbh, he may have popularised it, but who I believe said it first was Mike Tyson in a interview with Muhammad Ali.

    • Crow Sword
      Crow Sword Month ago +2

      hah hah hah.

  • Texas 2A
    Texas 2A Month ago +3

    Ahhh the good ol days of real hip hop ✊ 🇺🇸

  • Heero yuy
    Heero yuy Month ago +3

    my only problem with this is i dont think they spent enough time showing my mans career.

    that said congrats my man, its about time they introduce you into the hall of fame, again congratulations LL

  • Ikon
    Ikon Month ago +9

    "I want to max out everything that's inside of me I want to die empty" ....
    We should all strive to live like that.

  • Laura Cavanaugh
    Laura Cavanaugh Month ago +2

    Yeah…have always been a huge fan of LL! Well deserved.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Month ago +2

    This brought back memories of when I was a kid and had a cheap record player connected to a big cheap floor speaker and bumping Rodney-o " everlasting bass", I felt so alive, I'm now 45 ! I bumped LL too of coarse, congrats my G, you deserve every last accolade 👏 How the time flies 😎✌️🍻

    • Oldschool Authentic
      Oldschool Authentic Month ago

      @Luis Rodriguez 👍

    • Luis Rodriguez
      Luis Rodriguez Month ago +1

      @Oldschool Authentic
      Ya... I wasn't stating Im the oldest dude... Just simply expressing one of my most memorable experiences I had as a kid.

    • Oldschool Authentic
      Oldschool Authentic Month ago


  • ndifor divine
    ndifor divine Month ago

    Respect Sir Dre, That's what a Dr should sound like...genuine !!! 🙏🏾

  • Leslie Warnell
    Leslie Warnell Month ago +68

    “Everybody need love. Only suckers are scared of love.” What HE said. 🎼🖤🦋

  • Keepskatin
    Keepskatin Month ago +3

    Respect, a true versatile Living Legend LL Cool Jay. Time to add all his hits to my Quboz HD music downloads library.

  • AllThingz Dani
    AllThingz Dani Month ago +281

    LL is the goat!!! He stayed true to himself, able to flourish across the decades adjusting and NEVER publicly embarrassed his wife!! Fame fortune and ladies everywhere he has never disgraced Simone publicly! He’s the GOAT 🐐

    • Kevin b
      Kevin b Month ago +8

      And he's the one who started the goat statement

    • Dre Hardin
      Dre Hardin Month ago +14

      That Part.
      Held the wife down 100% !

  • Darcell Boone
    Darcell Boone Month ago +4

    im glad to see dr dre is doin well. congrats to LL tho!

  • Deb Aguillon
    Deb Aguillon Month ago +2

    Have so much respect for you LL I loved your comedy show 😉

  • DARD
    DARD Month ago +9

    The first LL song I heard was "Dangerous." It was a Saturday morning in 1985 and I was recording songs off the radio (KTSU, Houston). It was like someone had taken all the best qualities from all the best hip hop songs at the time and concentrated them into one artist. I was seriously afraid that he was going to rhyme every word that could be rhymed and hip-hop would dry up because there were no more rhymes left. In the age of Run-DMC, UTFO, Whodini, etc., LL became my favorite artist after I heard "Dangerous" only one time. 👑

    And, if you didn't like that he was a pretty boy, or that he would do songs with R&B acts, or that he made love songs, that's okay but don't express your dissatisfaction with him on a record because he'll come back with his own song and end your career. If I'm being completely honest, I believe that everything LL does, there's a rapper who does it a little better but NO ONE can do as much as he can do as well as he can do it.

  • Moloko Mojela
    Moloko Mojela Month ago +2

    Congradulations LL. Well deserved. Lots of love

  • sailor75565
    sailor75565 Month ago +237

    LL COOL J (Living Legend) is hard as hell, ROCK THE BELLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cass
      Cass Month ago

      @ Illustratio Spectrum Studio Light (ISSL) what are you talking about

    • SweetBrownSuga504
      SweetBrownSuga504 Month ago +1


  • EVIL
    EVIL Month ago +6

    LL Cool Jay, a legend.
    Walking with a panther was one of my first CDs.
    Zoom is still in my playlist. 😍

  • TM Okorie
    TM Okorie 13 days ago +1

    Masterfully delivered tribute from Dr. Dre. Just an honest admirer and a true fan of LL. Nothing fake here. Glad to see Dr. Dre healthy and divorced AF. Smart move with the prenup …. Nicole overplayed her cards! Same for Easy E, Same for Suge .. each tome Dre came out on top. Mad respect!!🙌🙌🙌

  • D
    D Month ago +3


  • K Black
    K Black Month ago +3

    This brings be back! I loved ll cool j when growing up. Just a white kid from a small city in Canada, really digging everything he did.

