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  • Published on Oct 27, 2014
  • It’s a bagger brawl between American-made, V-Twin powerhouses as the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special meets the 2015 Indian Chieftain head-on for supremacy in the class.
    Read more in our 2015 Indian Chieftain vs. Harley-Davidson Street Glide comparison: www.Motorcycle-USA.com/10/19399/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Indian-Chieftain-vs-Harley-Street-Glide-Special.aspx
    Watch Part 2 of the Comparison Test: ru-clip.com/video/ipNKSxDDSvw/video.html
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Comments • 280

  • Chance1957
    Chance1957 11 days ago

    😂😂😂😂A f@cking Harley commercial. GMAFB! And I’m watching 4 years later. I’m an idiot.

  • Highmilagerider
    Highmilagerider 3 months ago

    Nice Harley add. Are you guys in the payroll?
    Video should have been called “we love the Street Glide because they pay us to”

  • Benny Audibert
    Benny Audibert 5 months ago

    I own a 2015 Chieftain and test drove a 2015 street glide before I bought the Chieftain,, beleive me, this isn’t a comparison, it’s just a Harley commercial.

  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson Year ago

    if you keep this up, I'll never own a Indian

  • JKJeepZilla
    JKJeepZilla Year ago

    I like both but find this biased

  • Science Militia1
    Science Militia1 Year ago

    All these harley haters trying to justify their Indian purchase. Have fun with zero resale value and chrome-painted-plastic construction. The Indian Roadmaster is the lowest quality touring bike available on the market today. Id rather ride a fuckin goldwing!

  • Huzar 777 kosy
    Huzar 777 kosy Year ago

    I own three Harley s they got technologies from 1980 no more comments

  • Martin W
    Martin W Year ago

    Not a real "vs". More a review written by a Harley dope.

  • Graeme Armstead
    Graeme Armstead Year ago

    These things are just so slow. Two wheeled tractors. If you want a big comfortable bike that chews up the miles goes round corners stops and accelerates like a real motorcycle get a BMW.

  • chris siemers
    chris siemers Year ago

    Indian males,better bikes period

  • Grgy Gantz
    Grgy Gantz Year ago +1

    This was all pro harley.
    Poor showing in the 2nd quarter. With profits dropping over 7% in sales going soft at this time. But according to Harley Davison's financials, at least the the repossessions are up.
    Harley start continues to trade under $50 a share. Compared to Polaris. Which is trading right around $89 a share. Polaris should report the third-quarter. In a few days.

  • Eric Breuker
    Eric Breuker Year ago +1

    I am a fan of both brands so I was hoping to see a comparison between the two. This is possibly the worst comparison video I have ever seen! They could have at least pretended that they were unbiased.

  • joracer1
    joracer1 Year ago

    Everybody knows hd can do better, but they just don't, their progress moves in slow motion... while others move fwd at a normal pace... just look at the thunder struck engine it's already 2 decades ahead of anything hd has made. And it's only going to get worse...

  • D PIW
    D PIW Year ago +1

    Thank you for taking off your HD-endorsed kneepads long enough to give this review. Much appreciated.

  • charlie12590
    charlie12590 Year ago

    Complete B.S. That was a harley Commercial for sure! I hope Indian puts Harley out of Business just for Lying to the public.

  • Tyler Qualls
    Tyler Qualls 2 years ago

    everybody bitching saying its a harley commercial. you know there's a part two all about the Indian bike right? hence the "part 1"

  • Rick Taylor
    Rick Taylor 2 years ago

    false advertising

  • Daniella Schlachter
    Daniella Schlachter 2 years ago

    Your comparing Indians 1Yr. Out vs H.D 114yr. History. Do a 2016Yr. TEST.

  • OasisofSpirit
    OasisofSpirit 2 years ago

    Total BULKSHIT!

  • Dan Bogardo
    Dan Bogardo 2 years ago

    Amazing. Didn't show any instrumentation on the Indian. You Didn't say why the saddle bags are better on the HD. You didn't say really anything about the Indian. Pretty bad comparison video.

  • Gus
    Gus 2 years ago +1

    Guys you are SO OBVIOUS, this is a Harley's commercial!

  • Indy Vin
    Indy Vin 2 years ago

    Numbers say different, though.... Indian took a chunk of Haarley riders in 2014 thru 2016...
    Former Harley riders, that is...

  • Boss Bikes Club
    Boss Bikes Club 2 years ago +2

    We loved the Indian Chieftan - beautiful bike. Team Indian!

  • Andy McWilliams
    Andy McWilliams 3 years ago

    I love my Indian. And I've owned more Harleys than I can count since 1970.

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos 2 years ago

      Andy McWilliams
      Well I am happy to tell you that Harley is back on top with the new Milwaukee 8...., nothing but great reviews from.....huummm.... Just about everyone across the board .... So do not get ready of the Indian ...but you better make some room for the new Harley !!!!

  • Vanessa Rosario
    Vanessa Rosario 3 years ago +3

    Laugh out loud great Harley commercial

  • Shadow john
    Shadow john 3 years ago +1

    yep Harley commercial

  • Tony Morales, Jr
    Tony Morales, Jr 3 years ago +5

    Need, Need to do a 2016 Indian Springfield vs 2016 Harley Roadking

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos 2 years ago

      Tony Morales, Jr
      We now have the new Milwaukee eight engine!!!!

