I Tried ASMR For The First Time

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • And we're back! Here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I'm excited to finally release! Watch the first half now and save the second half for nap time, lol.
    So I've seen a lot of non-ASMR youtubers release ASMR videos in the last few months, so I wanted to do a deep dive into what ASMR is and then try an ASMR segment of my own. Thankfully, I got Gibi of Gibi ASMR to help me figure out what it's all about. What did you think of my ASMR segment? Did you like the haircut roleplay? Did any part give you tingles?
    You can check out Gibi's channel here! ru-clip.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q
    TYPO: Also, 8:49 isn't Caroline ASMR it's Ting Ting ASMR! So sorry!
    This video is NOT sponsored!
    "Brain Tingles" by Craig Richard, PhD
    PS - I know I am not wearing my ring in this video - most of it was filmed pre-proposal and for the rest of it I just forgot, lol! Nothing meant by it!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  4 months ago +15367

    HELLO FRIENDS! we are back! here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I'm excited to finally release - let me know what you think of the ASMR portion, and if you'd like to see the extended cut lol! and now, back to regularly scheduled programming :). xoxo, saf

    • Nkosikhona Hlatshwayo
      Nkosikhona Hlatshwayo 11 days ago

      the weirdest thing you have ever done Saf! Like it :)

    • Galactic Fox_80871
      Galactic Fox_80871 12 days ago

      OMG GIBI

    • Diane Legault
      Diane Legault 16 days ago

      You the best saf

    • A Friendly Face in the Crowd
      A Friendly Face in the Crowd 26 days ago

      @Safiya Nygaard Excellent video with wonderful triggers! :-) I love how you explained ASMR in a way that didn't put down those of us who need it to go to sleep...and then gave such a superlative demonstration of triggers. You have a wonderful style and could do more ASMR in the future if you'd like, I'd listen! LOL at the "smells a little questionable right here!"

    • Holley
      Holley 26 days ago

      Ummm yes to the extended cut. You gave me to tingles. You are not a traditional ASMR, you whisper but talk fast. And it works for me.

  • Mario Leite
    Mario Leite 26 minutes ago +1

    You should do another Asmr video

  • feelingslightlyblue

    my ears are in heaven- the brushes are wonderful, they gave me tingles for the first time in a while

  • Khrysty Dimanche
    Khrysty Dimanche 12 hours ago

    I don't think ASMR works for me because I don't feel anything

  • Katie Nicole
    Katie Nicole 12 hours ago

    I love Gibi!!!❤️

  • Crazy Doc
    Crazy Doc 13 hours ago

    I love Gibi!!!

  • R Xmas
    R Xmas 13 hours ago

    Lmao I would be so unnerved if my hairdresser started going "oh yeahhhh" while chopping my hair 😂

  • Marie Ford
    Marie Ford 13 hours ago

    gibi!!! love you two!

  • Gabby Goober
    Gabby Goober 14 hours ago

    The tapping on the toaster coaster was absolutely amazing. Quite perfect

  • Kiara Serrato
    Kiara Serrato 14 hours ago

    I enjoyed the plastic pants way more than I thought I would

  • snurfbee58
    snurfbee58 17 hours ago +1

    Saf and ASMR together. My life is complete.😍

  • Kimberly Rush
    Kimberly Rush 18 hours ago

    I love ASMR. I listen to it all the time. It's not good when I play it at work because I could totally fall asleep. I prefer no talking and the brushing sounds - hair brushing, makeup brushing. I cannot stand the eating sounds. But I like the cooking sounds like with The Cooking Tree....until she gets to the eating part. Oddly enough....I liked the hair cutting you did.

  • Did you know that you are breathing?

    16:40 is when the asmr starts
    So tap on the time to get there.
    It's the fast way

  • Marwah A.
    Marwah A. 22 hours ago

    Shivers down my spine!

  • em ty
    em ty 22 hours ago

    they say you’ll probably feel tingles in your neck or back but i weirdly feel it in my butt...

  • Poppy Rockett
    Poppy Rockett 23 hours ago

    16:39 is when it starts

    That’s what she said m😂👌🔥❤️💖🥰🤠

  • Isabella Campos Matson

    I really love the types of tingles you went for. It’s really the kind I like, dry and sort of “swishy”. You did great!!

  • Reidun Olsen
    Reidun Olsen Day ago

    Why all the dislikes?

  • Human
    Human Day ago

    Gibi is amazing

  • Popular Potaoe
    Popular Potaoe Day ago

    Saf:hit something
    Also saf: panics in asmr

  • Esplodeyoface
    Esplodeyoface Day ago

    for some reason I ONLY get asmr from my right side. it's weird!!

