Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
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    In a world where mechanical keyboards are mass-produced... One man decides to build his own CUSTOM DIY mechanical keyboard!
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  • TomGreen 99
    TomGreen 99 Year ago +2194


    • sazaraki
      sazaraki 4 months ago

      Copy paste THAT!

    • WorldFN
      WorldFN 8 months ago

      TomGreen 99 To

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    • Ni Co
      Ni Co Year ago

      TomGreen 99 i

  • Reagan Lovell
    Reagan Lovell Day ago

    What he see’s

  • Bendirval
    Bendirval Day ago

    Booo 60%. Tenkeyless is the only true layout.

  • Yo boi the why not shrek

    0:38 DOH C'MON

  • KayOhTic
    KayOhTic 2 days ago +1

    bro what I built my first keyboard with only like 90 dollars, still pretty expensive but not 300 dollars expensive!

  • Joe T
    Joe T 2 days ago

    Glorious GMMK modular at its finest

  • DragonGGamer
    DragonGGamer 2 days ago

    what happened to the audio

  • Bombdasher
    Bombdasher 2 days ago

    Should have started with the price

  • Jacques Dés Prés
    Jacques Dés Prés 3 days ago ..Is that what you tell your wife, Linus?

  • Kai Pugh
    Kai Pugh 4 days ago

    If I wasn’t broke lol

  • Jacob Henley
    Jacob Henley 6 days ago +2

    Joins us next week we're linus is gonna build cheap gaming pc for $2000

  • Mang It Never Lift
    Mang It Never Lift 7 days ago

    Heck no, I like my Ducky

  • アニメカワイ
    アニメカワイ 8 days ago

    why would you spend $120 on just the case, $50 on translucent key caps and $50 on springs then not recommenced this because of the high costs. i most likely wont try this because i just brought a corsair k70 but i feel like there was a missed opportunity here.

    • Bayonett Priest
      Bayonett Priest 6 days ago

      There is a rgb case for 60 bucks, there are pudding or jsut normal full caps for 20 bucks and springs is just a niece for the extreme custom guys!

  • Chris Punches
    Chris Punches 8 days ago

    nobody wants a 60 key layout

  • Vovical
    Vovical 9 days ago

    I don't have a soldering iron so I am gonna get a gmmk so I can actually change my keyswitches

  • nato
    nato 9 days ago

    Nathan kim: wait, what is he talking about again?

  • laughmorph
    laughmorph 11 days ago +1

    I thumbs-upped this video for the intro song on the xylophone... that was... breathtaking.

  • Blarin Dragon
    Blarin Dragon 11 days ago

    if the price was better to build my own then i would. im tired of wasd being lighter than the rest of the keyboard on a gaming brand keyboard

  • Cdeger 21
    Cdeger 21 11 days ago

    You guys should make these and sell them

  • Kaleido M
    Kaleido M 11 days ago

    Would be interested if I could swap the pcb out of my existing keyboard with something like this

  • Gio Mag
    Gio Mag 12 days ago

    Is this Ikea for PC components?? I don't call my bookshelf "a custom book shelf I've built". Technically, I've assembled it, but someone else did the most important part: R&D and the engineering.

  • Sakhamuri Maneesh
    Sakhamuri Maneesh 12 days ago


  • Vasco Santos
    Vasco Santos 13 days ago

    imagine caring this much about a fucking keyboard lmao

  • Foxy Reviews
    Foxy Reviews 14 days ago

    Did you steal his shirt?

  • Aidan Abdalla
    Aidan Abdalla 17 days ago


  • Polar Ice
    Polar Ice 18 days ago +2

    I found a kit to do this on Amazon for £40 all you need to buy is switchs and keycaps

    • Polar Ice
      Polar Ice 13 days ago

      @Rupert Dean sure all the options come with a hotswapable psb and aluminium frame but different cases
      Theres different options on there
      Plastic with bluetooth
      And various metal option
      I've contacted the seller and he said there will be an option for a metal case with bluetooth in the following weeks
      GH60 GK61 RGB Hot Swap Independent Driver Tyce-C ANSI Mechanical Keyboard DIY kit Plastic Case CNC Aluminum Case Plate PCB (CNC Alu Black)

    • Rupert Dean
      Rupert Dean 13 days ago

      can you link it?

