iPhone XS Max Review: The Phone I Hate To Love

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • A long video for a big phone: the iPhone XS Max Review is here!
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    The iPhone XS Max does everything Apple set out to do. It crams a colossal screen into a manageable casing; gives it a battery big enough to last all day despite that display; and it brings improvements in everything from the camera to Face ID to iOS itself to fashion a worth competitor to that “other” gigantic phone across the Android aisle: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. But the iPhone XS Max also carries a price tag starting at $1099, and despite how many people will buy it at that price - I can’t say I’ll be one of them. Join me for the iPhone XS Max Review!


    MrMobile’s iPhone XS Max Review was produced following eight days using an iPhone XS Max review device purchased by Mobile Nations. Retail device running final software. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.

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Comments • 3 718

  • Montel Williams
    Montel Williams Day ago

    OLED panels start to look dried out after while

  • peter stringer
    peter stringer 3 days ago

    I bought an iphone 7 plus coming from a Note 9. And i must say there is something special about the way Apple does things. The OS is full of surprise and delight in a way that is enjoyable and i can see the level of thought that has gone into this. Things are done differently, but it just takes some getting used to. I feel Android is sometimes more intuitive but then Apple does other things better. It’s fun having a change of operating system.

  • Brian Urata
    Brian Urata 3 days ago

    Iphone is the best my i recently switch to s10+ but nahh it lags lol

  • Buffdaddy
    Buffdaddy 6 days ago +2

    I always love your candor, Michael! Keep up the great work buddy!

  • Xenaer
    Xenaer 6 days ago

    8:53 I’m watching this on a tech21 case lol

  • CasualTD
    CasualTD 7 days ago

    The fact is I know some androids are better but I like the iMessage the green messages piss me off but I’ve got everything thru apple so would have to change everything and have to get used to android plus I’m in contract so to swap will be the same place anyway 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ too much effort for not much more

  • Adam Humble
    Adam Humble 7 days ago

    Was gifted an iPhone 8 plus, silver. Came from a modded essential phone. Honestly don't miss it too much. iPhones have come a long way and they are more open to modification with Google keyboard and such. I use the iPhone for the minimum of 6hr Screen on time (CONSISTENTLY, Android is always hit or miss day to day), ridiculous aftermarket support, and cleaner, more polished apps. I use all Google apps on it lol. Never use Siri.
    Debating to buy the new iPhone when it is released.... If it ain't too ugly

  • iiam CÀŁƏB
    iiam CÀŁƏB 8 days ago +2

    2 minutes into the video.. I changed my decision to buy the iPhone.

  • doyle white
    doyle white 8 days ago +1

    Nah android is better

  • vishnu raj vinu
    vishnu raj vinu 9 days ago

    I go for note 9 the beast love samsung
    N also think iphne display is made by samsung lol😂😂😂😂😂 and by the way apple u cant reach as high as samsung

  • Mason64 Gaming
    Mason64 Gaming 9 days ago

    I hate apple except for the iPads tbh

  • Leo J
    Leo J 10 days ago

    They could easily minimize the notch by moving the speaker up on the top. But no, that would be too hard to figure out.

  • Giovanni S
    Giovanni S 10 days ago +1

    What about heating temperatures ?
    My iPhone XS gets hot !(no case)

    • Giovanni S
      Giovanni S 4 days ago

      Well I use an ankle power adapter 50w For $35 online at Best Buy, (plus) usb c to lighting cable (sold separately) +$20
      Got my iPhone XS fast charging
      100% less than 1 hr

    • Diana Thomson
      Diana Thomson 8 days ago +1

      Giovanni S what ? after all the software updates does it still heats ? tell me i’m planning to buy one please tell me

  • Mike V8
    Mike V8 11 days ago

    Apple is the company that stubbornly makes things different whether it is justified or not. Just to make them different.

  • joey rosenbaum
    joey rosenbaum 13 days ago

    No other phone does the folding thing because of the fact that Apple patented the process. Nobody else can even do it

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 13 days ago +1

    Apple cheaped out, no dongle and a pitiful 5w charger in the box. 1100 dollars you say, I say hell no!

  • max stricker
    max stricker 14 days ago

    I think that they put the sos so low beacuse if your in an emergency it is easy to access and you don't have to reach all the way at the tip to swipe so having it down makes it easier in an emergency

    BCURV 14 days ago

    I like iPhones because I’m legally blind and the accessibility features on iPhone work exceptionally well and the dictation feature is almost always on point. Don’t get me wrong I’ve used android phones before. I had a galaxy S7 and a note 5.

