Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments • 4 591

  • Marmeladowa
    Marmeladowa Day ago

    People act differently if they are being filmed. Especially teens, because they are very aware of their image, they put on the good and obedient mask.

  • Taylor H
    Taylor H Day ago

    first off wisdom doesn't come from age but experience get some teens that have been through life they probably know more than some of these adults... yall should try to have a diverse group in every video cause this was not it lol

  • Gmb061105
    Gmb061105 2 days ago

    Could y'all have just picked like the average high school kid instead because this isn't what most teens are like

  • Casually Done
    Casually Done 3 days ago

    I dont think they shouldve picked the kids parents for them

  • DB
    DB 3 days ago

    did anyone else scream “AUNT FANNYYYYYYYYY” in there head at the beginning?

  • Amanda Carrion
    Amanda Carrion 3 days ago +1

    “As a parent, I trust her.”
    *her kid smiles*
    Now THAT is a good relationship

  • Isabel Orozco
    Isabel Orozco 3 days ago

    Can we talk about Mateo's eyebrows for a sec?

  • MrRottweiler72
    MrRottweiler72 5 days ago

    Kids don't realize how difficult it is to have kids until you have yours. Kids think that their parents may not understand them. We adults were kids at one time

  • Trystan69 Bougaard
    Trystan69 Bougaard 8 days ago

    Imagine being named fanny

  • Gannon Ruby
    Gannon Ruby 11 days ago

    Millennials and baby boomers

  • Jen McClos
    Jen McClos 11 days ago

    Hi I’m jenny and I play an unhealthy amount of poptropica

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod 15 days ago

    These teens are emotionally stable, not on drugs, not crazy and are normal. This is very unfair.

  • Wanda Carias
    Wanda Carias 16 days ago

    why is no one talking about how fanny looks a lot like justina machado from one day at a time?

  • Pinkgelica Lui
    Pinkgelica Lui 16 days ago

    Can Transwoman-phobic Men and Transwomen See Eye to Eye?

  • Mako Moss
    Mako Moss 17 days ago

    Why did that girl Witt the pink shirt handshake her dad at the end and at “nice to meet you”

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 18 days ago


  • Steven Fay
    Steven Fay 18 days ago

    It’s creepy that these parents watch their kids’ social media! My parents know that I have it but they don’t stalk me

  • Toooni
    Toooni 20 days ago

    Her:single mom, 2 kids..
    My mom: a mom with 11 kidshadmy sis when she was17 got married when she was 15 but was forced to then divorced the guy she was forced to be with and went with the guy that she loved and thats my dad but hes so mean to me. but its her love so idc

  • Anne-Sophie Gill
    Anne-Sophie Gill 21 day ago

    I have no idea what I'm doing LOL

  • I don’t have a username

    Mateo is gonna get bullied.. 😔

  • alisha edward
    alisha edward 23 days ago

    please do an episode on older and younger siblings:)

  • Gwyndalyn Danner-Duncan

    These teens have such strong connections with their parents. I’d love to see a video with more strained relationships between the parents and not even teens but young adults or even older generations and their parents. The question “I wish my relationship with the other side was better” would be so much more emotional and raw between families that do struggle to connect with each other. Real human emotion from families with more controversy.

  • Infinity CIC
    Infinity CIC 24 days ago

    I fly a glider and aerobatic plane, beat that

  • Mikailee Daphne Elpedes

    hi i'm 16 and i'm about to fall asleep again

  • jimin s booty
    jimin s booty 26 days ago

    0:40 i feel so bad bc nobody laughed at her joke, i didn’t laugh either but the silence was so funny

  • My Cheese stick
    My Cheese stick 26 days ago

    That guy has a bump behind his right ear

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 26 days ago +2

    0:35 I'M SOORY WHAT?!?

  • Hoa The Flower
    Hoa The Flower 27 days ago

    im 15 and i got like 10 strands of grey hair

  • Paige McKenzie
    Paige McKenzie 27 days ago

    i have a horrible relationship with my mom most of the time. i wish i had a good relationship like isabelle and her mom

  • Lewi
    Lewi 27 days ago

    Kid One: I build robots
    Kid Two: Im passionate about singing and music
    Kid Three: I fly planes
    Most kids: i.. watch a lot of netflix?

