Guess The CORRECT LOGO Challenge

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Guess The CORRECT LOGO Challenge! Is your memory good, can you guess the correct logos you see all the time? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable
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    Guess The CORRECT LOGO Challenge
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  5 months ago +3758

    yaaay early upload NOTIFICATION SQUAD ASSEMBLE!!!

  • Breanna Patrick
    Breanna Patrick 2 hours ago

    Did you know domino's logo it has 2.1 for 21 because it used to have 21 domino's

  • Madi Skorey
    Madi Skorey 3 hours ago

    Wawa is a gas station/ store in Florida btw

  • Kayla Heath
    Kayla Heath 21 hour ago

    Wawa is a gas station and food place

  • Cheeky Monkey
    Cheeky Monkey Day ago

    Who else is binge watching her LOL 😆
    Like if you are also binge watching her 👍

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B Day ago

    wawa is a store that sells food and candy and drinks they are like starbucks but not. I live in south philly and i have a wawa in walking distance

  • Stacy Rafter
    Stacy Rafter 2 days ago

    You said Adidas wrong

  • Breanna Byrne
    Breanna Byrne 5 days ago

    I have a citgo and wawa near my house and nbc is the news channel i watch , im starting to think the creator lives in PA

  • Rhea Chang
    Rhea Chang 5 days ago +1

    fr the wikapedia, B's A is bigger than A's A

  • mali lezhe shpk lezhe

    i never my play station logo wrong yo boy grew with play station from one to four

  • Robyn Schell
    Robyn Schell 7 days ago

    When my brother was little he said wawa when he wanted water xd

  • Deborah Hearn
    Deborah Hearn 7 days ago

    White angle lends

  • lo lo
    lo lo 7 days ago


  • Crazy Editz
    Crazy Editz 8 days ago

    You never went Orlando I can tell wawas are everywhere

  • Wayne Sasser
    Wayne Sasser 8 days ago


  • Barbara Christiansen
    Barbara Christiansen 10 days ago

    i love it

  • Emily-Rose Stannard
    Emily-Rose Stannard 10 days ago

    Who's from the UK

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 10 days ago

    Other lens

  • Bryson Pederson
    Bryson Pederson 11 days ago

    I hate domino’s, it taste disgusting, when I got my first domino’s pizza everything was burnt like it came from hell

  • DragonClaw Films
    DragonClaw Films 11 days ago +1

    Animals close up with a wide-angle lens......... wearing HATS!
    Like if u get reference

  • Kim Wesley
    Kim Wesley 11 days ago

    3:29 at the top is it justt me or xose it say correct

  • Grady Chafin
    Grady Chafin 13 days ago

    I mean u be taking an animal quiz at 3 am while I’m watching your video at 2 am while eating luchables cause I can’t sleep 😂

  • Kaytlei Miller
    Kaytlei Miller 13 days ago

    I love your videos 😍😍❤️😘♥️😍😘😍😍😘😍

    P.s. I am your biggest fan

  • lisa simons
    lisa simons 13 days ago

    i srilt pop on me i ran it to the doors

  • Tony G.
    Tony G. 14 days ago

    Red yellow

  • Funny Riter
    Funny Riter 14 days ago

    Why r u always worry about your hair

  • RobloxGirl MasterMind
    RobloxGirl MasterMind 14 days ago

    2019 ....anyone????

  • Sophia Zhyzneuski
    Sophia Zhyzneuski 15 days ago +1

    Wawa is a Pennsylvania thing
    Like of you're a pennsylvanian

    • Jølly AJ
      Jølly AJ 11 days ago

      Sophia Zhyzneuski I used to be but I moved to South Carolina ouo

  • mr.progamer808
    mr.progamer808 15 days ago

    Wawa is a gas station

  • Charlie Lemon
    Charlie Lemon 15 days ago


  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming 15 days ago

    Wawa is a gas station with some beautiful yummy food in FL I LIVED THERE very close to the gas station 😒

  • i am depression nice to meet you

    im wearing a nasa hoodie whilst watching this video. coincidence? i think not. satans coming for us.

    watch out~

  • Pop Lover
    Pop Lover 16 days ago


  • Sophia Wood
    Sophia Wood 16 days ago

    Wawa is a gas station

  • Kevyn Rogers
    Kevyn Rogers 16 days ago

    3:37 it says correct but there is an X there

  • _ Kanabeans _
    _ Kanabeans _ 17 days ago +1

    3:37 there’s and X but it says correct wth

  • *Ellie da kitty *
    *Ellie da kitty * 17 days ago


  • MissZoeyStarr
    MissZoeyStarr 17 days ago

    Citgo is a gas station mainly in chicago- you should come here lol

  • The Blazing Volts
    The Blazing Volts 17 days ago

    1:38 whats the difference?

