5 Worst Cheap Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • The top 5 worst cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Thinking of booking a cheap hotel in Las Vegas? You might want to reconsider if it's one of these hotels! Las Vegas has some amazing luxury hotels, and then it is also some really really awful hotels. Based on tripadvisor rankings, I walk through the five worst cheap hotels on the strip.
    5. Excalibur Hotel:
    3.5 Stars with 3,588 Reviews
    The Excalibur is big and soulless. The problems are with the size of the hotel, its a giant over 4500 rooms, many rooms have awful views in to the depressing courtyard. Long check-in lines… often waits of 45 minutes The whole hotel has a musty/smoky smell, that you don't get in other Las Vegas Strip hotels.
    4. Hooters Hotel
    3 Stars with 3,646 Reviews
    The Hooters hotel is very dated. Looks like it hasn't been kept up since it was built. They could at least do better with cleaning with a facility this run down. It was slightly better than a Motel 6. Starting Advertised room price of $36 become almost $60 at booking checkout the to additional $27 per night as resort fee. This hotel is in desperate need of renovation. The only glimmer of hope was the food and the hospitality staff inside of the Hooters restaurant.
    3. Travel Lodge Center Strip
    $67 / night
    3 stars with 1,079 Reviews
    If you're interested in a location in the heart of Las Vegas: this is perfect. If you care about feeling safe, clean room and nice surroundings: the don't stay at the Travel Lodge Las Vegas Center Strip. The windows looked like someone had try to pry them open in the past. I did not feel safe in this hotel. The corners of the hotel inner courtyard were used as urinals by pedestrians of the strip crossing the hotel entrance.
    2. Travel Lodge Las Vegas
    $37 / night
    3 Stars with 537 Reviews
    The Travel Lodge Las Vegas hotel has a good location right next to the Circus Circus hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. However, it has nothing else. You get what you pay for so don't be expecting much. The outside stairs coming from downstairs to the second floor smelled like human urine.
    1. Circus Circus Manor Motor Lodge
    $19.80 / night
    2.5 Stars with 295 Reviews
    Located in the back of the Circus Circus hotel, the Circus Circus manor rooms are extremely old and run down. The place is filthy , the carpet is disgusting . The windows on the doors are dirty filthy. The wallpaper in the halls is peeling off and looks nasty. A step above a homeless shelter. Entire hotel has a wet smell to it.

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  • Yellow Productions
    Yellow Productions  Year ago +53

    You might enjoy watching my companion video on the 5 BEST LUXURY HOTELS on the Las Vegas strip: ru-clip.com/video/zSyzvMBaM0o/video.html

    • Smug Smugly
      Smug Smugly Month ago

      If the Chinese get ahold of this video, we're doomed.

    • Dalai Lama
      Dalai Lama Month ago

      You forgot Diamond Inn.
      The W O R S T !!!
      ***(I used to work there)***
      Just sayin...

    • Len Herbas
      Len Herbas Month ago


    • jusrayne
      jusrayne 3 months ago

      @Lilika Ngosso yeah depends on what tower wing you stay in I stay in the non smoking room in the new renovated rooms .

    • Smug Smugly
      Smug Smugly 5 months ago

      Another question, where is your Las Vegas Aviators hat? We gotta support the Team ! Go Aviators!!

  • Fred Landry
    Fred Landry 23 hours ago

    The Excalibur looks crappy.

  • Randy Sager
    Randy Sager 2 days ago

    Hooters now renamed OYO is not on the Las Vegas Strip. It is one block off the Strip on Tropicana.

  • ihateurmom
    ihateurmom 2 days ago

    Stratosphere was definitely the worst I've ever seen. Flamingo is terrible, no hot water before noon, but the location and view is great. Monte Carlo should get a mention as well because it claims to be four star. Excalibur is actually pretty fun and a good location plus the rooms are quite decent.

  • Georgia Lynn Jones
    Georgia Lynn Jones 3 days ago

    .won ton cookie.

  • Georgia Lynn Jones
    Georgia Lynn Jones 3 days ago

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  • Georgia Lynn Jones
    Georgia Lynn Jones 3 days ago

    jeff epstein was sent off by ny ops to raise money for his own defense. this may be true becuz i am out in nyc right now wondering how he knew the timing for geffs gift to me-a pay 19m.

  • Jeremy Coss
    Jeremy Coss 4 days ago

    Because I'm always on a budget when I go to Vegas, I've stayed at 2 of the rooms. Hooters and Circus Circus. That part of Circus Circus is completely accurate. Upgrade the 10 bucks for a room inside the actual hotel, it's night and day. Hooters is the other one. It wasn't awful the first time I stayed there, it was affordable and close to the strip, but the last time I stayed there it smelled, I saw roaches all over, and the experience just wasn't worth it. Now I just stay at the Golden Nugget. It's not on the strip but it's affordable, clean, and the staff is great.

