20 Times Teen Titans Go! Crossed The Line

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • Is Teen Titans Go! just good silly fun for kids, or does the show step over the line? Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant
    Check out "10 Teen Titans Go Moments That Were NOT Meant For Kids" from our friends at CBR: ru-clip.com/video/5IXAk9jWqNQ/video.html
    Teen Titans Go! Has always been known as the younger, sillier, way more childish offspring of the original Teen Titans show. But even though it’s meant for children, the show about a gang of young superheroes in the making has never been afraid to push boundaries and cross more than a few lines. It’s packed with innuendo, double entendre, crassness, and straight up adult humour. And what do we expect? It’s a show about teens and pre-teens, right as they are about to hit puberty, which everyone knows turns people into monsters. But sometimes you have to wonder, did that joke go a few steps too far? Like the time when Beast Boy is lying naked on the couch, or the extreme close up of Robin doing his crazy butt workout while mesmerizing Blackfire. There’s Raven’s amazing legs, Robin’s hair reacting to Starfire in a bikini, a not so subtle joke about a Pirate's booty, and a surprising body inside Cyborg’s closet. There’s also a very obvious moment with Beast Boy and a pie, some inappropriate hands in a photobooth, Raven getting dark with her toy horses, and a sisterly makeover that leaves Starfire naked in the middle of the living room! Not to mention when Cyborg spied on Robin in the shower, or when Beast Boy tried to seduce Raven in her bed, Robin’s female fans getting a really close look at him without his costume, his obsession with Starfire in her Batman cosplay, and the time he hid Starfire’s diary down the front of his pants!
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Comments • 6 348

  • Fabio_isbored
    Fabio_isbored Hour ago

    Umm you know that 98% of all kids shows have a LOT OF BUTT JOKES AND BUTTS

  • Zach_Gamer_Boy 123
    Zach_Gamer_Boy 123 10 hours ago


  • Jayda Iordanidis
    Jayda Iordanidis 14 hours ago

    When the T tower is turned upside down it looks..............

    Uhhhhhh it looks like a.....uno
    Also when trigon shoots his laser things when they land it also looks like a uhhhhh T upside down

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen 23 hours ago

    They crossed the line

  • Niyah Nation
    Niyah Nation Day ago +1


  • The Sight
    The Sight Day ago

    Surprisingly has less dislikes than likes

  • Matthew Espinoza

    They over exaggerating

  • soAp Aquarius
    soAp Aquarius 2 days ago

    I just got an ad about condoms or trojan man or sumthin, and im like, wait wasnt beastboy half naked in her bed? so im like..
    they finna SMASHHHHHHHH

  • Amina Q
    Amina Q 2 days ago

    2:33 it’s actually cyborg

  • A Dumbo Octopus
    A Dumbo Octopus 2 days ago

    Wait, this was aimed towards TEENAGERS?! BULLSHIT! I'm a teenager myself, and this show is definitely NOT aimed towards my age group! It's aimed towards small children who don't know better.

  • Jazz_Panda 19
    Jazz_Panda 19 2 days ago

    Times teen Titans Go cross the line: by existing

  • Tiktok Repost
    Tiktok Repost 3 days ago

    my mom would let me watch robot chicken , adult swim,king of the hill when i was smaller and family guy american dad and morr

  • tmexia4
    tmexia4 3 days ago

    Thats was her sholder 4:08

  • Alexander Scharfenberger

    thats cy

  • TD Playz
    TD Playz 3 days ago

    Mrs. Robinson - Robin notices the legs

  • Tech reviews
    Tech reviews 3 days ago

    0:06 I think you mean retarted 3 year olds

  • MR. R.B
    MR. R.B 3 days ago

    am personaly 8 and there will be now day for me if i dont play with my coc and youre telling me that
    this cartoon did a bad thing??¿

  • MR. R.B
    MR. R.B 3 days ago

    so what theres nothing wrong with a little crossing the lines i bet little kids know waaaaay more than just sexy legs or other
    and they are growing up ok

  • Demetria Davis
    Demetria Davis 3 days ago

    Robin made that face because she was in Batman's suit, which he didn't want to get in trouble for if something happened to it not because how it was on her. Js

  • Schizophrenic Melancholy

    I’ll be honest, the jar and crowbar is probably the only thing from this show that I laughed uncontrollably.

  • Oliver Jackson
    Oliver Jackson 4 days ago

    Who else would like to be like beast boy every single Sunday

  • SneezySaturn031
    SneezySaturn031 4 days ago +1

    How was the crossover episode crossing the line.