  • Hogan Longfellow
    Hogan Longfellow 3 years ago +1

    the best comparison of these two bikes would have been:
    Which one loads on a trailer easier?
    Which looks best parked in your garage?
    Which one hooks up to the battery charger fastest?
    Which one looks best parked outside of a trendy bar?
    Which is easier to pick up after the owner drops it?
    Which one rides best at 2mph after being towed to bike week?
    These are the hard-hitting questions we need answers to!

  • charlie12590
    charlie12590 3 years ago

    That was a Harley Commercial. Another Reason why I will not own one! Main Reason is YOU WILL BREAK DOWN.

  • brianreynolds188
    brianreynolds188 3 years ago

    Finally a great and truthful video nice job!

  • Dale Ellis
    Dale Ellis 3 years ago

    What a Joke!

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 3 years ago +1

    road testing an Indian very soon here in UK Keeping me Rocket 3 though no matter what

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 3 years ago +1

    this is just a biased view of Harley D . you get the same view from my triumph dealer on my Rocket 3 Touring , only id believe him and did

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago

    Hey, the water is great, take a swim, in it yourself, pal.

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago

    Seems we are on the same page about the Harleys.

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago +21

    Q: What is the favorite accessory for a Harley? A: A pickup truck.

    • Flying Dog
      Flying Dog 10 months ago

      You gonna need it.

    • Flying Dog
      Flying Dog 10 months ago

      AAA should come free for life.

    • Alabama Saint
      Alabama Saint Year ago

      U obviously never been around a new Indian big piece of junk


      naw , i have towing on my insurance 👍

    • tomcata1467
      tomcata1467 2 years ago +1

      C B: Glad you have a good sense of humor, just a little biker comedy. It's good to tickle your ribs.....

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago +13

    Apparently, you are unaware that "the great" Harley, was sold in 1969, by the Davidson Family, cause they were so broke and wanted out of the business, cause the RICE BURNERS were being bought by Americans, instead of the old oil leaking Harleys, and thus, sold the company and name to AMF, a bowling ball manufacturer. AMF/HARLEY, which was on the tank logo, was a disaster, especially the mid-70, junk bikes, no one would buy. And they couldn't compete against the Rice Burners, in quality, either, so finally in 1981, the Davidson family, bought the company back from AMF, and spent a ton of money, trying get the HARLEY brand going again. It wasn't till they developed the EVOLUTION or BLOCKHEAD, engine, produced from 19841998, that the public starting buying HARLEY's again. You may be to young to remember that, so, don't get all HARLEY self-righteous on us. Today HARLEY sells more t-shirts and clothing than bikes. More like going to a clothing store to buy a motorcycle than the other way around. So let's not talk about legacy, cause all that is part of the HARLEY legacy, too. I remember those days, pal. And HARLEY couldn't leave a great thing behind, so, they got ride of the EVO HARLEY, which were reliable, but, underpowered, 1,340cc, engines, and developed the junk TWIN CAM engines, starting in 1999 to the present........so, that they could break sell more aftermarket parts to fix, their factory inferior, cam bearings, cam support plates, factory stock oil pumps, cam chain tensioners, and many more parts with SCREAMING CHICKEN parts, to fix what should have been done at the factory, to begin with. HARLEY IS ONLY A MARKETING BRAND. The TC engines are junk, and many HARLEY owners, have posted these problems on YOU TUBE and on HARLEY forums. But, ignorance is bliss, they say and since most HARLEY owners, don't really ride the bikes, anyway, it really doesn't matter what kind of junk engines, they sell. Ever notice how many late model TC with very low mileage, are for sale at any given time? Why is that? Cause they never get ridden. So, don't knock the new Indian, Harley has the same legacy.

    • Tropical VN Rider
      Tropical VN Rider 10 months ago

      tomcata1467, 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 at least somebody is writing FACTS 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

      D.B. RACKSTRAW D.B. RACKSTRAW Year ago +1

      +themaxrider we are evolving , 1/2 of the USA looks like obama and the numbers are rising fast with increased welfare and food stamp hand outs ! evolve man , EVO 😉

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos 2 years ago

      See that's what I like!!!!!

    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 2 years ago +3

      @tomcata1467 The design is archaic to say the least.
      I get it, you want pushrod twins, but why? When you have a very limited power band, and so much stroke that you can't produce decent horsepower only to make a certain sound, a certain look and a certain limited riding potential.
      People like myself, want a broad power band, no excess heat felt by us as we enjoy it, and tons and tons of usable all Rpm range power.
      Is that too much to ask for?
      I not only know what's inside a twin cam case, I've converted many over to gear to gear and rebuilt so damn many that I lost count!
      Yep I've got an attitude all right, but it's been definitely earned!
      It didn't come from over night.
      Yes I would like to see something decent worthwhile come from harley.
      It's not too much to ask a company that has been around over 100 years.
      And for the past 30 have been living on their past reputation. Embarrassing us on the race track every season.
      Our riders if they want to track race have to buy imports or what Erik Buell offers, thank God for him!
      What the fuck is with you people and not wanting to evolve. This staying in the same rut same groove until it's so used up that people cringe at the sound of them. (happening at bike nights already)
      How about something completely different?
      How about a giant version of the vrod engine? How about a V4 version of it?
      Not something you have to drop out of the frame to check valve clearance like the vrod now!
      Put that in a full dresser and kick Hondas ass once and for all and make BMW look stupid!
      NOOOO That's way to much to ask for.
      Lets putter around on vibrating noise makers and act all tough and shit.