  • CALI 420
    CALI 420 4 days ago

    How much does a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment cost in vegas doesn't have to be too close to the strip?

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 5 days ago

    I would stay out of Harrahs, they are using some new scent in the casino that will make your nose atheletic. Everybody I talked to while there hated that smell as well. As for me next time i'm staying at the Mirage.

    BUILT DIESEL MAFIA 5 days ago +5

    Was just at excalibur. Disagree 100% with the entire narrative here.

    • GH
      GH 3 hours ago

      I first stayed in Vegas in 1989 in a Best Western which was where the Excalibur carpark is now Excalibur was not quite finished then in OCT 1989 so is due for demolition now as we saw it in 2014 and didnt think much of it then.

  • Carolyn Payne
    Carolyn Payne 5 days ago

    Thanks for the heads up

  • TourPace64
    TourPace64 5 days ago +1

    I think the Luxor should have replaced the Excalibur. That place has really become a dive. Elevators are beyond frightening and there has literally been no maintenance done since it was built. Shoddy, worn out, such a shame

  • Kathryn Drinkard
    Kathryn Drinkard 6 days ago

    The Strat should be on this list

  • puro cholo alv
    puro cholo alv 6 days ago

    I just went to Vegas last month and I stayed 1 night at the Travelodge and it was so nasty the toilet didn't work it wouldn't flush and the bathtub flugs when you shower there was black marks on the bed it's was just plain bad

  • Ramon Scott
    Ramon Scott 7 days ago

    Excalibur hotel has four stars

  • Chris Ii
    Chris Ii 7 days ago

    The D Las Vegas was good and affordable

  • Will Nance
    Will Nance 7 days ago

    I took your advice last year & stayed at the MGM Signature Hotel Resort which was way better looking way better smelling & way better lights than the New York New York hotel which was dim & smelled like a cigarette & cigar convention. I will be going back again in the spring time no doubt.

  • ed taiwo
    ed taiwo 7 days ago

    Circus Circus full of Niggaz

  • ed taiwo
    ed taiwo 7 days ago

    Circus Circus full of Niggaz

  • Ryan Bahe
    Ryan Bahe 7 days ago

    Lol. That's Vegas. Urine, alcohol, and smoke.

  • Rainshadows
    Rainshadows 7 days ago

    we stayed at the circus manor motor lodge once for a family reunion. were from los angeles and we kept making fun about it reminded us of the projects. called it the projects of the strip. we got like 6 rooms in totall. they had all the blankets in bags and the TV was old tube tv. the stratosphere isnt to far from being on this list as well. its not bad its just very dated and soulless. only thing keeping the stratosphere open is the big tower and view.

  • katt brown
    katt brown 8 days ago

    I stayed at both travel lodges and there both fine! If ur on a budget it’s fine..not horrible like other hotels I started at..besides I’m only sleeping there not staying the whole time at the hotel!

  • Honest Bear
    Honest Bear 9 days ago

    Yeah circus circus hotel was not the best experience that I've had once I walked inside the room it smelled like shit in the elevator waiting area I saw a drug deal going on

  • blooneyful
    blooneyful 11 days ago +1

    This is sort of obvious isn't it? These are shitty hotels why would ANYONE be surprised at this? If I buy a Kia I can't expect it to perform and look like a Mercedes.

  • i don ́t want to sign in, ever

    "I hated to have to touch the door." OMG, what a bad hotel...

  • Bobby Vegas
    Bobby Vegas 11 days ago

    Hooters is NOT on the Strip.

  • brocongo nigga
    brocongo nigga 12 days ago

    Vegas for suckers

  • The Great Watubi
    The Great Watubi 12 days ago

    I caught crabs just looking at the video of some of these rooms

  • Big Al
    Big Al 12 days ago

    MGM Grand, Excalibur and Circus Circus needs to be demolished. The casinos in Macau shits all over Vegas.

  • Gerald Clark
    Gerald Clark 12 days ago

    Impeccable presentation! Great analysis skills.

  • voyageurization
    voyageurization 14 days ago

    bugs!… freaking disgusting insects!. Thanks yellow productions.

  • DisneylandLouie's
    DisneylandLouie's 14 days ago

    Tbh i think excalibur is best hotel is vegas :D
    If they tear it down, i will be pissed

  • mailen ajo
    mailen ajo 15 days ago

    Circus circus and the Excalibur are VERY VERY HAUNTED

  • mailen ajo
    mailen ajo 15 days ago

    In December I’m gonna go to the circus circus hotel and casino

    • mailen ajo
      mailen ajo 8 days ago

      Yep I’ve heard a lot of shooting were here

    • Bobby Vegas
      Bobby Vegas 11 days ago

      Wear a bulletproof vest.