  • Charles M.
    Charles M. 14 days ago +14

    I admit, I was a die-hard Android fan a while ago, but when I tried the XR for a few weeks, I was totally hooked. I now get why people dig iPhones 🤷‍♂️

  • largon 03
    largon 03 15 days ago

    There you go, now you don't have to wonder how they became a trillionair company..

  • Ed Foster
    Ed Foster 15 days ago

    yes, the chin is impressive but it is not worth $1100 like Honor 10 lite has similar dimensions. Guess what the price of that phone is $200

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 15 days ago +1

    i just cant use android, performance lag, rough around the edge look on apps, an OK keyboard if your into repeating yourself to complete a text. Iphone has always been smooth, looked smooth, amazing performance, comfortable keyboard etc. so the camera isnt THAT good but its still an amazing camera none the less.
    apple music is a dream. would i save a couple hundred ££ and go with something else? FUCK NO!

    • BCURV
      BCURV 14 days ago

      I agree with you on everything except for Apple Music. It sucks. Spotify is better

  • celestial bikini atoll

    Buying this beginning of July I'm so excited

  • Hey Blossom09
    Hey Blossom09 16 days ago +1


  • sofia par xox
    sofia par xox 17 days ago +15

    How much do you want it to cost?

    No hate I luv my iPhone xr

    • Leo J
      Leo J 9 days ago

      @Kas 750 is the minimum her with 64 gb storage. It costs up to like 900 for maxed out storage, which is way too much for an lcd with less than 1080p. It's really stupid to buy.

    • Kas
      Kas 9 days ago

      Leo J haha in Europe the xr costs 850 Bucks

    • Leo J
      Leo J 10 days ago +2

      How's no 1080p for at least 750 bucks?

  • nanceicecream sunnyday

    I’ll buy it in a couple of days.

  • Vitality Recipies
    Vitality Recipies 17 days ago

    i rather have an iphone xs max

    PINAYGIRL62 18 days ago

    Gezzzzzz you're cute !

  • Matthew charles
    Matthew charles 18 days ago +1

    Trillion dollars? Not anymore my friend !

  • Kennie Yu Ray
    Kennie Yu Ray 18 days ago

    Hit like po kung may mga pinoy ditong nanunuod😊

  • top fun
    top fun 19 days ago +1

    Your a idot

  • Roselo Quiro
    Roselo Quiro 20 days ago +3

    OnePlus 7 Pro has Super Amoled display screen, 90hrtz display and 1440 res. So, no to apple yet to me.

  • Kirby Wilson
    Kirby Wilson 20 days ago +2

    A good, fair review. Keep up the good work.

  • Tristan Lozuaway-McComsey

    Hey Michael, are you consistently using the same smart watch? If so, what is it? I've been having the hardest time deciding what to get as I have a Samsung phone but want to switch to pixel if the 4 makes the necessary changes. Not too sure how necessary it is to have brand sync up.

  • SFseis
    SFseis 20 days ago +1

    The only reason for me to buy an iPhone is FaceTime. Otherwise I would have gotten a Pixel.

  • Xbox fortnight god
    Xbox fortnight god 21 day ago +2

    The Most honest review I’ve ever seen thanks

  • EdgeXII
    EdgeXII 21 day ago +4

    *Samsung Galaxy S10+ drops*

  • SouR Groot
    SouR Groot 22 days ago

    I recently switched from an Android phone, to the iPhone XR. The reason that I wanted the switch was because of the iOS firmware. It’s simple, and fast. I like to feel that, and with my Android, it just wasn’t the same.

  • En Win
    En Win 22 days ago

    The XS has an OLED display made by Samsung and still can’t get the display colours right.

  • SweatySlob
    SweatySlob 23 days ago

    you pay for speed, brand, fluid os, and stuff, like, why do people buy teslas when there are hyundai for half the price which are also fully electric? pretty self explanatory, some people just prefer tesla and the way they look and feel and would argue they are better than hyundai, the same goes for iphone against androids and vice versa.

