Top 10 Retro Motorcycles For 2019 YOU MUST SEE


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  • Salvatore Aracri

    Yamaha xjr 1300?

  • Bare36
    Bare36 11 days ago

    Honda cb 1300.....

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar 15 days ago

    All this bikes is out of reach for middle class

  • Kitoy Iyim
    Kitoy Iyim 15 days ago

    Rusi classic is the best looking

  • ramesh kumar
    ramesh kumar 16 days ago

    Back ground music pathetic ...

  • Dusty Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes 17 days ago

    Whats the point. Wast of time.

  • Seth Tyrssen
    Seth Tyrssen 18 days ago

    Since I was around when bikes of the 60's were new, I can tell ya straight out, only the Triumph Street Twin, and maybe the Moto Guzzi, are even remotely "retro."

  • Faizal Aswari
    Faizal Aswari 18 days ago

    Less music would be nice

  • Krishna Darji
    Krishna Darji 19 days ago

    Why not royal enfield street 650?

  • Rahul verma
    Rahul verma 20 days ago

    R nine t

  • edward pallaya
    edward pallaya 22 days ago

    CB 1,000 top speed is only 150mph? While the CB 650 can go as fast as 175mph🤔

  • lead deposit
    lead deposit 25 days ago

    The music is shit.

  • TommyTwobats
    TommyTwobats 25 days ago +2

    YAMAHA XRS only 847cc, but over 110 HP! 145mph. Triumph 1200cc and 76hp! And heavy? Why.

    • Aldi Aldi
      Aldi Aldi 21 day ago

      Because for Europe standard

  • Stacy Beach
    Stacy Beach 26 days ago


  • Max Butcher
    Max Butcher 27 days ago +2

    Harley sportster wins in this department

  • Sourav Acharya
    Sourav Acharya 27 days ago +1

    Disliked Royal Enfield continent Gt & Intercepter 650 is not there

  • Szprikula 123
    Szprikula 123 28 days ago

    Missing: new Suzuki katana and Yamaha xv950.

  • bunnyrabbit008
    bunnyrabbit008 Month ago

    where is the Kawasaki GPZ900R ?

  • Jim Kubitza
    Jim Kubitza Month ago +4

    This video left out the one bike that truly is retro and that is going to beat out most all of these for anyone looking for a decent retro bike. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

  • Rinzuala Chhakchhuak
    Rinzuala Chhakchhuak Month ago +3

    Where is Continental GT or interceptor

  • Mc Piet
    Mc Piet Month ago

    Vitpilen 701 is my choice

  • Manelka 13
    Manelka 13 Month ago +1

    Husqvarna vitpilen & svartpilen 701💙💚💛💜



  • ഞാൻ ഒരു കണ്ണൂരുകാരൻ

    Whr is the new Royal enfield Intercepter 650 and gt 650???

  • ഞാൻ ഒരു കണ്ണൂരുകാരൻ

    Whr is royal enfield bikes🙄

  • Muhamad Tajus
    Muhamad Tajus Month ago +1

    Honda CB 1100 RS 1.140CC just 89bhp?? Are U kidding??

  • joe butlersnr
    joe butlersnr Month ago

    Honda cb1100 with a measly 89bhp? My old GS 850 had 84bhp !! And its the real thing .

  • Who Dat
    Who Dat Month ago

    Why are the engines so high in the frame? Water cooled ain't retro.

  • Dev Dubey
    Dev Dubey Month ago

    Retro hahaha ,,you mean honda yamaha kawasaki bmw all are retro bikes ,,stop making fool

  • Autumn Greenleaf
    Autumn Greenleaf Month ago +2

    Thanks. Once you get past the long tedious intro, the bike show is very nice. The intro could go half as long and be more effective. A lot of us can't stand to sit through long intros so think about revising it please.

  • Valter Davi
    Valter Davi Month ago

    Only MOTO GUZZI please!

    • paul k
      paul k Month ago +1

      i concur. i was liking some of these but when the guzzi came up those others seemed to fade away from my mind.

  • David Miatke
    David Miatke Month ago +1

    Showed the wrong Z900 should have the Jaffa like mine hahahahaaa

  • Jack Stepro
    Jack Stepro Month ago

    Turn down stupid music intros. Edit shorter to be watchable.

  • Marc Scordato
    Marc Scordato Month ago +8

    I would add to this the new 650 Royal Enfield’s as well .

  • karlosh
    karlosh Month ago

    Where's the new Triumph Speed Twin ?

  • detlev grote
    detlev grote Month ago +4

    Aus meiner Sicht fehlt die Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor

  • Mark Pitman
    Mark Pitman Month ago +6

    Where's the RE 650 Interceptor/GT the most retro out there??????