  • Satans Lair
    Satans Lair 15 days ago

    Circus Circus has been a ghetto hotel as far back as I can remember, and I'm 45 yo. It attracts blacks, mexicans and trailer park whites. its straight up scary in there, and its only gotten worse through the decades. i think they should demolish it, but it actually is quite lucrative because of cheap rates and who they cater to.

  • Daniel Ceballos
    Daniel Ceballos 17 days ago

    ima leave a tip here since he mentioned the circus circus if you're going to stay there, stay in the skyrise tower because it has its own parking structure which is amazing because of free parking, many people go there to park but if you're not a guest, you probably won't know about this parking structure which always has parking spaces so to find the structure, go as if you're going to the normal parking structure and by the travel lodge there will be an entrance to the parking labeled "skyrise parking"

  • 05keyshawn
    05keyshawn 18 days ago

    Shit the whole floor smells like weed that's more like a top 5 best hotels you a pussy my nigga.

  • Benito Bueno
    Benito Bueno 19 days ago

    No I won't have it re Circus Circus ..me and Dave we got our harleys into the room no trouble..pity about the oil leaks

  • Joanne Vardakis
    Joanne Vardakis 19 days ago

    I was there last month, and my husband and I said the same thing, looks outdated, dark, and u do smell lots of weeds, moulding kind of smell, and we did stay in this hotel, been many many times, but good huge stink and idea, already subscribe, thanks for the all, information, big help, keep it up

  • Immortal Memes
    Immortal Memes 21 day ago

    I was in a hotel and there was poop on the toilet fles water roaches plus broken stuff windows doors toilet in travelogue

  • Lawboy Swagboy
    Lawboy Swagboy 21 day ago

    Every hotel host hook ups! Just use Skout or Scruff app! Stay safe! Book the cheapest room! 😝

  • Laura Bow
    Laura Bow 21 day ago

    The Hooters Hotel was originally the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, one of the originals when Vegas was in it's early stages. The Tropicana was old and dated & Hooters came in and literally changed the signage and gave the rooms some fresh bedding and that was about it. I know this because I worked part time at the Tropicana's wedding chapel right when Hooters took over.

  • Milo Pierce
    Milo Pierce 21 day ago

    you get what you paid for

  • Syl Jarry
    Syl Jarry 21 day ago

    Just remove the carpets, simple.

  • Who's That Girl
    Who's That Girl 22 days ago

    I stayed at hootees last fall it wasn't that bad

  • Fernando Rivera Yévenes

    I´ve been stay in a luxury hotel NH COLLECTION and Marriott Bangkok

  • Roy_Thousand
    Roy_Thousand 23 days ago

    You get what you pay for! When it comes to vacation, I rather pay the premium price for an extravagant room, then pay lower price for a shitty room!

  • thatcoolkidjoey
    thatcoolkidjoey 24 days ago +2

    Yeah the resort fees are the most annoying thing just give me the true price online

  • Randall Gordon
    Randall Gordon 25 days ago

    I think Vegas is so over rated

  • Jeffrey Small
    Jeffrey Small 25 days ago

    these hotels should not get 2 stars

  • Marv Kwia
    Marv Kwia 26 days ago

    There all bad except trump towers if your a non smoker

  • gigi solder
    gigi solder 26 days ago +2

    i stay at the MGM skylofts, lots of bucks but worth it

  • Mr McCrum
    Mr McCrum 27 days ago +1

    Isn’t Ny Ny really bad aswell

  • Emma Hartvig
    Emma Hartvig 28 days ago

    My boyfriend got us a room at the travelodge by planet Hollywood just cause we were staying for one night and we were going to a concert at Zappos theater and is definitely a dump. One of the lamps was bent and they didn’t bother to fix it 😂

  • PetrifiedPops
    PetrifiedPops 28 days ago

    Now at this writing it is 2 years later and there may have been improvements; but various reviews give the Excalibur from 3-4 starts. That's not bad out of 5. Were all the hotels mentioned this bad and yet receiving a 3 star rating, I cannot imagine what a 1 or a 2 star would be! Ratings on various trip advisers are quite subjective as they tend to be for most products. The experience of a few does not equal the experience of the many. I have had poor experiences in the best of hotels.

  • Trey Ward
    Trey Ward 29 days ago


  • Pakhit Zoraida
    Pakhit Zoraida 29 days ago

    Damn it....I just booked a room at Excalibur....I’m afraid 😓

  • Anna C.
    Anna C. 29 days ago

    oof... I stayed at Excalibur for 2 nights one time

  • mustange550
    mustange550 Month ago

    Travel Lodge? OMGSH thats the worst place out any place in the Country!