Musical Beers with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • It's a battle of the bands as The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer compete against Jimmy in a tense game that puts an adult twist on musical chairs.
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    Musical Beers with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 989

  • Anya Singh
    Anya Singh 2 days ago

    Mhm “5 es oh es”🙄

  • Margarida Barbosa
    Margarida Barbosa 3 days ago

    I just knew that Luke would be the first one loosing

  • Michael Kingsley
    Michael Kingsley 4 days ago

    Where the fuck is Matt McGuire?

  • Beatriz S
    Beatriz S 4 days ago

    2:41 LUKE CHEERING: 5SOS! 5SOS! he's so cuteee

  • Kylie Donaghy
    Kylie Donaghy 4 days ago

    I think Andrew should of win that

  • Angel Williams
    Angel Williams 4 days ago

    Did they delete the Who do you love performance?

  • Filippa. gst
    Filippa. gst 4 days ago


  • Marlene Hime-Sama
    Marlene Hime-Sama 4 days ago

    *Hahaha, I LOVE THIS xD*

  • Majo Pereda
    Majo Pereda 5 days ago

    Wait, why is the performance of Who Do You Love in Fallon gone???

  • Yogi Setiawan
    Yogi Setiawan 5 days ago

    Is the video They r performing "Who do you love" Deleted?

  • Ella Star
    Ella Star 6 days ago

    i freaking love 5sos

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 6 days ago

    Mikey FREAKING WON!!!

  • sfiksowana panda
    sfiksowana panda 7 days ago

    Until I remembered how once the boys said that Michael is good at strange things. I 🖤 you Michael
    But #muke is still a my fav 😍

  • Haifa Fitria Hilmi
    Haifa Fitria Hilmi 8 days ago +2

    Did they delete the performance video??

  • riley regis
    riley regis 8 days ago

    I was rooting for Michael the whole time. 5sauce all the way! 😄

  • Kiru Hana
    Kiru Hana 8 days ago +5

    Where the heck did the Who Do You Love performance go?! It used to be on this channel and on the TCS channel, but both videos are gone? Am I the only one not finding it? That was such a great performance :(

  • I Am Swift
    I Am Swift 8 days ago

    Oh come on!!! They only kept the music going to get Fallon in position to be able to continue the game. I mean, did you see the roots’ reaction when jimmy lost. So rigged.

  • dela
    dela 9 days ago

    whos 5 es oh es

  • Cielo Go
    Cielo Go 10 days ago

    Jimmy just said 5 es oh es. 🤦‍♀️

  • Kelly Pauwels
    Kelly Pauwels 10 days ago

    Yass Michael won 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Raya Rubin
    Raya Rubin 10 days ago

    Make us proud Michael

  • Second First Try
    Second First Try 11 days ago +1

    Drew Won To Be Honest 💞👑

  • SAM
    SAM 11 days ago

    yyyeeess i knew iiittt go go go mike

  • Berna Kanay
    Berna Kanay 11 days ago

    3:44 did anyone else hear Luke say “come on Michael!... you got this!...For Australia!” 🤣

  • Daryl Perpignan
    Daryl Perpignan 13 days ago

    What is ?uestlove playing? I want that in my house when giving out candy on Halloween lol

  • Ansharul Hakim
    Ansharul Hakim 13 days ago +1

    Where's Matt

  • Ryan The Drummer
    Ryan The Drummer 14 days ago

    where the fuck is matt mcguire
    wtf chasinsmokers. you need to include him

  • Alexia Fulrad
    Alexia Fulrad 15 days ago

    am i the only one who heard Mark Tuan

  • Lyrics Unmasked
    Lyrics Unmasked 16 days ago

    3:53 FIVE ES - OH - ES

  • martina antonia gomez campos

    Cortar mi abrazo 4.16

  • Anna Luisa Aguilar
    Anna Luisa Aguilar 16 days ago

    you can see the f*ck forming in lukes brains in 0:56

  • Anna Luisa Aguilar
    Anna Luisa Aguilar 16 days ago

    Michael: You know what? I want to win this so bad
    Michael: ~proceeds to win the game~
    I'm so proud, I love him so much

  • Darcia s
    Darcia s 17 days ago

    I knew it! Michael is the best!

