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Minecraft 1.20 : Tuff Golem, Sniffer & Rascal!

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
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Comments • 3 219

  • xisumasays
    xisumasays Month ago +585

    We posted a video about Dream's face reveal! Check it out here 🙂ru-clip.com/video/fje3YczUNqM/video.html

    • Sam Sung
      Sam Sung Month ago

      Shut up

    • J r
      J r Month ago

      Ugly huh m

    • Hosanna Yeshua
      Hosanna Yeshua Month ago

      Maybe someone could hint at mojang that if one of the rascal's tools is a pickaxe or something that can mine 3x3 area then I am in.

    • KAZEuwu
      KAZEuwu Month ago

      I personally believe that the Rascal will be the best choice, people who play Minecraft don't have many options to interact with the world around them.
      It is all use this for this, and use that for that, a rascal will be a fun option while down in the mines, provides a good opportunity to have a little laugh or fun while fending off the bad guys.
      Also Rascal is the Bobble from Bubble Bobble prove me wrong? Let that cutie free

    • Masked One 1316
      Masked One 1316 Month ago

      Mojang or really promoting the sniffer mob because in the bedrock marketplace you can get the sniffer Hoodie for free

  • Aditya Bhadana
    Aditya Bhadana Month ago +1583

    I have to say linking Sniffer with underground fossils is genius.

    • Extra_44
      Extra_44 Month ago

      A work of someone with a pure love for this game in my opinion

    • Jesus 200
      Jesus 200 Month ago

      More like making it to find different fossils or preserved seeds on different places, like on ice plains for example, finding permafrost fossils or plants.

    • Quantinia
      Quantinia Month ago

      @Limbless Reptile well animals shrink overtime

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK Month ago

      @Borttor Bbq So the entire upper part the sniffers have is entirely boneless? that sounds like a stretch

    • Borttor Bbq
      Borttor Bbq Month ago

      @NANCOK nah cuz the turtles that are in Game have full shells and the shells are actually extension of the vertebrae and ribs so it wouldn't be the case

  • Cruzer
    Cruzer Month ago +667

    overall the sniffer seems the coolest with a whole ancient creature vibe and bringing new plants is very cool, plus it gives more incentive to actually look in those underwater cities for items

    • MrSinister718
      MrSinister718 Month ago +1

      Imagine if the seeds are for a new tree type!!

    • Gavin Winter
      Gavin Winter Month ago +2

      How can u not vote for something named sniffer!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Red Flamey Guy
      Red Flamey Guy Month ago

      @Sapphire Pebbles wow, such a great way to express your opinions

    • Red Flamey Guy
      Red Flamey Guy Month ago

      Vote sniffer!

    • Toast
      Toast Month ago

      @PokerusFreak did u just forget abt the aquatic update?

  • TicoMachi
    TicoMachi Month ago +60

    The Sniffer looks like a giant grass block. It would be cool if they had full collision, and you could stand on them.

  • wizardcat
    wizardcat Month ago +68

    The sniffer sounds amazing but I prefer the tuff golem. I think they could add a lot of movement and character into Minecraft bases.

  • Burgzingas
    Burgzingas Month ago +39

    I like how the mobs that have no chance of winning are always covered in moss (glare and now rascal)

    • Burgzingas
      Burgzingas Month ago

      @Epicgamer Vallon nah everywhere i look theres tuff golem or sniffer fans but no rascal fans (also rascal gets the least votes in every yt poll)

    • Epicgamer Vallon
      Epicgamer Vallon Month ago

      Definitely has a bigger chance than tuff golem

    • Burgzingas
      Burgzingas Month ago

      @Rendere hello

    • Rendere
      Rendere Month ago

      sup airy

  • CraftyMasterman
    CraftyMasterman Month ago +6366

    I feel like compared to other votes this one is a lot more one sided. They went into waaaay more detail on how the sniffer works vs the golem and the rascal. And voting the sniffer is the safest option imo since they promised the most things out of the three

    • Denis NopeNo
      Denis NopeNo Month ago

      @Aaron Catterachk yes but the other 2 mobs don't bring anything unique, rascal just gives you trash picks and we literally have a tuff golem, it's called an item frame, at least sniffer looks cool and is unique in how it does things

    • Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay
      Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay Month ago

      @Aaron Catterachk how could you use the golem as a butler

    • Aaron Catterachk
      Aaron Catterachk Month ago

      @kai gamer
      The sniffer just gives decorative plant why I well vote for him? I am voteing the tuff golem

    • Aaron Catterachk
      Aaron Catterachk Month ago

      It’s not unique items, it’s a purely decorative plant. It doesn’t have so much of a difference from the golem. They both bring decorative things. Except the golem could be a cleaner way of storing trophies and you could use him as a literal butler.

    • Aaron Catterachk
      Aaron Catterachk Month ago

      The plants the sniffer gives you are simply decorative too. The sniffer has no other use. What are you on about?

  • GalacticMechanic
    GalacticMechanic Month ago +4

    I can't decide between the tuff golem and the sniffer. It seems mojang really wants to add a new golem to the game, this is the 2nd time a buildable golem is in the mob vote.