  • SneezySaturn031
    SneezySaturn031 4 days ago +1

    Actually the friends break in to the bat cave without without his knowledge

  • SneezySaturn031
    SneezySaturn031 4 days ago +1

    I’ve heard that audio a bunch, she doesn’t stretch the word horse. Even if she did you would have to listen to the audio extremely closely that’s not crossing the line.

  • Gvo Mkll
    Gvo Mkll 4 days ago

    Batman didn't behead Mr. Freeze. Mr freeze lost his body due to his condition in the animated series.

  • FunyYt
    FunyYt 4 days ago

    Dont see 6:24 paused or 0.25x

  • FunyYt
    FunyYt 4 days ago +1

    20 times teen titans was excluded from kids because of idiotic youtubers

  • Wait That's illegal
    Wait That's illegal 4 days ago

    Every second of every teen titans go episode crossed the line

  • Yoo Zeus
    Yoo Zeus 5 days ago

    Wwoooooooooooow why am I watching this? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Gachaverse Mar Wolfie

    Bru were teenagers we understand it that's why its funny

  • Lego fruit daily
    Lego fruit daily 5 days ago

    It exists

  • Emmerz Leigh
    Emmerz Leigh 5 days ago

    No teen watches this seriously

  • Techcheak Ly
    Techcheak Ly 5 days ago


  • Umbreon
    Umbreon 5 days ago

    5:13 "in one episode he accidentally gets uploaded to the tower

  • Levi Gacha
    Levi Gacha 5 days ago


  • Red RubyLongSword
    Red RubyLongSword 6 days ago

    number 20: it existing

  • Receptive Edits
    Receptive Edits 6 days ago

    Who goes this deep into cartoons you ask? People without lives

  • Asriel Dreemur
    Asriel Dreemur 6 days ago

    In sfires room, she has a robin stuffed animal and a poster that says I ♥️ robin

  • Réan Venter
    Réan Venter 6 days ago

    You have a dirty mind!!!

  • -Bubblegum gacha-
    -Bubblegum gacha- 6 days ago

    This show honestly annoys me

  • Onedoughnut 3335
    Onedoughnut 3335 6 days ago


  • Sweaty Cheese
    Sweaty Cheese 6 days ago

    In batman beyond, mr freeze has a disease in his body and only has a head.

  • Heathergamer 132
    Heathergamer 132 7 days ago

    Stop theres nothing wrong that's my favourite show

  • Heathergamer 132
    Heathergamer 132 7 days ago

    Shes in her room and there sisters

  • Heathergamer 132
    Heathergamer 132 7 days ago

    Beast boys hands were at terras shoulder not on any thing though

  • Batrat
    Batrat 7 days ago

    How is this show made for pre teens and teens wtf do you mean

  • Naruto Uzimaki
    Naruto Uzimaki 7 days ago

    What the fucks wrong with wearing girl clothes when you're a dude thats the equivalent to saying milk before cereal equals a gunshot to the head smh

  • Myrtle Jones
    Myrtle Jones 7 days ago

    Bitch Please. 😒

  • Melvin Salazar
    Melvin Salazar 7 days ago +1

    Starfire did not change in the living room she changed in her room

  • Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more

    Teen Titans NO!

  • buddyontheweb
    buddyontheweb 8 days ago

    It was fine.

  • eieiowem
    eieiowem 8 days ago

    ROBIN II????????????😱

  • Soph's channel 1
    Soph's channel 1 8 days ago

    Cyborg wasn’t accidentally connected to the tower
    Robin didn’t bring the Titans, they snuck in.

    FUNKE OGBOJA 8 days ago

    That wasn't her living room. It was Stanford's bedroom

  • An annoying random human #256

    Why am i watching this?

  • Imaybewrong _butidoubtit

    20? Only 20 times? Teen Titans Go crossed the line the very moment its existence was thought of.

  • Brandon Barrow
    Brandon Barrow 9 days ago

    In two parter part 2 when cyborg takes off the ring to defeat Darkseid wouldn’t he technically be raising the middle finger?

    • Evil
      Evil 7 days ago


  • eat childhood
    eat childhood 9 days ago

    6:39 actually they got in the bat cave because robin left the security systems off

  • Kemp Animations!,
    Kemp Animations!, 9 days ago

    You’d have to be so scum to say ANY of these are RACY

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews 9 days ago

    Number 16 WAS a bit of a punch to the face for me...

