Defense Secretary Esper: We Are Not Abandoning Kurdish Forces in Syria

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • At a Pentagon news conference, Defense Secretary Esper says "At this time we have made no additional changes to the force posture in Syria…we are not abandoning our Kurdish partners forces…The impulsive action of President Erdogan to invade northern Syria put the United States in a tough situation."

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  • Jacky A.
    Jacky A. 12 days ago

    EXCEPT WE DID. CONservatives will just straight up lie now. MAGA.

  • Gavin Willacy
    Gavin Willacy 2 months ago

    Don't worry. The U.S. will take control of your oil for you. You may even be given the right to rent or subscribe to it monthly. 🔥😈🔥

  • wooly shadow
    wooly shadow 3 months ago

    The way this was done was wrong you never should have let the enemy know you were leaving. You just do it slow and do not announce it. It will all in the end just lead to more chaos. Now there are entire families Getting Raped and Killed by Ruthless Coward military Because They know The USA would demolish Them.

  • Mary Stevenson
    Mary Stevenson 3 months ago

    Bullshit! You already did abandon them and left 1,000 US troops in danger! Morons! Spin it how you want- we know better.

  • Ken Brownfield
    Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

    Esper is an outright, bald faced LIAR

  • Savanna Berkley-Wells
    Savanna Berkley-Wells 3 months ago +3

    Can someone get rid of this man? They are killing people. This president is delirious. And so is anyone who stands with him.

  • PJ Brown
    PJ Brown 3 months ago

    Trump had to do it (pull our troops out of Syria) because Obama sent them there without permission from the Syrian government and without an exit strategy. Besides we achieved our mission of being there: to diminish ISIS.
    Time for those troops to come back for reassignment.
    But morons dont want to know facts, they just want to attack Trump every chance they get.

    • Ken Brownfield
      Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

      If anybody is a moron, it's you PJ

    • Cold Hands Kal
      Cold Hands Kal 3 months ago

      Ah yes. As soon as American interests are fulfilled, it doesnt matter at all who is left behind in what state.
      This is a pretty bad precedent to set for foreign relations. What country will trust a president that just flakes on allies with no warning beforehand, not even to his own staff?

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien 3 months ago +1

    NATO and the U.N. are both ran by evil men. They create chaos, pull out, then create civil war. They will continue doing the same until they are stopped or get their New World Order. They are the world's worst terrorists. These evil men want to govern the entire world to have great power and control.

    • James O'Brien
      James O'Brien 3 months ago

      @Ken Brownfield Well, then explain.

    • Ken Brownfield
      Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

      You don't have a clue what you're talking about.

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 3 months ago +2

    ---> Erdogan is attacking U.S. troops and Trump invited him to the White House. Moscow Mitch and Senate Republicans are working for Putin or they would block Trump from reneging on the Open Skies treaty with our allies. Walks and talks like treason, looks and smells like treason but they say it's not.

  • James Grimsey
    James Grimsey 3 months ago +1

    You have already abandoned them asshole. Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Steven McKee
    Steven McKee 3 months ago +1

    We haven't pulled them out of Syria yet

  • Fouren
    Fouren 3 months ago +1

    By saying that we gave the Kurdish people money and weapons and to say that they only did what they did to ISIS because of that is to be totally stupid, It's like telling our Troops here in the US go and fight in Iraq and then we live them and we tell them the same, they fought with us in Syria, I see them as an ally, either Break NATO, or get the Kurds in NATO without any Turkish saying in it, or just kick Turkey out of NATO, also I don't see the UN even discussing it and their actions on it, If it was Israel and the Arabs they would've jumped on it.

  • Éamonn Síoċáin
    Éamonn Síoċáin 3 months ago +17

    You just abandoned Kurdish forces in Syria. Everyone saw it.

    • Dawood Ahmed
      Dawood Ahmed 2 months ago

      Just like religions .. Its true because I said so

    • James O'Brien
      James O'Brien 3 months ago

      @Paul Bee The U.S. government employees need to stop starting unjust wars. Iraq and Libya both are ruined and in civil wars. NATO and the U.N really started the Libyan conflict though, they always pull out knowing full on civil wars will ensue. They will continue to do the same until they are stopped or get their New World Order setup. NATO is ran by evil men. Same with the U.N.

  • XsamwiseX45
    XsamwiseX45 3 months ago

    There is little action from Russia in Idlib, as if this is a pre-planned coordination. Turkey won't stop until they reach just short of Tabqa, with a force that is hostile to our troops.

  • Malazgirt 1071
    Malazgirt 1071 3 months ago +2


  • J R
    J R 3 months ago +1

    The kurds are so abandoned !!!!!

  • J R
    J R 3 months ago +2

    They are being bombed continually, I would call that abandoned.

