Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.
    Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.
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Comments • 17 036

  • Stevie Darling
    Stevie Darling 14 hours ago

    Every contestant literally looked identical. She won because she’s charming and had a personality behind the looks.

  • Pluvillion
    Pluvillion 18 hours ago

    it's weird how everywhere asides from South Korea itself finds her beautiful.

  • Cleopatra Starseed
    Cleopatra Starseed 20 hours ago

    I imagine theres probably a lot of women in Korea with eating disorders.....

  • Rina Soetandar
    Rina Soetandar 21 hour ago

    What's with korean ppl .. Why are they so mean ?

  • Suu Amroisa
    Suu Amroisa Day ago

    Lmao I’m 130 pounds and 5’9 😂

  • raihana zain
    raihana zain Day ago

    I seriously want to bash Koreans for the ugly remarks she received. First, I see her as beautiful woman, to the Koreans out there, stop putting certain standards for women to felt beautiful, do you think with all the plastic surgery, you are beautiful? Put an end to this unrational thought. You are as beautiful as you are, you need no changes.
    Second, are you blind? How is she fat? She looks healthy. Again, Korean with their unrealistic expectation.
    Third. She's calm, composed, smart, confidence, well-spoken, and most of all, she embodies positive attitudes. There should be no controversial issues surronding her.
    If you Koreans, want your so-called 'conventional looking beauty' to represent your country as Miss Korea, I am unsure what she can bring to the table.
    Korean society needs to change the detrimental culture you are enforcing on women.

  • J Yang
    J Yang Day ago

    She single? Asking for a friend

  • Yui noji
    Yui noji Day ago

    Korean people, whats wrong with them lmao

  • Shoop da Whoop
    Shoop da Whoop Day ago

    no wonder white guys like asian girls. they have standards.

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen Day ago

    Don't korea have those BMI charts weight for height?? People are dying because of these comments..

  • Blyth Sampayan
    Blyth Sampayan Day ago

    She can talk english fluently. She could even win in Ms. Universe without interpreter. She's naturally beautiful.

  • Meiranti Setiani
    Meiranti Setiani 2 days ago

    I've been watching these videos about beauty standards in South Korea and Japan, sounds like they are having seriously self esteem issues. And what makes it worse, like she ☝🏻 said, people do talk about other people appearance openly. Here in the States, you can weight as big as an elephant and nobody will give a crap about it. 🤷‍♀️😁

  • Celeste Cáceres
    Celeste Cáceres 2 days ago

    She is so humble and has a beautiful soul. Forget the haters she's actually very pretty.

  • In The Mix
    In The Mix 2 days ago

    wow!! well spoken and absolutely beautiful.. Fighting!!! 🤗

  • SuCheXiu Kim
    SuCheXiu Kim 3 days ago

    I just love her

  • hello there
    hello there 3 days ago

    10:39 when you didnt know how to react when your friend suddenly cried in front of you

    CLEMENTE BRINA 3 days ago

    Ms. Korea you're such a fantastic woman... you just captured my heart... I am from Philippines..looking forward to see you in MU2019 final 5.. just be yourself...

  • Enya Estrellado
    Enya Estrellado 4 days ago

    I'm 5'7 and weigh 66kg but what the hell she looks perfect and very intelligent. ya'' should be proud of her.

  • baolanxueyedexiaoT
    baolanxueyedexiaoT 4 days ago

    honey, you are absolutely beautiful and you don't deserves all those horrible comments.

  • •Murray• •HeleneJ•

    *It sounds like an entire country with Body Dysmorphic Disorder because they have such high plastic surgery rates and then to be considered “fat” for being over 110 lbs no matter your height is beyond disgusting..... human beings are individuals not robots to be pumped out of a factory absolutely heartbreaking*

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson 5 days ago +1

    Miss Korea, you are obviously gorgeous outside and in. Stay strong and revel in your accomplishment.

  • Juicy ASMR
    Juicy ASMR 5 days ago +1

    “Redefine what means to be beautiful...” simply breathtaking remark

  • fun life
    fun life 5 days ago

    She wins bcoz she is pretty inside and out. Really korian girls should see and think twice ispite of ur extraordinary figure she becomes miss korea.she is really Calm and good girl

  • Flow Zero
    Flow Zero 5 days ago

    looks like im obese af. shiet

  • Sol Ortiz Castro
    Sol Ortiz Castro 5 days ago

    Oh good I feel good now bcs she’s 1.73 m and 58.9 kg and I’m 1.70 m and 57 kg lol

  • Richard Marciano
    Richard Marciano 5 days ago +1

    The ppl who wrote oh shes fat , prob fat and ugly 😂 im sure they are

  • netgodzilla
    netgodzilla 5 days ago +1

    She is pretty enough for my standard. I dont understand why people said shes ugly because she is not ugly at all.
    And personality wise, I think shes nice, and has a lot of positive values.

  • Da Uploadeer
    Da Uploadeer 6 days ago

    No korean miss universe haha

  • Dakilang Maginoo
    Dakilang Maginoo 6 days ago

    Does the boobs weight count?

  • Ein Zhel
    Ein Zhel 6 days ago +2

    When you, a natural beauty, is being critized by those who depended on cosmetic surgery.

  • A A
    A A 7 days ago

    Wtf thats chubby?

  • Exercise with Ashley

    Very interesting... I never realized how tough the standard was in Korea!

