Operation RC Car Air Drop | Full Send! 😱

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Water Melon Air Drop 🍈🍉: ru-clip.com/video/v2_1uthKjpM/video.html
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  Month ago +64

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    • Tysen12 Fuhrman
      Tysen12 Fuhrman 18 days ago +1

      I'm already subscribed.

      INDONESIAN DEPARTMENT 18 days ago +2

      Drop boom 💥 please

    • Sammy Gutierrez
      Sammy Gutierrez 18 days ago

      That was crazy 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲

    • Jak e
      Jak e 21 day ago

      Eddie Bullock another Australian

    • Jak e
      Jak e 21 day ago +1

      FliteTest why there no likes on your comment support him

  • Kai Curson
    Kai Curson 9 hours ago


  • legendarysaint69
    legendarysaint69 17 hours ago

    What is the waterproof foam you used for the model plane, im looking for a light weight foam for my schools raceteam

  • Sunil Maharjan
    Sunil Maharjan Day ago +1

    Can u put fan like things in a rc car
    And fly it

  • LotusLambo
    LotusLambo Day ago

    They needed a servo activated release of the parachute FTW!

  • Sound Nation
    Sound Nation Day ago

    Plesase in 13:08 minute.

    WE & IMAGINATIONS Day ago +1

    It's really amazing Good Job 👌

  • anonneemouse mighty

    Next, drop a King-Tiger, with a real cannon on it. Wait, fly two planes, one plane drops the tank, the other drops 300 little green soldiers.

  • COLT.45RC
    COLT.45RC Day ago

    Flying Jeremy! I just couldn’t stop laughing! Lol

  • Andy McKenzie
    Andy McKenzie 2 days ago

    You missed a perfect opportunity! Next time, try to land the plane on top of the truck after the truck drops!

  • SlimCoolMika
    SlimCoolMika 2 days ago

    The sponser thing that i get free Hero does not work but good vid i lived it

  • Johnathan Rodriguez
    Johnathan Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I always wanted to see that happen and you guys did it !!!! THANK YOU !!!

  • mikhail mambo
    mikhail mambo 2 days ago

    Raid shadow legends sucks, PUBG is the best

  • Kason
    Kason 2 days ago



    You're guaranteed to raise a smile...

  • Markus Wörmann
    Markus Wörmann 3 days ago

    You are insane guys,but Always funny.What Kind of a brain got These idea´s?

  • maher alzahrani
    maher alzahrani 3 days ago


  • kurd GG
    kurd GG 3 days ago

    Lika fast and furious 😂😂😍

  • Dennis Aguilar
    Dennis Aguilar 3 days ago

    drop a rooster please

  • scott haddad
    scott haddad 3 days ago

    Hey great plane, new subscriber here.
    Anyone, I used to dabble in this hobby many years ago and have quite a bit of gear.
    I’ve got a couple of 27mhz transmitters (futaba) and servos. Are the servos compatible with these 2.4 ghz recievers?

  • Glenward Gross
    Glenward Gross 3 days ago

    I would love to see you do a drop with a circular shut like they use for model rockets. Also a double drop mean two truck/cars/tanks/ etc. Turbo

  • Glenward Gross
    Glenward Gross 3 days ago

    Daisy chaining the shut cord is create great because it should never tangle.

  • Dave Nezra Pappas
    Dave Nezra Pappas 3 days ago

    Freakin Peter gotta save everones alpha sierra sierra.

  • Faded Gamer
    Faded Gamer 3 days ago

    Fast and the furious style

  • limadeltazulu
    limadeltazulu 3 days ago +1

    2 : 58 - This aerodynamic profile is immortal. I used The Clark Y more than 20 years ago. Long live The Clark Y and all who build, fly, etc.

  • Guy Griffiths
    Guy Griffiths 3 days ago

    4:16 so you designed and built an entire aircraft to drop a cargo that you didn't measure... with 1000000 views - makes me rethink what you guys are all about - and the viewers... wow

  • Berat Emini
    Berat Emini 3 days ago

    12:54 is everyone just going to ignore this one

  • Javan Campion
    Javan Campion 3 days ago +1

    14:11 man learns how to fly

  • neal gilmore
    neal gilmore 4 days ago

    Very cool

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis 4 days ago


  • dontlikemath -.-
    dontlikemath -.- 4 days ago +1

    Hmm..with way more batteries and a long range FPV system..