  • Dena O
    Dena O 17 days ago

    5sos really out here beating the chainsmokers at this game and in their battle of the bands rip chainsmokers 2019

  • GeLo Langit
    GeLo Langit 17 days ago

    Michael Clifford saves the band hahaha

  • I love Bad Boy JinYoungie

    CALUM is me everyday 😂

  • pozishun
    pozishun 18 days ago

    Drew is so cute lmao such a goofball "I'm here too!"

  • Hacker Hacker
    Hacker Hacker 18 days ago


  • Hacker Hacker
    Hacker Hacker 18 days ago


  • tania padilla
    tania padilla 18 days ago


  • Mila Holland
    Mila Holland 18 days ago


  • Mila Holland
    Mila Holland 18 days ago

    0:58 the sound that Luke made was very cute

  • Mila Holland
    Mila Holland 18 days ago

    mike proud of the fandom

  • Mila Holland
    Mila Holland 18 days ago

    Is it just me or mike is getting thinner? it shows on his face, he looks super cute in that video with that red hat

  • Jet Sagoco
    Jet Sagoco 18 days ago

    No ones talking about how Luke is wearing boots.. like he was inspired by Harry Styles 😂

  • Jayden Navarro
    Jayden Navarro 19 days ago

    When Luke came To hug Mikey. My MuKe Heart 😭😍❣

  • NJ Ontiveros
    NJ Ontiveros 19 days ago +1

    Ashton and luke are me in the life...and everything 😂😉😂😂😂

  • Sumayaa.1
    Sumayaa.1 19 days ago

    As soon as I started the video I noticed Luke’s fine ass

  • Omar Ansari
    Omar Ansari 20 days ago

    Wheres matt mcguire

  • Mila Holland
    Mila Holland 20 days ago


  • Brittney Marie
    Brittney Marie 20 days ago +1

    4:16 you really had to cut out that muke hug. okay wow thanks

  • Brittney Marie
    Brittney Marie 20 days ago +1


  • Haroo Bommie
    Haroo Bommie 20 days ago +4


  • Sukden Tamang
    Sukden Tamang 21 day ago

    Where is Matt McGuire

  • Hema Kriti Saka
    Hema Kriti Saka 21 day ago

    I cringed when he said, “5 es oh es”

  • Hema Kriti Saka
    Hema Kriti Saka 21 day ago

    5sos always wins.

  • akanksha kakde
    akanksha kakde 22 days ago

    I like how 5SOS are dressed ❤️

  • Catherina berlin
    Catherina berlin 22 days ago

    My favorite boys n my favorite game

  • Da_Yanti. F.
    Da_Yanti. F. 22 days ago

    i'm actually drwe's team

  • gülberra akbaş
    gülberra akbaş 22 days ago


  • Yhanilu Muguerza Salazar

    Siempre 5sos, nunca in5sos

  • yazmin ramos
    yazmin ramos 23 days ago


  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 23 days ago

    MY BABY DID IT YAYY *giggles* love my boys

  • Samuel Khiangte
    Samuel Khiangte 23 days ago

    Where is mattmaguire

  • emosthetic lolee
    emosthetic lolee 23 days ago +1

    i fuccin knew it
    luke would be d first one 2 lose
    LMAO SKSKSK love these dOrks

  • viviana santos
    viviana santos 23 days ago

    i bet you aren’t able to think when you play this but at 2:43 the chainsmoker in black could have reached for the cup next to michael and both of the chainsmokers would have made it but really i don’t care about them and i’m salty ashton and lucas left in the first round and that it wasn’t just james and 5sos i would have like that more