  • Bravo Par Par Excellence
    Bravo Par Par Excellence 23 days ago +1

    because it has an apple logo i will buy it. im not like that. its ios i fell inlove with thats the reason. its nature is better than android accdg to my personal experience. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

  • A Javed
    A Javed 23 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/txP-CLT38jw/video.html and what about iP XR

  • G Drama
    G Drama 24 days ago +1

    Great review. I 100% agree. My gf has S9+ she loves it. My friend Note9 amazing. I just got XS Max. I like it because of Apple CarPlay and Find-my-phone app. Have 6 other devices for my business on there. As much as I want to switch to Android.... I can’t. As much as the phones are better, I can’t. Been with Apple since 2007. SIRI and I in an abusive relationship. Can’t leave her. I just upgrade my device every 4 to 5 years. Happy enough

  • NewStart
    NewStart 24 days ago

    Apple sucks and it doesn't matter cause people suck too.

  • Rock Tock
    Rock Tock 25 days ago

    Like in Phone you can watch porn in any website but in Android if you open porn website you fucking get virus so quickly that's why iPhone is the best

  • Alphacool7
    Alphacool7 25 days ago

    Save £400 and buy 8 plus... it’s good enough 👌

  • Kiley Kozlowski
    Kiley Kozlowski 26 days ago

    The gesture to swipe down and slide the screen down doesn’t work on mine. Any idea?

  • Twilight sparkle BTS
    Twilight sparkle BTS 26 days ago

    For me this IPhone XS Max it’s worth it.

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 26 days ago

    I have an s10+ and will also be getting an Xs max to have both ecosystems 🤷 so why not lol

  • Jordan Sharpe
    Jordan Sharpe 26 days ago

    Apple does that for money make you but there own cables

  • FaZeGarry
    FaZeGarry 26 days ago +1

    The iPhone XS Max feels normal to me because i am used to having plus versions of phones

  • Mounzer Kheder
    Mounzer Kheder 27 days ago

    I phone the best best smartphone, I have tried all other models but I'm addicted to I phone.

  • RacerC45
    RacerC45 28 days ago

    Who on earth would want to buy a phone with no headphone jack?

  • RacerC45
    RacerC45 28 days ago

    How do you get around a screen with no buttons?

  • Hoang Doge
    Hoang Doge 29 days ago

    Apple users sucking same product every year. Poor them

  • ajoshi06
    ajoshi06 Month ago

    i was android user for 5 years... buggy, shady, and crashy.... i think if you do quality per dollar.... apple still comes on top

  • d clark
    d clark Month ago +4

    Watching on my S10+ LMAO.

  • Rosangela Sena
    Rosangela Sena Month ago

    The same way you did. LOL

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex Month ago

    Yeah. That perfect display is made by SAMSUNG

  • Elaina Tillinghast
    Elaina Tillinghast Month ago

    Wasn’t going to upgrade, but att buy second over half off with family, done. I hate face recog. It never works. But phone companies that strip 80+ percent of the memory being recognized as the operating system’s area for safe storage drove me away from android. I also needed an above average magnifier which was rare when I switched.

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    I suppose for apple fans 2 of those issues aren't a factor. Any iPad owners are going to share lighting cables across devices, and anyone apple user I know with both, uses the iPad charger to charge their phone. No defence for the needing all those dongles though.

  • Ehsan Ullah
    Ehsan Ullah Month ago

    iPhone is bullshit and only for stupid

  • Ron Chua
    Ron Chua Month ago +6

    Apple always integrate technology that are stable enough and ready for the market, unlike other company who launches new features that are not that yet perfect for market use just to say that they have innovation, turns out to be crap because the tech is not yet polished when they release it. That’s why Apple is winning and some just don’t see this.

  • David Letherine
    David Letherine Month ago +12

    I love my xs max. But not the price

  • Any S
    Any S Month ago

    Of course I don’t have an iPhone X or XS because they are ridiculously expensive. I’m sticking to my iPhone 7plus but I saw the phone and yes, it’s just gorgeous. Never going back to Android and their stupid apps and store or platform

  • Winter Tarzan Jagrup

    Why do you have your hair gel'd like a grade 3 boy ?

  • T B
    T B Month ago

    I went to Apple products with this phone. I've been an Android user since smart phones came out. It honestly one of the most irritating phones I've ever owned. To much crap to list, other than stating my switching over to Apple has been a BIG FAILED experiment.

