Madilyn Bailey - Titanium (Official Video)

  • Published on Jun 16, 2015
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  • Ritche Raguindin
    Ritche Raguindin 2 days ago

    Oh i like this song

  • David Yomtobian
    David Yomtobian 3 days ago

    your amazing. loved the elastic heart one also.

  • kye Kendrick
    kye Kendrick 6 days ago

    Hold on she hasn't posted in ages

  • kye Kendrick
    kye Kendrick 6 days ago

    Is it bad that I just found out this person but not gonna lie she's a great singer

  • Carl Allen Salvador
    Carl Allen Salvador 7 days ago

    can they make a new video its gonna be called fightsong!!!

    MERMAID SLIMEEE 11 days ago

    Im cryin'

  • Lou Barbieux
    Lou Barbieux 12 days ago

    Saite musique es magnifique ❤️

  • Sofia Ziako
    Sofia Ziako 12 days ago


  • Alexander Kolompár
    Alexander Kolompár 13 days ago

    SIA is best, but like this too.

    •AVAKAĐØ PLAY• 15 days ago

    Есть фраза похожая на одну из песен BTS..со слов Чон Чонгука

  • Brian Patrick
    Brian Patrick 21 day ago +2

    Truly inspiring! Better than the original!! I love your voice Madilyn!!

  • Gabby Gacha! Gotcha!
    Gabby Gacha! Gotcha! 22 days ago

    I hate this just being honest I’ve seen better from you this is disappointing.

  • André Marie
    André Marie 22 days ago

    Love 💕❤️😘😍

  • DAnna Short
    DAnna Short 24 days ago

    So gooooood! Love her singing and love this showed my little sis this she loved it tooooooooooo.

  • Ron Hooker
    Ron Hooker 25 days ago

    You're absolutely FANTASTIC! No more haters my dear!

  • Lance Brandon Wade Reeves

    could you do this and move?

  • SuA 121
    SuA 121 25 days ago

    I'm jealous of her voice 😶😂

  • Aracely Lopez
    Aracely Lopez Month ago

    Boi I checked and at first I didn’t know she made this song and sang it tbh and apparently it is by her I’m shook

  • SK - 07PN - W G Davis Sr PS (1573)

    She is lip singing this is Anna Kendrick. Search up Titanium Anna Kendrick. Thats the proof

  • Sudhir Kumar
    Sudhir Kumar Month ago +1

    Wow her voice is so sweet

  • Blanca Lopez Llamas
    Blanca Lopez Llamas Month ago +1

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ these song hits me with 😭😭

  • Violet
    Violet Month ago +1

    omg nostalgia

  • Leah Estrada
    Leah Estrada Month ago

    I didn’t know you sung this aka I’d not look at the people who made🤦🏻‍♀️
    I’m good at singing too and I’m just like a child like bruh 😁🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨

  • RocketMan
    RocketMan Month ago +3

    Omg she’s so good she is a angel😇😇

  • jla wilson
    jla wilson Month ago +2

    She got a beautiful voice

  • Mazo Mathe
    Mazo Mathe Month ago +1

    Love her voice and her song😘

  • KeileyPlayzz
    KeileyPlayzz Month ago

    WOW I love it 😌

  • Steve Greiff
    Steve Greiff Month ago +1

    She’s sooo pretty

  • Shelly Miller
    Shelly Miller Month ago +2

    This IS my Fight Song ! Heart Crushed But Breathing with the grace of God.

  • Zetr A
    Zetr A Month ago

    I love this song so much!

  • Santiago Berumen
    Santiago Berumen Month ago

    I almost cried

  • Petar AleksićYT
    Petar AleksićYT Month ago

    Im not gay to watch this

  • Exnotics _Labs
    Exnotics _Labs Month ago

    Pure talent

  • emma john
    emma john Month ago +1

    They are not singing they music on lol u didnt know that

  • emma john
    emma john Month ago +1

    When anybody sing i think they are singing in the bathroom lol

  • Muhammad Bilhajhusni Widyo Pramana

    You shout it out,
    But I can't hear a word you say
    I'm talking loud not saying much
    I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
    You shoot me down, but I get up

    I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
    Fire away, fire away
    Ricochet, you take your aim
    Fire away, fire away
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    Cut me down
    But it's you who'll have further to fall
    Ghost town, haunted love
    Raise your voice, but sticks and stones may break my bones
    I'm talking loud not saying much

