Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
  • Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments
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    The craziest MythBusters moments can be found right here! From explosions to insane stunts, they’re all done in the name of science. Some insane moments we'll be including are cement removal, jet taxi, wheels on water, match bomb, rocket car, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments.
    #10. Rocket Car
    #9. Match Bomb
    #8. Shocking Shockwave
    #7. Jet Taxi
    #6. Curse of the Snowplow
    #5. Wheels on Water
    #4. Cement Removal
    #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 246

  • Jack La Lone
    Jack La Lone 18 hours ago

    I miss MythBusters

  • ball doctor
    ball doctor 5 days ago

    We watch mythbusters in math class

  • Patricia Maharajh
    Patricia Maharajh Month ago

    That cow pat on his head is too distracting..

  • Kate Quinn
    Kate Quinn 2 months ago

    now I feel the urge to blow up some stuff . . .

  • Larry Kerrigan
    Larry Kerrigan 2 months ago +2

    the episode underwater car a actually helped a women save her and her young daughter's life one winter

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    Now this, this is content

  • Charl Rademeyer
    Charl Rademeyer 3 months ago

    His name is Buster not ted

    • Stingy
      Stingy 2 months ago

      lol right

  • Donald Miller
    Donald Miller 3 months ago +1

    Cement truck explosion should have been number one

  • Dave bong live in wauseon ohio

    how about instead busting a myth you make a myth ,not saying your past stuff wasn't off the charts ...but picture this, your gonna need a plasma cutter...frequency emitter..frequency detector about 20 cellphones....and copper rods that are about 3/4" by 2' now do I have your peeked interest

  • Sexpistol66
    Sexpistol66 4 months ago

    That cement truck explosion is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

  • Absolute Brain Candy
    Absolute Brain Candy 4 months ago +1

    What about...
    - Getting banned from Esparto for rocking a whole neighborhood with a giant shock wave
    - Kari, Grant and Tory accidentally shooting a cannonball through Adam and Jamie's wall

  • DurpyRainbow :P
    DurpyRainbow :P 4 months ago

    Adam Savage have changed his style and look for the better.🙏

  • Christopher Volk
    Christopher Volk 4 months ago

    I would keep that hole in my house.

  • PJ Stagen
    PJ Stagen 5 months ago

    You guys got the cement truck one wrong, mythbusters proved you can clean a cement truck that has a light layer of cement with in it with a stick of dynamite. The bigger explosion for a slab was not part of the myth but just all in good fun.

  • morbidmg
    morbidmg 5 months ago

    Number four is my absolute favorite

  • David Stoyanoff
    David Stoyanoff 5 months ago

    So many great ones to choose from, but Square Wheels made me pee myself I laughed so hard.

  • Ian Fleury
    Ian Fleury 5 months ago +3

    Remember: the difference between science and just screwing around is writing stuff down.

    • Luubelaar
      Luubelaar 5 months ago

      And make sure you do whatever it is at least 3, or preferably 5, times. For method validation.

  • sora roxas
    sora roxas 5 months ago

    how the hell is cement remover not first. haha

  • Dale Bob
    Dale Bob 6 months ago

    They did find the canon ball, it was found in a neighbor hood

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 6 months ago

    That cannon ball accident was the worst!
    I't almost canceled the show!

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall 6 months ago

    also with the coffee creamer explosion, if you have a high enough concentration of dust in the air, the right amount of oxygen and an ignition source you're going to have an explosion

  • Janeil Nold
    Janeil Nold 7 months ago +2

    That underwater car myth gets even crazier. A woman actually survived when her car got submerged thanks to the Mythbusters explaining how to open the door when the car is totally filled with water. She saw the episode and remembered it and was able to escape her sinking car and swim to safety. Too awesome!

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall 8 months ago

    the problem with jumping a car is that they always tend to land nose 1st because of the weight of the engine. and jet taxi was one of my favorite episodes. that was nice of Kallita airlines to lend them their 747 to do that episode

  • Todd
    Todd 9 months ago

    Shitty quality!

  • joury ensche
    joury ensche 9 months ago

    why do u need to talk soo much... te commetary is a little bit unneeded.. still u made a really AWESOME montage

  • John Bues
    John Bues 9 months ago

    5:08 I've never understood why Kari's echoed in that shot.

    • John Bues
      John Bues 9 months ago

      I mean, "why her *voice* echoed."