  • Military kid
    Military kid 4 days ago

    Drop firecrackers

  • Jesse Mellon
    Jesse Mellon 4 days ago

    what about a droppable and inflateable with battery and internal air pump on release and then it inflates and then flies with some edf or something set up like a quad or glider ?? . . . that would be different . . its been a long day . . . just sayin

  • Jeremy Naufal
    Jeremy Naufal 4 days ago

    Really cool & thanks for introducing the Red Cat amazing

  • Hobo Steve
    Hobo Steve 4 days ago

    Dazy chair

  • Wayne The Seine
    Wayne The Seine 4 days ago

    Totally awesome. Now...... parafoil the chute with servos and a quick release from the truck and you rule the world.

  • Marston Davis
    Marston Davis 4 days ago

    Growd up, haired all over 12 year-olds.

  • sandra crombie
    sandra crombie 4 days ago

    On your next video can you send a link to your foam for that plane thanks love your content

  • Jeff Dahl
    Jeff Dahl 4 days ago

    That daisy chain, we use that on our big power cords, we double them up and daisy chain, and bingo to tangles.

  • Jeff Dahl
    Jeff Dahl 4 days ago

    How about flying the drone into the plane

  • yoodoo122
    yoodoo122 4 days ago

    Try it next time with a servo on the car side of the parachute so when it lands the parachute becomes detached and the car drives on.

  • Anders Jackson
    Anders Jackson 5 days ago

    Great build. But how tall was you? And what was the wing span?
    Would be great if you added some metric numbers too. Like as comments on the video if you don't want to stop to calculate the metric units.
    I would have put two parachutes on it. But a great performance, as usual.

  • MgpMontville
    MgpMontville 5 days ago

    You guys rock.....love watching your videos! The skydiving lines in the manner you were talking about is called "Daisy chaining" and is one of the first things students are taught when gathering up the canopy to walk back to the hangar etc so to not drag all the gear in the dust. Have actually jumped out of a skyvan many times btw. Ugliest looking plane ever but amazing in it's own right!

  • nathanue brucal-basilan

    I lov this vid its so awsome and cool specially the last part

  • joe 9990 t
    joe 9990 t 5 days ago

    Do it at night with led lights on both....

  • joe 9990 t
    joe 9990 t 5 days ago

    U guys are amazing...love that big ass plane....

  • Todd Simmons
    Todd Simmons 5 days ago

    Awesome job guys!!!

  • Jason Wallin
    Jason Wallin 5 days ago

    I use ready Board

  • Robby Creason
    Robby Creason 5 days ago +5

    If you know anyone building a Cri Cri let me know!

  • Sytijinx
    Sytijinx 5 days ago

    How to combine this with the homemade sugar rockets video...

  • Wendell Mine Boy
    Wendell Mine Boy 5 days ago

    12:53 goanimate music?

  • M f
    M f 5 days ago

    That was bad ass!

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 6 days ago

    Okay, that was freaking cool as heck👌🏽

  • BMW S1000
    BMW S1000 6 days ago

    what a great video! good job as always.

  • Kamal Jung Thapa
    Kamal Jung Thapa 6 days ago

    Hey guys, can you please provide me details about the build up of that plane??

  • RiccoFX
    RiccoFX 6 days ago

    Redcat, really? How is this shitty company still around? Seen soo many ppl try to support them and get shafted by them... that’s sad....

  • ShadowMaster X
    ShadowMaster X 6 days ago

    Wtf oooooooooooooo 9:47

  • Jeromey Mascarenhas
    Jeromey Mascarenhas 7 days ago

    Build video! Build video!

  • Pilot Ryan and Capt. Mike RC

    That was one of the best things I have ever seen. Congrats on your facility!!

  • Adam Facey
    Adam Facey 7 days ago

    Perhaps an idea for an episode is to drop items like tube TVs or watermelons?

  • Adam Facey
    Adam Facey 7 days ago

    Well done, truly a great video. I love heavy drops!

  • RC McTool
    RC McTool 7 days ago

    When you drop the Red cat then the CG will change....... 8^)

  • Holden Firks
    Holden Firks 7 days ago

    How does it feel
    Pussy cat

  • AbyssWalker240 •
    AbyssWalker240 • 7 days ago

    12:48 tail strike

  • Miguel Murcia
    Miguel Murcia 7 days ago

    That was one of my best video

  • Kwazy Child
    Kwazy Child 7 days ago

    You should make a decoupler for the parachute on the car.

