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  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • In 2009 Nick Martin quit his job as a developer and tech-savvy person. He packed up his bags and went on to fulfill his own dreams. For him this meant exploring the world. So far he has seen more than 50 countries and lived in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Ecuador, Fiji and New Zealand. His trip took him six years but made him so many experiences richer and wiser. Since then the world traveler is sharing his experiences on his blog “Travel-Echo” and at various events as a public speaker. His message is powerful: “Live life to the fullest. Let me inspire you, to get the best out of your own life.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • ravi shastri
    ravi shastri 4 days ago

    Stopped watching when he mentioned law of attraction

  • ZenNINE
    ZenNINE 13 days ago +2

    Great speech! Life is about freedom and taking on your fears as well! I actually just mustered the courage to make a RU-clip channel and put myself out there and develop a good hobby for a change!
    🤘☺️ wish me luck!

    DUBBEDPIZZA 16 days ago

    Good speech, sir.

  • mümin bozkurt
    mümin bozkurt 22 days ago

    Is he know professor, doktor or teacher? To achiev a place to sleep needs money and a money earning job. Otherwise you will be become very qouick homles. Or you have parents with a sleepingplace!

  • roccoboy32
    roccoboy32 25 days ago

    This only works if you are young and have family to back you up, then you can take the risk. If things don't work out you can always come back and live in your parents basement for a while. Try this in your 40s and 50s, not going to happen, unless you've saved up lots of money to fall back on.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 28 days ago +3

    My dream is to have more peaceful comment sections like this.

  • Meera Smorthy
    Meera Smorthy Month ago

    I love this! Thank you! :)

  • Frazer Norris
    Frazer Norris Month ago

    Great take on how life really is ... thank you!

  • Coach Tracy O'Leary

    A beautiful, sincere and powerfully inspiring TED talk! 🌟

  • Jony Stat232
    Jony Stat232 Month ago

    One of the best speech. Thanks. Always trying to finding the same. Still now not successful. Keep trying. Lets see what happens. Thanks buddy

  • Georgia Steiman
    Georgia Steiman Month ago +2

    So happy you learned this at a young age!

  • little thingy
    little thingy Month ago +12

    I'm really scared that when I am old and look back that I won't be able to say "I lived"

    • Alec R
      Alec R 10 days ago

      Don't worry about it. Just keep telling yourself that you won't let that happen. Make that your goal.

    • Jose Hernandez
      Jose Hernandez 24 days ago

      Yes, i fear that to

  • Reinout Van Den Berghe

    it's al in your mind

  • Eduardo Martinez
    Eduardo Martinez Month ago +1

    It doesn’t matter I will disappear like the straw that the wind blows away but there is one who can give you everlasting life. He is Jesus I know some will read this and skip this but don’t skip this God is real and he loves you that is the reason we are here because of love you do not belong here you belong with God i tell you the truth with out God we are nothing. If any of you troubled come to Jesus. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE

  • 孙学淼
    孙学淼 Month ago

    the message he delivered isn't about traveling or not, in my view, even if you work regularly, you can still do something great, its all about the mindset that chasing the better version of yourself, to live it at fullest, it just sometimes, the work can not fullfil us, deeply inside maybe its just you are lazy, to tell you the truth, the quality of everything you did represents your entire life, go on to the traveling road isn\t gonna change you, but the mindset and the action will

  • Feels
    Feels 2 months ago +1

    How TF is such a cliché a ted talk

  • Tenisha Adams
    Tenisha Adams 2 months ago +3

    Damn this is what I needed to hear!!!😭😍😍

  • Dark_Architect1
    Dark_Architect1 2 months ago

    I have none of those things in the begining lol

  • Samriddha Jana
    Samriddha Jana 2 months ago +1

    The only way to live your life to the fullest is stay a kid .... No matter what your age is.

  • Joanne Joyner
    Joanne Joyner 2 months ago

    The first thing you need to do to live your best life is to let go of yesterday so you can embrace today! Go to 10 keys to your best life!

  • Nightingale Of Bollywood

    This is really very inspirational. He has rightly said it's not just eat work and sleep, life is all about exploring it everyday. Happiness is more important than anything.

  • octavio michel.R
    octavio michel.R 2 months ago


  • Natalia Bellova
    Natalia Bellova 2 months ago +1

    Those travelers explores others. They sleep free and eat free and crash in other people places! It is exploring others

  • ThunderBroomPilot
    ThunderBroomPilot 2 months ago

    Your advice helps not to miss living a real genuine life for who we are, and not be living what we think that other people want

  • ThunderBroomPilot
    ThunderBroomPilot 2 months ago +1

    I love cold, rainy, cloudy weather. Not crazy about sun. Love Seattle.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 2 months ago +1

    Not for me... I don't really enjoy meeting new people.