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    overall the sniffer seems the coolest with a whole ancient creature vibe and bringing new plants is very cool, plus it gives more incentive to actually look in those underwater cities for items


    The sniffer clearly the best option, second one is really underwhelming. Tuff golem not very good too & doesn't have good features.

  • EzzaNinja
    EzzaNinja Month ago +4

    I’m going for the Sniffer this time around. There’s so many intriguing things about this mob. It’s technically a dinosaur as it is “ancient” which adds more lore to the game.
    And it also adds more exploration to the game, forcing the player to go exploring in the oceans. Not to mention they can find ancient seeds and we can get many more plant types which would add a level of rarity to some plants.

  • Zachatron
    Zachatron Month ago +519

    I hope the sniffers are big. I think it would be so cool to see a big ol’ passive mob because all of the larger mobs are hostile

    • Toast
      Toast Month ago

      @FireClawInfinity if they wouldn’t allow riding on dolphins I don’t think they will allow u to ride it but they do allow u to ride on pigs so there is a possibility

    • HugeInJapan
      HugeInJapan Month ago

      It's described as "giant", so that it being big is a reasonable presumption

    • FireClawInfinity
      FireClawInfinity Month ago +1

      it would also be sick if you were able to ride them like pigs or horses, but that might be some wishful thinking.

    • Ambitious Emerald
      Ambitious Emerald Month ago +2

      @Zachatron if that is mini, then the real deal will be HUGE

    • Nicefang
      Nicefang Month ago

      I'm pretty sure they'd be about the size of a ravager or a bit smaller

  • lemonz
    lemonz Month ago +3

    I absolutely love the iron golem, even if it doesn't have features where it sniffs and then just plants seeds I feel as if the iron golem could be more there's just one variation of the iron golem and it's very sad I just want the iron golem to have the spotlight other than just being protective.

  • RedstoneParadox
    RedstoneParadox Month ago +50

    Actually, it sounds like multiple plants would be added with the sniffer. Edit: Also, regarding multiple rounds; I actually think having a single vote that goes for 24 hours before the event is live will enable more people to vote that otherwise wouldn't be able to vote during the show for whatever reason.

    • Bee Holland
      Bee Holland Month ago

      @aliss liou Pandas:

    • aliss liou
      aliss liou Month ago

      I hope the sniffers are big. I think it would be so cool to see a big ol’ passive mob because all of the larger mobs are hostile

  • Fellow Rabbit
    Fellow Rabbit Month ago +3

    I know it's wishful thinking with all the reactions I've seen, but I really hope the Tuff Golem wins

  • Ninja Noodle
    Ninja Noodle Month ago +289

    Sniffer: I like everything about it except for the name.
    Rascal: The concept of a hide-and-seek mob is interesting, but I'm not really sold on them giving it a loot table worth bothering with. If only we could hunt Rascals and they would drop their backpacks....
    Tuff Golem: This seems like an interesting idea for a decorative statue item that also acts as an Item Frame, but not really as a Mob.

    • Giovani Nevarez
      Giovani Nevarez Month ago

      I guess you could say the sniffers name is a bit ON THE NOSE...I see myself out

    • davebeastly
      davebeastly Month ago +1


    • Patrick Choque
      Patrick Choque Month ago

      I think they should’ve called it the Sniffler

    • Mambastycznie
      Mambastycznie Month ago

      Sniffer name is best, and tuff golem as a mob sounds cute

    • Extra_44
      Extra_44 Month ago +1

      That's a great idea for the rascal
      A way to introduce backpacks just like that
      But it would be like bundles , pretty useless in inventory size probably, the inventory disaster needs to be fixed in a whole other update.

  • RedKingMTX
    RedKingMTX Month ago +555

    I was kinda expecting more of the tuff golem lol
    I'm definitely voting for the Sniffer

    • ronzo
      ronzo Month ago

      @Jack Harrold oh my I'm not reading all that, but glad that you took the time to comment it anyway 😂

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK Month ago

      @SamJNE If the new plant relies on the sniffer to be added, it means the plant will be ABOUT the sniffer
      So whatever it does, it still involves this mob. And i don't see that going anywhere
      To top it off, they are making you get this one mob to get one unique seed. That's more linear and uninteresting than the rascal

    • SamJNE
      SamJNE Month ago

      @NANCOK ?
      They said that it will find unique seeds; not wheat seeds. That's why the sniffer also comes with at least one new plant.

    • Jack Harrold
      Jack Harrold Month ago +1

      @ronzo they could be new crops. New decorative plants, it's more about the fact that you're bringing an extinct animal back to life and that same animal then finds to help bring back extinct plants. Its page on the mincraft website even says something abouy helping with horticulture so its presents could help boost plant growth like the bee also dose, the whole concept its so much cooler then the Tuff golem, a worst version of the Allay, the rascal who gives you a iron pickaxe with likely low tier enchants, and makes a game out of playing in a mine full of dangerous mobs. Plus the rascal is below Y0 by that point the players should have iorn tools already if not Dimonds, finding mine shafts isn't easy, the rascal is mid to late game mob with items only useful for beginning play through. The golem dose some of the same things a Allay dose and just sits to be decorative. The sniffer is a extinct animal brought back from completely being wiped out, it's fossilized remans can be found in the overworld, it's a large peaceful mob, it finds extinct plant seeds that wouldn't be able to be foundd in the first place. And it gives players a reason to explore underwater ruines which have various items in its chests. Some even have a chance of having treasure maps, emeralds and even sea lanterns. And with the sniffer eggs added to thier loot, it adds much more to the game with unique features that no other mobs have.