  • Hailey Monkey
    Hailey Monkey Day ago

    I love gibis channel plus yours

  • Megan Emily
    Megan Emily Day ago

    My two favorite RU-cliprs in one video!!!

  • ali c
    ali c Day ago

    16:40 :):)

  • Brynn Sanner
    Brynn Sanner Day ago

    21:59 it sounds exactly like the wet floral foam squishes

  • Corinne Hawkins
    Corinne Hawkins Day ago

    Safiya your actually really good at ASMRS you should do some more

  • Sara's Stuff
    Sara's Stuff Day ago


  • Molly Preston
    Molly Preston Day ago

    Safiya: *brings out gibi*
    Me: my queeeeennn!!!!

  • Drew Marx
    Drew Marx 2 days ago

    Was it just me or was the mic on her left, our right not working

  • rollership
    rollership 2 days ago

    "is asmr WITCHCRAFT"

  • Billie Olinger
    Billie Olinger 2 days ago

    Funny and weird even when quite,gotta love that.

  • Brooke McBride
    Brooke McBride 2 days ago

    I found this so funny

  • Lilian McCown
    Lilian McCown 2 days ago

    This made me hungry😂

  • Siri Bennet
    Siri Bennet 2 days ago

    It's so weird hearing Gibi's full volume voice.

  • Swetha Stalin
    Swetha Stalin 2 days ago


  • Freddie Frumbo1
    Freddie Frumbo1 2 days ago

    The I love about the ASMR portion is that saf makes it a great ASMR but also keeps lots of HILARIOUS humour during it 😂😂 Great job saf👍👍

  • Tasha Does Videos
    Tasha Does Videos 2 days ago

    hey um
    how do you wear headphones with a tv???
    also i feel mildly uncomfortable

  • Hailey Palma
    Hailey Palma 2 days ago

    17:33 she starts with the brushes and the rest of the video before that she’s talking

  • Taylor Gumbart
    Taylor Gumbart 2 days ago


  • Natalie VanKesteren
    Natalie VanKesteren 2 days ago +2

    🤣hahahahaha. 😑that’s so rude.
    Safia nygard 2019.

  • Akemi Foxx
    Akemi Foxx 2 days ago

    Sophie Michelle is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace Solan
    Grace Solan 2 days ago

    27:32 i don't think I've ever been more stressed in my life when she started to ruin a nice makeup palette.

  • Princess Lunamoon
    Princess Lunamoon 2 days ago


  • Neevy Weevy
    Neevy Weevy 2 days ago +1

    16:39 I think is when she starts

  • Karla Mendez
    Karla Mendez 2 days ago

    It’s starts at 16:40

    You can thank me later 😂

  • Rohana
    Rohana 3 days ago

    8:47 - That's TingTing, not Caroline

  • Haley Lemieux
    Haley Lemieux 3 days ago

    The way she stairs and smiles at the mic while she brushes it 😂

  • Neyitoe 101
    Neyitoe 101 3 days ago


  • avonlea wood
    avonlea wood 3 days ago +1

    I used to like the sound of teachers writing on a chalkboard when I was younger

  • IDKHOW!attheTwentyØneGreenChemicalFallOutDiscos

    *_shane’s illuminati doll_*

  • 너 몰라?!내가 다시

    the scary thing is, thats my hair color

  • Chronically Unique
    Chronically Unique 3 days ago

    The scratching and tapping on the toaster coaster gave me MAAD tingles

  • •just trying•
    •just trying• 3 days ago

    Asmr tingles hurt me

  • Lexie Rolando
    Lexie Rolando 3 days ago

    8:08 Dennis asmr he does good vids

  • Maya Princess Luv u
    Maya Princess Luv u 3 days ago +1

    Well when I was wearing headphones I thought I was really there

  • Why don’t we limelight Prettymuch BEAN

    Safiya I know I’m late but if you like dry sounds and pencil ✏️ on paper 📝 sounds you should checkout this ASMRtist called “Diamond ASMR”. Like so she can see

  • Abby Hall
    Abby Hall 3 days ago

    16:39 asmr starts

  • • Me
    • Me 3 days ago

    Anyone else realize it’s so much quieter on one mic than the over

  • Bird Bird
    Bird Bird 3 days ago

    28:08 She knew...