    • tomcata1467
      tomcata1467 2 years ago

      The Max Rider: I could respect your viewpoint, but, when you start with personal attacks, rather, than sticking to the issue, the bike or engine, design, well, you lose all credibility and should your true colors, just another, moron. "I live an honest life", what do you want a medal for that? You should live an honest life, anything, else, is not expected, that's nothing exceptional. You are not honest, at all, dude, cause you don't know anything about what's in those Twin Came engines, or you would see their design, shortcomings. Even Harley has admitted that, by, going back to a single cam design, with the M8ball engine. Give it up, dude.

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago

    Ha, ha, ha, you have a great sense of humor, pal and you will go far in this life,......

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago +2

    You are definitely in the real biker category and that Indian, has a great legacy and reliability that you can enjoy for many more years to come. A bike, actual lasts a lot longer when regularly ridden and serviced on a regular basis. Worse thing, is for a bike to sit up and let the fuel go bad, quickly. Ride hard or stay home............keep on rocking it, bro.

    • Oozywolf
      Oozywolf 2 years ago

      Out of stuff I've heard all over RU-clip and stuff, it seems like most people really love Indian, Honda, and BMW. BMW praise is a little more rare, but when they're mentioned, it's always something about how the only way they die is from someone running into it. Victory also gets some praise too but not as much as Indian or Honda. They both really get Internet love.

    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago +2

      +rocker85675 Are you trying to say harley has a legacy? Weren't they not bought and sold a couple times?
      Have they not been around over 100 years, yet still are one of the most recalled machines?
      If Ford still made a model T, and you could buy one for the same price as a Lamborghini or Porsche, would you still buy the Model T? That's what it's like buying a harley compared to other brands. You still get old tech, low quality internals, at a high price tag, just to own a namesake. Why not get the most you can for the money spent? And you can't use resale as an excuse to buy a harley either, as the bottom has fell out of the their market.

    • rocknroller1999
      rocknroller1999 3 years ago +1

      Great legacy? They keep going out of buisness. Again, and again. If Lamborghini got sold and they started with a clean sheet of paper is it still a Lamborghini? No, it's a Polaris not Indian

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago

    that is 10,000 miles a year, is what was meant about only those few TWINKIE owners, who actually ride a lot are few and far in between. Most are weekend warriors and wannabes.

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago +4

    A study commissioned by HARLEY, after an intensive survey of H-D, owners, reveals that the average, TWINKIE owner only rides, 1,150 miles in a year. For every owner who rides 10.00 miles a year........there are 8 NEW OWNERS, who only ride 600 miles a year, that is nothing. It really shows that there are tons of H-D buyers, who really never ride there bikes. Just wash, wax and polish them and take them around the block to the nearest watering hole, to show that they are real bikers and Harley owners. So, the mystique that H-D, owners are real bikers is a myth.

    • Oozywolf
      Oozywolf 2 years ago

      UrielsMachine - What's the highest mileage you've hit on a bike? 40k a year is no joke lol. I've heard some people getting into 400k with no issues! Just curious what yours is up to and how it's doing :).

    • UrielsMachine
      UrielsMachine 3 years ago

      That makes a lot of sense! I only own a bike the guys at work ask, "Did you take the bike today?". It's either that or walk, I'll tell them. I usually put on over 40,000 miles a year. I love my Indian Vintage... it's hands down better than any Harley I've ever owned! The only thing that Harley does better is the automatic signal light cancellation switch.

  • tomcata1467
    tomcata1467 3 years ago +14

    This guy is a shill for H-D, with the pressed together flywheels, which will twist and come out of true, sooner rather than later, and will cause the pinion and output shafts to begin to wobble out of true or exceed the 0.001' or less of max run out and quickly hit 0.003" or more in run out and at 0.003", it begins to damage the engine bushings, bearings and will eventually cause CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE. Only solution is to tear new engine apart and take the flywheel to performance specialty shop to have it dynamically trued, balanced, and TIG-weld the two halves together, and have the shaft run out set at 0.001" or less. ALL TWIN CAM engines produced from 1999-to present have a FATALLY FLAWED DESIGN. H-D, has two silent chain drives to operate the oil pump and the two camshafts. The weak link is the PLASTIC chain tensioners which were designed to wear out and be replaced. Must be periodically inspected for wear and very costly and time consuming to change out. Failure to replace a worn PLASTIC tensioner will result in it breaking into pieces inside the metal engine and then there is only METAL TO METAL contact between the tensioner holder and the METAL chain, and the metal shavings are inducted into the oil pump, crankcase and cylinders, which results in IMMEDIATE AND CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE. Imagine going at highway speed when the engine seizes up and locks the rear wheel and the cratered oil pump starts spewing hot, oil all over the rear tire.............what a thrill ride till the crash occurs. H-D, fails to specify at what mileage interval the PLASTIC tensioners should be inspected, in either the OWNERS MANUAL or SERVICE MANUAL. Up to the consumer to guess. The INDIAN has a larger displacement engine and more torque and torque is the name of the game in big cruisers, as torque, is what moves one down the road effortlessly. The INDIAN has three camshafts to H-D, two, and uses METAL GEAR DRIVES to operate two of the three camshafts. The 111 CID engine, does use a silent chain drive to operate the third cam, but, the PLASTIC tensioner is much, much larger and has more surface area than the H-D, tensioner. And the INDIAN'S single tensioner can be changed out quite easily by removing the inspection cover and takes about 10 minutes to do so. Not so with the HARLEY. The jury is still out on an other engine design flaws on the INDIAN 111 THUNDERSTOKE ENGINE. But, there are many YOU TUBE videos posted on the H-D, TWIN CAM engine problems with generating lots of heat too, due to an inadequate oil pump, that only pushes out, 3-8 psi of oil pressure at idle, almost zero. That is why they run so hot, and heat is an engine's worst enemy.


      i didnt know all these things untill after i bought my twin cam pile of junk flhtcui 😡

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge 2 years ago +1

      Spence Potter What it means is this...harleys are junk...nothin'new here.