    • ronzo
      ronzo Month ago

      @Jack Harrold but wtf do the new seeds give us. that's what i wanna know. will the new plants be useful?

  • Blood Wolf2609
    Blood Wolf2609 Month ago +16

    Sniffer seems to be the favourite by a landslide, I wasn't on board when the original video came out but seeing the other two mobs also swayed me back to the Sniffer as well.

  • Lepsonical
    Lepsonical Month ago +3

    There is a huge fundamental problem with the mob votes, and it's that they give us very little insight on these mobs. Sure, it's supposed to be kind of a surprise as to how the mob will fully work, and it likely isn't fully realized until the mob is chosen, but it is very frustrating to vote for a mob that had just a small summary to describe how it works. People voted for the phantom because they wanted a flying mob hostile mob, only to find out how aggressive they are in game. People voted for the glow squid because they thought it would actually give off a proper light source, only to find out it's just a piece of shit reskin. People voted for the allay because they didn't really understand what it did and assumed its capabilities were very high, only to find that, while still useful, it didn't dupe items or completely reinvent how farms work.
    Do we see the problem with this? I don't think it immediately comes down to the vote itself, because I think player engagement is good for both the players and Mojang, the scarcity in information we get about all of these mobs is downright upsetting. Hell, we don't even know what the Rascal even drops other than an enchanted iron pickaxe, and that pretty much killed any possibility of it being in the game. And what if the sniffer somehow doesn't meet expectations? What if there is some critical flaw in its design that gets people into a fit because we weren't told about it.
    Simply put, I , and all the other mob voters do not want to be left in the dark about how these mobs work, because we don't wanna end up with a bad mob that completely removes all the other options that Mojang will likely never add to the game because of it. End of story.

  • Christian Barrett
    Christian Barrett Month ago +2

    The sniffer seems like the best option unless the sniffer has really good loot and you could set up a hide and seek farm

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he's actually useful and adds more to the game

  • Masks
    Masks Month ago +1647

    I really hope that the Sniffer wins, it's about time for minecraft to get another truly original passive mob design

    • Tarodd Fields
      Tarodd Fields Month ago +1

      Well it did win🎉

    • Jebber
      Jebber Month ago

      @Tallyn Nyntyg Tf do you mean by not-blue? Do you mean just not hosted on Twitter?

    • StAngerNo1
      StAngerNo1 Month ago

      @Боб 25 Yeah, agreed. I voted for the copper golem, but thought the allay was cool too. Now in hindsight, I have to say the copper golem would have been way cooler. The allays are just too clunky and too small of a pickup radius to make them actually worth bothering with. I only ever tested them in a creative world and never really interacted with one in surival.

    • Unlusional
      Unlusional Month ago

      @Blizz yeah lol i see it now, but when it just came out i thought it would win lol

    • Patrick Choque
      Patrick Choque Month ago

      @Боб 25 true. and I’m still salty about the moobloom not winning too.

  • Nierusu
    Nierusu Month ago +7

    i actually really like the idea of the rascal, its something new to explore which is always great. als tuff golems are so cute. the sniffer is cute but seems kinda lame other than that

  • Tazze Glassbottle
    Tazze Glassbottle Month ago +9

    Apparently; you can actually manipulate Tuff Golem's movement, it seems to always return and stop at the block you originally placed it in.

  • ATE0009
    ATE0009 Month ago +15

    The sniffers either gonna give us a farming update or a ancient update, and both of those sound pretty good

    • Lejioh
      Lejioh Month ago

      @Slingr does that connect to my reply on some way?

    • Lejioh
      Lejioh Month ago

      @lukas ever heard of a "theory"?

    • lukas
      lukas Month ago

      No it won't

    SCREAMING FUNGUS Month ago +4

    I thought I had decided on voting for the Sniffer but the Tuff Golem is starting to grow on me…

  • Naj Litarvan
    Naj Litarvan Month ago +381

    i really hope that the sniffer's mechanic will be datapackable, imagine the possibilities

    • Bureaucratic Annihilator
      Bureaucratic Annihilator Month ago

      @Naj Litarvan pigs finding truffles and the possibility of ancient seeds reslly makes me think Minecraft is becoming Stardew Valley, and I'm here for it lmao

    • Naj Litarvan
      Naj Litarvan Month ago +3

      @RedstoneParadox ya and would be nice if other mobs could get this, imagine pigs finding truffles

    • RedstoneParadox
      RedstoneParadox Month ago +4

      It'll probably use a loot table.

      ANETHERITEMINION Month ago +10


  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    Sniffer seems like the best fit for the Archaeology path, which is what I’m hoping they go for this update. Especially with that fossil link that was brilliant. The Sniffer kind of reminds me of the Strider and the Great Hunger.