  • Nick Tryon
    Nick Tryon 10 months ago

    Anyone else miss them

  • sheldon coppet
    sheldon coppet 10 months ago

    I am glad they did not use a 67 chevy impla do not use baby
    Supernatural for life

  • Kotindustrie
    Kotindustrie 10 months ago

    To show you the power of flex tape I CUT A CAR IN HALF

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 10 months ago

    The only thing that has more explosions than a Mythbusters episode is a Michael Bay film.

  • Dudehaler
    Dudehaler 10 months ago

    Mythbusters say 67 and narrator says 65. I say 66 chevy...

  • BigDroneFlyer1964
    BigDroneFlyer1964 10 months ago +1

    I really loved the program and was saddened to see it come to a close. :-(

  • AvengedKyle
    AvengedKyle 10 months ago +1

    I love this show, with original hosts. Without them, i just isn't the same.

    • David Vincent
      David Vincent 5 months ago

      GOOD NEWS just say am advertisement on TV (December 19 2018) some of the original cast IS COMING BACK. I believe it will be on Jan 2 or 3, 2019. The show will be called MYTHBUSTER MINI. Not a lot of details yet but I guess they got the idea we miss the show. Adam will be the host per the ad

  • DikoMan
    DikoMan 10 months ago

    Wow, they really could have killed some body in that one.

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp 10 months ago +2

    "But, the team still considers it one of their worst moments."
    I know what's worse... The cannibal mouse incident.
    They were testing a myth that cardboard is more nutritious than cereal, so they had three groups of three mice each, one eating standard mice food, as a control, another eating a sugary cereal, and the third eating cardboard pellets. Quickly, they noticed the cardboard group acting... odd. They came back the next day only to find that one of the mice in the cardboard group had eaten the other two!! They contacted the producers about the incident and forbid them from showing ANY of the footage that they took of the experiment on TV. To this day, none of that footage has resurfaced, and may remain lost forever...

  • DecepticonSkywarp
    DecepticonSkywarp 11 months ago

    chains being fired from a cannon is just plain deadly

  • TF D
    TF D 11 months ago

    The water heater they made into a rocket didn't even make your list? Coolest explosion ever

  • Sara Seifert
    Sara Seifert 11 months ago

    All of my absolute favorites! Awesome job friends!

  • Internet Citizen
    Internet Citizen 11 months ago

    You missed the boom lift trebuchet.

  • Jameson Weimann
    Jameson Weimann 11 months ago

    I reject you reality and substitute my own

  • Jameson Weimann
    Jameson Weimann 11 months ago

    Fun fact This show supposed to be one of those 1 or 2 episode specials but proved to be so popular it was turned into a series

  • David Broughall
    David Broughall 11 months ago

    0:45 that's a '66, not a '67, or a '65

  • Scott Lambeth
    Scott Lambeth 11 months ago

    The cement truck should have been #2 on this list, and I can't help but to feel the water heater should have been at least in the top 5 of this list too.

  • Shrimp Nuggets Jr.
    Shrimp Nuggets Jr. 11 months ago

    You forgot in the road rage episode a car crashed into a fence

  • RoxyLuffer
    RoxyLuffer 11 months ago +1

    to be entirely honest, since they were doing SCIENCE, they should have been using Metric, and so should you guys =T ACCURACY DAMMIT!

  • spooky
    spooky 11 months ago +3

    "Don't try this at home" Trust me I wasn't planning on making a top 10 MythBusters video, but thanks for the warning.

  • Nikki Villemaire
    Nikki Villemaire 11 months ago

    I think they tried the JATO Rocket car like three times before finally putting to rest. And one of the funniest and painful things I'd seen on Mythbusters, was Tory messing around before they started testing for the myth they were doing; Tory was on a bicycle and tried to jump over a kids toy wagon, and ended up face planting and eating a bit asphalt.

  • OlympusHeavyCavalry
    OlympusHeavyCavalry Year ago +1

    They had to radically alter their safety procedures because of an accident????? Everyone is complacent until something happens, which is shown in a number of times in more than several Mythbuster episodes!!!!!!!

  • Ben Nunavut
    Ben Nunavut Year ago +3

    Come on! I was expecting to hear the cement truck explosion!

