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  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • They don’t come back the same. Watch the second trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
    Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • Geoffrey Holman
    Geoffrey Holman 4 hours ago

    Mannnnnnnn fuck all that ....this movie was everything doing the girl was a better sceme when they already knew the audience saw gage get killed they had to switch it up some how dum asses

  • mikelynn marshall
    mikelynn marshall 8 hours ago

    i just watched the movie and it messed me up man

  • raifintune
    raifintune 13 hours ago

    I personally am glad they changed the story compared to the amazing book. Gage, Loui, Ellie, norma, judd and even Steven have a special, horrifying place in my heart and I would hate to see them on screen not done right. To me this is a re-imagining and that's it.

  • David Gillespie
    David Gillespie 15 hours ago

    God knows they did a better job than the dark tower. That movie was the equivalent of having chang from the hangover play Martin Luther King, and calling it accurate.

  • Lyndsey Love
    Lyndsey Love 23 hours ago

    It's bye Steven King so of course it's scary. I got so scared the first time I saw the the trailer.

  • tatjana509
    tatjana509 Day ago

    its a good movie but ending is horrid

  • Sin Mondoom
    Sin Mondoom 2 days ago

    Can someone tell what's the time mark for 1:23 in the actual movie... for research purposes

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava 2 days ago +2

      Do you mean the one that is on a tree? (That detail isn't important for the plot. Don't worry!) In the movie the mark is a warning made by some people who believe there live a creature called Wedingo in the foest (a creature that eat people). They don't wanted people to be killed so they put the mark. But there are people that analized the trailer and I think they can explain mutch better. I am sorry for my English!

  • Stefixnotvevo
    Stefixnotvevo 2 days ago

    this is not scary

  • MaximArrtist
    MaximArrtist 3 days ago

    "-Dead is better."
    WAIT a minute, what ever happen to-
    "-Dead is BETTAH."

  • Christopher Hinojos
    Christopher Hinojos 3 days ago

    The only changes they made is the daughter gets killed instead of the son and the father was killed instead of the mother. Lame!!!👎👎👎

  • Rodrigo Alliar
    Rodrigo Alliar 3 days ago

    Me: Cant be compared to first one, its just replica
    Director: Its not leplica, its oliginal
    Me: replica.
    Director: Its sony inside!

  • Derek Sommers
    Derek Sommers 3 days ago

    This looks horrible compared to the original.

  • Ivy Bautista
    Ivy Bautista 4 days ago

    Its not even scary when i watched it i just get pissed off what the hell is the ending ump

  • Heather Underwood
    Heather Underwood 4 days ago +1

    Lazy remake. This could had been so much better than what it was.

  • Ayushi Raghav
    Ayushi Raghav 5 days ago


  • UNKNOWN 909
    UNKNOWN 909 5 days ago

    Free Spoiler
    The child will die

  • greywolf 18
    greywolf 18 5 days ago +1

    Didn't south park make an episode about this

  • Kafadar Ayilar Turkiye


  • Leon Angelo
    Leon Angelo 6 days ago

    Already watch it bruh

  • cole drake
    cole drake 6 days ago

    Spoiler alert :

    the whole family die..that baby boy the last to die...
    All back to life reason..ending boring af...ellie seem like a little psychopath...and idk wtf is the dead patient character for..😪

  • Drawing, Slime, and Roblox!

    Zeldas back is the scariest part lol

  • Silver & Diamond
    Silver & Diamond 7 days ago +1

    The cat its cute btw

  • PokéMastrMarisa
    PokéMastrMarisa 7 days ago +3

    The entire movie is so different than the book. I’m extremely disappointed 😠

  • aakash tyagi
    aakash tyagi 7 days ago +1

    Saare comment walo ki maa ki chut mujhe chod kar

  • SpliceInfinite
    SpliceInfinite 8 days ago +1

    Didn’t a kid die?

  • Suraj varma
    Suraj varma 8 days ago

    Sometimes dead 💀is better and the ending fucked up bad

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr 8 days ago

    Crap. Pacing was terrible, poor screenplay and unconvincing dialog. Original was better, although that's not saying much.

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue 8 days ago

    I want to watch it but I’m afraid it might be to scary for my taste like

  • 6.2LTRV8
    6.2LTRV8 8 days ago +1

    WORST movies I have seen this year! Hands DOWN! DISLIKE!

  • YR 916
    YR 916 8 days ago

    2:13 Never laugh at a cat

  • kraft837
    kraft837 9 days ago

    Nice remake, did it go straight to DVD? I didn't see it at the Theatre.