    • Spence Potter
      Spence Potter 2 years ago +1

      Again...you're an idiot.

    • Spence Potter
      Spence Potter 2 years ago +1

      All that means is you're an idiot.

    • Spence Potter
      Spence Potter 2 years ago +1

      BRAVO!!! Well said! Those are my exact sentiments when it comes to HD. Overpriced junk surviving on the image and the willingness of idiots to pay for a name.

  • Freddie Castillo
    Freddie Castillo 3 years ago

    Harley commercial?? So i who's commercial is it in the Motorcycle USA video that chooses the Scout over the Sportster?

    • Freddie Castillo
      Freddie Castillo 3 years ago +1

      Actually Mr Russo I have a Scout in my collection, I was simply responding to the people who were saying that Motorcycle USA always sounds like a Harley commercial but thanks for you opinion.....I guess

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 3 years ago +1

      +Freddie Castillo Have you compared the Scout to a Sportster? Name one area where the Sporty is even close to a Scout and then ask your question again lol. The Scout is far, far superior to the antiquated sporty.

  • Fergus Cawley
    Fergus Cawley 3 years ago +3

    I have ridden both bikes back to back last month in Orlando. The Harley shakes and vibrates like a concrete mixer, especially stopped in traffic. The Indian is smooth as silk. How you can say the Harley is smoother is total bullshit.
    The Harley gearbox is notchy and neutral difficult to find. The Indian is far superior. Quicker too.

    • mont10000
      mont10000 Year ago

      Fergus Cawley Agreed 100%! I've put a few hundred miles in both bikes. HD might have the imponent/cool factor on it's side, but the Indian is such a gentle and a handsome machine. If I'd need to spend 200 miles on a bike everyday I'd go with the Chief in a heartbeat.

  • Marked Man
    Marked Man 3 years ago

    Sounds like a Harley commercial to me. At least try not to make sounds so obvious nut heads

  • Electric Ritual
    Electric Ritual 3 years ago +1

    The hardware for the passenger backrest and bags on Indians are cheap compared to Harley. Just watch Indians accessory video. There backrest clamps are cheap stamp metal that you just pulled down. The Harleys are machined and spring loaded so they lock in place. When the guy In the Indian video locks the backrest down his hands hit the saddlebags and they flex and move what garbage. The fact of the matter is that they used cheap materials on the hardware on these bikes. If they want to compete with Harley they gotta do better than that.

    • Electric Ritual
      Electric Ritual 3 years ago

      +Robert Acosta No it has primary/ transmission oil that is separate. But the primary and transmission share the same oil.

    • Julio Smith
      Julio Smith 3 years ago

      +Bill Russo doesn't the sportster only use one oil?

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 3 years ago

      +Angel D Good kool aid isn't it Angel? I've perused the Indian Forums and there are far more more favorable posts than there are negative ones. Most of the forums only have a few thousand members and out of those few thousand a handful have experienced issues just like on every other MC forum. Owners are far more likely to complain when they have a problem then praise when things are great. My Indian is great and I'm approaching 20K miles.

      To your reference regarding my being an idiot for thinking shared oil is a bad idea. It's just laughable and doesn't really deserve a response. The design has been lauded by engineers and it's proven. No one really cares if you keep your H-D, so keep it, ride it and enjoy it. Just know that many of us former H-D riders are buying the Indian and are quite pleased.

      Keep drinking the kool-aid while we keep racking up the trouble free miles.

    • Electric Ritual
      Electric Ritual 3 years ago

      +Bill Russo Well I've been on a bunch of the Indian enthusiast websites and they're having quite a bit of problems with these bikes. Why don't you put up a video of the piece I'm talking about. It looks like an arrow head and it locks the backrest down. Its a cheap piece of stamped metal. and I'm not talking about the backrest bolting together I'm talking about the actual frame to the bike. You actually believe using the same oil in all three parts of the drive train is a good idea, then you're an idiot. Oh yeah Jap bikes are such great engineering that's why some of them you actually have to take the exhaust off to change the oil. Or take half the bike apart just to get to the spark plugs. How would you know that a Jap bike is reliable you don't see old ones on the road. You can go biking event and see a Harley from the forties but you'll be hard pressed to find a Jap bike that's over 10 years old. All you have to do is Google, there is plenty of problem with Jap bikes BMWs, Ducatis. One thing's for sure, when you go to resell your bike your wish you'll bought a Harley.

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 3 years ago

      +Angel D LoL, I'm looking at my backrest right now and it's solid metal with no bolts. Heavy duty and very easy to remove and install, perfect design. Oh, and by the way the Japanese and Victory bikes have been using a single/shared oil sump design for a very long time and they all blow the H-D models out of the water in terms of reliability. Every H-D I've owned ended up being a mechanical money pit after 40K miles or so. EVERY ONE OF THEM! Whether it was engine issues, or starters, stators, cruise control, transmission or leaky seals it was always something. You can keep your H-D. I'm much happier with my Indian and most of us who've switched will tell you the same thing. This a a very well engineered modern bike and best of all? No recalls! Don't even get me started on the number of recalls I've had to deal with over the years with H-D. It's great to be on a refined motorcycle now that's American made.