  • Vojislav Markovic
    Vojislav Markovic Month ago

    this phone is cheap by default

  • leo H
    leo H Month ago +1

    Apple pay more get less

    • leo H
      leo H Month ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez my balls are delicious

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Month ago

      you clearly don't know what iphones are cabpable of. more capable than android matter of fact. android pay less, get less

  • felicia cirlos
    felicia cirlos Month ago

    Totally worth the price

  • felicia cirlos
    felicia cirlos Month ago +3

    iPhones are legit. The. IPhone XS Way better then all the prior androids I’ve had

    • Tide Pod Lover 03
      Tide Pod Lover 03 20 days ago

      See I've always have androids had the iPhone 7 plus now an LG v40 I'm thinking about going back to the iPhone for the newer ones

  • shaique ali
    shaique ali Month ago

    I fucking love his reviews

  • Verrottesok
    Verrottesok Month ago

    Its better but it seemsto have a charge problem so its not so good apperiantly

  • Ivan Ayala
    Ivan Ayala Month ago

    At this point you can no longer justify owning an iPhone. I use an iPhone 8 Plus.

  • Rafaela Argus
    Rafaela Argus Month ago

    even if you say all the good things about the iphone, it would stillbe overshadowed by its faults.... it has more cons than pros

  • SmurfsFTW Dora&friendsFTL

    can I ask Micheal did you do the iPhone 10r video? If you did leave the link please Thanks!

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    Just remember that Samsung makes parts for the iphone dating back roughly since the iPhone 1st came out. Samsung makes some the components for the iphone and also including now the amoled display. Proven fact Google it… Samsung made roughly over 20 billion dollars just on their screens to Apple for the iPhone 10. And continues to make money off of Apple for their components and screens including the iPhone Max.

  • Scott Diener
    Scott Diener Month ago +1

    I want that multicolor wallpaper, anyone know where I cam get it

  • John Morris
    John Morris Month ago

    I freaking hate Apple. The notch is so stupid

  • E. Wesley
    E. Wesley Month ago +20

    What I learned from getting an iPhone,

    It can get you ladies

  • cosmo c.
    cosmo c. Month ago +1

    *”Why do people keep buying IPhones?”* I feel attacked😂😂😂

  • Mohammad Taghipour
    Mohammad Taghipour Month ago

    Those cases look like shit...

  • Nick Fenoglia
    Nick Fenoglia Month ago

    I just upgraded to one from the iPhone 6 and let me tell you, even though I’m still adjusting to the newer buttons and features I’m straight up blown away with the quality

  • jonathan
    jonathan Month ago

    iOS is the reason

  • Altema22
    Altema22 Month ago +1

    We've had the XS Max for a few months now. Very nice and fast. Only downside is gestures messing up games, and that notch when watching movies, but I do lots of gaming and media consumption, so those probably stick out to me. Feel in hand is OK. The metal frame is substantial, but feels kind of raw to me. My other phone is an HTC U12 Plus, but that feels like a carved and polished block of emerald, so it's not really a fair comparison.

    • HDS HDS
      HDS HDS Month ago

      Hey, what do you think of the htc U12+ so far? Do you recommend it?
      Im planning to upgrade from my htc U ultra. Thank you

  • Fabrício Araújo
    Fabrício Araújo Month ago +2

    Where can I find this backpack in the beginning of the video?

  • ali hussain
    ali hussain Month ago +1

    So in the last year I have had in order a iphone 7 , s9 , iPhone X , pixel 3, iPhone 8 , S10e and back to iPhone 8 .
    I spent a lot of money looking for the best phone for me and I have came to the conclusion that iPhones are the best for me , android still isn’t as polished or secure as iOS also the apps have to be made for the 100’s of different android phone but for apple the apps are made for about 10 phones so the apps are better.

  • Lukas
    Lukas Month ago

    only had iphone since the iphone 3 so thats why i only have iphones.

    • Lukas
      Lukas Month ago

      Andreas Winje Mb my comment wasn’t clear enough. The reason to why i personaly buy new iphones and not android is because i only have had iphones since the IPhone 3GS model, eventhough it’s a high pricetag. If you still are confused by the comment lmk why ^^

    • Andreas Winje
      Andreas Winje Month ago

      Lukas uhm, what?

  • Dima 44
    Dima 44 Month ago +49

    Finally a video that focuses on the good side of Apple and the XS Max.
    It seems like every other youtuber just follows the trend to hate and points out the flaws.

    • Brian G.P
      Brian G.P 2 days ago

      Roopan Ghosh That still doesn’t justify the “hate” people have towards Apple. I can understand some choose android over iOS, but you can’t deny the main reason for the Apple-hate is bitterness.