  • Rebecca Irwin
    Rebecca Irwin 23 days ago

    My dream came true I’m so proud bro MICHAEL WON

  • Amanda Rucelly
    Amanda Rucelly 23 days ago

    Gosh Mike is fast with a cup

  • Josy Reader
    Josy Reader 23 days ago

    😂😂 that was so funny!
    5sos are the best❤

  • Anali Mudalige
    Anali Mudalige 24 days ago

    I love how Andrew is wearing two different types of shoes...😂

  • Aira Narciso
    Aira Narciso 24 days ago

    Is it only me who don't like Chainsmokers collaborating with 5sos. I hate it. Sns.

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose 24 days ago

    They look so good I’m crying

  • Lorae Fuller
    Lorae Fuller 24 days ago

    Yess Baby Clifford!!!

  • Erin Brady
    Erin Brady 25 days ago


  • Shayla Hall
    Shayla Hall 26 days ago

    5 es oh es. Cmon Jimmy.

  • Aleks Canard
    Aleks Canard 26 days ago

    It would've been cool to see Matt McGuire in this.

  • Ayla Katana
    Ayla Katana 27 days ago

    Michael the KING

  • Brooke Marlo
    Brooke Marlo 27 days ago

    Can we please talk about calums shiny pants?!

  • lily lian
    lily lian 28 days ago

    1:48 "you want some of mine?" HAHAHAH I LOVE MICHAEL

  • colourova
    colourova 28 days ago

    Yeah!! Love it 😂💜

  • Melody Pacheco
    Melody Pacheco 28 days ago

    That mucus hug at the end 😭

  • EastonDrums
    EastonDrums 29 days ago

    Where’s Matt?

  • Sapphire Moon
    Sapphire Moon 29 days ago

    Luke’s face when Jimmy said 5 es oh es

  • Benedicta Christina
    Benedicta Christina 29 days ago

    3:42 look at Luke. He said "Go Michael, we got this" with his flat face but it's cute tho

  • Mizz Pink
    Mizz Pink 29 days ago

    Here for the cake fight

  • susi chuilie
    susi chuilie 29 days ago

    4:03 I was literally screaming when Michael grabbed the cup. You really made us proud, Michael. Great job! ❤

  • susi chuilie
    susi chuilie 29 days ago

    Calum: Make us proud, Michael!
    Hell yeah!!! Michael you better win this! I love 5 Seconds of Summer ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alicia n Angela
    Alicia n Angela 29 days ago

    michaels conscious: *austrillan accent (cause that’s where it went to their conscious) when the music stops just grab the red cup before anyone else or punch them in the face mate

  • Ima Salmaa
    Ima Salmaa 29 days ago +1

    We got malum moment when michael said "u want some?" to cal :D

  • Arya /
    Arya / Month ago

    Michael is the best XD

  • laundromaat
    laundromaat Month ago

    when it's about beers Michael always wins

  • Mishelle Q. Acea
    Mishelle Q. Acea Month ago +1

    micheael is so cute i can't "GET AWAY FROM ME" - michael 2019

  • Arohi verma
    Arohi verma Month ago

    I feel no shame on admitting that I was watching Drew's butt the entire time😂

  • Daniela Cázares
    Daniela Cázares Month ago +1


  • Margherita Chiarati
    Margherita Chiarati Month ago +1

    Jimmy Fallon scaring Luke, I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it

  • Margherita Chiarati

    “5 es oh es”? Really?

  • Mad S.
    Mad S. Month ago


  • JM BM
    JM BM Month ago

    3:43 LUKE
    "we got this.. for Australia"

  • Anjushree Verma
    Anjushree Verma Month ago

    Well technically you're not supposed turn back and take a seat (or in this case, the cup). You can only move in the forward direction but whatever 🙄
    Drew really got in the mood to win tho 😂❤️

  • life as dian
    life as dian Month ago

    I just keep repeating on muchael saying get away from me. It's just too funny lmao