Kree | Marvel 101

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • The Kree control one of the oldest and most expansive empires in the entire universe. This week on Marvel 101, the Kree are at war, and they are sending their super soldiers across the universe.
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Comments • 170

  • Chinedu Felix Uwakonye

    So are some Kree good and others bad?

  • David Justin Trinidad Buenavides

    they look like the Na'vi

  • Supersin's Stop Motions

    I am KREEnfully waiting for the Captain Marvel movie ;)

  • Lucas Nascimento
    Lucas Nascimento Month ago

    Captain Marvel is coming!!!!!

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos Month ago


  • Joan Sibbald
    Joan Sibbald Month ago


  • Brian PRM
    Brian PRM Month ago

    I wish they didnt do an inhuman tv show they really hurt that brand

    • Tia Aaron
      Tia Aaron Month ago

      You can thank Perlmutter for that.

  • MutantAli3n
    MutantAli3n Month ago

    Kree vs Skrull

  • Ugbemugbem Osas
    Ugbemugbem Osas Month ago

    What? You deleted a video, again?

  • Wcat EvE eYe
    Wcat EvE eYe Month ago

    Kree had half baf guys

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King Month ago +1

    When will Avengers Endgame trailer 2 release?

  • John Werner
    John Werner Month ago

    So if the kree is a blue race why wasn’t korath blue in the first guardians of the galaxy movie?

    • Gamer Hex
      Gamer Hex Month ago

      In the comics the Supreme Intelligence noted that if the Kree went out and mixed with other races they would be able to grow stronger.

    • Tia Aaron
      Tia Aaron Month ago +1

      Original Kree were blue but over centuries and due to mutations, different skin tones appeared among the Kree. Blue are the minority now. Many of the famous Kree in comics have non-blue skin.

  • aRtiST bABY
    aRtiST bABY Month ago

    Yondu is a kree??

  • Proxima Midnight
    Proxima Midnight Month ago

    Love the music..

  • Mohammed Afzan
    Mohammed Afzan Month ago +1


  • Deal with Kappa
    Deal with Kappa Month ago

    Am I the only one who think of them like Avatar people or Draenei from Wow?

  • Максим Кушниренко

    *У меня на канале русские трейлеры!*

  • Дарья Чубарова

    Maybe, there will be inhumans in the MCU because of kree.

    • LightStreak567
      LightStreak567 Month ago

      Yes, Inhumans have existed in the MCU ever since Agents of SHIELD Season 2, 3 and the Inhumans show that never got a second season.

    • Bran Duke
      Bran Duke Month ago

      There already is. They just screwed up the series and swept it under the rug lol.

  • Onsphinx1519 Smith
    Onsphinx1519 Smith Month ago

    Rip Stan lee😭😭😭

  • Yash Pratapwar
    Yash Pratapwar Month ago +2

    So kree are awesome 😎🔥

  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago

    Next 101 for flerkens

  • parth mahara
    parth mahara Month ago +10

    *End game and Captain marvel is on the super excited*

    • parth mahara
      parth mahara Month ago

      +Rocket Rabbit I hope sinister six are there this time

    • Rocket Rabbit
      Rocket Rabbit Month ago

      parth mahara Also Spider-Man

  • Jason Spangler
    Jason Spangler Month ago

    Original Blue Man Group.

    NSVRM WORLD Month ago +2

    Like Hit Marvel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Morf Morf Vandewalt
    Morf Morf Vandewalt Month ago +2

    *Some heroes are made. Some heroes are born. Some heroes are failed abortions*

    • kbrownevan
      kbrownevan Month ago

      Morf Morf Vandewalt racism apologist?

    • Morf Morf Vandewalt
      Morf Morf Vandewalt Month ago

      +T Stark after you, racism apologist

    • T Stark
      T Stark Month ago

      Coming from a condom failure. Grow up hater 😊

  • SummerSans433 _
    SummerSans433 _ Month ago +1


  • Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel Month ago


  • Zuhayr
    Zuhayr Month ago +1

    So Krees are the good guys

    • Gamer Hex
      Gamer Hex Month ago

      No, the only good Aliens were the Nova Empire/Corps. The Kree and Skrulls are bad.

  • Md Salewm
    Md Salewm Month ago


  • Hugo palestrino
    Hugo palestrino Month ago +1

    Nice marvel

  • hoytoy100
    hoytoy100 Month ago +1

    When you’re a kree you’re a kree all the way...

