Monkey Hunters [Baboons VS Lions Documentary] | Real Wild

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
  • Lions rarely hunt baboons. These large monkeys are armed with dangerous teeth, they are hard to catch and usually not worth the risk or effort. But there is one place in Africa‚Äôs Great Rift Valley where baboons are plentiful and lions have learned to catch them.

    The river in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania never runs dry during the dry season herds of animals come to the river to drink. It is a time of plenty for the predators, but when it rains on the surrounding plain, the herds abandon Tarangire. The predators then only have the resident animals to hunt. Desperations forces the lions to target unusual prey; the baboons.
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  • Real Wild
    Real Wild  2 years ago +89

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  • John Suisse
    John Suisse 23 hours ago

    why the music so high !!!??

  • tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ

    Tho it is young look at the huge cock on the one @15:55

  • Shekiba Sultani
    Shekiba Sultani 2 days ago

    سکسی یگان تا امکانش اگرست

  • Brenda Lambert
    Brenda Lambert 3 days ago

    Nature photography at its finest. Thanks for posting this.

  • hk khan
    hk khan 5 days ago

    sad for beboon

  • จักรกฤษณ์ อารีกุล


  • frican simmer
    frican simmer 6 days ago

    I find this clip both funny and cute

  • M Oz
    M Oz 7 days ago

    It must have really pissed off the male, as it is shitting itself while running away. 34:50

  • K-ART TV
    K-ART TV 8 days ago

    Awesome! you guys put som much effort! lions and tigers are fierce predators. Baboons can aso inflict serious damage. Open savanna is the best place to film. We were lucky to see tigers in India's dense forests and film it. But I tell you its very difficult!

  • santiago pizarro
    santiago pizarro 10 days ago

  • Luis Ramon
    Luis Ramon 10 days ago

    This video supplied me with more information about animal behavior. Thank you.

  • Frank Sckupakus
    Frank Sckupakus 10 days ago

    It really is a shame that the king of the jungle is reduced to eating junk food

  • Frank Sckupakus
    Frank Sckupakus 10 days ago

    Good kitty!!

  • Frank Sckupakus
    Frank Sckupakus 10 days ago

    All prime meat baby screams are annoying as hell but the baboon babies have a special screen that just makes you want to take a shovel to them

  • vee vince
    vee vince 11 days ago

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  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco 11 days ago

    2:51 - talk about getting the shit scared outta ya

  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco 11 days ago

    47:02? 😂

  • Paul Pat loyal
    Paul Pat loyal 12 days ago

    Natures greatest freestyle climbers!

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin 12 days ago +1

    Poor frog. He must be like....."WTF, man !!!!"

  • Earl Oliver
    Earl Oliver 12 days ago

    These are the nastiest most disgusting things on earth, completely worthless animal killing human attacking home destroying disease spreading disgusting vermin that all need to be exterminated.

  • Reba Modok
    Reba Modok 14 days ago

    I am love The Animels

  • Kazu Tama
    Kazu Tama 18 days ago +3

    2:52 he scared and pooped so hard

  • Shijo Mohan
    Shijo Mohan 19 days ago +3

    Elephants enjoy such royalty
    Lion or leopard whatever, they don't care.

  • Md Rahul
    Md Rahul 24 days ago +5

    14:10 is the best part of this VDO.

  • Franck Kouame
    Franck Kouame 28 days ago

    Everything fight for survivor 🙄life is deep fear God 🙏🙌

  • Luiz Francisco
    Luiz Francisco 29 days ago


  • Charline D
    Charline D Month ago +4


  • best event
    best event Month ago

    Monkey supurb

  • best event
    best event Month ago

  • Afuru1
    Afuru1 Month ago

    So wrong for Daddy baboon to use baby as shield...

  • Serkan merkan
    Serkan merkan Month ago

    Didn't know that lions were eating monkeys too :-s damnnnn thats bad.

  • Derek Roundhead
    Derek Roundhead Month ago +1

    Got to change the title.. wasn't what it says.. just a few incidents involving lions killing them.. what a crock

  • 赤い稲妻
    赤い稲妻 Month ago


  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar Month ago

    Very beautiful vidiyo

  • regrettheprophet
    regrettheprophet Month ago

    at 2:50 the monkey poops when it runs from the lion

  • Nazmi Mizan
    Nazmi Mizan Month ago

    why baboons didn't hop on tree to tree to find another spot for a nap instead moving on ground which exposed them to lions

  • Monkeys Life
    Monkeys Life Month ago +2

    Thank you for the upload !! I rarely find a wildlife doc that I haven't seen 300 times, so this is a treat for my evening viewing !

  • Shrikant Kharat
    Shrikant Kharat Month ago +1


  • K. R.
    K. R. Month ago

    Sure Im a Fuckin'

  • Joseph Wiseman
    Joseph Wiseman Month ago

    Not one goddamn monkey was killed by chat throughout the whole show how did you manage to put that title on it?

    • MiPhinx
      MiPhinx Month ago

      are you blind or just retarded?

  • thomasksatriagurkha7

    Dunia Binatang

    • thomasksatriagurkha7
      thomasksatriagurkha7 Month ago

      ~ 36:09 ; ~ 36:46 ; ~ 37:04 ; ~ 37:23 ; ~ 37:27 ; ~ 37:35 ; ~ 41:07 ; ~ 45:07 ; ~ 46:30 ; ~ 45:51 . Pemandangan alam yg indah ; ~ 46;36 . eat babon ; ~ 46:37 . Look wajah baboon ; ~ 30:58 . Mulut baboon lebar ; ~ 31;01 . bayi babon ; ~ 25;04 . Rase

  • F4M1L14 G4M3R
    F4M1L14 G4M3R Month ago


  • Rodarjo GreenZ
    Rodarjo GreenZ Month ago +4

    Them baboon cries makes me understand why the babies are used as shields.

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  • Monkey Zone
    Monkey Zone Month ago


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  • Vijay Verma
    Vijay Verma Month ago


  • John Lentner
    John Lentner Month ago


    CREATION TIME Month ago +2

    14:24 are funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean jr
    Sean jr Month ago +2

    Pig: "ight ima head out"

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast Month ago +2


  • Servant Of Jesus Christ

    Dwl! What I got me excited was when one of the baboons was holding the other's tail on the rock, and it's like the one whose tail was being held was trying to remove the other baboon's hand from off his tail, dwl! Edit: Never knew that baboons were this fun...

  • clicksol Technologies
    clicksol Technologies 2 months ago

    SHAHROKH JOUDI 2 months ago

    Thank you.beautiful

  • Sandra J. Schmitt
    Sandra J. Schmitt 2 months ago


  • 渡邉政志
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  • DefilerWyrm
    DefilerWyrm 2 months ago +1

    Too much monkey, not NEARLY enough monkey hunting. Skipped through a lot.

  • Freddy G
    Freddy G 2 months ago +2

    It's amazing how the Lions leave there young eat there younger pray