  • Meepo Hatsune
    Meepo Hatsune 18 days ago

    One component of the keyboard , which i saw when you surfing , more than mine x 2

  • Leprechaun Vlogs
    Leprechaun Vlogs 21 day ago


  • Somansh V
    Somansh V 22 days ago


  • Jaamees
    Jaamees 23 days ago

    5:25 that's what i said

  • mike monahan
    mike monahan 23 days ago

    It's balk not bulk, it's a baseball term!

  • Tom Index2
    Tom Index2 23 days ago

    ikea effect, also it's called a dell okron

  • p Hs
    p Hs 24 days ago

    When AnthonyTechTips comes to life, LinusTechTips will go bankrupt.

  • TD Playz
    TD Playz 24 days ago

    I’m buying my stuff with the Honey browser! 😂😀

  • IvanNL
    IvanNL 25 days ago +1

    'this is fun' says pathfinder.

  • ItsFamMaam
    ItsFamMaam 26 days ago

    This should’ve been called “how to make your own ducky keyboard for a cheaper price”

  • Crolp Nolk
    Crolp Nolk 26 days ago

    what happened to the audio midway through

  • Leon Brooke
    Leon Brooke 28 days ago

    Took only an hour? I'm interested but I don't know if I can justify the cost

  • toony
    toony 29 days ago

    You guys need some kebby in your lives

  • Crageth
    Crageth Month ago +3

    I would probably build my own keyboard, but not a 60% one. I am no savage

  • Lucas xd
    Lucas xd Month ago

    Gmmk:allow me to introduce myself

  • Faulkenburgs
    Faulkenburgs Month ago

    just buy a model m from unicomp

  • saqib shah King
    saqib shah King Month ago

    videos start from 05:50 thank me latter

  • Tyler Kheang
    Tyler Kheang Month ago +24

    $200+ keyboard with stock cherry browns..

  • Lightstrikers
    Lightstrikers Month ago

    How do you shorten the space; move one of the modifier keys over? So I can us E,S,D,F or C, S, D, F instead of WASD.

  • Peregrine
    Peregrine Month ago +1

    I'd be more interested in a couple custom, super-cool keycaps on a mechanical keyboard I already love, than I would be in making my own from scratch, personally.

  • Kyle McDowell
    Kyle McDowell Month ago

    3:17 RIP audio

  • Jm_ Richert
    Jm_ Richert Month ago


  • nfs_ nexy
    nfs_ nexy Month ago


  • Steve V
    Steve V Month ago

    Where's the NUM keypad?

  • Isaac Alberda
    Isaac Alberda Month ago

    is it just me or did the audio go wack halfway thru

  • OxM
    OxM Month ago

    2018: “I’m gonna build a PC”
    2020: “I’m gonna build a keyboard”
    2022: “I’m gonna build a mouse”
    2024: “I’m gonna build a monitor”

  • InternetPhilia
    InternetPhilia Month ago +6

    _What if I told you..._

    *that today's video is brought to you by iFixIt!*

    • zUltra
      zUltra Month ago

      What if I told everyone...

      That Linus is annoying with 2 sponsors.

  • totallyrandomstuff1
    totallyrandomstuff1 Month ago +1

    Build more keyboards than i can count. I build and sell custom keyboards and can recommend it :)

  • I’m an Egg
    I’m an Egg Month ago +1

    It’s midnight why was that intro so loud

  • Kevin Halpin
    Kevin Halpin Month ago


  • Ghost Dogg
    Ghost Dogg Month ago +1

    I like ifixit tools. Bought mine kit at Fry's. Cant go wrong!

  • Moga Gaming
    Moga Gaming Month ago +1

    But can we build our own brain?

  • Nick W
    Nick W Month ago


  • Mineylonghead
    Mineylonghead Month ago

    if amazon shipped it here in dubai, hell yeah I would!