  • Rob Mcginley
    Rob Mcginley 3 years ago +3

    Funny how they never cover cost of ownership!!!!
    As in when is Harley going to replace that Twin Cam with all its high cost failure parts?
    Pressed pin crank? Really? Cam chain shoe failures. Stator failures ect ect
    let's look at the cost of ownership!
    I guess someone has to pay for those fancy dealerships......

    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago +2

      +rocker85675 Maybe harley should go completely under, it sure wouldn't hurt their reliability any.
      If idiots want to continue to fund their huge dealerships, then I guess they will continue to spew out the same garbage they have been for decades won't they.

    • rocknroller1999
      rocknroller1999 3 years ago

      Maybe they should just go out of buisness like Indian keeps dooing hey?

    • Freddie Castillo
      Freddie Castillo 3 years ago

      +Rob Mcginley We do have some nice dealerships!

  • BBQ Nut
    BBQ Nut 3 years ago +2

    There is no comparison, the Harley is the ultimate bike! People can say what they want about how they are junk or the metric bikes are more reliable, blah blah blah. Long story short, there is nothing like Harley ownership!

    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago

      Buddy, I don't know where you live, but where I live we have old imports riding all over the place.
      Bike nights are full of them. And the prices have soared on vintage imports like crazy!
      I've seen old Triumphs for example, reach up over $30,000! Vintage Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda even Kawasakis have gone through the roof.
      The imports work, pure and simple. Do they break, sure they can break.
      Admit you put them through a hell of a lot more then putzing your harley down the road goes through.
      We beat the piss out of our bikes, quads, and yes we can break them, but for what they are put through, we expect them to break.
      The damn harleys break just riding in a straight line down the road. Decade after decade, they have the same boring problems, because they won't fix what's wrong.
      That is why I comment! The Indians are built so much better, as are the Victory bikes. Internally they are 100 Times better then a harley!
      The whole tired old harley design, is only popular because the company sold the image, the heritage, the sound, NOT the machine because of what it can do or how long it will last.
      Wake up you dipstick and realize I only comment because it's sickening how cheezy the damn things are.

    • BBQ Nut
      BBQ Nut 3 years ago

      @themaxrider Just admit that you are biased and only like imports? My question is, if the metrics are so good, where are all the old bikes? Old Harleys all over the place still running strong, I don't ever see any old metrics, I mean nothing even from the 70's. My dealer has a 1911 and it runs!! All original. I will also add that my kids race motocross and we have had just about ever bike there is. KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki etc..We have had quads, trikes dirt bikes and everyone of them are junk! I mean I had a few honda's that were good, however they were maintenance free bikes and ran great. We are constantly working on the dirt bikes, always something broken or needs attention. Every Harley I have had (3) now have all been great, never an issue other than routine maintenance. A company does not stay in business for over a hundred years because they suck. Oh and I wrench myself, so I know a thing or two myself!

    • BBQ Nut
      BBQ Nut 3 years ago


    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago

      +wq1299 Really, I've owned one, and repair them for a living. I can honestly say, they are the worst damn thing as far as machines are concerned, I've ever had the displeasure of putting a wrench to!
      Blah blah blah, if you need an image, then I guess you think a harley will give it to you. Good luck with that, now that everyone knows what a heap of shit they really are.

    • rocknroller1999
      rocknroller1999 3 years ago

      There is a reason they outsell Indian by at least 100-1

  • JefferyT
    JefferyT 4 years ago +4

    Harley Davidson a gold standard?? Not with 2.13 inches of rear suspension travel.

    • Flying Dog
      Flying Dog 10 months ago

      2 micron gold plate dog turd.

    KLRJUNE 4 years ago +6

    Yea, I agree with the others, this is a Harley commercial.

  • oldwatchman
    oldwatchman 4 years ago +9

    Harley cooled the heads on the Rushmore bikes with radiators in the lowers and it still overheats. The HD engine is rubbish. When they had no American competition they could sell a fool anything. Now that Indian is back, a fool will still by a Harley with no suspension, no long term reliability. Just an overpriced paint shaker that sells tattoos. Ride a Chieftain you'll be asking Willie G's gang for your money back. Did I mention the Crank is a pressed together piece of crap? And it still overheats? Even with liquid cooling? And the rear suspension still sucks? Ask a Harley owner what they REALLY know about motorcycles. You'll get your answer. Ask a Cop who rides a Concours 14 Police about a Harley. You'll get your answer. Ask a Harley owner getting his crank welded and balanced for $4000 and you'll get your answer. Moto USA is full of $hit.

    • Tropical VN Rider
      Tropical VN Rider 10 months ago

      oldwatchman, the HD suspension is not that bad ... it is made in Japan! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • oldwatchman
    oldwatchman 4 years ago +4

    Don't forget to mention the junk pressed together crankshaft in the HD 103 twin cam and that the Indian Thunderstroke is built like a good car engine. If you buy a bike for the stereo and need it to fit into a culture a Harley is your bike. If you know anything about motorcycle design and suspension, A Harley is a good bike to run away from. Indian is the new King. You guys got paid off by HD.

