INCREDIBLE Discoveries from Brazil!

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Brazil is the largest country in South America and is home to 209.3 million people. Its area measure to 3.2 million square miles! Among that land are ancient sites, the Amazon Rainforest, and river! What exciting discoveries were made in Brazil? Keep watching to find out!
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    5. The Armored Animal
    The name “armadillo” is derived from the Spanish phrase that means “little armored one.” Interestingly, they are related to sloths and anteaters! The giant armadillo reaches a height of 59 inches or 150 centimeters, though the smaller pink fairy armadillo only stands to 6 inches or 15 centimeters. Armadillos are characterized by their suit of armor that covers their entire bodies save for their tail, arms and legs, and head. Even though their legs are short, armadillos can run very fast!
    4. The Pink Dolphin
    The first time you ever saw a picture of an Amazon River dolphin, you probably thought it was photoshopped, but pink dolphins are real! Also called the boto or bufeo (boo fay oh), this species of toothed whale swims along the Amazon and is the largest of all the river dolphins. They measure up to 8.2 feet or 2.5 meters long and weigh up to 408 pounds of 185 kilograms! They recently became a viral topic on the internet, but western scientists have known about them since the 1800s. Unlike oceanic dolphins, the Amazon river dolphin doesn’t have a fused cervical vertebra or the part of the spine in the neck. This lack of one allows them to turn their head as far as 90 degrees!
    3. Serra da Capivara National Park (sehhra dah kap ee vah rah)
    This national park in northeastern Brazil holds the largest and oldest concentration of prehistoric locations in all of the Americas. The Serra da Capivara National Park stretches to an area of 498.6 square miles or 1,291.4 kilometers squared. Brazil made the area into a park to protect all the ancient artifacts that date back to as early as 22,000 years ago! Back then, this area was densely populated. One of the most notable features is the Sitio do Meio. Much of the stone items and paintings have been well-preserved here because the waterfalls do not flow to this area.
    2. Poor-Me-Ones
    The potoo (poe two or puh two) is unlike any bird you’ve seen before and appears to be something between a sparrow and a frog. Funny enough, potoos are related to birds known as frogmouths! People sometimes call potoos “poor me ones,” referencing their strange, haunting calls. Their plumage helps them camouflage into the tree bark, aiding them in the nighttime when searching for food. Potoos are also famous for their ability to stay completely still. If you ever did hear one in the middle of the night, chances are you wouldn’t know where the sound was coming from!
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    The toucan pictures you used are of different species and the one you are referring to is known as the keelback toucan, not the togo toucan of Common toucan. That’s a different species. Also mites aren’t insects, they are arachnids.

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    Arthur is an aardvark.

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    Explore the outback of Australia

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    I would love to explore the deep oceans to discover animals that we thought that were extinct

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    Also remember that Armadillos carry the Hansen Disease Virus. Also called Leprosy

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    Alexa i must say you saound infinately more beautiful and wise than my little alexa decice at home. You just cant fake human relatiionships, nor does anyone truly want honestly for we need them to be whole. To conciously connect regardless of race, weath, religion, nation, tribe etc BECAUSE we are all relating, supporting and feeding off everything else constantly regardless of what we may think or feel about the "others" that are "out there"... since in truth there are no others, we are all one "entity", and thus there is truly no out there either. "All is one", or as the zen master orders their hot dog at the ball park..."one with everything".😝😂

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    I never been to Brazil but I wouldn't mind going to Brazil for vacation&learn about the Brazilian culture

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      We would welcome you with opern arms.Rio is dangerous but brazil has other great 5000 cities.

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    I would love to explore Africa

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    And it is important that ours is Brasília and not Buenos Aires and that we are not "gauchos", only those who live in the south of the country, OK !. KKK!

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