  • Hiwot Getachew
    Hiwot Getachew 7 days ago +2

    Yo if she is considered to be fat then I am like Jupiter's second cousin 😂😂

  • innerbeast415
    innerbeast415 7 days ago +10

    I thought that the most controversial thing about her was going to be the time that she spent studying in America... something about being “too western” to represent Korea.

  • Alka Suri
    Alka Suri 8 days ago

    Shes soo beautiful youre gorgeous and smarttt and your dad is proud of you having a smart girl like you he cant be sad long just know around the world everyone loves youu 😍😍

  • Alka Suri
    Alka Suri 8 days ago

    Man my country is so advanced and above something so stupid as beauty i m proud

  • Joyce Sharon
    Joyce Sharon 8 days ago

    Woah..her english is so good😍

  • s p o o k y
    s p o o k y 8 days ago +3

    she would be the type of person to want to be your friend when you’re the weird, new kid in school

  • claudia V
    claudia V 8 days ago

    Korean who mocking her fat
    Is ultimate stupid , that beauty standart is stupid and crazy
    I hope more people like her,hwasa,hyolin,jessi in korea
    Why healthy weight people being shamed by stupid beauty standart
    Its like sk not deferent from nk

  • ninalib
    ninalib 8 days ago

    Such a nice, brave and fresh young girl! Koreans should be proud to have her, and should support her to achieve what she wants: to set healthier standards for girls, so they don't starve themselves to death just to conform to some stupid standards set by the fashion dark and perverse market. If women in this world didn't care a fig about being skinny just to please others, the sinister fashion market would not exist. Never change young lady!! Don't let the Korean society change your principles! You have a beautiful soul"

  • adri
    adri 8 days ago

    We’re the same height but I weigh 186 pounds😞

  • MJ Smith
    MJ Smith 8 days ago

    Every successful one in the world has haters. Please just see positive energy. You are beautiful and slim. 58 or even 60 or even 63 is slim for your body! You have a good body shape. And you have peace in you when you are talking. That makes you different. And I don't see any other participant more beautiful than you.

  • Puteri Nurhanis
    Puteri Nurhanis 8 days ago

    If she is fat and ugly, the im just a sack of rotten potatoes 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr 8 days ago +1

    Jeez.. she is so beautiful, humble and intelligent .. I mean come on.. what more do you need to represent the country !!!???

  • Grace Ebo
    Grace Ebo 8 days ago

    You are my new role model. I love you, you're beautiful, confident and eloquent.

  • jane altaya
    jane altaya 9 days ago

    I think it's about time to make a change in "Korean beauty standards" that are so unrealistic and totally unreachable. Social media shouldn't dictate what beauty means and people shouldn't believe everything they see on social media platforms. I truly hope she would make a difference and send those ridiculous ideals in their society toppling down.

  • Phynau Myrah
    Phynau Myrah 9 days ago +1

    Hey there Miss hearing you as you speak...a few excerpts from the pageant I could tell youre easy to get along with, .a likeable to talk to which is one of the key aspects for a competitor aside from confidence and poise etc. You did not have to try too hard, a naturally cartoonie character, unexpecting very polite and honest...what more did you need? You did not have whatever the other girls had that had you a lil the end its all about just being yourself confidently. Youre you.!
    Thats the best part. Good job.! Well done.! Love from the Isle of Fiji.

  • Junior Baka
    Junior Baka 9 days ago

    Ill come back to korea to finish my career...get it😎

  • Simona Felice
    Simona Felice 9 days ago

    I wouldn't even try. I was teased as a little girl because I was skinny. I used to wear short shorts. I have no idea why my mom dressed me, that way. After McDonald's every day after school, I became chubby by the age of 9. My weight yo-yoed, all my life. I lost weight in sophomore year, of high school. Then, I began working out a lot in my third year, of college. I had a four pack. My arms were buff. And, I was solid. But, I know I weighed a lot more than 110 pounds. I don't remember when I weighed that little. Maybe in elementary school. That's absurd for a grown woman to weigh 110 pounds. 💚

  • Aidana Tractenberg
    Aidana Tractenberg 9 days ago +1

    SMK literally has no oz of fat on her. She's effing gorgeous and her personality is down to earth
    SK needs to stop shaming 😕

  • Lim Adien
    Lim Adien 9 days ago


  • The Blackout
    The Blackout 10 days ago

    Is she single? 😽

  • altair sky
    altair sky 10 days ago

    Face culture.. hahaha

  • yo savage erika
    yo savage erika 10 days ago

    If I were the judge I would double her prize she's amazing she should not feel that way because she's miss Korea plus the thing that makes her the most beautiful is natural beauty

  • transcend
    transcend 10 days ago +3

    That sounded so funny "come back to Korea and start my career" hahaha

  • Eat Rice
    Eat Rice 10 days ago

    She reminds me of an old friend

  • Foxiepaws ACAnderson
    Foxiepaws ACAnderson 10 days ago

    She is very beautiful and very cultured. She's got real intelligence and depth of character. I don't know what Koreans see as beautiful but, believe me the rest of the world are bound to see this young lady as beautiful by any standard.

  • Ameer
    Ameer 10 days ago

    They all look the same smh.

  • AJ P
    AJ P 10 days ago +2

    Well spoken. 👌👌 I'm just curious how their english is so good. I mean Koreans and English don't exactly go without that typical Korean accent.

  • Its me Akami
    Its me Akami 10 days ago

    Wow she is beautiful how can someone say she is not beautiful ...look she is so talented ...I like everything about her,there is nothing bad for her to me...everything about her for me is just unique and awesome