Operation RC Car Air Drop | Full Send! 😱

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Water Melon Air Drop 🍈🍉: ru-clip.com/video/v2_1uthKjpM/video.html
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  9 months ago +145

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    • Lucas Bonfiglioli
      Lucas Bonfiglioli 2 months ago

      Só brasileiro só brasilero só brasileiro

    • Chris of All Trades! Ride
      Chris of All Trades! Ride 2 months ago

      @jason the KILLER they use different ones all the time but there custom built race drones

    • Chris of All Trades! Ride
      Chris of All Trades! Ride 2 months ago

      Im sure you went back to get that other generation 8 you guys left sitting in the background

    • Candice Porter
      Candice Porter 3 months ago

      Pizza Pizza and a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey to the first half and half a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey of course I need to say that the first half and half of the year for you to say that I was a place where I am now a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey of my favorite places where the first half of the year and half of the ink must not be allowed into the first half of the year and a half half jyýry gm

    • Alex ander
      Alex ander 4 months ago

      When you dont have waterproof foam FLEX SEAL IT.

  • ReversePav
    ReversePav Day ago

    I just realized I live an hour away from Edgewater

  • Pisica INFINITE
    Pisica INFINITE 2 days ago

    😍is actual very cool😍i realy like what this Chanel do😍

  • Akenzo Beler
    Akenzo Beler 4 days ago

    omg today is my sisters b day

  • Michael Stafford
    Michael Stafford 4 days ago

    Are yall trying to copy fast and furious

  • Tj Tymm
    Tj Tymm 6 days ago

    Can you help me bills it 😁

  • ketrena gregory
    ketrena gregory 8 days ago


  • Drew
    Drew 8 days ago

    I miss peter

  • ElJesusVali YT
    ElJesusVali YT 13 days ago +1

    12:54 HAHAHAHA

  • Cassie Davis
    Cassie Davis 13 days ago

    IM 8.1 ft tall

  • K S
    K S 15 days ago

    TWO WORD NEW STUNT IDEA....................ready?
    -------- SKY BOWLING ---------
    Version 1. Very low altitude ( bowling style ) delivery.
    Version 2. High altitude target acquisition delivery.
    Version 3. DIVE BOMBER delivery.
    Dropped into milk jugs, running RC cars, or a real car.
    12-14# bowling ball, 3X the weight of that RC, it could be done.

  • Yogurtsnipe 05
    Yogurtsnipe 05 15 days ago

    You guys need a big garage that is a workshop.

  • The Lazy Spaghetti
    The Lazy Spaghetti 16 days ago

    Did fast and furious 7 sponsor this video?

  • Taylor
    Taylor 17 days ago

    Loved it - was smiling the whole time

  • bgns10
    bgns10 17 days ago

    What song did you use while you were flying the plane?

  • Sean gabby Pascual
    Sean gabby Pascual 17 days ago

    I love dusty crophopper

  • Rhonda Chatman
    Rhonda Chatman 18 days ago +2

    The baby just runs in toy room ooo

  • RedPlayzFN
    RedPlayzFN 26 days ago

    2:42 180 inch wingspan, whew that's big

  • Will Manley
    Will Manley 26 days ago

    You should consider adding wheels

  • Richard Lindsay
    Richard Lindsay 26 days ago

    Y’all purchased a golf course.?!?!?

  • Craig W
    Craig W 28 days ago +1


  • fatwa rAmadhan
    fatwa rAmadhan 29 days ago

    Sayang it is inodonesia

  • Jack Ahah
    Jack Ahah Month ago

    This foam board it tasty

  • Dwayne Venzon
    Dwayne Venzon Month ago

    Would be better if you made the plane an AC-130 or a C15

  • Jarred Tostee
    Jarred Tostee Month ago

    Please build Fortnite battle bus

  • Hobby Kita
    Hobby Kita Month ago

    Subscribe to Hobby Kita. ru-clip.com/channel/UCmJtrQhaeHsFYwJqRhYiZsw?view_as=subscriber

  • Weirdo_ Me
    Weirdo_ Me Month ago +1

    You should make a rc tank and drop it from the plane

  • the color cat family
    the color cat family Month ago +2

    The paritute looked like cat ears

  • JJ's animations
    JJ's animations Month ago +1

    12:13 what the heck is that guy doing??

  • JJ's animations
    JJ's animations Month ago +2

    3:40 it's dog approved!!

  • psg gamer s
    psg gamer s Month ago


  • Rahul Hossain
    Rahul Hossain Month ago

    o my gawd i love you man-childs so much

  • Justas G.
    Justas G. Month ago +1

    New idea for you: charging the planes in the air. This giant certainly has enough capacity to carry quite a farm of batteries!

  • weekroblox6builder
    weekroblox6builder Month ago

    It's Like From Fast And Furious 7😯

  • Karen Sinnemon
    Karen Sinnemon Month ago

    you should get a mini stunt plane and fly it into the guinea pig

  • To To
    To To Month ago

    Ydkstidltildrulsrultildfv smvtusjfura

  • Rayyan playz
    Rayyan playz Month ago

    14:13 *is no one gonna talk about that*

  • Wating Usman
    Wating Usman Month ago

    Worste video ever guys

  • Arti singh
    Arti singh Month ago

    What is the name of this brushless motor who used in this plane plese reply

  • Kimberly Damasco
    Kimberly Damasco Month ago

    Make the red baron plz

  • Abel Xing
    Abel Xing Month ago


  • Benjamin Gustavsson

    Sooo cool video you guys are so nice😺👍

  • KhenAiro Almogea
    KhenAiro Almogea Month ago

    You guys made awsome things and i love it!

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar Month ago

    I Am your new subscriber from Nepal

  • Brian Ward
    Brian Ward Month ago

    3:42 hi Fido! Who's the doggo?

  • Ashakiran yumnam
    Ashakiran yumnam Month ago

    Good job boy

  • Ashakiran yumnam
    Ashakiran yumnam Month ago

    Good job boy

  • Davis Johnson
    Davis Johnson Month ago

    y'all act like this is the culmination of your life's work here

  • Enzo Barreiro
    Enzo Barreiro 2 months ago

    My god,we have 2.730.955 peoples looking the video.and we have 39.000 likes -_-

  • Robot831
    Robot831 2 months ago

    Make a plane someone can be on, like so they can see :)

  • River C.
    River C. 2 months ago

    Why does Raid Shadow legends sponsor everything??!?!

  • MEGAlagamer
    MEGAlagamer 2 months ago

    I have a r3dcat tornado

  • Raymond Crew
    Raymond Crew 2 months ago


  • thepilotpoe
    thepilotpoe 2 months ago


  • Bryan Account
    Bryan Account 2 months ago

    😱cool 😎

  • Tree Power
    Tree Power 2 months ago

    "Amazing..", "alright", "yeah", "OMG...!
    Cya too pretend and cheesy for me, though i guess the kids like.

  • Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration

    That’s awesome you guys thanks for posting 👌

  • Brett Nelson
    Brett Nelson 2 months ago

    What a beautiful plane,car and moment.

  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer 2 months ago

    you guys are good at the ideas