  • The Talking Booth . k
    The Talking Booth . k Month ago +2

    LL is just what hip hop ought to be like now am looking at how far hip hop has come an LL is my G(he is just simply the great hip hop will ever come to see) an as time moves on day by day I would be better chilling, flexing and loving music and I think my radio would be the best heart 💖 to let his soul rock with me period 😎😎🔥

  • Santo Inka
    Santo Inka Month ago +6

    Mucho respeto desde Medellín,mis primeras notas musicales aprendidas fueron las notas melódicas del piano de i need love,solo tenía 15 años de edad, gracias por la inspiración.🇨🇴🔊🔊💯✌️

  • Twitchy73
    Twitchy73 19 days ago

    Just Wow man! Awesome that Dre was the one to induct. Guys like LL and Dre and many, many others, have laid the very foundation of Hip-Hop. As a Gen X'er, its pretty powerful to see these icons not lose their touch and still have that nostalgic pull for us all.

  • Sacramento King
    Sacramento King Month ago +6

    Simply a GOAT. LL Cool J is a devotion of a pioneer. Living Legend!

  • Tokyo Mushinkan
    Tokyo Mushinkan Month ago +2

    Yay!!! LL was one of the first rappers I got into back in the 80s! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma Month ago +3

    Dre did a really good job

  • BigBoks 20
    BigBoks 20 Month ago +2

    Living Legend For real💯💯one of the greatest entertainers of our generation the Legend LL Cool J❤️👏🏻💯💯

  • Sextus Empiricus
    Sextus Empiricus 21 day ago

    "I wanna max out everything that's inside of me. I wanna die empty." - LL the GOAT

  • Chicka Boom Boom
    Chicka Boom Boom Month ago +1

    You earned it bro congratulations well deserved.

  • Anna Gardner
    Anna Gardner Month ago +18

    It’s about goddamn time they recognized LL Cool J living legend or ladies love LL Cool J❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Erick Smith
    Erick Smith Month ago +2

    Doin it was number one for weeks...10 platinum albums in a row...nobody can do that. Congrats!!!

  • Jazmin Ratzlaff
    Jazmin Ratzlaff 5 days ago

    Love Dr Dre’s induction speech, nothing but honour, respect and friendship! You are the Capricorn king “Goat” of hip hop and rock and roll rap Ll Cool J! Congratulations, it’s about time! 🌟✨💎🤩😍😘🏆👑⚜️🥰🎤🎙🎵🎶🐐❤️♥️

  • Scot the swing man.
    Scot the swing man. Month ago +67

    I saw LL at jazz fest in new Orleans a few years back. He was doing sound check at like 9 am before the festival gates had opened. With only staff and a few lucky vendors looking on he had the place just rocking. His energy is unsurpassed. I was a fan before this, but he gained me as a lifetime fan that morning. Much love and respect. You are the man.

  • Isidore Mbianda
    Isidore Mbianda 24 days ago

    Remember listening to 'Mama said knock you out' and I got hooked instantly. His silky rhymes and clear words made it easy for me to love his flow. LL made HipHop so listenable and catchy, chocolate taste...

  • Frank Jo
    Frank Jo Month ago +2

    I'm glad I was able to go through this great time of good real music.

  • Sean The Bastard
    Sean The Bastard Month ago +2

    You deserve...every OUNCE of it, brother:

    ...I recall, when you'd JUST signed with Def Jam; and, your album was JUST hitting the streets.

    I was born in Washington, D.C.; but, my cousin would come up to N-Y ALL the time; and, he KNEW how much I was in-Love with HIP-HOP, since the late-70s.

    He (my cousin), would bring back to me...ALL of the mixtapes, taped directly FROM the radio (DJ Red Alert Show, and such: "YEAHHHHHHH-hhhhhhhhhhhh...!!*lololz*!!)...

    YOU, sir...???

    Are, a part of my OWN, PERSONAL History, Mr James Todd Smith.

    I am grateful, for your music AND Movements, being a part of my existence.

    Quit stealing all the women's damn hearts, too*lmaooo*...Salute:


    Signed Sincerely Yours,

    Sean The BASTARD! :0)

  • Adrian Poore
    Adrian Poore Month ago +2

    Yoooo I need to see more of Dre on TV in a movie anything

  • Mike James
    Mike James Month ago +11

    "I wanna die empty" is one of the most profound things I've ever heard.

  • dizzydad51
    dizzydad51 Month ago +4

    one of the greatest hip-hop artist. just like Dr. Dre said, stay relevant!

  • JMD535
    JMD535 Month ago +2

    WoW! That "Crush Grove" piece brought back some serious memories,...I remember like it was yesterday when LL bust'd on the scene! Major props!.....

  • Janaé Cheri
    Janaé Cheri Month ago +11

    I wanna max out everything that’s inside of me. I wanna die empty- LLCoolJ

    I felt that. That’s real🏁

  • juansax84
    juansax84 Month ago +2

    Gracias gente del hip hop por su legado !! ahora los vemos en youtube más viejitos pero siguen siendo los mejores