    • Brian G.P
      Brian G.P 2 days ago

      It’s because most tech you tubers pander to the android community, which is bigger and just filled with bitterness and hate. No joke, more viewers, more followers equal more revenue.

    • Roopan Ghosh
      Roopan Ghosh 12 days ago

      You know why everyone points out flaws in iPhone is because there are flaws. When has iPhones ever brought anything new or groundbreaking to the table. Android continued and still continues to be the real innovative os and packed with features that iPhone still doesn't have no matter how much you brag about it. The only good thing about iPhones is the camera. Now let's talk about the ecosystem let me tell you Apple sheeps that if MacBook iPads and iPhone and Apple watch integrate so well then think about it all those products are made by the same company Apple ofcourse those are going to integrate better than any other devices ever can be with an Apple device. If you use an android phone a chrome book or a Windows laptop or tab the integration is also excellent with messages reply feature on your Windows computer or Chromebooks and having Google drive calendar phone contacts docs every thing integrates seamlessly across devices just like iOS does with Mac OS X. And in case you didn't know android integrates quite well with Mac OS X though not iOS level but surely with a level of integration it integrates with windows. I am telling this from my personal experience as I currently have a MacBook Pro and a Galaxy S10 and an iPad pro 2018 and a Google Pixel Slate. They all integrate well enough for me and I enjoy the added benefit of owning an android phone too.

    • Dima 44
      Dima 44 Month ago +3

      Techtonik I like it so I bought it.
      I love how’s its so different from every other phone.
      All these other phone brands all use android, their settings, google search, apps etc all looks like same. The only difference is the design of the phone.

    • Techtonik
      Techtonik Month ago +1

      @Dima 44 I can easily afford it, but is it practical? no. what do u really do on an iPhone xs max that needs so much power that u can get in a phone way cheaper?

  • riccccccardo
    riccccccardo Month ago

    iPhone XS Max £1500 or £84/£94 per month 24 month contracts 2019 Apple loses %17 sales resulting in 2 billion loses. Greedy bad Apple.

    I’m calling it iphone 11 $2000

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +11

    It's insulting that they even offer a 64g model just to sell you a more expensive version

    • one dolla snake
      one dolla snake Month ago

      John Doe 64 would be ok if they had micro sd card slot

    • L HK
      L HK Month ago

      Then why don't we put 1TB NVMe NANDs in our phones? @John Doe

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +4

      @Steven Garnham for most things in life, you would rather have and need not, than to need and not have. Never say you don't need because you don't know.

    • Steven Garnham
      Steven Garnham Month ago

      64gb is enough for the average person out there though. Also, with airdrop, along with the other cloud storage apps, there's no need for the average person to buy a 128gb or above model. That being said, 128gb will probably be the bare minimum standard on flagships by 2020. 256gb minimum by 2022. I just hope that apple and samsung don't charge $2,000 for their base models by then.

  • Chunks Bunks
    Chunks Bunks Month ago

    I own one and I just see it as a PHONE , the phone is all around a nice phone but very costly.

  • matthew wilson
    matthew wilson Month ago

    Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave as we speak

  • Bill Charalas
    Bill Charalas Month ago

    Is it true that the Xs Max takes 3 hours and twenty something minutes to charge? Because my brother says that it is a lie and that has asked one of his friends that has an iPhone 8 Plus and that friend told him that it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge the iPhone 8 plus and that it's impossible that the Xs Max has to charge for 3 hours and twenty something minutes.

  • Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Bolt Month ago +15

    I like apple's blur effect. It's amazing to look at.

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 Month ago

    It's big. It's gorgeous. It's fast. And it's fucking expensive.

  • Yamz_MG
    Yamz_MG Month ago

    I've used the Iphone 10s max and it's kind of a let down the phone feels slow compared to my samsung galaxy s10+ I miss the edge screen the notch is annoying I could go on ive since then returned it

  • deathward990
    deathward990 Month ago

    Maushichi gand Bolna kia chahta hai bhidu?

  • RePlayBoy101
    RePlayBoy101 Month ago +1

    there is no point to upgrade from an iphone 7

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power Month ago

      @RePlayBoy101 no iPhone has had a 480p display and will never.

    • RePlayBoy101
      RePlayBoy101 Month ago

      @Dylan Power sure with the 480p display

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power Month ago

      no. Wait for the next iPhones

    • Yewteck Lee
      Yewteck Lee Month ago

      Get the iPhone X

  • Tris Plays
    Tris Plays Month ago +1

    But android phones don’t run iOS... 😔😔