Joule Thief Kit DIY kit tutorial- AlexPlusLEDs

  • Published on Mar 31, 2016
  • PDF link:
    Required Tools:
    Soldering Iron
    Wire Cutters/Flush Cutters
    Needle-Nose Pliers
    Helping Hands
    Included Parts:
    1 x PCB
    1 x 1k Ohm Resistor
    2 x 5mm white LEDs
    2 x 2n3904 transistors
    1 x Toroid
    Green enameled wire
    Red enameled Wire
    Lead-free solder
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    Twitter: AlexPlusLEDs
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Comments • 6

  • patprop74
    patprop74 2 years ago

    cute little pcb kit.

  • Mircea Sabău
    Mircea Sabău 2 years ago

    well You used one transistor ! Why You sad that You need two transistors ?

    • Mircea Sabău
      Mircea Sabău 2 years ago

      OH ! Now i understand ! Thanks for replaying me !

    • AlexPlusLEDS
      AlexPlusLEDS  2 years ago

      Mircea Sabau just in case you damage or lose one. I also said 2 LEDs

  • Zach Connolly
    Zach Connolly 3 years ago

    Awesome kits man! Keep doing what you're doing. I bought a Thomas display kit from you a while back and it worked flawlessly. Btw, thanks for my $0.01 back haha. Someone got a hold of my paypal and I guess they tried to test transactions by sending you that. Weird, changed my password and stuff though.

    • AlexPlusLEDS
      AlexPlusLEDS  3 years ago

      +Ethnotechnic RE:Paypal, Yeah I couldn't figure out why I received money, so I though it would be best to return your money.