  • Blu Rain
    Blu Rain 9 days ago

    This film was trash

  • That Hasan
    That Hasan 10 days ago +2

    And this is why I don't watch trailers before watching the movie

    • That Hasan
      That Hasan 8 days ago

      @Tj Carpenter because most trailers spoil the movie. And this trailer showed more than 3/4 of the movie... like many other trailers

    • Tj Carpenter
      Tj Carpenter 8 days ago

      Why not

  • JH onn
    JH onn 10 days ago

    Really good movie! 9/10

  • fakhrul rosman
    fakhrul rosman 11 days ago

    Pet sematary 2016? Related or not ?

    CUBIX 11 days ago

    I heard no aiya what gives?

  • Desired Hippy
    Desired Hippy 11 days ago

    So i guess everybody dyin today in that movie makes sense and being raised back from the dead

  • Devesh Raut
    Devesh Raut 12 days ago

    If I bury my hair in that place, will I get my lost hair back so that I can get rid of balding?

  • Devesh Raut
    Devesh Raut 12 days ago

    Just watched the movie and now I can confirm that how SHITTY this trailer is. It's basically the entire movie shown in 2 minutes. Such a spoiler.

  • All about gaming
    All about gaming 12 days ago +1

    I watched the movie it was to good

    • Snewz
      Snewz 11 days ago

      Boring as fck.

  • Nieładny Świat
    Nieładny Świat 13 days ago

    Wait, what? U don't need to watch the movie after this trailer. It actually shown everything.

  • Jesus
    Jesus 13 days ago +5

    Don't you hate it when your cat comes back as a zombie

  • Zame Perez
    Zame Perez 14 days ago

    waste of time
    terrible movie

  • Blake Metcalf
    Blake Metcalf 14 days ago

    What is happening for once I want that cat to die

  • Anthony Red
    Anthony Red 14 days ago

    I hope Paramount Pictures will make also a remake of Carrie

    • kat2123
      kat2123 2 days ago

      There is a 2013 version.

    LILIANA LINS 14 days ago +1

    This looks hella scary I’m outta here

  • Basel Ashraf
    Basel Ashraf 14 days ago

    This is literally the worst movie like who wrote that thing it's terrible

  • Jacqueline C
    Jacqueline C 14 days ago

    Well sht.. I was reading the book first time & thought i’d watch this trailer to get a sense. What a fkn spoiler 🙃 still excited to read.

  • Ralph O' LIVE Music
    Ralph O' LIVE Music 15 days ago

    It's the old man's real fault. Because of a cat all of them were dead.

  • Dorothy Coulter
    Dorothy Coulter 15 days ago +1


    You've watched the movie but now your watching the trailer

  • Rainy Melendez
    Rainy Melendez 15 days ago

    Just released a music video in tribute to Stephen King' s novel Carrie . Check it out on my channel 😉👌👌🔥🔥🔥

  • Z2
    Z2 15 days ago +6

    2:16.. (demonic cat purring)
    Me: Awwww.. just wait a second, i’ll bring some food for ya!

  • Mehmet Ulusoy
    Mehmet Ulusoy 16 days ago

    come for you

  • Nathan Twomey
    Nathan Twomey 17 days ago

    Dang this movie was so shit

    SDEEPZ RAW 17 days ago

    Fuck this movie sucks.

  • queen yuistar
    queen yuistar 17 days ago

    Wait, why ellie is the zombie? because in the pet sematary 1989, Gage is the zombie.

  • Ren Hoek
    Ren Hoek 17 days ago

    Filmed in hudson quebec. 458 represent my home town! I ride atvs in those woods

  • Jo Rodrigues
    Jo Rodrigues 17 days ago

    Gage got lucky...this time

  • Exochuno
    Exochuno 17 days ago

    I wish I could still see it

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash 18 days ago


  • [OGA] Sat Boi Roy
    [OGA] Sat Boi Roy 18 days ago

    This remake looks horrible
    The old one looked good

  • 19russell94
    19russell94 18 days ago

    Dont make a remake when the original is flawless.

  • Gray Filtered
    Gray Filtered 18 days ago

    It's more..disgusting than scary.

  • Mr Sinatra
    Mr Sinatra 18 days ago

    Very disappointing...

  • Laurie Mclean
    Laurie Mclean 18 days ago +10

    pet-sematary-full-movie4k ➝
    Il Dr. Louis Creed e sua moglie, Rachel, si trasferirono da Boston nel Maine rurale con i loro due bambini piccoli. La coppia scoprirà presto un misterioso terreno sepolcrale nascosto nei boschi vicino alla loro nuova casa

  • Den Dan
    Den Dan 19 days ago

    That's the 2nd John Connor to do a Pet Sematary film. Fun fact, I'm a retard who likes pointing things out, look at me!