  • Nerdy Guy 123
    Nerdy Guy 123 Month ago +7

    I am going to vote for the sniffer!
    Idk why but I want to ride the big one around in the game. It seems like a really cool concept.

  • Dai hong
    Dai hong Month ago +1

    watching this makes me realize even more how much u and other youtubers & influencers go through and dont let their fans know for them not to worry. ur the most genuine person Top5gaming. i wish u and ur family the best always!! loved this video hands down one of my favs! thanks for being so vulnerable with us.

  • Bongo50
    Bongo50 Month ago +1

    I really like the Tuff Golem. The way it always returns to the same spot could be really useful. This might be wishful thinking, but I also feel that it might have some cool redstone interactivity. The Sniffer doesn't feel very useful to me (a new plant type does not excite me that much) so I'm not going to vote for it. I don't feel that the Rascal fits Minecraft so I won't vote for it.

  • Operngeist1
    Operngeist1 Month ago +850

    The website also talks about gentle giants, so I guess the version hatching from the egg is a baby and the other one is an adult which would be really awesome!

    • rohan
      rohan Month ago

      @Callum Finlayson-Palmer tuff golem is not that good

    • S Boy
      S Boy Month ago +1

      Tbh I thought that was obvious

    • killian1208
      killian1208 Month ago +3

      they look like mounts Imo. So really I would love using them as slow, massive mounts, maybe with a double chest of carry capacity

    • Rain
      Rain Month ago +3

      SNIFFA is going to win mainly because of the twitch emote meme SNIFFA. What a coincidence

    • Callum Finlayson-Palmer
      Callum Finlayson-Palmer Month ago +8

      @GoodChannelNameIdea wouldn't
      Tuff golem is good but sniffer is a close 2rd

  • Victor Palacios
    Victor Palacios Month ago +1

    Man I really wanted the copper golem to win, it was adorable, I’m going to vote for the tuff golem because I’ve always loved the golems in this game but I’m pretty sure the sniffer is gonna win sadly

  • helmetboy
    helmetboy Month ago +2

    The Tuff Golem is easily the best one. We haven't gotten an item displayer except item frames which aren't very cool. Plus the golem is the cutest one out of the three! (And can be customized??!!!)

  • Nerdy Bear
    Nerdy Bear Month ago +1

    When I heard the names I thought the sniffer would not be that great but it looks like I might vote for it! The tuff golem seems like they combined an allay and a copper golem with a bit of tuff on it!

  • Sphinxz
    Sphinxz Month ago +1

    The rascal is like the allay, you will see it for a second and then it leaves, and to find a sniffer it is going to take a while. Meanwhile the golem will be waiting for you at your base

  • Valdir Bruxel Jr.
    Valdir Bruxel Jr. Month ago +475

    i mentioned it on reddit some times already, but i like the Sniffer mob.
    i would also love if it had 3 growth stages -- a baby, juvenile, and mature -- and to unlock the 3rd one you would need to feed them something unique, like one of the ancient seeds it harvest
    this would allow us to have a herd of baby, juvenile Sniffers, and a few massive mature ones grazing their pastures... adding more life to the game

    • S Boy
      S Boy Month ago

      @peepytime Horses grow gradually?

    • peepytime
      peepytime Month ago

      It would be pretty cool if they grew more gradually, kind of like how Horses do in the game

    • Zeta
      Zeta Month ago

      Absolute genius

    • S Boy
      S Boy Month ago +1

      Yeah it wouldn’t really make sense for it to grow that much in one minisecond. Then again we have turtles

    • Zarda1
      Zarda1 Month ago +9

      Maybe you have specific requirements to grow the plant which then fruits, the mob eats the fruit and then grows. Gives you more stages of progression and a new food source or potion ingredient.

  • Sturgeon. Vibess
    Sturgeon. Vibess Month ago +1

    I liked the golem because I really wanted more mobs that interact with players and could be thought of as human-like companions, but the sniffer is way too well designed to let it go

  • Aiden Chrismas
    Aiden Chrismas Month ago +125

    I do like the idea of a sniffer, it adds new plants and I have always liked that idea.

    • Toast
      Toast Month ago

      Even if they do cancel the plants I would still get it for the design and to make it huge for a pet

    • ريان الجزيري
      ريان الجزيري Month ago +2

      @Sapphire Pebbles yes but i think more plants is good
      Not just one plant
      I think a package of 10 plants is exelent

    • Sapphire Pebbles
      Sapphire Pebbles Month ago +3

      @ريان الجزيري a lot of minecraft is about building, so for a LOT of players, decoration is very very important, more so than just getting more useless loot items that can be got elsewhere ^^;

    • ريان الجزيري
      ريان الجزيري Month ago

      @PokeChespinGames the devs said
      That the plant is useless

    • Aiden Chrismas
      Aiden Chrismas Month ago

      @Bendymaster806 it says that it will in the trailer………

  • jay
    jay Month ago +1

    I'm probably going to vote for the sniffer. My thinking is if it adds a new flower it could potentially add a new type of dype which could be used for new wool, concrete and terracotta maybe.