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn Month ago +1

    if i have the money and time and place, i definitely will make my own mechanical keyboard

  • David Ewing
    David Ewing Month ago

    Personally, the cost does not matter if I can swap the microsoft key and the alt key - I have wanted to do this since forever. Thank you for the video!

  • Congminh Nguyen
    Congminh Nguyen Month ago

    do you know the price of that case still really cheap, check out Exclusive E7-v2 case, stuning beauty and probably price too :))

    OSCTUBE Month ago


  • Sup Yo
    Sup Yo Month ago

    Yes I would.

  • screetchgamer
    screetchgamer Month ago

    Please linus, stop praising cherry mx and get some nice switches, not those barely tactile and scrape ridden things. Try some alps switches or like box royals or something, just not cherry and especially not those awful sounding blues , please not the blues. Also I wouldn't recommend aluminium cases either as they are EXTREMELY expensive, get a nice PBT case.

  • I Don't Suck
    I Don't Suck Month ago

    2:31 when everyone in your school becomes an AirPod user except you

  • kamyl xd
    kamyl xd Month ago +1

    bruh, just use plastic case

  • Alain Sylvester
    Alain Sylvester Month ago

    are you gonna sell?

  • Zabuza_Zen
    Zabuza_Zen Month ago


  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry Month ago +1

    How about a build using proper hall effect switches, design and have the pcb made. Either use a standard keyboard controller chip or a custom programed arduino or teensy.

  • sami firdose
    sami firdose Month ago


  • LogaM - extra large

    rattly ass spacebar

  • Ryn
    Ryn Month ago

    are those fake bananas and apples in the backround? lol

  • Elliot Jenner
    Elliot Jenner Month ago +1

    why does no one stabilize the caps lock and \ keys? I find anything bigger than 1x1.25u a bit wobbly.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago +5

    1. Get a cheaper case. The wooden one is $47 on BangGood
    2. Buy different switches (those are expensive AFFF! You can get the same amount of Kailh switches for like $21)
    3. Why do you need springs? Just use the stock switch.
    Total - $176

  • SlopeiZ CS:GO
    SlopeiZ CS:GO Month ago

    but wold this work for any layouts if you just popp in the stuff for it? or would you need a different pcb?

    • screetchgamer
      screetchgamer Month ago

      different pcb if your gonna have something like the european ISO layout

  • O1oc1N
    O1oc1N Month ago


  • Pheonix
    Pheonix Month ago

    How do you get pre soldered boards

  • Alpha Delta
    Alpha Delta Month ago

    I was waiting for him to drop it..

  • Rizzy
    Rizzy 2 months ago

    ngl the keyboard u built looks solid

    IAN DUCAO 2 months ago +1

    the question is can i buy some keyboard from ya'll?

    IAN DUCAO 2 months ago

    i like anthony being around he makes great idea and he's productive

  • Lvans
    Lvans 2 months ago +1

    With a 150$ buget, you can create a decent 60% keyboard with parts from banggood.
    You don't need to pay as much as you did.
    wooden case : 40$
    gatheron brown switches : 30$
    pcb : 30$
    keycaps : 20$
    backplate : 20$
    stabilizers : 10$

    • Kaguya Houraisan
      Kaguya Houraisan 17 days ago

      @Kyle no I was pointing out the funny mistake in the unedited comment, but thanks

    • Kyle
      Kyle 17 days ago +1

      @Kaguya Houraisan are you asking for an example? Because I personally am buiding a 40% and the costs are under 80 euro for a decent build.

    • Lvans
      Lvans 17 days ago +1

      @Kaguya Houraisan :(

    • Kaguya Houraisan
      Kaguya Houraisan 17 days ago +1

      e x a p l e

    • Lvans
      Lvans 2 months ago

      @Kyle yh its propably 30-40$

  • Terry C.
    Terry C. 2 months ago

    I'd possibly build my own keyboard. Are the Cherry MX brown the quiet keys? I have 3 mechanical keyboards (2 Redragons Devarajas K556-RGB-RK (Cherry MX Black quiet keys) & Kumara K552N-1(no 10 key and has Cherry MX Blue keys that are loud) and a Reccazr (KG910) that has Cherry MX Blue loud keys. I prefer the louder keys. I got them all for a total of $10!!! I got them at a pallet store here where I live. They sell individual items when they break the pallets down. I'm not a fan of the Redragons Devarajas K556-RGB-RK since it has no key click. Might as well be a regular keyboard as far as I'm concerned.