  • HashTag .CR
    HashTag .CR 8 days ago

    Great fun and job, guys. From first cut till the bronco drop... Congrats!!

  • Miles Brown
    Miles Brown 8 days ago

    i can play at 1:30 so can you play

  • ANBU21
    ANBU21 8 days ago +11

    you should get a ton of miniature toy soldiers and air-drop them

  • Glenn .Bergsma
    Glenn .Bergsma 9 days ago

    Yay fast and furious

  • Nedyarb
    Nedyarb 9 days ago

    Make the cars float and fly

  • []HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[]

    *GTA much*

  • G. A. L GAMER
    G. A. L GAMER 9 days ago

    Please make me a airplane

  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes 9 days ago

    9:47 He looks around like "what's happening?!" xD

  • Robert Glazier
    Robert Glazier 9 days ago

    It reminds me of a C5 Galaxy transport plane. I rode on one from Davis Monthan Air Force Base to Kuwait. Great video. Thanks

  • utku arda akıncı
    utku arda akıncı 10 days ago

    I'm normally not kind of a guy that comments a lot but I gotta say, I really enjoyed both watching your stuff and your joy&sincerity. Definitely hitting the bell button keep up the good work!!

  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L 10 days ago


  • Jose E Banegas Diaz
    Jose E Banegas Diaz 10 days ago

    Try it with five people on and a kid

  • Jose E Banegas Diaz
    Jose E Banegas Diaz 10 days ago +1

    That is so cool

  • RC Intro
    RC Intro 10 days ago

    That was great! But what about the blue one?

    DHANIS VARAN 10 days ago

    Fast & furious rc version😍😂

  • 2AAmerica
    2AAmerica 10 days ago

    Daisy chain, used for horses a lot.

  • Mr. Lawrence
    Mr. Lawrence 10 days ago

    You guys just gave the military another great idea for covert operations.

  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan 10 days ago

    at 12:52 Oh yea............ How she feels............. Pussy Cat!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!

  • Survivalist _988
    Survivalist _988 10 days ago

    Could u guys create titanfall dropship

  • Kristoffer James
    Kristoffer James 11 days ago


  • ZeroeightSeven
    ZeroeightSeven 11 days ago +1

    man-child entertainment at its best! so amazing! lol

  • Java Eastern
    Java Eastern 11 days ago +1

    Fast and furious Director they need to sign this guy

  • Greg006
    Greg006 11 days ago

    I'd a sworn Alex was going to say the garbage bag was to pick up the pieces of the demolished truck in case the parachute didn't work.

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker 11 days ago

    Next take a plane that drops a drone that drops a car that pushes a boat into water

  • Nick Morphew
    Nick Morphew 11 days ago

    17:40 .. wait for the awkward non-hug. Love it.

  • Dorf Googlesteen
    Dorf Googlesteen 11 days ago

    I knew it was going to hit the ground really hard and probably break something and it did it broke the rear left suspension probably stuff the friggin shock absorber up through the frame of the of the vehicle so you guys switched bodies and put the body the red body on the good frame it's pretty obvious need a bigger parachute

  • wogfun
    wogfun 11 days ago

    did he really think the parachute was gonna deploy off that roof?

  • Michael Peel
    Michael Peel 11 days ago

    Old umbrellas make nice parachutes, remove the frame, reinforce the center hole and use the existing edge points for lines. just a thought
    What about adding something like a servo activated hook on the truck to release the chute after touch down.

  • Rachel Ann Ybanez
    Rachel Ann Ybanez 12 days ago

    Land the drone on the plane while its recording

  • Akhil kv
    Akhil kv 12 days ago

    Nailed it

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 12 days ago

    This might be a shot in the dark but as an RC enthusiast I always wanted to build an RC Spaceship that can go to the edge of the Earth and back but that's just me.

    ELITE DA MINIATURA 12 days ago

    Bom dia
    Eu tenho um RC car que esta com problema na engrenagens frontal, tem 2 engrenagem, uma gira e outra fica fixa no eixo, a que era para focar fixa esta rodando, sebe como consertar???

    • Matt Man
      Matt Man 10 days ago


  • Ben and Conner
    Ben and Conner 12 days ago

    Ur smart!

  • Rc robot 2
    Rc robot 2 12 days ago

    You guys should do a mid air landing with two planee