  • endai ified cudho
    endai ified cudho 19 days ago

    Pengen nnton bru2 jdi y😁

  • poke fan
    poke fan 19 days ago

    Oh i seen the version of pet semetary 2 in 1992

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 19 days ago +2

    It will never beat the Original .. frankly said im truly tired from this remakes cause it means that no one will came with something original ..

  • Mark C
    Mark C 20 days ago

    Read Pet Semetary recently - good book, and I don't think a movie could ever do it justice, really, though I never saw the original movie. I really was hoping to get to hear John Lithgow do a proper Maine old-timer accent, but they just had him do a John Lothgow accent. Based on the trailer, it probably deserves its 6/10 IMDB rating.

  • Kyriacos Omerou
    Kyriacos Omerou 20 days ago

    Saw it last night . Such a lame fucking movie . No mystery , no intrigue , no atmosphere. Shame because I was looking forward to it.

  • Wiktor Zakrzewski
    Wiktor Zakrzewski 21 day ago +1


  • Santo el enmascarado de plata

    Es exactamente la misma historia de la versión de 1989, sólo que en vez de niño ahora es niña, pero es lo mismito !!!....

  • Wombat
    Wombat 21 day ago +3

    Me: Hey Paramount can you spoil the entire movie for me?
    Paramount: Yes.

  • Emma Emma
    Emma Emma 22 days ago

    LOOOOL i swear the music is the only thing making this scary. watch this and play some funny music in the background

  • DeRay
    DeRay 22 days ago

    Dont fucking watch the movie i'm seeing my therapist for the third time this week

  • Ni Bebe
    Ni Bebe 22 days ago

    I swear I saw the story years ago but I can’t remember the name of the movie

  • Ma4rio Ro Ro
    Ma4rio Ro Ro 22 days ago


  • Yasmine Belko
    Yasmine Belko 23 days ago


  • the cake is a lie
    the cake is a lie 23 days ago

    *CEMETERY bitches

  • Bass Droppah
    Bass Droppah 23 days ago

    Watched the whole movie in 2:26. Lol.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 24 days ago

    I wish they would quit fucking with the plots in every King remake. In the book and the original 80's movie it was Gage that was killed, not Ellie. This difference is what made the novel and the original remake so terrifying.

  • O K
    O K 24 days ago

    Inari Okami

  • O K
    O K 24 days ago

    one can't undo death, one shouldn't.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 24 days ago


  • Mr Joker
    Mr Joker 24 days ago

    Dude Pascal didn't help out for shit all he was doing was scaring the kid ,and why does he look like P Diddy?, plus when girl got smashed by the trailer, no blood , movie sucked ,original was like always.

  • SokaN
    SokaN 24 days ago +1

    SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE!!!!!!THE ACTORS THE ATMOSPHERE EVERYTHING AND AT THE END THE PET SEMETARY MUSIC!(it wasn't from ramones and i was like da fuck why? But i liked even this one!!!) 10/10!!!

  • Garry San Jose
    Garry San Jose 24 days ago

    rip leo 😿😿

  • Liar
    Liar 24 days ago +1

    thanks for the spoilers.

  • r.m //
    r.m // 25 days ago

    RIP kitty

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 25 days ago +169

    Curiousity killed the cat.
    But the semetary brought it back.

    • William Johnson
      William Johnson 11 days ago

      @Katie-Jo i hope if i die i get brought back knowing how to spell.😰

    • Katie-Jo
      Katie-Jo 11 days ago

      "Sematary" 😂

  • T R Barber
    T R Barber 25 days ago

    No Gave huh

  • GhastlyAlien
    GhastlyAlien 25 days ago

    Rip Leo the cat

    IVORIAN KING 25 days ago +6

    Basically just watched the whole movie for free, thanks guys

  • CircleDrawing
    CircleDrawing 25 days ago

    Furry the horror movie

  • yeetmetosleep *
    yeetmetosleep * 25 days ago

    It’s a furry

  • Rich Ann Mangalino
    Rich Ann Mangalino 26 days ago

    Yup think this one is good

    AERI AERI 26 days ago

    Curiosity killed the cat..oh wait

  • Kiera Tumai
    Kiera Tumai 26 days ago +9

    im readying the book and Jud (the old man) looks just as i imagined him. XD

    • NinjapowerMS
      NinjapowerMS 19 days ago

      Old man was better in the 1989 film.

  • Fan
    Fan 26 days ago

    They made it opposite when human kill animals for food this time animals kill humans.