    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago +1

      +UrielsMachine I work on the damn things, and the owners are about as dumb as the design of the harley engine.
      It's an image, not a bike to ride.
      You and I have figured out that harley is in trouble if they don't dump the shit they make now and redesign. A few harley owners will still stick up for the garbage, but for the most part many have dumped or are dumping them.
      A week doesn't go by that a harley guy asks me if I know anyone looking for a bike. I wouldn't be that mean as to suggest to anyone to ever buy one no matter what has all been done to it!
      People, the best advice I can give you, is if you like the cruiser style bike, DO NOT BUY A harley, buy an Indian or an import!

    • UrielsMachine
      UrielsMachine 3 years ago +3

      +oldwatchman Hahaha... I was totally laughing my ass off when they were talking with a straight face/tone about the quality of the stereo being a factor, and the smoothness... are you f*%king kidding me? Are you reviewing motorcycles or dance clubs? Harley is running scared... profits are down and what do they do.. they lay off large numbers of their workforce and increase marketing spending! Here's a freaking idea... fix your rattle box, built-in obsolescence engines and make some bikes that your riders can be proud to ride. I was a die hard Harley guy until 5 months ago I wrote off my Deluxe Classic in a multi-vehicle crash, luckily I walked away from that without a scratch, but my bike was toast! It was the best thing that ever happened to me because 2 months later I am the proud owner of a 2016 Indian Chief. The difference in the engineering, performance and handling of these machines is like night and day. If someone gives me a brand new Harley... I will take it... and trade up to an Indian. I'm like a reformed smoker! I can't be too hard on my old Harley buddies... I was there too and if I hadn't had that accident I likely never would have considered testing an Indian. These Motorcycle USA goofballs look totally ridiculous with these shallow reports... yes I saw PART 2 of your little "review"... total joke! I wouldn't waste any more time watching your vids... pro or con or whatever about any bike on past or present on the market.

  • rice hater
    rice hater 4 years ago +1

    great review and its spot on. sounds like lots of angry victory trollers trying to change the outcome. the honda victory fuji injin got smoked and with better paint and chrome!!! that fugly fuji engined toyota victory doesn't even have gps or voice command. harleys are way more reliable they run forever. the truth hurts. probably buy that harley electric bike to go with my street glide special.

    • UrielsMachine
      UrielsMachine 3 years ago +1

      +rice hater If you read my comment you'd have noticed that I have owned Street Glides (and still do)... it's not affordably issues it's performance and mechanical issues! I've been riding Harleys for almost 40 years... I still have a couple in the garage... if you are happy with them good for you! I ride over 40,000 miles a year... my 2015 Chief Vintage has 75,000 miles on it (bought it late in 2015) and all I do is change the oil and tires. I don't even ride my HDs anymore. So you can call it whatever the heck you want but it's the real deal. Someday maybe you'll try one and buy one... you'd be more than welcome!

    • UrielsMachine
      UrielsMachine 3 years ago +2

      +rice hater Street Glide is a piece o crap... I know... owned lots of em! Didn't know any better. Good luck in fantasy land with those Harleys that run forever... now I know you don't really own an HD!

  • TurbojugendWismar
    TurbojugendWismar 4 years ago

    Power? Style? In which universe the moderator lives?

  • milwaukeegregg
    milwaukeegregg 4 years ago

    This was a joke!!!!! The factory put out this BS!!! This is no way to get votes!!

  • Lou Montana
    Lou Montana 4 years ago +1

    0.2 seconds faster than an Indian? LOLOL You could get that in the difference in fuel.

  • TheMSLSD
    TheMSLSD 4 years ago +1

    I would say they are pro Harley ....I have 2015 chieftain and my buddy has a 2015 road glide ....I rode his and my indian is way smoother handles better and looks better...the Harley feels like a bucket of bolts to the indian ...and also the Harley is so plan looking in my opinnion

  • Don Lero
    Don Lero 4 years ago +4

    I have never owned either a Harley , Victory or Indian but have ridden all 3 on more than one occasion and rented a 2013 Electra Glide Classic for 5days on Hawaii and can comfortably say without a shadow of a doubt that this vide is A Harley paid commercial.
    If honesty means anything to anyone then we know that Harleys should only be compared to Japanese cruisers/totters. Both the Victory and the Indian is a light year ahead of any Harley period. Won't be watching Harley propaganda channels anymore now that I know who they are.
    The words handling , braking and reliability are poor choice of words to be used with the name Harley, stick to looks and sound great, not to mention the Rushmore project had fixed all the Harley shortcomings, are you guys for real ? F_off and get a life , go and read a article called " before you buy Harley" oh buy the way , an engine with 67gaskets, seals and O-rings ! WHAT COULD POSIBLY GO WRONG ??

  • Tray Bourgoyne
    Tray Bourgoyne 4 years ago +1

    Nothing but a Harley commercial.

  • Andrew Merkes
    Andrew Merkes 4 years ago +1

    Race a victory bet you lose harley

  • Andrew Merkes
    Andrew Merkes 4 years ago

    Bull shit motor running in the indians more then the Japanese Harley D. Get a different rider then will talk fucking harley d trying to act bad. Get the fuck out of here my bike would smoke any Harley out there running 111 cubic motor try racing the dark horse video not 100 percent

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos 2 years ago


    • themaxrider
      themaxrider 3 years ago

      +Andrew Worley One of my buddies brother, stuck $12,000 into his harley, by replacing the engine with an aftermarket. Upon doing so, he tried to race his Indian afterwards to still get spanked! The damn thing is so unreliable he never takes it more then 20 miles from his house! Yeah folks go ahead and buy a harley, afterall they are for sale in every trailer park across America!