  • Gordon Marshall
    Gordon Marshall Year ago

    OK good it's on the list, the cement truck has stuck in my mind as a glorious moment

  • ericb31
    ericb31 Year ago

    #5 reminds me of a story where people were having a contest they called "snowmoboating", riding Snowmobiles on water!
    BUT one of them neglected to wear a life preserver, and he DROWNED! if i remember, he actually got a Darwin award...
    #2 reminds me of a story where Mythbusters decided to test the "Bug Bomb" myth, the belief that a "bug bomb", a device that fills a room with insecticide, might cause an explosion!
    they ended up with a "plausible" result. it could happen, but it was unlikely, since there probably wouldn't be enough Oxygen in the room, but still likely enough to warrant the "don't use near an open flame" warning label.

  • Maotisjan
    Maotisjan Year ago +8

    Mythbusters in a nutshell: 50% explosions, 48% mayhem, 2% science, and we love that !!!

    • James Kessler
      James Kessler 9 months ago

      you forgot Adam or Tory getting injured.

  • Mark Morlock
    Mark Morlock Year ago +1

    video got a fact wrong they only used 800 lbs of anfo on the cement truck the 5000 lbs of explosive was used to make diamonds.

    • Rich O
      Rich O Year ago +1

      Mark Morlock, there's more than that wrong with this video. It's really poorly researched and put together.

  • Noah Mertens
    Noah Mertens Year ago

    regime drawing solution famous other practically tobacco.

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson Year ago +7

    Shout out to Mythbusters thank you for making science fun plus explosives.

  • shottysteve
    shottysteve Year ago

    you really just write "hella" into ur script

  • Eddie Reyes
    Eddie Reyes Year ago

    700 miles out!?

  • Lucas Profeta
    Lucas Profeta Year ago

    Man I miss the original cast of this show

  • Paul F
    Paul F Year ago

    If you're a big fan of Adam and sad Mythbusters went away (no not the remake crap), go find Tested on RU-clip. You'll thank me later. Also White Rabbit Project on Netflix to see Grant, Tori, and Kari

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart Year ago +2

    That cannonball did not happen in a suburb of San Francisco! It happened in Livermore.

  • kratoscallofduty
    kratoscallofduty Year ago +2

    I used to watch this show like 10 years ago. I didn't know it was still running.

    • theapparatus
      theapparatus Year ago +2

      It's really not. It ended but they brought it back a a weird game show like thingie.

  • Xmodgamer 26
    Xmodgamer 26 Year ago

    Who watched the new Muthbusters?

  • Ivan Quiles
    Ivan Quiles Year ago +10

    The sinking water one actually helped save someone's life

  • Cassandra Karpinski
    Cassandra Karpinski Year ago +2

    Number 4 was the result of a mistake with the first cement truck.

  • jamie campbell
    jamie campbell Year ago

    Ted ?

    • davyt0247
      davyt0247 Year ago

      jamie campbell Ted was a ballistics gel dummy that they made

  • Victor Von Deathstroke

    I don't remember myth busters filming with a potato. I mean it sounds like something they'd do but I don't remember it.

  • Csabinho
    Csabinho Year ago +3

    MythBusters is not about busting myths, it's just about wrecking things! But that's quite funny!

    • Luubelaar
      Luubelaar 5 months ago

      They do enjoy blowing shit up. And we all know that Jamie wants big boom.

  • Daniel28021991
    Daniel28021991 Year ago


  • Mad Turnip
    Mad Turnip Year ago +10

    I suspect the show was just an excuse to blow shit up and have fun. And that's why we love it so much.

  • Christian Bush
    Christian Bush Year ago

    norm price ride scope better forty journal conduct

  • Josefine Jung
    Josefine Jung Year ago

    Menu pension growth northeast desire stake what.

  • Sam L
    Sam L Year ago

    You can if you like. Pick up some milk on way back.

  • todd phillips
    todd phillips Year ago

    number four should be nu ber one because that was voted the best explosion of all time.

  • Calvin F
    Calvin F Year ago +2

    Adam and Jamie can retire, but They cannot kill both group, they need to bring back the Build Team to Mythbusters to lead the show.

    • Zen Kim
      Zen Kim 4 months ago

      Unfortunately, Grant now has a credibility issue: he's on video claiming that "pink slime" (a cheap filler made from slaughterhouse leftovers that is used in processed meats) is perfectly safe 2 eat. Critics immediately pounced on him, pointing out the lack of proper clinical studies conducted by independent bodies NOT connected either 2 the meat industry or 2 fast food corporations. Turns out Grant was acting as a paid shill 4 McDonalds.
      Dude ... not cool. So not cool.