    • Terry C.
      Terry C. 2 months ago

      @Lvans I have but I still want Linus's answer.

    • Lvans
      Lvans 2 months ago

      maybe watch a video where they go over all of the switches

  • Mobin Alimohammadi
    Mobin Alimohammadi 2 months ago

    More More More!!!!!!! - I love mechanical KBS (keyboards)

  • Oscar Ali
    Oscar Ali 2 months ago

    more keyboards plz

  • LightningGmr
    LightningGmr 2 months ago

    Is there an advantage to having printed versus no printed keycaps? I kinda like the look of no printed keys and when I type I don't look at the keys myself but I am not sure whether to go blank or printed when I buy my first mechanical keyboard.

    • LightningGmr
      LightningGmr 2 months ago

      @Lvans I did not even know they made those :D thank you! I will be getting my first mechanical keyboard soon c:

    • Lvans
      Lvans 2 months ago +1

      @LightningGmr Maybe buy keycaps with the printing on the front of the keycap and not on top,
      These look pretty clean too.

    • LightningGmr
      LightningGmr 2 months ago

      @Lvans Thank you :) I do like the non printed keycaps but I sometimes check the keyboard for the apostrophe and brackets but the rest of the keys I am good on :D

    • Lvans
      Lvans 2 months ago +1

      choose yourself, if you're able to type without looking at your keyboard and like to non-printed keycaps just buy the non printed ones then.

  • Sujit Suram
    Sujit Suram 2 months ago

    eww mx browns

  • Anime Deco
    Anime Deco 2 months ago

    Full size keyboard when?

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita 2 months ago +1

    Drop it like it's hot, Linus! ;-)

  • BW Tame
    BW Tame 2 months ago

    hell no. I'm broke and got videos to make

  • Afaq Virk
    Afaq Virk 2 months ago


  • Joeysuperb _
    Joeysuperb _ 2 months ago

    Linus how did u get ur stabilizers on

    • prlzk
      prlzk 2 months ago

      It depends on what type of stabilizers you're going to use.
      If you are going to use PCB mount stabs, there should be some holes on the PCB, just snap the stabs there and it should be done.
      If you're going to use Plate mount stabs, you do the same as with the PCB mount ones, but put them on the plate which should be on the PCB and snap them.
      And finally, if you're going to use Screw-In stabs, do the same as with the PCB mount ones, but you gotta take a screwdriver and screw the screws into the stabs.
      Imo, if you're going to do a custom board, use Screw-In stabs, those are the less rattly and stable of all of them.

      And clip and lube your stabilizers no matter what type they are, Taehatypes uploaded a video about how to do that long time ago.