  • Jayzee Vanpelt
    Jayzee Vanpelt 3 months ago +4

    Can someone please tell me what the hell a jart is?! I keep seeing it on my notifications. I've looked through many dictionaries, but found nothing!! I'm just a bit curious as to why this is the case!

    • Wicked Guppy
      Wicked Guppy 3 months ago

      A brand of lawn darts. They're off the market now. Great game as long as no one gets hit.

    • T Mc
      T Mc 3 months ago

      Jarte is a microsoft word processor. Jart was a lawn game that got recalled that had huge darts. Don't know if either of these are what you need, but all I could think of.

  • Colin McKerlie
    Colin McKerlie 3 months ago

    What a disgusting spectacle. This is the guy who has to say "No!" when Trump orders him to launch a secret, unlawful, nuclear first strike against Iran in a desperate move to help him win the election through "patriotism" and gun cam footage. This piece of shit is a worthless lackey who is going to do whatever he is told. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "oath". Americans should be very deeply ashamed of what Trump and his lackies are doing to their country.

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 3 months ago +5

    Someone should tell the Kurds.

  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns 3 months ago

    Not buying it.

  • Terri Waugh
    Terri Waugh 3 months ago +1

    The Quisling Coward Trump is not a good employee.

  • Robo Phobia
    Robo Phobia 3 months ago +1

    Hope he's not a fan of criminal un

  • Benny Harriston
    Benny Harriston 3 months ago

    hey defense secratary........we aint the middle east babysisters

  • Patchwork Girl
    Patchwork Girl 3 months ago +3

    Nice words, Secretary Esper, but I think the horse has left the barn. And if the Kurds fought beside and for us, "getting out of the way" so the Turks can annihilate them isn't very nice, even if it really is to "protect our soldiers." And about those ISIS terrorists the Kurds were minding for us...Nice try, sir, but absolutely NO cigar for you.

  • ctwatcher
    ctwatcher 3 months ago +1

    Time to bring all troops home, this isn't our problem, never was. They aren't our neighbors invading us, that's Mexico. Put the troops on our southern and northern borders.

    • Ken Brownfield
      Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

      trump is sending our troops to saudi arabia dumb-ass. try to keep up up with the news. Mexico is no threat to us.

  • JMP Cali
    JMP Cali 3 months ago +1

    We are have so mess stuff Foreign policy

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q 3 months ago +3

    REEEEEEE! I don’t know what’s going on but the CIA media said I should have negative feelings about it! REEEEEE!

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago

      Adding your name to my cringe list.

  • Killa Watt
    Killa Watt 3 months ago +5

    This is the thing. Trump never said he was ever abandoning the forces we have allied with these past years in the region. Mainly the kurds. This is news media spin which is hilarious because they actually had people advocating war just to prove a point against Trump. All Trump said and did was move our troops out of the region. Something Trump has talked about long before he was president and its something those who oppose Trump have talked about for years as well. We've been there long enough. At some point we'll have to leave all together and let these people sort out there own problems. It's costed us too much money and most importantly lives.
    Rest in peace to all those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.

    • Ken Brownfield
      Ken Brownfield 3 months ago

      Our own troops have stated that we screwed over our dirty filthy nazis are murderering our allies. Killa, you are an idiot, just like your fuhrer.

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago +2

      @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 Thirded.

    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl 3 months ago +3

      @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 Seconded.

    • eurekajim #VoteBlue2020
      eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 3 months ago +5

      Thanks for the tip, it's Kurdish Men, Women and Children dying because Bonespurs is a Traitor who abandoned our Allies on the Battlefield, Yuri.

  • Justin McClure
    Justin McClure 3 months ago +1

    Such a proper spokesmen. ...

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago +1

      Fixed that for ya. I'm sure he's got swamp land and a bridge for sale too.

  • Just B. Cause
    Just B. Cause 3 months ago +2

    JustTrustTrump, he IS ExposingEvil Worldwide.

    • Digital Jackie
      Digital Jackie 3 months ago

      What do you mean I proved you right? Oh boy, I get to start my day with one of your brilliant musings. What have I done to deserve such an honor?

    • Digital Jackie
      Digital Jackie 3 months ago +4

      Sorry to be a dick but that lie is just as dumb as the way you type.

  • Ryan Dailey
    Ryan Dailey 3 months ago +2

    Remember mr secretary you are not the commander in chief so you can't pull troops or add troops that's only for commander and chief

  • Kinky
    Kinky 3 months ago

    We're supporting the Syrian Democratic Force? Oh yeah...of course...a group of proxy anti-Assad terrorists working for regime-change on behalf of US and oligarch interests, made up of mostly PKK terrorists. I forgot...we ARE the terrorists.

  • Apryl’s Page
    Apryl’s Page 3 months ago +11

    Wait, didn’t trump say there were no troops left in Syria? You don’t know who is lying the more in this administration. So, now the US troops will support the Kurds who were protecting US forces? 🤪 the master of chaos has to go!