    • theapparatus
      theapparatus Year ago

      It's already been cancelled.
      Jamie's gone back into special effects.

    • Calvin F
      Calvin F Year ago +1

      Connor McCabe I know. It sucks and boring

    • McCabe Compositions
      McCabe Compositions Year ago

      Calvin F the build team already have their own show. It's called the white rabbit project

  • Sarah O'Connor
    Sarah O'Connor Year ago


  • Sarah O'Connor
    Sarah O'Connor Year ago +4

    "Jamie wants big boom".

  • Sarah O'Connor
    Sarah O'Connor Year ago +1

    Mythbusters was amazing it inspired a whole generation.

  • Billy Bob Joe
    Billy Bob Joe Year ago +26

    Number 3 actually helped someone to save their own life

  • varan619
    varan619 Year ago +1

    I thought the imploding train car was crazy enough for this list

  • EverythingFromTop5

    Hey guys and gals can you check out my channel I need a bigger subscriber base I’m working really hard on my top 5s want to be as good as watch mojo but will never be

  • Hammerhead547
    Hammerhead547 Year ago

    I enjoyed the first few seasons mythbusters but after they ran out of ideas it became a tedious clown show, I for one think it should have been canceled years befroe it was.

  • a dawe
    a dawe Year ago +2

    Any time a 'rocket sled' is involved I'm happy!

  • johnreidsteenkamp
    johnreidsteenkamp Year ago +1

    Why is this narrator so bad? Dead delivery.

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell Year ago +1

    Number 9 they showed the matchead and canon with matches together. Epic fail watch mojo

  • Kane Aquino
    Kane Aquino Year ago +1

    Top 10 craziest Mythbusters

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller Year ago

    Who is Ted? 2:21

  • WayWardWonderer
    WayWardWonderer Year ago +1

    Jamie wants a big boom...

  • lsx blaster
    lsx blaster Year ago

    Part 2?

    • theapparatus
      theapparatus Year ago

      WatchMojo has done at least a dozen of these.

  • Benjamin Graves
    Benjamin Graves Year ago +2

    I remember all of these and that’s rocked so hard. To this day Mythbusters will never get old

  • Austin Stewart
    Austin Stewart Year ago

    I loved this show so much! I started watching when I was 12 and it ended when I was 21.
    I'll never forget this series!

  • Mecha Dragon101
    Mecha Dragon101 Year ago +1

    That incident was over seven years old?! Good lord.

  • Autum Breeze
    Autum Breeze Year ago

    5:39 conveniently leaving out that the used that much explosives because the first try left the cement truck useless, I see

  • winter1235
    winter1235 Year ago +12

    My favourite is the water heater rocket.

    • James Kessler
      James Kessler 9 months ago

      you mean when they sent a water heater into suborbit for a few minutes?

  • lordsjaak
    lordsjaak Year ago +1

    really cement truck on number 4? it is still mine favorite explosion

  • AJ assassin
    AJ assassin Year ago +37

    Man, I miss this show.

    • Zooiey Rae
      Zooiey Rae 21 day ago

      AJ assassin - I remember watching it with my brother when I was little.

    • Sarah O'Connor
      Sarah O'Connor Year ago +8

      Eric Hagar its not the same. It will never be the true mythbusters.

    • Eric
      Eric Year ago

      You do realize the show just started a new season with new people handling the job right?

    • Virtual IT Boy
      Virtual IT Boy Year ago +1

      Me to ! a lot.

  • Spooker Red Menace

    Buster not ted!

    • theapparatus
      theapparatus Year ago

      Buster was the crash dummy. Ted was the gel mix

  • calvin holtzclaw
    calvin holtzclaw Year ago +1

    what cement truck

    • theapparatus
      theapparatus Year ago +1

      That one. Wait a minute. I just parked it right here....

  • Howeitzer _
    Howeitzer _ Year ago +9

    Don't let this guy narrate another episode again

  • NobodyImportant
    NobodyImportant Year ago

    I am still disappointed that they didn't give the worst case scenario for cleaning up the cement truck a fair shot before just going for the big flashy explosion.
    Drill a few holes in the concrete and drop the small explosives in the center one. Still not an instant clean but it would probably have been able to clean up the mess with a lot less work than manually breaking it up.

  • Jay-D
    Jay-D Year ago

    Why are they still making collections of mythbusters? I niss them enough without these.