  • Aaron Ingram
    Aaron Ingram Month ago

    Not impressed to modern-looking

  • Ian Tegrity
    Ian Tegrity Month ago

    What a lazy boring video.

  • Delta J
    Delta J Month ago

    Bruv, no moto guzzy v9 bobber or v9 bobber sport? The sport version is probably the best looking bike out there right now, and its not only fucking sick looking, its pretty useful. Even though its inspired by the 50s, it still has an 80s vibe. I think it should be n. 1 or at least share the spot with the v7 iii


    Where honda cb1300.. Real man bikes

  • David Duthie
    David Duthie Month ago

    Great selection only one of these is a piss poor remake, Honda CB 100R this looks shite as a retro. Z900RS, Triumph Bobber, CB1100RS top three in that order

  • Everything Adam
    Everything Adam Month ago +1

    Harley iron 883

  • Martin Alexander
    Martin Alexander Month ago +5

    No Royal Enfield Interceptor? And why no tachometer on the Triumph and Guzzi? I like to know where the red line is!

    • Charlie
      Charlie 28 days ago

      Just keep revving, when you bounce off the limiter, shift. It's like an interactive tach.

  • Pushkar Godse
    Pushkar Godse 2 months ago +2

    Till now I thought 'Retro' referred to 'once upon a time...' looks....
    Calling these BMW, Honda, Kawasaki as retro.....🙄 Bamboozled!!!
    And no Jawa or RE.... These are actually the retros!!!
    And after seeing all these impressive power machines, while waiting for the last (and expectedly the best) bike to get uncovered, here comes the "Honda Monkey"!!! I suppose that one's definitely for a 🐒!!!! That bike is sheer embarrassment!!! Only positive in it is that it's equipped with ABS even for a 125cc engine!!!!

  • Jim Me
    Jim Me 2 months ago

    Surely Honda didn't really make that ugly monstrocity and call it a cb ? After dominating with the launch of the cb750 all those years ago and now this , WHAAAAAT THE !!!

  • Rich Bryce
    Rich Bryce 2 months ago

    Where's the Speed Twin?

  • Marco Carreño
    Marco Carreño 2 months ago

    Cada ves más chicas y ligeras parece k traes una bicicleta entre las patas ...lastima m kedo con mi fierro dl 2000 creo fue el último año k isieron motos d verdad

  • john michael Knight
    john michael Knight 2 months ago

    1st BMW 2nd Guzzi 3 Triumph bobber. Forget the rest but it’s just my ’ opinion

  • Peter Stokes
    Peter Stokes 2 months ago +2

    Just picked up my Z900RS and it's an absolute beast of a bike.

  • dario di martino
    dario di martino 2 months ago +1

    Where is benelli leoncino???

  • Jerico Navas
    Jerico Navas 2 months ago


    JKX XFMW 2 months ago

    Wings of Dreams CB1100RS

  • mir basith
    mir basith 2 months ago


  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 2 months ago

    The Guzzi is the most authentic retro

  • TSN channel
    TSN channel 2 months ago

    Me encantan este estilo de moto, pero me quedo con la Ducati

  • Farzad Nowruzkhani
    Farzad Nowruzkhani 2 months ago

    Curve ABS of Ducati Scrambler Icon is in my opinion the most important thing.

  • Chris chomley smyth
    Chris chomley smyth 2 months ago

    If you want retro buy retro. Lots more fun to ride than predictable four bangers.

  • Q Turn
    Q Turn 2 months ago

    Ultimate bikes

  • จันทร์หยุด คารโทลา

    CB1000R ❤❤❤❤

  • Eduardo Bonani
    Eduardo Bonani 2 months ago


  • xyz tamil
    xyz tamil 2 months ago

    Honda monkey represents the whole shit of Honda...... Ugly ever

  • jasonlajoie
    jasonlajoie 2 months ago

    Yea! Honda brought the monkey back! Whoo hoo! That is the most fun you can have on your way to the beach. I'm diggin' that Kawasaki 900 too.

  • Yanie Buluk
    Yanie Buluk 2 months ago +5

    Where ia Royal Enfield

    MENMEN TANTAN 2 months ago +3

    How about W800, after triumph twin s switched to 270degree, W800 's 360degree should have more compliments.

  • Koteki
    Koteki 2 months ago +2

    Cb1000, really? Where are Jawas, Enfields, Yamaha SR400? Kawasaki W800?

  • ชาย ในนิทาน

    Fuck. Monkey.