    • jannmutube
      jannmutube 3 months ago

      @Jon Xenos >> where is your sources from the internet. Pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty would mean a betrayal of our allies, reduce our intelligence in regards to national security. Here are sources, and give air supremacy to adversaries. You can also google "Open Skies" and see for yourself.
      Google: The Open Skies Treaty at a Glance
      Lawmaker sounds alarm over possible US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty
      Trump may soon ban Russian observation flights over US military bases. That’s a bad thing.

    • Jon Xenos
      Jon Xenos 3 months ago

      @jannmutube bla, bla...... where is your sources from the internet.

    • foxy brown
      foxy brown 3 months ago

      See the youtube vid: "Fear Is Flushing The [DS] Out, The Only Way Forward, Expose, Transparency & Truth - Episode 1994b" (by X22Report).

    • jannmutube
      jannmutube 3 months ago +1

      Evidently, the only way to get Trump out is by the voters in 2020. I believe Trump is in violation of the Open Skies Treaty with our allies but Republicans have divided loyalty to donors tied to Russia.
      Russia's Rusal to invest $200M in Ky. rolling mill after sanctions lifted. /watch?v=ewHR7nUN9vk
      Google: McConnell Received $3.5M In Campaign Donations From Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm (mavenroundtable
      Lindsey Graham Received Campaign Donations From Firm Tied To Russian Oligarch (mavenroundtable)
      How Putin's oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns (dallasnews)

    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago +1

      There was 1,000 about 7 months ago then Trump wanted to withdraw them considering ISIS no longer posed a huge threat, that's when Mattis resigned as SoD because he disagreed.
      Trump ended up keeping 200 there, acting as a buffer between Turkey and the Kurds. Until he moved them away last week.
      There's also an untold number of Special Forces operating there.

  • Deborah Hennessey
    Deborah Hennessey 3 months ago

    What a lying POS!!! Seriously??

  • Destination Paradise
    Destination Paradise 3 months ago +5


    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago

      @Arkane-BLUE it was money that belonged to the previous regime that ruled Iran before the 1979 overthrow. It didn't belong to the current leaders, and any deals between the two countries were voided when they held out Embassy staff hostage.
      Even if they were owed that money, to give it to them right before asking them to sign the Nuclear Accord could be seen as bribery (what Trump's being accused of). To give it to them while they were still under sanctions set by the Treasury department and Congress is skirting US law. That's why he didn't pay them in dollars but by five different types of currency.

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago

      @Tom It was money that the US literally seized from the Iranians. Nice selective memory.

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago

      @Paul Bee You must be lost. Faux News is down the hall.

    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago +1

      Right because Obama flying $1 billion in cash in unmarked C130s to Iran (skirting US laws) and not telling the American people for 7 months isn't worse....

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago

      The whole lot of them are going to be bunkmates. I'm sure Manafort has saved a cot for him.

  • David Pirtle
    David Pirtle 3 months ago +13

    Too late to feign concern now. Good luck convincing the rest of the Kurds to hang around babysitting ISIS instead of going to fight the Turkish invasion Trump greenlit.

  • Virginia Campodonico
    Virginia Campodonico 3 months ago +1

    THESE WARS started in the 12 CENTURY ABOUT territorial disputes, politics ETC

    • Ray Harth
      Ray Harth 3 months ago +1

      This one started with the CIA Arab spring

  • Beysim Yakuboff
    Beysim Yakuboff 3 months ago +1

    What what I tough PKK is terrorist org and now my country US openly supports Terrorist

  • Hyme Hymennutter
    Hyme Hymennutter 3 months ago +1

    Just took a kurd

  • Dee Don
    Dee Don 3 months ago +1

  • Margie Peary
    Margie Peary 3 months ago +5

    False flag initiated by the DS who likely paid Erdogan to attack ... period.

    • David Pirtle
      David Pirtle 3 months ago +1

      Gotta be a Poe. No one's this crazy.

  • Chad the Chud Show
    Chad the Chud Show 3 months ago +19

    Did no one tell this guy?...yes you are. You already have.

    • Greg Smith
      Greg Smith 3 months ago

      Robo Phobia resource. how the resource was used...

    • Robo Phobia
      Robo Phobia 3 months ago

      @tinnin fran was that when British divided land and established borders or was this later?
      Kurds make up the majority of minorities in several countries.
      Explore and compare how indigenous people around the world are used..

    • Arkane-BLUE
      Arkane-BLUE 3 months ago

      @C T Your low IQ.

    • C T
      C T 3 months ago

      @Destination Paradise Who hurt you?

    • tinnin fran
      tinnin fran 3 months ago +4

      LMAO Turkey told the USA they needed to move. To save our boys, they were moved. The Turks and Kurds have been fighting since the Ottoman war..