  • GotNoEvidence
    GotNoEvidence 2 months ago

    Consider the simple fact that our right and left hands are mirror images of each other; ie the tendons, joints, muscles and presumably the associated nerves and "brain impulse" functions, to use that awful mechanistic term, are well nigh perfect mirrors of each other.
    With reference to the home keys "ASDF" and "JKL;" from which we feel, or touch type, or instinctively locate the other keys, our natural tendency to expect the rest to be in mirror symmetry is totally destroyed by the hideously non symmetrical nature of the modern computer keyboard. In fact, such is their arrangement that we are at times expected to use our right and left hands, and all the other considerations that go with it, as though both of them were exactly the same. It's almost like we might be expected to wear identical shoes.
    It is small wonder most folk take one look at the computer keyboard and instinctively avoid trying to learn to touch type on it. It couldn't be more repellent.
    People who are used to typing, say as a secretary, may well say, "Well I get along alright". This is due to the fact that if they are merely taking dictation then they can concentrate solely on the art of typing. But, if like me, you are touch typing and composing text at the same time then our natural instincts tend to take over and mistakes creep in. One mistake we naturally make is typing letters out of sequence because of the instinct to maximise efficiency; so the easiest letters get typed first. Another reason ( if it's not the same one ) for error is due to our thinking being so much faster than our typing.
    Why did, or do, the computer manufacturers opt for this "brainless" arrangement ? It seems likely that they did not want to upset the established way of things, regardless of the fact that it was arrived at, presumably, because the orginal mechanical keyboards could not be constructed any other way.
    When is this archaic situation going to be rectified ? The only arrangement that can be equally ergonomic for both hands is if the key rows are positioned to form perfect columns; instead of being staggered to allow for mechanical linkages no longer required. That is axiomatic. Think of the many many hours spent futilely fighting this situation when youngsters or novices decide to train for employment where typing skills are necessary.
    Another factor that indicates lack of thought is over-sized keys, like the ENTER, SHIFT AND SPACE. Simply making them larger suggests we needn't be quite so careful when prodding them. Well I've got lots of keyboards and few, if any, do not present problems if you don't hit these larger keys "in the meat", ie exactly where they will go down and do their thing with the membrane underneath without balking, or jamming. Apart from the unchanged necessity to be accurate those outsize keys require special "braces" or support wire brackets to help obviate the balking that don't work all that well.
    Looking at the space bar we see how the oversize principle is at its greatest futility. In order to be accurate in typing we are required to avoid shifting our hands out of position; ie stray from the home keys. [ The classical guitar is an example of a musical instrument where references to specific positions are indicated in the musical notation for this very purpose. ] The right hand thumb has the sole function of operating the space bar and thus hits it in exactly the same place all the time; totally negating the apparent requirement for it to be "a mile long". Even if it were only split in two it would at least give the left thumb something to do. He must feel terribly neglected, the poor mite.
    As if this were not enough then take a look at how the relative coordinate distances differ from the left to right. Let's take the example of where the "Q" button is placed relative to the "A" key; viz it is up one full key width ( assuming key tops are square ) and to the left approximately one-third width. Now look at the same situation for the right little finger: the distances are the same, BUT to be complementary, psychologically speaking, they ought to be equally opposite; ie the "P" should be up and to the right, right ? Worse still: the left index is expected to cope with the "R" - in the same way as A to Q BUT "T" is up and to the right one whole key width WHILE the right-hand sees U at correct distance but not in mirror image the "Y" key is one whole key width + one third + the space between the keys !
    We cannot argue against the fact that learning to touch type is what Julian Bream, the guitar player, called "muscular memory"; ie it takes a great deal of patient concentration to cope with so much detail, MOST OF WHICH, or at least, A GREAT DEAL OF WHICH could be obviated by using the ORTHOLINEAR KEYBOARD. So; to conclude: is this another "bottleneck of tradition" that HAS to be foisted on the burgeoning work force ?
    *BTW: This is not an advert for ORTHOLINEAR KEYBOARDS; ie not a recommendation based on "Sales Chat"; this being stated for the possible failure to recognise the ergonomic reasons to distinguish what is blatantly archaic from those based on simple commonsense. There doesn't seem any logical reason for them to be any more expensive than "ordinary keyboards", or that there should exist some kind of cult following for them; yet such seems to be the case* - anyone know why ?

  • Trung Dang
    Trung Dang 2 months ago +38

    $356 for mx brown and some OEM blanks. Not worth

    • L-Dv
      L-Dv Month ago +3

      @TheHornet79 yeah he was "better off" but its a fucking tech channel you dont think they already got like 4 of each?

    • TheHornet79
      TheHornet79 Month ago +1

      I know right. He was better off buying a 75 dollar Anne pro 2 or 100 dollar ducky one 2 with Gateron or box switches and just change the keycaps and maybe even case.

  • Tyler Ault
    Tyler Ault 2 months ago

    If you could use the Satan that would be awesome.

  • popin.j
    popin.j 2 months ago +1


  • Joey Moore
    Joey Moore 2 months ago

    there's a yellow keyboard, it's mechanical and has big letters, but it's only ~$10 in the US
    and it
    i love that keyboard, just look for EZ keyboard and it should pop up

  • mSa
    mSa 2 months ago

    As an enthusiast, fuck yeah I would build one!
    As someone who's gotta have to eat something... nah, not really.