    I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
    Fire away, fire away
    Ricochet, you take your aim
    Fire away, fire away
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    I am titanium
    I am titanium
    Stone-hard, machine gun
    Firing at the ones who run
    Stone-hard as bulletproof glass

    You shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    Shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium
    You shoot me down but I won't fall
    I am titanium

  • EmeraldTV
    EmeraldTV 2 months ago

    I sometimes sound like her when I sing this song

  • Bongi Shoba
    Bongi Shoba 2 months ago +3

    I get goose bumps listening to her voice in this song😌

  • Dr Dinosaur
    Dr Dinosaur 2 months ago

    The thought of this song is very good in a good way.But once you actually think about it it actually gets sad because of the fact that she wants someone to shoot her but at the same time she says she's titanium.What i'm trying to say is that it's a sad song and that it opens up the world.It's a very good song.

  • Skipmer TV
    Skipmer TV 2 months ago +16

    2019 💓⭐🎇

  • Emi
    Emi 2 months ago

    Better than original 😉

  • Fun with Arlene and Roxxy
    Fun with Arlene and Roxxy 2 months ago +2

    I ❤ this song

  • Chelsey Greeson
    Chelsey Greeson 2 months ago

    My friend has cancer and she loved this song

  • oshen khan
    oshen khan 2 months ago

    Love this song

  • LasangaKat 1
    LasangaKat 1 2 months ago +9

    We have been listening to this sing year 2 and we sang it at a school concert in year 3. Ily🥰

    • وليد عثمان
      وليد عثمان Month ago

      والله ما فكرتا ليها ضروووري قبل كدا لاقتني لكن مامتزكر الحصل شنو في القروب مختفية من وين والله البنات ديل بقو يزهجو وبرنامج ممل في البيت ماتجازف لكن لو علي نفسك جازفي لي كاش نهايي والله انا زاااتي قعد بفتش لي زول يسد لي اسبوعين ومالاقي لو عندك طريقة اوكي بس انتي وحظك لو احتجتي لي اي حاجة اطلبي ماتترددي في الصيدلية

    • Brit 805
      Brit 805 2 months ago


  • ANONYME /anonyme
    ANONYME /anonyme 2 months ago +16

    I LOVE your voice and this Music ! ❤️❤️❤️


  • 赤堰
    赤堰 2 months ago +1


  • Trinh Lý
    Trinh Lý 2 months ago +1

    I am dying for your voice
    Just ignore it, you are the only one who cover the best songs I have ever heard

  • Sahasra Gupta Kotha
    Sahasra Gupta Kotha 2 months ago +1

    So.. is she the original creator? I mean the first time I saw this song it was this very video.

    • marksman cs
      marksman cs 2 months ago

      No the original is by Sia even though it is labeled to be David Guetta's and by far better one...

  • Fajary Fhdn
    Fajary Fhdn 2 months ago

    So good😣💛

  • Leah Waggoner
    Leah Waggoner 2 months ago +1

    I had NO IDEA this was your cover!! It's one of my favs!! Subed!!

  • Ayra Zuyyin Mohd Fadzli
    Ayra Zuyyin Mohd Fadzli 2 months ago +5

    No one cares at what year you’re watching. Cause her voice is still beautiful☺️

  • Omid karimi
    Omid karimi 2 months ago

    No one has sung this better than Jahmene Douglas.

    SPARKLESHINEE2018 2 months ago +1

    Omg me luv titanium I love her voice

  • Your girl Daisyy
    Your girl Daisyy 2 months ago

    This sounds like the original who else thought this was the original singer from it ._.

  • potatofish 1st
    potatofish 1st 2 months ago

    How thinks she is O-mazing

  • Shelly Miller
    Shelly Miller 2 months ago +2

    Her voice, the lyrics... Power ! Courage we all can possess & Wow...pierces my heart with sorrow & strength!! Masterpiece Madilyn.

  • Ashley Powell
    Ashley Powell 2 months ago +1

    Before five feet apart there was Madeline

  • Soundarya Kanmani
    Soundarya Kanmani 2 months ago

    You r gifted❤❤❤😍😍😍😘

  • Ritz
    Ritz 2 months ago

    Holy shit shes amazing! :o