  • Brittany Olney
    Brittany Olney 18 days ago

    citgo is a gas station

  • Keirra Roa
    Keirra Roa 18 days ago

    um i don’t want to be rude but this was kinda boring and ur never boring

  • Playing with Chase
    Playing with Chase 18 days ago


  • Nina Rashid
    Nina Rashid 18 days ago

    A google ad played before this. That’s not a coincidence

  • Anthony Riggs
    Anthony Riggs 18 days ago

    Why is the Nintendo 64 logo not on this test literally everyone gets that logo wrong

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf 19 days ago +4

    Bro I was wearing an AC DC shirt and I got that question WRONG

  • Tygris Cunningham
    Tygris Cunningham 19 days ago

    Haha I got the first one right

  • Ruth Bazile
    Ruth Bazile 19 days ago +1

    Rose Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    Sssniperwolf your soooooo cool
    And that's why I love you

    MIDNIGHT MICE 19 days ago

    3:52 That laugh tho

  • Poppy cat The cat
    Poppy cat The cat 20 days ago

    I live in the uk and I forgot what Tesco was ( the logo )

  • cinnamon girl
    cinnamon girl 20 days ago


  • cinnamon girl
    cinnamon girl 20 days ago


  • HBK. Ri
    HBK. Ri 20 days ago

    Theres a Citgo down the street from my house and i didn't know that question🤦🏽🤣😂

  • Marcie Boden
    Marcie Boden 21 day ago

    Omg I thought that was a dog not a pig!

  • Dave Bansal
    Dave Bansal 21 day ago

    lia you just happend to be wrong i just have a cadbury choclate in my fride and cadbury does not have a line

  • Taya Matthews
    Taya Matthews 21 day ago

    wow I'm so dumb -____-

  • Cookie Plays
    Cookie Plays 22 days ago

    Yea I would know I live in New Zealand Auckland

  • Becky Fitzpatrick
    Becky Fitzpatrick 23 days ago

    Me:I'm finally part of a squad
    Mom:what squad🤔
    Me:the notification squad

  • Doggo isshakinghishead

    Wawa is a

  • Audrey Adams
    Audrey Adams 23 days ago


  • Ariana Gashi
    Ariana Gashi 23 days ago

    I like the wider lens better. Ily 💜

  • Ainsley Jacobs
    Ainsley Jacobs 24 days ago

    SSSniperWolf looks like Diane Nguyen from Bojack Horseman

  • Maneka Mosby
    Maneka Mosby 25 days ago


  • Malaika van Tonder
    Malaika van Tonder 25 days ago

    Wikipedia the A was a capital letter in B lia open your eyes.. I love you so much xxx

  • galaxykittenplayz
    galaxykittenplayz 25 days ago +1

    What's your murch!!

  • angelsweetcake
    angelsweetcake 25 days ago

    im from the uk and i still got the tesco one wrong like this comment i ur from the uk

  • Matthew Rodrihuez
    Matthew Rodrihuez 26 days ago

    Your cute

  • Zaire Tillery
    Zaire Tillery 26 days ago

    white angle lens

  • Kayden Case
    Kayden Case 26 days ago +1

    R.I.P tuna

  • Rings RING
    Rings RING 26 days ago

    Me. Eating
    Ad. Do you whant to be skinny well do this
    Me. Does it
    Ad. Ummmmm
    Me. Fat
    Ad. Get off thise ad
    Me. Ok keeps eating

  • Alexis Mathias
    Alexis Mathias 27 days ago

    Wawa is a hotel.

  • K B
    K B 27 days ago

    That rainbow thing is stop and shop

  • Jack Thatcher
    Jack Thatcher 27 days ago

    I'm eating a domingos pizza

  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 27 days ago


  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 27 days ago


  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 27 days ago


  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 27 days ago


  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 27 days ago

    Yes I love it so much

  • garra of the sand
    garra of the sand 28 days ago

    Wawa is a gas station I used to live ner one

  • Mr Gaming
    Mr Gaming 28 days ago


  • Hanging With Delaney
    Hanging With Delaney 28 days ago

    The animal quiz had me dead😂😂😂

  • mamadudes 147
    mamadudes 147 28 days ago


  • T3ddy_plays :3
    T3ddy_plays :3 28 days ago +1

    Wawa is a gas station
    with food

  • Matty Keegs
    Matty Keegs 29 days ago

    Ive been looking through the comments and i bet that no one knows AC/DC
    Like or comment if u do

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah Wagner 29 days ago

    I have 5 P-I-Gs

  • Taylor Lowe
    Taylor Lowe 29 days ago

    My mom has a BMW :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Ariel C.
    Ariel C. 29 days ago

    Do you for real have no idea what wawa is???

  • D Pacheco
    D Pacheco 29 days ago

    Send me the one that you were

  • TabbyPlays
    TabbyPlays Month ago

    i love you the way you are sniper!

  • Ritchie PlayzGaming

    10/10 right

  • Artsy Corns
    Artsy Corns Month ago +9

    This is how many people love SSSniperwolf♥️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Ryan Frigge
    Ryan Frigge Month ago

    Where are the glasses and french youtuber

  • KPiper Turner
    KPiper Turner Month ago

    Wide angle is better!

  • Mandie Holmes
    Mandie Holmes Month ago

    I love it

  • Nichole Rewa
    Nichole Rewa Month ago

    Weres yesacca been

  • JJ Killen
    JJ Killen Month ago

    9:20 bro just look at it in the right side if you see it then obviously you would pick b

  • Helen Bunch
    Helen Bunch Month ago +1

    Citgo is is a gas station in arkansas

  • Jared Robertson
    Jared Robertson Month ago

    Hi lia I just want to say that I loooooooove your vids

  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith Month ago

    her cmts are her disabeld

  • LivingWithTa’Zaria
    LivingWithTa’Zaria Month ago +1

    wawa is a gas station

  • King Ugly
    King Ugly Month ago

    “The Soulja boy system” 🤣🤣🤣💀