  • Arti Abrol
    Arti Abrol 3 days ago

  • Teagan O'Toole
    Teagan O'Toole 3 days ago

    You should do eating asmr

  • Tiger Szczerbinski
    Tiger Szczerbinski 3 days ago

    That’s MY hair color!!!!!!

  • Hi?
    Hi? 3 days ago


  • Gummyqueen Doesstuff

    I got tingles as a kid but I was told it was nerves falling asleep so I always thought I was dying so I would bang my head against a wall so I wouldn't die (it hurt so much I'd start crying) I probably have brain dammage but I'm glad tingles are normal (I no longer bang my head against the wall)

    • Gummyqueen Doesstuff
      Gummyqueen Doesstuff 3 days ago

      @Bird Bird yeah it does that

    • Bird Bird
      Bird Bird 3 days ago

      Your profile picture explained it to me without even saying a word

  • Ally Nicole
    Ally Nicole 4 days ago +1

    when are you gonna start a asmr channel.

  • Melissa SOS
    Melissa SOS 4 days ago +2

    Did anyone else freak out when they saw gibi??!😮😮 bringing in the pro's

  • Layla Peterson
    Layla Peterson 4 days ago

    Dose no one here the porn hub intro in the intro music

  • WarriorLover15 :3
    WarriorLover15 :3 4 days ago


  • iiSniper Pandaii
    iiSniper Pandaii 4 days ago +2

    I like the sound of cooking. (lol, Like its weirdly satisfying it makes me feel relaxed. And I don't like ANY other sounds, Literally just cooking 🤣

  • Let'sGetGlam !
    Let'sGetGlam ! 4 days ago

    You're so great at asmr.

  • Kimberly Enamorado
    Kimberly Enamorado 4 days ago

    Part 2??

  • Sarah Schreiber
    Sarah Schreiber 4 days ago +1

    I loved hearing the sounds through my headphones in both ears, my left ear and right one.

  • Cassidy Alford
    Cassidy Alford 5 days ago

    i give it to ya i fell asleep almost night everyone!!!

  • Jettski 33
    Jettski 33 5 days ago +10

    You should burn the demon pants with a blowtorch *now that would be a trending topic*

  • Pure Moonlight Productions

    That right mic wasn't working, kinda triggering

  • Aisha O'Connor
    Aisha O'Connor 5 days ago

    i like how you say hello friends!

  • Drew Milwee
    Drew Milwee 5 days ago


  • Liki Ryan
    Liki Ryan 6 days ago

    I was not prepared for cardi b

  • Lil& Fam
    Lil& Fam 6 days ago

    when are you and tyler getting married and where?

  • Onyx Nightshade
    Onyx Nightshade 6 days ago

    I FELT TINGLES WHEN I WAS A KID TOO and I didn't know it was a thing that other people got

  • Sharon Gerritsen
    Sharon Gerritsen 7 days ago +3

    8:48 is NOT Carolinr ASMR, but tingting asmr. Just so yall know

  • Corrine1
    Corrine1 7 days ago +1

    Just listening to Safiya enunciate in any video is ASMR to me. Sigh.

  • i_am_amberleaf
    i_am_amberleaf 7 days ago

    Thanks Saf for introducing me to asmr. Now I identify as an asmr type of gal :)

  • Aurora Schroeder
    Aurora Schroeder 7 days ago +1


  • Brooke Hollingsworth

    I really like ur asmr

  • Natalie VanKesteren
    Natalie VanKesteren 7 days ago

    She needs her own asmr channel who agrees

  • Natalie VanKesteren
    Natalie VanKesteren 7 days ago

    I like dry and wet so I’m weird. Okay ima drown in comments now bye! 😵

  • Indra A
    Indra A 8 days ago

    This video led me to the black hole of ASMR (def not complaining tho)

  • Jowana Sameh
    Jowana Sameh 8 days ago

    The asmr of safya is sooooooo good withh airpods in ohh mayy gawdd

  • Harini Sundaram
    Harini Sundaram 8 days ago

    Ok, Saf, i love you and you're my fav youtuber... But.. I don't think id trust you with my hair...
    Tyler's wig is on point😂

  • Purple Is Best
    Purple Is Best 8 days ago +1


  • Makayla Carter
    Makayla Carter 8 days ago

    You should do asmr your great at it

  • Benjamin Valenzuela
    Benjamin Valenzuela 8 days ago

    So many asmr RU-cliprs

  • Alyssa Nguyen
    Alyssa Nguyen 8 days ago

    Who think the microphone on the left didn’t work

  • Daph
    Daph 8 days ago

    who watches the ones where they give people massages and wish they were them? just me... ok