  • Darwin
    Darwin Month ago +1

    C’mon give the rascal a try! Plus, It is really fun playing a game of hide and seek with the mob.

  • James Yardley
    James Yardley Month ago +499

    I adore the sniffer and it looks to be the fan favourite, which gives me hope that the mob I like most will finally win for once. How can anyone not love this big, flower-loving dino fella.
    Since Mojang seem eager to add a new Golem to the game (RIP Copper Boi, we did not deserve it) I think a neat concept for one would be some sort of "Water Golem": a Golem that seeks out and extinguishes nearby fires. There aren't really any efficient ways for players to snuff out large scale blazes in game, so a mob like this could be a real life saver. Not sure what material it would be made of though.

    • mike moss
      mike moss Month ago

      @The Benjaman all three mobs suck. And last year all three mobs sucked. And before that they sucked. If the selling point for the one is "it'll find you a seed to grow AnCiEnT pLaNtS" then the game is doomed. As I said 1.12-1.19 was boring. All of it.
      A mob that only attacks at night if you don't sleep for three days? A blue fairy that you free from captivity only to enslave yourself? A dinosaur turtle that can find special decorative plant seeds? Come on.

    • The Benjaman
      The Benjaman Month ago

      @mike moss there is more to minecraft then beating the enderdragon you know that right?
      Sure getting a enchanted pickaxe from a guy in a cave after having to play hide and seek with it 3 times will help you progress to your goal but thats basically a glorified enchanting table that takes a sidequest to use.
      And the tuff golem? Does absolutely nothing

    • mike moss
      mike moss Month ago

      @The Benjaman "unique way blah blah"
      1. Find ocean
      2. Find underwater monument
      3. Clear area
      4. Find chest with egg
      5. No egg in this one repeat steps 1 and 2
      6. Find egg
      7. Hatch sniffer
      8. Wait for special decorative plant seed
      Not worth investing the time in. But dont worry I think all the updates since 1.11 have been pointless and just takes players further away from the end goal.

    • The Benjaman
      The Benjaman Month ago +1

      @mike moss i have a double chest of raw copper bean blocks. And raw iron bean blocks.
      I have done everything you can do in minecraft to the extreme if its exploring building redstone whatever you can think off, i have done. The sniffer is a unique mob with a unique way to get it and a unique wah to use it to get a decorative item.
      The other 2 mobs do absolutely nothing for me

    • mike moss
      mike moss Month ago

      @The Benjaman decorative builds is half of mine craft. You craft I mine. You make pretty things I mill raw materials for hours. You make pretty house I make random redstone contraptions. You like fancy colored blocks I like fighting the ender dragon and making it to an end city to get elytra and some shulk boxes.. for the first time outside of creative mode.
      It's boring Benjamin. I have zero interest spending the few hours a day i have for a video game decorating an area I'll eventually have to leave while searching for an end portal to move on to the next part of the game.

  • Saurx
    Saurx Month ago

    Sniffer definitely looks interesting, though I don’t really see how it would be that useful. However, I do think it still is the best out of the three with the golem a coming second

  • Gyrre
    Gyrre Month ago +2

    I'd just like another golem.
    It'd be nice if they did a mob vote on previous mob contest second placers.

  • EcksDee
    EcksDee Month ago +2

    Personally I think the grass block beak turtle is kinda mid, but the general community consensus is already picked. You’ll be in my heart forever you cloak wearing champion tuff golem 😔

  • Jeffasaurases
    Jeffasaurases Month ago

    Love terraforming and making farms, so I know which one I’m voting for. Though if the golem did get powered by red stone, that would change things up.

  • Mikethekingboss
    Mikethekingboss Month ago +32

    Sniffer is the most interesting and cute!

  • Bogdanasaurus
    Bogdanasaurus Month ago +1

    The Sniffer is honestly the best option. The Rascal's loot table won't even be that good (and it won't be used much), and the Tuff Golem does literally what the Allay does but worse.

  • Filleis
    Filleis Month ago

    Im definitely in favor of the Sniffer. Really cool desing, new plant and its a dinosaur.

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    overall the sniffer seems the coolest with a whole ancient creature vibe and bringing new plants is very cool, plus it gives more incentive to actually look in those underwater cities for items

  • ChromeCable
    ChromeCable Month ago

    I hope the Sniffer wins due to it being a type of passive mob I think we need more of in Minecraft. I also like the idea of ancient plants!

  • k f
    k f Month ago +181

    Excellent job prepping this and getting it out so fast.

    • Sanne Bov
      Sanne Bov Month ago

      @Sausage Degg i believe he didnt share it last time because he didnt want to influence us he probably wont tell us what he is voting

    • Borttor Bbq
      Borttor Bbq Month ago

      @xisumavoid what's your thoughts on copper equipment I still think they need to add it we need something before iron that isn't gold or chain I know stone is between wood and iron but I don't know it feels like we need something better than that along with chain getting a small buff

    • Old Soldier
      Old Soldier Month ago +2

      @xisumavoid Yeah, you're definitely projecting your wants here, since the description specifically says the golems will move about randomly. If we did get a way to control them, that might improve their utility, but only by a little bit. It's a shame that the Tuff Golems and Rascals are so lackluster. 😢

    • Sausage Degg
      Sausage Degg Month ago +2

      @cc woody fair

    • cc woody
      cc woody Month ago +3

      @Sausage Degg he can’t say that or ppl will be bias

  • Zach Garner
    Zach Garner Month ago

    I know my vote is going for the sniffer, it'd be nice to have just a bit more reason to seek out undersea ruins, plus I think I like the most in terms of design and function. I wouldn't be mad if we got the tuff golem though, seems like that one could be fun as well!