  • Sandile Zwane
    Sandile Zwane 28 days ago

    Fanny is the sweet lady from Spectrum ❤️

  • Mr Wetcloth
    Mr Wetcloth 28 days ago

    That movement when you realise your name is fanny

  • SirHyde
    SirHyde 28 days ago

    Before I start the video I think it should have been non related kids and parents

  • Annie Bot
    Annie Bot 29 days ago

    Fanny is the mummiest mum there ever was

  • naked panda
    naked panda Month ago

    The blonde girl resembles Billie Eilish a little.

  • lxxgn
    lxxgn Month ago

    She is litteraly the next Taylor Swift

  • Vangster
    Vangster Month ago

    bruh in my family we barley say the "L" word wtfffff

  • Alice Pink
    Alice Pink Month ago

    Please do one with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicide and people who don't. I suffer from them myself and often find that people who don't just think I can turn it off or stop.

  • The Jewellery Box
    The Jewellery Box Month ago

    Man these people are too perfect lmao
    Great job though! They're all beautiful people. I'm OBSESSED with the British family.


    Part 2: Mexican parents and teens

  • Nex Carter
    Nex Carter Month ago

    When did my the name Taylor which was a male name become females? It meant the Son of a Tailor

  • ley
    ley Month ago

    I feel like the older you are the more you know isn't true for everyone

  • idris idris
    idris idris Month ago

    Two snaps😂😂😂😫

  • Hamna Kabeer
    Hamna Kabeer Month ago

    I feel soo pathetic compared to these kids.There they are making planes and finding the cure to cancer and here I am trying to complete my maths homework.

  • ta t
    ta t Month ago

    these are the most cookie cutter people ever

  • Jacey Rogers
    Jacey Rogers Month ago

    Are we less innocent? Well we were raised during a time of chaos of school shooting and terrorism

  • TreyAllDay
    TreyAllDay Month ago +2

    "Suicide rates are up, anxiety is up, depression is up, and that comes from a lack of innocence."
    Actually that comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain. If anything those are the things that make you less innocent, not a lack of innocence leading up to those.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace Month ago

    mateo is that kid from school with all the highest grades and the suck up to teachers he would be the one who snitched on you for chewing gum lmao

  • Paige Fuller
    Paige Fuller Month ago

    i wish they could bring kids in with more of a unstable position and not just basic problems. they’re could be such a better talk with kids that have been through things.

  • Pikey
    Pikey Month ago +4

    Mateo probably deleted Instagram cause he got sad because people made fun of him for reporting memes

  • Grace’sKiwi
    Grace’sKiwi Month ago

    Why is every person in this video so successful even the 16 yr old . Their all so mentally stable . If this was normal teenagers wit their parents they would all be arguing very loud

  • Rania Cherie
    Rania Cherie Month ago

    Questions like should kids do stuff for parents? Is beating allowed? Etc. These are dry lmao

  • Emaan Kabeer
    Emaan Kabeer Month ago

    im 15 and i feel kinda pathetic compared to these teenagers.All i do is play minecraft all day.

  • bored dom
    bored dom Month ago

    The way I see it nowadays adults are just big ass children who happen to drive and pay taxes. You really don't grow up. Hate when an aDuLt thinks their special cause their older. PlEEaaaSEe.

  • S
    S Month ago

    i hate the bald man who said depression and anxiety came bc of lack of innocence. go buy yourself a wig and stfu

  • J YT
    J YT Month ago

    “Hi I’m Fanny”...

  • Just Judah
    Just Judah Month ago

    Fanny 💦🤤

  • Daniel Hanson
    Daniel Hanson Month ago

    This kid actin like his mom gonna teach him how to have control over his life 😂😂you learn that yourself

  • BlackSilhouette
    BlackSilhouette Month ago

    Isabella look like a whole adult

  • Amanda Valenzuela
    Amanda Valenzuela Month ago +1

    Just A suggestion, maybe do a teen and adults can see Eye 2 Eye video where the teens don’t have any relationship to the adult. I think that would make for an interesting discussion if they don’t feel like the parents are looking over what they say.