  • The Ughost
    The Ughost 4 years ago

    Could someone who's 5'8" ride one of these?

    • The Ughost
      The Ughost 4 years ago

      @1225tdnelson Ok cool. Thanks for the info.

    • 1225tdnelson
      1225tdnelson 4 years ago

      @Ugo Okwandu Of course. I'm 5'9 and 160lbs and felt very comfortable on this ride at a demo a few weeks back. Harleys touring models have short seat heights and easy to reach bars. Very confidence inspiring fit. I rode it with my girlfriend on the back and she weighs 130lbs. Felt really nice. I was impressed tbh. The best brakes I've experienced on a big V-Twin cruiser like this and extremely smooth. Only thing I didn't like was the buffeting off the front fairing. But I def plan on owning one in the future.

  • dss900
    dss900 4 years ago +1

    The fact an early review that's so HD biased gives Indian a great thumbs up considering it's only been around in its rebirth form for 2 years. I think I might just have to ride one!

  • Scott Witkowski
    Scott Witkowski 4 years ago +1

    I swear you guys are sponsored by Harley.

  • Ridgway55
    Ridgway55 4 years ago

    Powerhouses? LMAO. What, about 65 HP?

  • Dan Kelsey
    Dan Kelsey 4 years ago +5

    Pretty biast comparison. Should have just titled it a harley test. How much $$ is harley paying you guys. Harleys are junk. Give it a few thousand miles before its in the shop.

    • Tyler Watson
      Tyler Watson Year ago


    • ecosby100
      ecosby100 2 years ago

      Dan Kelsey the newer ones hold up pretty good

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos 2 years ago

      +Motorcycle USA
      Of course he didn't ... These are trolls that live with daddy or mommy or just losers that can't afford nothing but cheap plastic rice burners....and all they do is hate on Harley's bikes ...you see if you guys make a video trashing harley they call you experts BUT if you make a video praising harley....? Forget it ... You are getting pay by harley or you just work for Harley or even better you are being bribe ,,,, THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!!!!!!

    • vabch82
      vabch82 2 years ago

      If you watch their vs between the scout and the sportster you'll find that they sided HEAVILY with the scout!! Though I love the Scoot and I'm an EVO die hard, the Scout is an extremely well engineered and attractive rig✌🏼️

    • chgofirefighter
      chgofirefighter 2 years ago +1

      Only a Harley hater who can't afford a Harley would say such a thing. Normally Japanese bikers do that, besides show me the Data to support your claim, not meaning a few bikers but real studies validating your claim... Next topic please

  • TakMan1690 Harley Boy
    TakMan1690 Harley Boy 4 years ago

    What's with the Harley haters, if ya don't like them, just look away, that's all.

  • tibor t
    tibor t 4 years ago +2

    Two tenths? Fine, you've got the stopwatch, let's call'em even. Eleven feet better brakes is a bigger difference. But when you said the Harley is smoother with a 2" rear travel, I knew you were full of it. I've ridden both for at least a few thousand miles, and the Chieftain rides better, turns better and stops better, then any Harley touring bike I've ever ridden (Street Glide, Road Glide, Road King). I'll grant you, the 6.5" nav screen and polished inner fairing are nicer, but for another $2K price hike? Those don't overcome the Harley's deficiencies.

    • MySpankster
      MySpankster 4 years ago

      mmmm your steering me to the indian....hehe..debating which of these bikes to get

  • EliteRM
    EliteRM 4 years ago

    What a load of shit... This a Harley ad,, what a low way of going about it..

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 4 years ago +2

    Once a Harley Hack always a Harley Hack! The Chieftain could shoot gold nuggets out of it's pipes and message your neck while traveling 200 mph and you would still vote for that piece a crap paint shaker with it's stretched out primary chain, leaking clutch master cylinder, 2 inches of suspension travel. Not to mention a motor that is stuck in 1950. Gimme a break! But then again who cares what you think. Every Indian owner knows better. Oh and by the way, I traded my Electra glide for my Chieftain and after 42 years of riding, I think I will listen to my own council.

  • Brass Matrass
    Brass Matrass 4 years ago

    Two beauties... but I am more of an Indian type of guy. Very nice rides!

  • Iron Sights
    Iron Sights 4 years ago

    This is a really nice Harley commercial.

  • Kevin Butler
    Kevin Butler 4 years ago +1

    What a bunch of sore losers! to each his own not everybody has to like the Indian !

    • Kevin Butler
      Kevin Butler 4 years ago

      True not everyone has to like the Street Glides either but when motorcycle.com did a comparison of the 2014 SG and Chieftain even tho they picked the Chieftain the Indian owners still complained

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 4 years ago +1

      Not everyone has to like the Street Glide either. What I really don't like is biased reviews that sound like commercials..