  • Addeylorenzo Addeylorenzo

    Why all youtuber always find DC mistake try to find Marvel mistake too🧐

  • Taylor Superior
    Taylor Superior 9 days ago

    Lol “lying seductively-“ Trojan commercial comes on

  • getthatflat
    getthatflat 9 days ago +1

    This is the worlds shittiest show

  • Gacha_ Space ッ
    Gacha_ Space ッ 10 days ago


  • lil gay
    lil gay 10 days ago


  • jeyson flores
    jeyson flores 10 days ago

    did enyone notice the vodo doll on the floor

  • Kiera Coleman
    Kiera Coleman 10 days ago

    At number 10 they were in her room

  • A_Little_ Sophiesticated

    4:52 it wasn’t in the living room it was in her room

  • Super Mario Odanani
    Super Mario Odanani 10 days ago

    It's actually Cyborg who convinces that Aqualad is a pirate.

  • Luna Dremurr
    Luna Dremurr 10 days ago

    Dude, they've had a whole episode about them twerking their butt.

  • Dietista De Pérdida De Peso

    Nice video

  • Anime Person Here
    Anime Person Here 11 days ago

    Robin is thiccest waifu


    Did anyone know that the Robin in titans go is dick grayson

  • delighton ailende
    delighton ailende 11 days ago

    Christ wept!

  • john thalongcak
    john thalongcak 11 days ago +1

    Robin has a big dick

  • Joeslactadepills OwO
    Joeslactadepills OwO 11 days ago +1

    I grew up watching South Park and family guy, this looks like mlp to me

  • Bangtan Flowers
    Bangtan Flowers 11 days ago

    The orignal teen titans will always be better, this is complete crap

  • Youngbeast plays
    Youngbeast plays 11 days ago +1

    #1 the fact that it is a reboot of the og teen titans

  • Carmine Spina
    Carmine Spina 12 days ago +15

    You know what really crosses the line in this show?

    It exists

    • Carmine Spina
      Carmine Spina 9 days ago +1

      @Miđnight Wølf well, sorry buddy but I hate this show

    • Miđnight Wølf
      Miđnight Wølf 9 days ago +1

      Ay dont mess with ma fav show broo

  • Shad Miles
    Shad Miles 12 days ago

    6:41 That’s actually batgirl’s costume....

  • Ponmani Selvarajan
    Ponmani Selvarajan 12 days ago +1

    Teen titans
    Teen should have been a hint

    KLEA*-*GL WOLFPACK 12 days ago +5

    This is nothing compared to the Simpsons family guy American dad and futurama
    And I've Seen all those shows since I was 4

  • Salty Medpac
    Salty Medpac 12 days ago

    -_- oof my childhood

  • Bear Is A Flat Marshmallow

    I thought that happened all the time

  • Troll Lover 123
    Troll Lover 123 13 days ago +1

    When I was little, I wasn't aloud to watch this show. Now I know why😂

  • Aidan Broadfoot
    Aidan Broadfoot 13 days ago


  • A Random Flower
    A Random Flower 13 days ago +1

    Why did youtube recommend me this?

  • Alphaa
    Alphaa 13 days ago +1

    Number 21 - Existing

  • The amazing spider Cooper

    That was stars room.

  • Daeshawn Clark
    Daeshawn Clark 14 days ago


  • Hamster Main Here :3
    Hamster Main Here :3 14 days ago

    But in Mr.Butt Starfire doesnt change in THE LIVING ROOM! Its in Her own god damn private room!

  • Peggy Head
    Peggy Head 14 days ago +2

    I love teen titans go

    (Dont kill me)

  • Madhavendra Singh
    Madhavendra Singh 14 days ago

    Only 2 were legit
    Rest were just assumptions

  • cody baggett
    cody baggett 14 days ago

    Most of these are just silly, or innocent.

  • Yael avendano
    Yael avendano 14 days ago

    It is supposed to be funny and intertaining

  • Laoz Druni
    Laoz Druni 14 days ago

    Beast boy had his hands in some inappropriate places I guess touching someone's shoulders is inappropriate a waa 😯😂😂😂😕😕

  • Bebe Wang.
    Bebe Wang. 14 days ago +2

    It's appropriate! And also please,bring back the original Teen Titans back @ Cartoon network or any animation channels!

  • Hank LvL.500,000
    Hank LvL.500,000 14 days ago

    Teen titans go being created was crossing the line, if they wanted to reboot it than actually should have gotten a good story, use the original animation style, and don't remix the theme song. They should not have made Teen titans go.

  • juni’s edits
    juni’s edits 15 days ago

    these are innocent. ur just dirty minded.

  • GamingHunter 59
    GamingHunter 59 15 days ago

    He didn’t behead dr freeze his body decayed after undergoing an excitement making him immortal as long as he is in a 32 degrees Fahrenheit environment. He was just a head by the time the doctors stopped it