  • lakecrab
    lakecrab 2 months ago

    MY hand's up. But I went out with a child's parachute and hit the ground...HARD.

  • we humans need nothing but Peace&joy

    Life is too short to be sad have fun while it lasts.

  • Phillip Fine
    Phillip Fine 2 months ago +1

    Law of attraction has been debunked as unscientific!

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 2 months ago +17

    I will be 77 in October, and all I can say is keep living. I have always travelled, worked, and helped non-beggars.
    Life is what you make it.

    • Denis
      Denis 2 months ago +2

      Would you say you’re proud of yourself and do you feel accomplished with your life so far? I am 21 and one day I hope I can be a better me I’m slowly improving.

  • Johnny Michalak
    Johnny Michalak 2 months ago

    What do you do for money, how are you going to retire and what are you gonna do when you get your gf pregnant?

  • Marta
    Marta 2 months ago +1

    Is it posssible to add English subtitles ??Pleaseee! I understand most of the speach but not all..:(

  • Mark Broyles
    Mark Broyles 2 months ago +1

    you can travel and work at the same time. Nobody likes getting up for work in the morning. mostly. but its called playing a role on this planet and making an impact. Work hard, play hard. Then when youre retired with a pile of money at 55 you can travel wherever you want whenever you want just like my parents are right now. Put in the work and save up early on and establish a good family anda good group of friends then when youre done working you can sit at the beach with that glass of red wine and that smile on your face for the next 30 years instead of only 3 weeks. Rise and Grind pal

    • w a t e r l i n g
      w a t e r l i n g 2 months ago +1

      No one can guarantee to be a alive at 55 you know .. but i believe that we can balance between working and traveling bc Stability, family, friends and coworkers are all reassuring and fun normal live can be Great too as well as traveling .. so why we just can't try hard to balance between them traveling the world and having a regular live .. ( sorry for my bad English i am not a native speaker )

  • raji kodja
    raji kodja 2 months ago

    worst talk ever

    • Omar Garcia
      Omar Garcia 2 months ago +1

      Agreed. Humble brag with no substance.

  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy Chong 3 months ago

    I see this talk as more if you have a dream and it’s a burning desire you should pursue it, if you can. Not to say just travel with no money in your bank account. He said he worked hard to save some money to make it possible. And it was risky, he was hurt during his travels and that friend who wanted to become a photographer, may have done so also due to chance. The world isn’t so romantic, life is realistic. It depends on your passion for something, it will drive you through the dark times.

  • Kristy Lynn
    Kristy Lynn 3 months ago

    Lovely! Thank you 💓

  • Optimus
    Optimus 3 months ago +9

    Who the F is Ted? I see all these ppl talking but I wanna hear from Ted. Where. Is. Ted.

  • Sublime Diakrisis
    Sublime Diakrisis 3 months ago +4

    im 41 and I'm going to follow his advice.

      DUBBEDPIZZA 16 days ago

      This is just to remind you that you promised something just two months back. I hope you're going good.

  • Mike Mbogo
    Mike Mbogo 3 months ago

    Such an inspiration.

  • masturball
    masturball 3 months ago

    Way too cliche

  • silviu avram
    silviu avram 3 months ago +12

    Weak! In order to really tell if a speech is good or not you should think what you got of it, I only got one idea ,takinging chances.. All people try to translate something that's not material(happyness) under a material form, you can travel the world chasing that happiness you think that's out there, but the fact is.. it's not out there, i's within.

  • Milkshake God
    Milkshake God 4 months ago

    there’s only one god and that’s the god of death

  • Alex Michael
    Alex Michael 4 months ago

    Very well presented...kudos

  • saman ebadi
    saman ebadi 4 months ago +3

    Life is too short so dont let the others take the control of your life.

  • angelica mimosa
    angelica mimosa 4 months ago

    You are a Caucasian, blond, young, ‘good looking’ male from a ‘privileged’ Country!
    You are speaking to people who look and come from the same as yourself.
    What you do on the outside is not what’s important; it’s what you make of your inside that will enrich your life and every one you come in contact with.
    Travel for the sake of not having a ‘normal’ life is as mundane as a career for the sake of having material wealth.
    Some of the most inspiring, open minded people are ones who have never left their small piece of Earth and some of the most arrogant insensitive people are trekking around the planet.
    In the end you take yourself with you wherever you go so it does not matter where you are or where you go just who you REALLY are from the inside out!

  • OddPlan
    OddPlan 5 months ago +6

    I really appreciated our conversation yesterday night into the wadi rum desert Nick. Thank you for your example.

