Top 10 Scariest SCP Creatures

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • Top 10 Scariest SCP Creatures
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    The SCP Foundation is a web based collective who record and describe creatures that violate natural law. Some call it horror, science fiction, or fantasy - but the people who compile the Wiki page take it very seriously indeed. Fiction or not, when you hear about some of the creatures the SCP has come into contact with, you'll take them seriously too. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 SCP Scariest Creatures.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  Year ago +1168

    Click the link for more scary vids ->

    • Innocent Wins
      Innocent Wins Month ago

      i like this one

    • Wolfiish
      Wolfiish 2 months ago

      Do part two!

    • Shadowfox HD
      Shadowfox HD 2 months ago

      @TheDoot jeez dude your life must be boring if you're here replying to comments that are months old lol

    • TheDoot
      TheDoot 2 months ago

      @Kymberlea Carlyon lol prob when u was getting raoped

  • YBNKingJD
    YBNKingJD 2 hours ago

    The Black Plague mask guy is kinda like overhaul from my hero academia

  • Bobby
    Bobby 18 hours ago

    is this all true?

  • Aaliyah Castro Siddall
    Aaliyah Castro Siddall 19 hours ago

    S = Save
    C = Club
    P = Penguin

  • Icy FoxFire
    Icy FoxFire 21 hour ago

    I survived scp 993, did you?

  • Collin Stewart
    Collin Stewart Day ago

    049 should be good 682 has pestilence

  • Tst StarFace
    Tst StarFace Day ago +1

    SCP-957 i think it very scary for me

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    pestilence is actually mortality (the ability to die)

  • Armando Gallarza

    What about 407

  • Ending soon
    Ending soon 2 days ago

    So did you just show us a picture of 096 we’re all dead now

  • Ross the Sloth
    Ross the Sloth 2 days ago +1

    So basically Plague doctor is just one punch man

  • Fireball Fury
    Fireball Fury 2 days ago

    Human mortality

  • Rishik Plays
    Rishik Plays 2 days ago

    Wait a sec u said that if we looked at Scp 096 face photo we will die so that means ur a murderer cuz u showed all of us it’s face oh no I’m gonna die

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson 3 days ago


  • Amina Mason
    Amina Mason 3 days ago

    096 looks kinda like a wendigo

  • john raven finn subrastas

    how they captured this thing's?

  • Altertale Toriel
    Altertale Toriel 3 days ago

    hold up! scp 049 is mah favorite

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios 3 days ago

    What's scp

  • zero zone
    zero zone 4 days ago

    096 is a endermen

  • Anna's mixed up channel

    Flamingo: "ugli scp tato"

  • Needy Ariana
    Needy Ariana 4 days ago

    Scp 096 is it real .... Did I see he's I get attacked if I see it ...I don't wanna look back at the picture bc im not sure if his face was shown .... But I'm scared af lel help

  • SCP 1983
    SCP 1983 4 days ago

    Me, hears: "Ages 10-25"

  • clam chowder
    clam chowder 4 days ago

    Is nt the reptile dude a reality warper

  • Bendy Studios
    Bendy Studios 4 days ago

    Good thing those are very far away

  • Shelzy HD
    Shelzy HD 4 days ago

    Then why would you show us a picture you friggin idiot lol!!!!

  • blob with 7 subs lol

    Pestilence = Life

  • Javiar Coreano
    Javiar Coreano 4 days ago

  • Hoodie Zo
    Hoodie Zo 6 days ago

    Tells us if u see 096 face you’ll die then shows us
    *me* calmly exits out of RU-clip then turns on every light and watch some looney tunes

  • Sourose
    Sourose 6 days ago

    i heard of scp 096 in a roblox game

  • TheBlackWolfsSoul62
    TheBlackWolfsSoul62 6 days ago

    What about SCP 1048

  • Spooky Spaghetti
    Spooky Spaghetti 6 days ago

    The "pestilence" is mortality, from what I've seen.

  • Crazy Grape
    Crazy Grape 6 days ago

    S= Suck
    C= Cheese

  • Scarlett Schofield
    Scarlett Schofield 7 days ago

    For some reason I find number 7 cute.... in a weird way....... a creepily weird way....

  • Flaming Phoenix
    Flaming Phoenix 7 days ago

    These are fake, right? 😳

  • Teagy poo Oreos QUEEN

    Nom nom nom

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell 8 days ago

    SCP 096 will kill you if you see it in person, on video or in a photo. It does not attack if you see a drawing.

  • Ouile garçon
    Ouile garçon 8 days ago

    What about scp 999?

  • SaVaGe Hümâñ
    SaVaGe Hümâñ 8 days ago

    So i dont know if i have seen scp 096 since there was a picture or if that was not the picture but if i dont type with in two minutes im probably at the rest room

  • HornyToad5613
    HornyToad5613 8 days ago

    3:45 wtf (Why the furries?)

  • Max Ciric
    Max Ciric 8 days ago

    Bro u put up a picture of it U KILLED US ALL

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 8 days ago

    Personally I think pestilence is cognitive thought and maybe individuality

  • Bombarder gaming
    Bombarder gaming 8 days ago

    A.K.A the black plague

  • Ally Has minecraft
    Ally Has minecraft 9 days ago

    You know Im about to be dead i stared Very closely at each picture even the ones that says you will die if u see it

  • go! factor
    go! factor 9 days ago

    Why no scp 1875?

    MINUS DE DRAGOoN 9 days ago

    Oh I’m pretty sure Pestilence is from the bible.. like it’s a disease from the bible... idk if it’s a real disease. But it’s from the bible. Idk what it does in the bible but like. It’s in the bible

  • Titanic
    Titanic 9 days ago

    we could just send 682 into outerspace, like into the sun. or just keep it orbiting the sun.

  • Titanic
    Titanic 9 days ago

    We should introduce 096 to Slenderman. They would get along well.
    Slenderman has no face, so 096 won't get mad
    Slenderman is thin and tall like 096

  • Dozo
    Dozo 9 days ago

    The drawing behind you at 10:01 is my fav part of the whole video, such good art.

  • Silver Shadow
    Silver Shadow 9 days ago

    Starts video* oh i know that music

  • Navarro Fernandez
    Navarro Fernandez 10 days ago

    Can scp-2006 turn into a atom lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Flux Pan
    Flux Pan 10 days ago

    2:18 do not worry about this SCP it has been terminated.

  • xxCake
    xxCake 10 days ago

    Me before the video: pffft, and im supposed to belive this?
    Me after the video: *THE ARE NOT REAL....*

    * floor cracks *
    Me: *AHHHHHHH*

  • Tibbles_Tea I lije trees.

    173 wink 1 eye and than wink the other at different times BOOM BITCHES

  • Tibbles_Tea I lije trees.


  • RubySky
    RubySky 11 days ago

    Is it wrong I think scp 1471 sounds friendly

  • Collcresy and natali And neko

    Yo I’m dying cause I watch this and I saw part 3 picture so BYE D:

  • plutoia
    plutoia 11 days ago

    Mal0 isn’t that scary, to some, anyway.

  • Cats rule so get over it

    Why’d you show us pics of the second one? Welp, I guess I’m not sleeping tonight...

  • ChippO ChickeN
    ChippO ChickeN 11 days ago +1


    “Will you be my friend? Hehe”

  • Serenity Estrada
    Serenity Estrada 11 days ago +1

    Me too