  • The Non
    The Non Month ago

    The sniffer had the most depth so it is getting my vote. I noticed that the sniffer and the rascal have a very similar substance on them. It might be moss but it looks a bit too aqua to me. Thoughts?

  • I love FNF
    I love FNF Month ago

    I am going with the Sniffer here. Took me a little time to make my choice, but hey, I feel like that those cute eggs will be a new and fun challenge, and they can find seeds underground which we can supposedly grow and get food without killing animals. They are also really cute and would make a tie with pandas since they're also cute :'D
    So yeah, the Sniffer should win.

  • SleepyDurian
    SleepyDurian Month ago +45

    I’m going to hope that we get sniffer its so adorable and it seems pretty interesting

  • Noa Vejlø
    Noa Vejlø Month ago +352

    I would vote for the Sniffer, if it meant they'd introduce one the to match the size of the fossils. Imagine a 1/1.000.000 of a GIANT Sniffer roaming the lands. It would be awe inspiring to encounter and something you would see but not be able to convince your friends you saw.

    • SolAureus
      SolAureus Month ago

      maybe they could give it a similar mechanic to the phantom where the size is randomized

    • John West
      John West Month ago

      @rdococ You'd be surprised, but a lot of features that are shown at minecon get forgotten.
      Bet half of you don't even know you can make waypoints on maps using banners xD

    • Cameron Lane
      Cameron Lane Month ago +2

      "They do roam in herds"

    • William R.S.
      William R.S. Month ago +3

      except only 1/1.000.000 people will experience that, as you said

    • Lusi Snt
      Lusi Snt Month ago +1

      Yep i agree, it would be so cool to watch them grow from baby to adult size too

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Month ago

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he's actually useful and adds more to the game

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he's actually useful and adds more to the game

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he's actually useful and adds more to the game

  • (Camille)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he's actually useful and adds more to the game

  • Big
    Big Month ago +36

    The Sniffer is definitely getting my vote. The rascal could be fun earlygame, but I doubt it would have much use after that. The Tuff Golem simply doesn't seem that interesting. However, the Sniffer will surely bring new flora to Minecraft, which, as a builder, is something I'm always going to be happy with.

  • Edgemaster72
    Edgemaster72 Month ago

    It would be nice to have something akin to a pedestal to display items (especially non block items that you'd otherwise only throw into an item frame or armor stand) without having to have it tied to a mob vote

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing Month ago +6

    The things with the sniffer and the fossils… it’s just too perfect lol

  • Beep boop
    Beep boop Month ago

    Thank you for taking a more neutral stance on these mobs and speculating reasonably about their potential instead of trying to convince people to vote for a specific one. It helped me a lot with making my decision

  • reginlief1
    reginlief1 Month ago

    The Sniffer adds the most progression to the game. There’s something of a quest line that comes along with it.
    Why would the rascal have end city level gear? That’s ridiculously silly.

  • Gregory Whitney
    Gregory Whitney Month ago +250

    I hope they make the sniffer rideable ❤

    • Argonic
      Argonic Month ago

      @The_ScareCrow Lol, they let us enslave villagers and force them to get beaten to death by a zombie so that we can throw a glass vial with a weakness potion that explodes in their faces and force feed them a gold plated apple for better trades. That whole process is repeated multiple times.
      And yet they tell us that it is bad for frogs in a video game to eat fireflies.

    • The_ScareCrow
      The_ScareCrow Month ago

      @Deku Kitty yea alot of what they do feels like Bad excuses. Love the game anyway tho.

    • The_ScareCrow
      The_ScareCrow Month ago

      @Yamzii yea feeding dogs rotten meat is ok. Commiting genocide is OK. But how dare a frog eat a firefly.
      You know they could have added fireflies anyway, and just made frogs NOT eat them.

    • Deku Kitty
      Deku Kitty Month ago

      @JosgreTF2 99% sure the reason they didn't add fireflies was because they were struggling to get the dynamic lighting to work, so they used the poisonous excuse to cut them.

    • Yamzii
      Yamzii  Month ago

      Nevermind, forget i said anything, i suppose thats their logic but they have strange rules against fireflies. Weird.

  • Aislee Love Greenwood

    I'm so excited for the Sniffer! I would love to get some more plant-life variations, especially if they could have some cool new uses (aside from aesthetic, of course), plus, it'd come with this cute little companion animal, and some great new lore!

    • Prydzen
      Prydzen Month ago

      The sniffer looks like joe biden

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    The sniffer is just adorable, definitely where my vote is going

  • Mr.foxBoy
    Mr.foxBoy Month ago

    Im Voting for the the rascal
    It seems to be the most usefull out of the Mobs and could help during early game exploration

  • Spellfox_
    Spellfox_ Month ago

    I love how the sniffer looks, and ties into the game's lore. And the idea of having new, ancient plants is great for building and farming. The rascal would be kind of useless if it doesn't have any more unique loot, and I can't help but feel the golem is just a moving Armour stand. The sniffer probably has my vote.