  • Zach
    Zach Month ago

    So the Kree are not exactly the good guys ...

    • Gamer Hex
      Gamer Hex Month ago

      Zach The Kree are like the China of Cosmic Marvel

    • Duxbelroum30 Yann Franck
      Duxbelroum30 Yann Franck Month ago

      The Kree empire is as evil as the Skrull empire only their modus operanti is completly different

  • Mister Lewiz
    Mister Lewiz Month ago +2

    I've honestly never seen a pink Kree beforehand

    • Player20
      Player20 Month ago

      Mister Lewiz pink krees are basically the same color as white people xD like Captain Marvel

  • Jens B.
    Jens B. Month ago

    the one true kree is Enoch, he has always been one.

  • Evgen Khersonets
    Evgen Khersonets Month ago

    I hope, there will be a connection with AoS

  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts Month ago

    Why are the Kree, a intergalactic race that reproduces by DNA splicing, upholding a patriarchial gender binary norm. Geeze, you'd think in the entire galaxy there would be one society that wasn't colonized by 19th Century CIS HET Prudes. Can we have gender representation people?

    • Gamer Hex
      Gamer Hex Month ago +1

      Robert Roberts Maybe the reason the Kree became so advance is because they didn't waste time on stupid gender terms?

    • Vault-Tec Rep
      Vault-Tec Rep Month ago


    • Zach
      Zach Month ago

      Robert Roberts that makes no sense

  • Matthew's Activity Channel

    I hope those super soldiers won't find Earth because if they do, we don't have anybody to fight them but Pikachu.😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

    • New RopeGod
      New RopeGod Month ago +1

      The inhumans turned against the kree and stayed on earth and some on the moon on a colony named attilan.

  • Akhil Global Media
    Akhil Global Media Month ago

    ക്രീ സൂപ്പർ

  • Ad.yan.
    Ad.yan. Month ago

    Pandora vibes

  • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    Skrulls have left the chat.

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago +5

    Fan fact: yondu is kree too

  • MrRobot1984
    MrRobot1984 Month ago

    Kree don’t have spikes on their head

  • Stark Only
    Stark Only Month ago +2

    So they kidnapped Captain marvel and put thiere DNA in Her🐴

    • Duxbelroum30 Yann Franck
      Duxbelroum30 Yann Franck Month ago +2

      In the movie yes, in the comics she helped a Kree warrior named Mar'Vel and when a Kree weapon exploded her DNA got mixed up with Kree DNA, after that Carol Denvers was Ms Marvel the sidekick of Mar'Vel until his death

    • ZOIA BT
      ZOIA BT Month ago

      Kree juce

  • Snackerman TM
    Snackerman TM Month ago +5

    Well this Krees looks more better than The Genius, Will Smith

  • Vicente Demeterco
    Vicente Demeterco Month ago

    I love potatos

  • Daffa Rambe
    Daffa Rambe Month ago +9

    Grateful to know Kree' character earlier after watching Agents of SHIELD couple months ago

    • Mag
      Mag Month ago

      Daffa Rambe same

  • mr nobady
    mr nobady Month ago


  • Unathi Gxarisa
    Unathi Gxarisa Month ago


  • HayashiKaio
    HayashiKaio Month ago +1


  • Aegon of house targaryen

    Kree has entered the chat.
    Ronan has entered the chat.
    Skrull has entered the chat.
    Kree has left the chat.
    Ronan has left the chat.
    Captain marvel entered the chat.
    Skrull has left the chat.
    Thanos has entered the chat.
    Captain marvel has left the chat.
    *Stormbreaker has entered the chat*
    *Thanos immediately left the chat*

  • trex advent
    trex advent Month ago

    Who does the Kree hate more between humans and Skrulls? Are these guys more advanced than humans?

    • Gamer Hex
      Gamer Hex Month ago

      The Kree hate the Skrulls the most since they been at constant war since the Kree were cavemen. The Kree are hundred of thousands maybe millions of years more advanced than Humans.