  • cy world
    cy world 5 months ago

    Here's a white dude who travels the world trying to find a good, positive reaction to his white skin and the white race. Whites, like all other humans are a spiritual being going through a human experience. Whites have chosen to be whites in this life for its benefits. However the benefits come at a steep prices as whites are hated and despised by non-whites throughout the non-white world. The whites and their ancestors, having taken resources from non-white countries for their own greed and self-centered-ness, aren't trusted, much less loved. Whites continue their imperialistic ways up until today, look at the U.S. military carrying out the agenda for the central bankers under the deception of making the world a better place. So this white dude is spending his life trying to find a positive spin to the white peoples place in the history of mankind (and isn't finding it.) So I wouldn't encourage many of you to spend a whole lot of money and time traveling around the world searching for answers and writing that off as having the guts to live life to the fullest. The answer is staring back at you in the bathroom mirror, and the response you get from that physical body and features, both beneficial and not, is of your choosing in this life's experience. That's the answer.

  • Luis Cherubini
    Luis Cherubini 5 months ago +56

    what about a balance? traveling is cool, but there is something in creating roots in a city or group of friends and co workers too. regular life can be good too

    • VernonJordan
      VernonJordan Month ago

      Luis Cherubini nothing regular is ever good

    • Ahahahaha
      Ahahahaha 2 months ago +2

      Do whatever that makes you happy! I think that’s what is he pointing out!

    • Mariusz Dziewulski
      Mariusz Dziewulski 2 months ago +3

      absolutely! his message is mainly about not being afraid to ditch whatever is standing in the way of your dreams.

    • G I N K A
      G I N K A 4 months ago

      Luis Cherubini laaaame

  • Nazneen Quraishi
    Nazneen Quraishi 5 months ago

    Loved it🤗

  • Gianna Mazzilli
    Gianna Mazzilli 5 months ago +9

    what if you don't know what your heart is telling you...

    • Ahahahaha
      Ahahahaha 2 months ago +1

      Then try listening to your fart! Maybe your calling is there😘🤣

    • Raphael Thorn
      Raphael Thorn 5 months ago +2

      Take my advice, you'll know. Your heart after all is you. You know yourself better than anyone. What you think will be right in the moment is your heart speaking to you. But guard your heart at all cost. One slip up can cause deep pain.

  • VidiSensiVici
    VidiSensiVici 5 months ago +1

    This is a powerful talk. I admire you for taking the challenge to learn about things at the extreme, but at the same time you learn how to pursue your dream, to make the best of the journey by being Resourceful, love yourself and others, Respect, and knowing how to take care of yourself and always achieve momentum by being Responsible. Just curious, is this adventure all powered by you alone as a human in a vast land, or is God behind it all? The reason that I asked this question is that there would always be things happened beyond our control in our life, a no way out situation, ie, life or death, etc..., so we have to ask for the Divine to help or to lead us the best way possible.

  • Steve Waitulionis
    Steve Waitulionis 5 months ago +4

    It's all fun and games until they chop your head off in Pakistan.

  • Amila Madusanka
    Amila Madusanka 5 months ago +4

    Who is watching this on a Sunday night ?

  • Prashant Kumar Gupta
    Prashant Kumar Gupta 6 months ago

    This is really inspiring the way he told the story.

  • Andres Navarro
    Andres Navarro 6 months ago +2

    I’m only watching this because im 18 and don’t have a job (I’ve been looking for one) and all I do is stay home every single day.

  • Richard The Lionheart
    Richard The Lionheart 6 months ago +15

    With all respect, I have travelled a lot, now I'm old and I have no career and no money. I was busy travelling around the world, taking jobs in hospitality to pay for me bills. Now I want a 9 - 5 job to settle down somewhere and it's not easy. I'll have to study something in order to get it. lol

    • Vitaa Liyah
      Vitaa Liyah 2 months ago +2

      And if you had focused on your career you would be writing the following comment:
      "I wish I had travelled a lot. I feel like I have missed out on so much. For years I just saw the same company and only had the chance to travel somewhere once a year. And nobody cherrished my work."

    • branko djuric
      branko djuric 3 months ago

      Is it possible you didn't do it in a smart enough way? Could you have done the same thing but better?

    • Richard The Lionheart
      Richard The Lionheart 4 months ago

      @hanny jaimin Yes, I do. It was nice but now I'm in trouble. So, I shouldn't have done it.

    • hanny jaimin
      hanny jaimin 4 months ago

      Do you regret it though?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud 6 months ago +1

    Dude - when are you back in NZ?

  • DL Rich
    DL Rich 6 months ago

    Very inspiring!

  • Ilan Abitbol
    Ilan Abitbol 6 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Nicki Breakdown
    Nicki Breakdown 6 months ago

    This was really insane!