  • Zoomshark
    Zoomshark Month ago +63

    About the Sniffer, they did say in the description of that video, "There are decorative plants that only the sniffer can help you grow!" So it may be more than one plant.
    I'm glad someone else thinks the Rascal's look is a little too unlike Minecraft for Minecraft.

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester Month ago

    I like the recent direction for mob votes being passive, have their own unique functionalities, and are original fantasy creatures.

  • Surice89
    Surice89 Month ago

    I love how the trailers were like:
    Sniffer: lays eggs underwater, brings new plants ti the game with it, has some neat lore etc
    Rascal: found in caves, gives you enchanted gear
    Tuff golem: it moves

  • NotRod
    NotRod Month ago

    The sniffer is probably the best choice in terms of content and overall functionality, but the tuff golem has stolen my heart. I guess it's going to join the copper golems in my dreams...

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    I do like the idea of a sniffer, it adds new plants and I have always liked that idea.

  • MozzarellaFella
    MozzarellaFella Month ago +399

    I bet the sniffer’s ancient seeds grow into “new unique plants” based on the type of dirt or sand it is grown in

    • Masked One 1316
      Masked One 1316 Month ago

      Mojang or really promoting the sniffer mob because in the bedrock marketplace you can get the sniffer Hoodie for free

    • Alex 5432
      Alex 5432 Month ago

      That would be cool...

    • Deja Zoo
      Deja Zoo Month ago

      lol that's too optimistic

    • reena kapupara
      reena kapupara Month ago

      The plants are
      'question mark?,exclamatory! and a blueberry type'

    • Screm
      Screm Month ago +2

      @josue alfaro even better

  • ~The Strange Wolf~
    ~The Strange Wolf~ Month ago

    I just want to add my thoughts on the new mobs, in the order I would vote for them,
    1.Sniffer- This one I feel like is the one most everyone seems to like, most likely because its the one that all a round sounds the most intriguing and looks adorable, so I want say to much on this one.
    2.Tuff Golem- This one seems very kool/fun for me and I love golems and just want more in the game, but with that said they dont seem like they would serve much of a purpose specially if all the do is just carry/displays items around randomly, we have plenty of other things to do that (Like allays, armor stands, item frames) so just that alone is very meh to me, the only fix for that, that would make them be on the same level as the sniffer for me would be (as Xisuma talks a bit about) is they had some sort of controllable pathing, there is so much that could be done with that especially if than can carry whole stacks at a time.
    3.Rascal- This one is by fair the most underwhelming mob up to vote in my opinion (and from what I've seen most would likely agree), With this one I only have concerns, How often would they spawn?, How hard would they be to find, then re-find?, What would be the loot-table?. Honestly in my opinion without some kind of amazing loot drop chance, this seems like something that 'might' be somewhat useful for early game then ignored and forgotten late game, because it isnt very aesthetically pleasing and has little room for growth utility wise.

  • Shetty404
    Shetty404 Month ago

    Excluding the Rascal, both the Sniffer and the Tuff Golem are such adorable mobs with both of them having good functionality, but sadly we can only have one of them for the moment and so the Sniffer having better potential and the only one adding new items, is the one that's getting my vote this year.

  • Latvian Animator
    Latvian Animator Month ago +1

    Since I am still sad of losing the copper golem, I will vote for Tuff golem, but if he loses, the Sniffer will win my vote.

  • MKFM Gaming
    MKFM Gaming Month ago

    The golem was such a missed opportunity for a new golem. Like imagine mini iron golems that can be an army of fighters

  • ZadeML
    ZadeML Month ago +271

    Great idea connecting the sniffers to fossils because it opens the idea of introducing other such mobs originating from structure of fossils you can find, more ancient mobs especially in deserts would link the temples together and I feel would be an amazing addition!!

  • Benjy Tom
    Benjy Tom Month ago

    In the past few mob votes I've seen, I always really like one of them, and was instantly disappointed because another one was voted for. What's interesting here is that they all seem pretty "meh," with none of them seeming particularly interesting. That being said, the idea of the new seed and plant could be really, really interesting. Imagine if you could use the seeds to plant and grow the plant, and it produced fruit. And since it's all ancient, maybe it could be a fruit that was engineered by the older civilizations, and they give you potion affects, and provide some really interesting benefits. Or, what if it was a plant made of stone or something. Or, a plant that you could dye, so it shows colors. I love the idea of a plant that could include some new and different mechanics, and since it's so hard to get the seeds, perhaps the plant would have some very interesting properties to make them sought after. There's also the idea of it not making it easy to make more of them, as you could just get one and have a virtually unlimited supply, unless the animals themselves were super rare (in the deep dark?) in which case, it wouldn't be so crazy.

  • Blueeyesthewarrior
    Blueeyesthewarrior Month ago +2

    I think the Sniffer is super cute! Definitely going to vote for that one, lol.