  • That Noob
    That Noob Month ago


  • ramdelure
    ramdelure Month ago +2

    Kree are total jerks

  • trex advent
    trex advent Month ago +51

    I can't wait to know more about these guys in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie

  • -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction

    Inhale all the kree information*

  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle Month ago +1


  • subscribe for a donut
    subscribe for a donut Month ago +26

    I'm early, I'm sure someone will come up with a good joke.
    But not us

  • I’m your Dog
    I’m your Dog Month ago +1


  • Bill Kilikidis
    Bill Kilikidis Month ago


  • ツSafin7 HD
    ツSafin7 HD Month ago


  • DMZ
    DMZ Month ago +61

    ...And your a Kree, a race of noble warrios

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns Month ago +3

      Well, when the Kree brainwash you to spew the party line, you're going to spew the party line.

    • Gaurav Prakash
      Gaurav Prakash Month ago +2

      (Remembers Ronan from guardians of the galaxy ) Yeah ! Kree race is totally a ... race of noble warrior heroes

    • edit name
      edit name Month ago +4

      DMZ *epic music starts*

    • DMZ
      DMZ Month ago +8

      +twinodoom nice, thanks for finishing lol

    • twinodoom
      twinodoom Month ago +16

      Noble Warrior heroes

  • Aun Fiel De El Parra
    Aun Fiel De El Parra Month ago +15

    Thanos As Left The Chat

    • Thanos The Memelord
      Thanos The Memelord Month ago

      the kree wanted to harvest earth in season 5 of agents of sheild but when thanos was coming to earth they kind of noped out of there

    • Thanos The Memelord
      Thanos The Memelord Month ago

      in the agents of sheild series the kree were scared of thanos seeing him as unbeatable the kree in the sheild series didnt want to intercept thanos on his mision to earth because thanos is powerful enough to wipe out all of the kree on his own

  • White Phoenix of the Crown

    Kree and Skull vs Shi'ar

  • Gerry As
    Gerry As Month ago


  • Arlo L
    Arlo L Month ago +29

    Like if youre excited for captain marvel or avengers endgame or ALL FUTURE MARVEL

    • Filipe Peres
      Filipe Peres Month ago +1

      +Briana McGee well enjoy the movie and hope it doesn't suck (and to clarify I don't want it to suck but for the amount of publicity marvel is doing for this film seems like they don't have much fate for this one)

    • Briana McGee
      Briana McGee Month ago +2

      Bazinga that’s too bad, more seats for the others then🙌🏾.

    • Filipe Peres
      Filipe Peres Month ago +1

      +Briana McGee i was excited for both until the actress opened her mouth, now i only want to watch endgame

    • Arlo L
      Arlo L Month ago +4

      +Briana McGee me too.

    • Briana McGee
      Briana McGee Month ago +4

      Arlo L I’m excited for both. Equally.👌🏽

  • Valentino Tamborelli


  • DiamondQueen165
    DiamondQueen165 Month ago +25

    Beyond exited for Captain Marvel!!❤️💙💛

    • Thanos The Memelord
      Thanos The Memelord Month ago

      +Vault-Tec Rep hulk had abomination steve had red skull tony had the iron monger thor had loki the heros and villains were all simular in previous movies

    • Thanos The Memelord
      Thanos The Memelord Month ago

      +Vault-Tec Rep this might be the first superhero movie i have watched were there is no equal in the movie to the hero

    • Vault-Tec Rep
      Vault-Tec Rep Month ago +1

      it’s gonna be trash. fight scenes from the trailer look uninspired and boring

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A Month ago

    Not first ;-;

  • The flash Rodríguez


  • Arlo L
    Arlo L Month ago


  • mr. bro
    mr. bro Month ago +1


  • Silent Vlog
    Silent Vlog Month ago +1


  • Imah Imah
    Imah Imah Month ago


  • Disney Theme Parks Guide

    Cool cool

  • DinoRo Films
    DinoRo Films Month ago


  • Icantthinkofausername 16


  • ANCA GAMING Official

    I'm first

  • *사람
    *사람 Month ago


  • igloopigloo
    igloopigloo Month ago +4


  • Caleb Seth
    Caleb Seth Month ago


  • Derpbeef :]
    Derpbeef :] Month ago +1

    Mkree lol

  • War Micke
    War Micke Month ago +3

    Firts view

  • Starfish Kids123
    Starfish Kids123 Month ago +1


  • 플레이리스트
    플레이리스트 Month ago +2


    • Derpbeef :]
      Derpbeef :] Month ago

      플레이리스트 wooo, good job...