Ingenious Furniture That Will Take Your Home To The Next Level ▶2

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
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  • Shoeb Khan
    Shoeb Khan 7 hours ago

    nice job

  • Rejsik 99
    Rejsik 99 2 days ago +1

    Song in intro??

  • anne k
    anne k 4 days ago +1

    I like the circular gate

  • Asep Apang
    Asep Apang 4 days ago

    Bagus banget sih jadi pengen deh

    XU ALEX 5 days ago


    ENTERPRISE 7 days ago

    Creatividad en su Máxima Expresión !!!

  • Sadjad 7000
    Sadjad 7000 7 days ago


  • Oskar Garden
    Oskar Garden 8 days ago

    The pergola at 2:13 makes really no sense other than having loads of extra work by pushing and pulling in and out all single pieces

  • رانيا فرغلى
    رانيا فرغلى 8 days ago +1

    It's very old idea da anno 1900 or before

  • Марат Шамунов


  • crowlimite
    crowlimite 11 days ago


  • Aniket Kumar
    Aniket Kumar 11 days ago

    Amazing video

  • ليمونة علي
    ليمونة علي 14 days ago +1


  • Đạt Huỳnh Chấn
    Đạt Huỳnh Chấn 20 days ago


  • Andrew Xie
    Andrew Xie 20 days ago +2

    1:48-3:53 may I ask the name of this awesome ambient track you selected?

  • Guadalupe Franco
    Guadalupe Franco 23 days ago

    Me dio risa el muchacho de camisa anaranjada

  • Деревенский брадобрей

    кто то лестницу опустил а ты домой собрался после работы. потом со сломанными ногами и шеей в больнице

  • Ly Nu
    Ly Nu 24 days ago


  • スブター
    スブター 24 days ago


  • Richard Hupf
    Richard Hupf 24 days ago

    Why so many GD commercials?

  • Aisha Lerech
    Aisha Lerech 24 days ago

    pueden ser un buen refugio en una apocalipsis zombie 😅😊🤣

  • Ryme Ryme
    Ryme Ryme 26 days ago

    الدقيقة2:58 فكرة جهنمية للتخفي هههههه

  • Hoogo Bong
    Hoogo Bong 26 days ago

    Тётка со шваброй - верх совершенства и гениальности)

  • meso06
    meso06 27 days ago +1

    2:16 should be motorised i don’t see people bothering with that after a while if they have to get a pole and slide it all the time. The pole will most likely get miss placed at some point anyway.

  • Messias Garcia
    Messias Garcia 27 days ago

    Titulo errado 😉

  • Dorcas Shako
    Dorcas Shako 28 days ago +1

    Hey I'm nine this is my grandma's account were African
    I'm random
    I Hava an outie
    I put a like ring for bottle tops in it halfway
    And pretend it's a cord if u understand tell in comments

    • Dorcas Shako
      Dorcas Shako 27 days ago

      @LoCaL JuNcKie just search

    • Dorcas Shako
      Dorcas Shako 27 days ago

      @LoCaL JuNcKie a cord I like when babies are born someone has to cut the cord and the small thing stays there till 3 weeks after birth and it falls of
      When my mom had my bro 2 years ago I was so excited I searched for everything my mom is having a 3rd born now it's a girl coming on late August : )

    • Dorcas Shako
      Dorcas Shako 27 days ago

      @LoCaL JuNcKie like u know the bottle top under is I made it flat and pretend it's a cord

    • LoCaL JuNcKie
      LoCaL JuNcKie 27 days ago

      I don't understand 🙃

  • Gấm Nguyễn
    Gấm Nguyễn 29 days ago

    ở VN không bao giờ có như thế này

  • Rimas Girnius
    Rimas Girnius Month ago

    1:20 Waht is the name of this tape of furniture ?

  • jennifer bato
    jennifer bato Month ago


  • Princess Rhaine
    Princess Rhaine Month ago +12

    Sliding doors cabinet is just like my Grandma's Old TV before

  • Sukap Yati
    Sukap Yati Month ago


  • glebeboi
    glebeboi Month ago +1

    The first clip by sesame access was a bit confusing as it didn't show that it was for wheelchair/buggy accessibility.
    Surely the patio sunroof panels could be motorised rather than having to do it manually with a long pole stick.
    I think we all want the bookcase secret panel access into the hidden room.
    Thought the "change the garage into an extra room" by pulling down an enclosure wall with door access was a clever idea - especially if extra friends or relatives drop by - even more so with kids.

  • Ei Hwa Wu
    Ei Hwa Wu Month ago


  • Lakshmi Shah
    Lakshmi Shah Month ago

    1:12 wAiT wHaT??

  • Peter Pain
    Peter Pain Month ago

    Langweilig , nix neues , alles was eh und je schon gab oder gibt

  • tupperware
    tupperware Month ago

    these are terrible. all of them.