  • Jarcu Adanantus
    Jarcu Adanantus Month ago

    Having something spawning around the randomly generated mineshafts would be pretty cool to bring some life to them. But a new plant means a new ‘block’ and anything new to build and decorate with to me outranks the value of any mob.

  • Suho1004
    Suho1004 Month ago +2

    I definitely want the sniffer for this one... which means we are almost 100% guaranteed not to get the sniffer.

  • OrdinaryFruits Gaming
    OrdinaryFruits Gaming Month ago +515

    I desperately want new golems in the game, but the Sniffer is just too cute and adds lore and depth to the game I feel like the other two are somewhat lacking

    • Space
      Space Month ago

      @Sapphire Pebbles oh yeah give me those seeds.....

    • Sapphire Pebbles
      Sapphire Pebbles Month ago

      @Space Phantoms literally serve no purpose other than annoying the player and punishing them for forgetting/choosing not to sleep, sniffers would actually have a use for a LOT of builders, look how much builders got out of a single moss block being added to the game, decoration is important to a LOT of players!

    • Wizard Brandon
      Wizard Brandon Month ago

      @Foxmoor fun fact. the snow golem has been useless ever since they removed the kockback and damage from snowballs

    • Lucas_BTW
      Lucas_BTW Month ago +2

      I really want all of them into the game but the tuff golem is too much like the allay and an item frame. The Sniffer is kinda like the turtles but not really. The sniffer also brings a whole new aspect to minecraft. The rascal is a completely new mob and combined with the grindstone = infinite xp. I hope the rascal doesn't just give iron gear.
      But I'm stuck on the rascal and the sniffer

    • S Boy
      S Boy Month ago

      @JesusDicks The only things that the copper golem and tuff golem have in common is that they are golems, are small, and can turn into statues

  • creapyalbinofish
    creapyalbinofish Month ago

    Tbh, I want the tuff golem, it'd be nice to be able to have a new way to display items. Always wanted to have more display options given item frames are pretty meh.

  • Addy
    Addy Month ago

    The sniffer seems it could be a good bonemeal farm with them lookin for seeds

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    I really hope that the Sniffer wins, it's about time for minecraft to get another truly original passive mob design

  • InspectorKen
    InspectorKen Month ago

    At the moment, the prize of the rascal doesn't seem that appealing for veteran players. However if they included a prize such as a "map" or "compass" to a random ancient city (similar to how cartographers sell a map to an random mansion or underwater monument), I would consider it. It would fit the theme of it wandering underground. 😉

  • Eis Schnee
    Eis Schnee Month ago +95

    Sniffer seems like the best overall option of the 3 imo, besides having use outside of a simple gimmick, having more plants in the game for decor would be wonderful.

  • Raphy Pointon
    Raphy Pointon Month ago

    Think about it: the gremlin one could be really useful for mini games. Imagine a time limit, and you have to find the mob 3 times, then deposit the pickaxe that it gives u, in a chest for a reward. Also, sniffers won't be as cute as you think, they will be HUGE, and their colour scheme looks really bad. Also, we don't need another seed type, it will get old quickly...

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    Sniffer seems like the best fit for the Archaeology path, which is what I’m hoping they go for this update. Especially with that fossil link that was brilliant. The Sniffer kind of reminds me of the Strider and the Great Hunger.

  • Lola Stop thinking Come over

    Sniffer seems like the best fit for the Archaeology path, which is what I’m hoping they go for this update. Especially with that fossil link that was brilliant. The Sniffer kind of reminds me of the Strider and the Great Hunger.

  • Petey
    Petey Month ago +549

    The sniffer is just adorable, definitely where my vote is going

    • aidan_xb
      aidan_xb Month ago

      Luckily, we won. Welcome to minecraft, sentient grass block with nose

    • Toast
      Toast Month ago

      @Billy_Herrington1969 ur welcome :D

    • Billy_Herrington1969
      Billy_Herrington1969 Month ago

      Thank you for ruining the game

    • Nerazmus
      Nerazmus Month ago +1

      You vote for Sniffer because it's adorable
      I vote for Sniffer because I want to turn it into seed farm.
      We are not the same.

    • Gek Toast
      Gek Toast Month ago

      @Broly Main in Fighterz it is the most useful one too bruh

  • Ev3
    Ev3 Month ago +2

    something that i noticed with the mobs are they all sort of relate with archeology. The Sniffer is a prehistoric mob, the Rascal is found in caves and gives you digging tools, and the Tuff golem is made of rock. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. or maybe it could be a hint at things coming int he future

    • Deniz
      Deniz Month ago

      jeb says pickaxe is only one example of things it will give, the exact details will be figured out as the part of implementation process, untill then they are happy to hear our suggestions

  • killjoy734
    killjoy734 Month ago +1

    Usually the mob vote is less intresting then actually mobs that join (for example when allay joined, so did warden)

  • Joshua Arnett
    Joshua Arnett Month ago

    As much as I love Golems, the Tuff Golem is just a picture frame. Sniffer has my vote

  • Insomniac_at
    Insomniac_at Month ago

    I really want some new plants in mc so I’ll probably be voting for the sniffer