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 4 years ago +8

    Laughable review! This review is obviously nothing more than an HD commercial submitted by a person who is pandering to Harley Davidson. I owned 3 street glides in a row and test rode the SGS before taking a Chieftain for a demo. The Chieftain is anything but sluggish and the lesser bike.
    A few facts about the Chieftain that the reviewer left out:
    -The shift lever is adjustable
    -The TS111 is one of the most technologically advanced engines ever created and is as smooth as butter. This engine, though new was designed and built to last with minimal maintenance.
    - I found the fit and finish on the Chieftain to be superb! Chrome forks and chromed out handle bar controls are far superior to the cheap black plastic used on the SGS. Any reasonable person comparing the two bikes side by side will clearly see this
    The Chieftain is the better bike for two up riding hands down and they don't even mention the better wind management on the Indian. For me it was a no brainer to buy the Indian. It's the better bike! Harley can keep buying guys like this off to publish this crap but eventually riders will be smart enough to see right through it like I was.Feel threatened HD? I know you do and you should. We're switching no matter how many "professional reviewers" you keep on your pay role.
    The SGS is nice but no way it beats the Cheiftain!

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 4 years ago

      Agree 100% and I currently own a 2014 Street Glide I'll be trading in on one of the new Indians. I like the Chieftain but love the Roadmaster!

  • mnbme
    mnbme 4 years ago

    Chieftain's handling is very sluggish, compared to the much more nimble feeling Harley. It's basically a lead sled. Hopefully, they'll refine the bike soon to improve it's handling to make it competitive.

  • Dre C.
    Dre C. 4 years ago

    Why want ya'll put these bikes up aginst the Victory Vision?????

  • shisno314
    shisno314 4 years ago +2

    I rented a street glide for a week and put 2,600 miles on it. I couldn't wait to get off that bike. It was cramped and underpowered from what I was used to. I'll take my Victory over both thank you.

  • JefferyT
    JefferyT 4 years ago +1

    I rode a Harley and the thing almost killed my back. No rear suspension.

  • Danny Max
    Danny Max 4 years ago +2

    A Harley is a Harley and a Indian is a Victory.

    • diesel mutt88
      diesel mutt88 4 years ago +1

      2:28 "to the quick access saddlebag latches" Oh, those latches and design they copied from Victory including the bag 'quick release' ? And also the vented fairing? (which is actually an old Vetter Fairing concept Victory revived). Or maybe the full floating brake rotors that Victory has been using from day one? How about the LED rear lighting Victory has been using since 2003? Or the integrated trip computer with the mode switch built into the left handlebar control Victory has been using since the Vision release in 2008 on all their touring models? Maybe your Harley is a Victory as much as "Indian is a Victory". OH WAIT.....NOT!!!!! If it wasn't for this new and aggressive competition your "new" Harley models would consist of the 'same ol, same ol' new paint schemes and that's about it. Victory/Indian is still light years ahead when you get down under the "preppy" skin and into the engines and mechanical workings of the 'machine' part of the bike. From Polaris, "you're welcome" for you're recent Rushmore Project "upgrades". "A Harley is a Harley and a Indian is a Victory.". I would say that would be a compliment to the new Indian's.

    • finneganfly
      finneganfly 4 years ago

      @Danny Max The price dropped about 10K for the 14 models, not the 13's. The 13's were still basically the King's Mountain bikes. I didn't buy an 11 Indian classic because they were too expensive. There were still some on showroom floors in early 14.
      However, I'd still rather have spent $35K on an '11 Classic than the same for a SE Harley that would be parked in the repair shop. The new Pisshead's a prime example of wasted time. However, I weighed the value and bought a 14 Vintage. What an awesome bike. It also looks really good parked next to my old Indian.

    • Danny Max
      Danny Max 4 years ago

      @finneganfly lol. They dont share parts but the parts room is next to each other, next to the same designers and engineers. No wonder the new Victory motorcycles look like knockoffs of each other, thats because they are. Polaris is spending all its money on Indian brand. How u doing buying a 2011 indian classic for $35K and in 2013, the price drops to $18K.? Haha..suckers

    • finneganfly
      finneganfly 4 years ago +1

      You are aware that Indian does not share parts with Victory? How's the Motor Company Koolaid tasting these days?

  • Jason Waggoner
    Jason Waggoner 4 years ago +2

    They really did need to stiffen up the front end on the SG. I test rode a 2014 and it handled terrible, the steering felt archaic and disconnected from the road. My knees were jammed into my chest and Im 6'1". Fuck overpriced and underengineered Harleys! My god that Indian is hideous.

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 4 years ago +4

    I want a street glide so bad!

    • UrielsMachine
      UrielsMachine 3 years ago

      +Jacob James Piece o crap for the money... had many! Listen to these Indian guys!!

    • Jacob James
      Jacob James 4 years ago

      I will one day

    • Lance Roark
      Lance Roark 4 years ago

      You should get one.

    • Bill Russo
      Bill Russo 4 years ago +1

      @Jacob James That's funny because the Street Glide had recalls as soon as they hit the showroom floor. You can look that up too. The 2014 Indians have been out since the fall of 2013 -- not a single recall on any of the three models,none!
      Recalls have nothing to do with the number of units sold either by the way. If there's a safety related issue requiring a recall with one or some of the units it applies to all of them. and a recall is issued. There have been a total of three on the new Street Glides.

    • Jacob James
      Jacob James 4 years ago

      Indian hasn't had enough bikes sold or been out long enough to have a recall. Just wait it will come. Harley, Yamaha, Victory, Kawasaki, etc. Every manufacture has recalls. Harley just has more then others because they sell more bikes

  • Phill Swanson
    Phill Swanson 4 years ago

    No Victory Cross Country?!

  • SilentPrayingmanTis
    SilentPrayingmanTis 4 years ago

    : )