  • Eduardo Rossi
    Eduardo Rossi Month ago +1

    the music of this video is horrible

  • ranger518
    ranger518 Month ago

    2:22 yeah no thanks, what a disaster design

  • David Pacini
    David Pacini Month ago +3

    8:06 it must be from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"...

  • Laran White
    Laran White Month ago

    german soup related habit cultural joke experimental educational inspector dawn spokesman.

  • liwanu 00
    liwanu 00 Month ago

    Music track at 1:50 please someone?

  • Rrezon Shkodra
    Rrezon Shkodra Month ago +1


  • Tito Joseph
    Tito Joseph Month ago

    Humans are awesome.

  • Electrology Now
    Electrology Now Month ago

    Over-complicated, over-mechanized, over-automated. (The reason I'm still driving my 1968 Mustang ... NO COMPLICATIONS! Just a damned CAR!)

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young Month ago +7


    • David Pacini
      David Pacini Month ago

      The entire video is pretty slow... just set the volume to zero, open another window with a different track and be patient! :)

    • Joke Scheffers
      Joke Scheffers Month ago

      Chris Young I think he's trying to show it stays where you put it in all positions where other comparable products are either fully out or fully in with a spring mechanism.

  • Annie Shi
    Annie Shi Month ago

    First one is completely and utterly useless

  • this is me
    this is me Month ago +6

    Same person designed those stairs without a hand rail as designed the death star.

  • WolfMovies
    WolfMovies Month ago

    2:54 was already in ww2 in holland...

  • Farah Nasir
    Farah Nasir Month ago

    only thing useful i have seen is hidden bed and side table, not a next level thing but useful.

  • Lisa Hart
    Lisa Hart Month ago

    Most annoying music ever.

  • N Murzaev
    N Murzaev Month ago +2

    Ya tipa pishu na inostrannom yazike.... Na angliiskom naprimer....

  • William Heyman
    William Heyman Month ago

    Just because you can think of something does not mean that it has to be built. A kitchen table that has to be assembled every time it is used? You need a bigger house. A set of free standing stairs without a Bannister? No where where I would have to get a building permit. Hidden doors? "Put back the lamp!" That was Young Frankenstein, which made about as much sense. A bedroom table which should cost little, now has plugs and hidden lamps and costs a lot. So who buys this stuff? so I quit.

  • Elaine Twum
    Elaine Twum Month ago +5

    Most of this stuff from 50s 60s 70s.......what is so amazing?

  • Cherlintan Ashlint
    Cherlintan Ashlint Month ago +3

    Video yg no 2. Gw msih punya tuh smpe skrg lemari gser yg coklat itu, lemari tv jman dlu bnget dri bokp gw msih SMA.

  • Einfach Fredhaft
    Einfach Fredhaft Month ago

    2:13 no woman would ever do this

  • Volker Thimm
    Volker Thimm Month ago

    3:55 is the new Children Crusher 2000.

  • teebosaurusyou
    teebosaurusyou Month ago

    Is all this crap from the former Soviet Bock?

  • Insanity Gaming
    Insanity Gaming Month ago

    anyone else think the music belongs in a bad 80s porno

  • Paul D
    Paul D Month ago

    That first one would have been better if it turned into a slope for wheelchair access if it is supposed to be a place of business.

    • Einfach Fredhaft
      Einfach Fredhaft Month ago

      That slope would be a little hard at that stair angle

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    Thumbnail 8:58
    And its boring

  • Tamer Özbas
    Tamer Özbas 2 months ago

    check this !

  • Ge mar
    Ge mar 2 months ago +1

    They showed that idiot opening up the Murphy bed panels 1/4 the way over and over and then the finished loft was shown for only a split second.

    • Franklin Patterson
      Franklin Patterson 2 months ago

      I noticed that too.
      I think he was showing us they would not fall down?

  • Slimelover 02
    Slimelover 02 2 months ago

    The second invention has been in my dad's office for years, it's not really that new

    • XLBR
      XLBR 2 months ago

      What's it called?

  • KyleCorbeau
    KyleCorbeau 2 months ago

    9:14 ....So you're showing the installation process of floating stairs? And stairs that you _DEFINITELY_ would not want because they are not to code because they have no guard rail...not your brightest moment there.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman 2 months ago

    The first one was so pointless why would you use that I mean I would be impressed if the stairs turned into a ramp for wheelchair users.

  • Jirat Kongsin
    Jirat Kongsin 3 months ago

    8:30 Who get creeped?

  • smi raj
    smi raj 3 months ago

    Poritz and studio
    Old televisions box cover models

    • smi raj
      smi raj 3 months ago

      We can see all of these in old movies

  • QuirBit 103
    QuirBit 103 3 months ago

    For me 2:56 is kinda cool

  • Phenyo Mokakale
    Phenyo Mokakale 3 months ago +1

    the sound tracks please what are the names of the songs