  • Paul Seevers
    Paul Seevers 2 months ago

    Who want a retro motorcycle. There’s a reason why they’re building new ones. They ride better.

  • Дмитрий Сакович

    It's pseudo retro.

  • Alex Aguilera
    Alex Aguilera 2 months ago +7

    And the Triumph Thruxton? One of the best cafe racer.... GOOD PICKS!

  • grafholt1
    grafholt1 2 months ago +1

    And not the Kawasaki W800 Street or Cafe?

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 2 months ago +6

    While all of these are great machines, I do not see some of these bikes in a retro class. Absence of a fairing and some plastic does not make retro. Look at at bike styles from 50s,60s,and 70s to define retro.

  • bmmyday
    bmmyday 2 months ago

    This film is bulshit ! These motorcycles do not even look like retro classics.

  • fornicateu2
    fornicateu2 2 months ago

    Kawasaki man since 85, if it hasn't got a fairing then its useless at speeds over 85 as you just end up with arthitic pains later in life, calling these 'retro' when really they're probably cheaper to make than a sports bike but thanks to fashion and a new crop of snowflakes buying bikes these days these scrapyard fillers will command premium prices, two years I'll get a nice ZX10R with low miles for pennies.

  • Gert Vanpeet
    Gert Vanpeet 2 months ago +1

    Jawa 300? A black painted block is not retro! Only Guzzi is somewhat retro.

  • Build it- Ride it
    Build it- Ride it 2 months ago +6

    I am a simple man, I don't see Royal Enfield in first 10 seconds, I dislike.

  • jonihatta 18
    jonihatta 18 2 months ago

    R nine T & Xsr900 ... Best power ? ;-)

  • Aditya Asthana
    Aditya Asthana 2 months ago


    ALEXANDRE ATTILA 2 months ago

    Tava tudo lindo até entrar a monkey kkk

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 2 months ago +14

    Excepted the Triumph and Guzzi. The other ones are just modern roadsters with some tunning peints looking like oldies.

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 2 months ago

    the BMW is so ugly.

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 2 months ago +4

    Honda CB1000R and XS900 ? Is that joke?

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 2 months ago +1

    Where are the Harleys and Indians? More oldies than those 2 manufacturer you can't.

  • Nona Kosta
    Nona Kosta 2 months ago

    Лучший корч всех времён и народов -
    "Honda CB700S NightHawk“! :)

  • Mario1958ful
    Mario1958ful 2 months ago

    Z900rs rapporto qualità prezzo imbattibile veramente bella moto comoda agile in piega e con un bel motore

  • Get Aquino
    Get Aquino 2 months ago +3

    THRUXTON R????
    The best one!!

  • nasty buzzard
    nasty buzzard 2 months ago

    I only saw 3 two tribes in the Honda monkey the rest look like Stamped Out s***

  • AB Mobile
    AB Mobile 2 months ago

    Susuki sprinter110 eco.good retro.....low price

  • Geoffrey Fowler
    Geoffrey Fowler 2 months ago +3

    It seems a little off to list tank size in liters and fuel economy in miles per gallon.

  • Somchai Homhaul
    Somchai Homhaul 2 months ago

    no to 10

  • dundee yunidar
    dundee yunidar 2 months ago +3

    Honda Cb 1000R ...what so retro about it ???

  • Anil Kirvadi
    Anil Kirvadi 2 months ago +4

    Honda monkey 🐒... you think this is better then RE interceptor???

  • shaneweightman
    shaneweightman 2 months ago

    Number 1, the yam. Last and ugly the Triumph , only my opinion cheers shane uk

  • Sebas M.a.g.
    Sebas M.a.g. 2 months ago

    Triumph Rules....n.1 is not here, but is mine Street Cup 900

  • Mukji Ojie
    Mukji Ojie 2 months ago


  • ian ball
    ian ball 2 months ago +1

    Triumph and honda cb 1100 are almost spot on. The kawasaki z 900 should have been more like the original . Rear dual shocks etc. Better tank and seat as it is no its just a redressed 1000. Ninja. Oh well see if suzuki come with some thing for next year. A gs range ? Never liked the katana. The full gs range was good . Up grade and you get great machines. But will the spoil them . As have others. Only triumph and the honda cb 1100 looks ok shame they don't do a cb 750k style now that would be nice if they keep it close as possible to the original

  • ian ball
    ian ball 2 months ago +1

    No music on bike vids. Its stupid.

  • afbtstix
    afbtstix 2 months ago

    Kawi looks like a Grom on steroids

  • ajmf 2016
    ajmf 2016 2 months ago

    I don't care how retro it is ... all i know is that the honda cb1000r is beautiful .