5 Worst Cheap Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • The top 5 worst cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Thinking of booking a cheap hotel in Las Vegas? You might want to reconsider if it's one of these hotels! Las Vegas has some amazing luxury hotels, and then it is also some really really awful hotels. Based on tripadvisor rankings, I walk through the five worst cheap hotels on the strip.
    5. Excalibur Hotel:
    3.5 Stars with 3,588 Reviews
    The Excalibur is big and soulless. The problems are with the size of the hotel, its a giant over 4500 rooms, many rooms have awful views in to the depressing courtyard. Long check-in lines… often waits of 45 minutes The whole hotel has a musty/smoky smell, that you don't get in other Las Vegas Strip hotels.
    4. Hooters Hotel
    3 Stars with 3,646 Reviews
    The Hooters hotel is very dated. Looks like it hasn't been kept up since it was built. They could at least do better with cleaning with a facility this run down. It was slightly better than a Motel 6. Starting Advertised room price of $36 become almost $60 at booking checkout the to additional $27 per night as resort fee. This hotel is in desperate need of renovation. The only glimmer of hope was the food and the hospitality staff inside of the Hooters restaurant.
    3. Travel Lodge Center Strip
    $67 / night
    3 stars with 1,079 Reviews
    If you're interested in a location in the heart of Las Vegas: this is perfect. If you care about feeling safe, clean room and nice surroundings: the don't stay at the Travel Lodge Las Vegas Center Strip. The windows looked like someone had try to pry them open in the past. I did not feel safe in this hotel. The corners of the hotel inner courtyard were used as urinals by pedestrians of the strip crossing the hotel entrance.
    2. Travel Lodge Las Vegas
    $37 / night
    3 Stars with 537 Reviews
    The Travel Lodge Las Vegas hotel has a good location right next to the Circus Circus hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. However, it has nothing else. You get what you pay for so don't be expecting much. The outside stairs coming from downstairs to the second floor smelled like human urine.
    1. Circus Circus Manor Motor Lodge
    $19.80 / night
    2.5 Stars with 295 Reviews
    Located in the back of the Circus Circus hotel, the Circus Circus manor rooms are extremely old and run down. The place is filthy , the carpet is disgusting . The windows on the doors are dirty filthy. The wallpaper in the halls is peeling off and looks nasty. A step above a homeless shelter. Entire hotel has a wet smell to it.

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  • Yellow Productions
    Yellow Productions  6 months ago +35

    You might enjoy watching my companion video on the 5 BEST LUXURY HOTELS on the Las Vegas strip: ru-clip.com/video/zSyzvMBaM0o/video.html

    • Lilika Ngosso
      Lilika Ngosso 28 days ago

      The Excalibur Hotel has actually been renovated three times, 2000, 2006 and 2015.

    • David Burrows
      David Burrows Month ago

      Circus Circus is a good hotel meanie

    • Donnalee Clubb
      Donnalee Clubb 2 months ago

      +xvxMERCxvx Well, I wouldn't say white privilege, but definitely wealthy. You know there are educated and financially secure people other than white people, Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people. They also have poor people of ALL nationalities. People generally like to separate into their own groups. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Linda Heckmon
      Linda Heckmon 2 months ago

      Yellowstone Productions

    • Linda Heckmon
      Linda Heckmon 2 months ago

      Yellow Productions ,,..

  • owleyes 11
    owleyes 11 19 hours ago

    Now I know where NOT to go. Now I want to know where I should go.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson Day ago +1

    There are a million places to say and a million other things to do in Las Vegas that are NOT ON THE STRIP. If people would visit Las Vegas and visit other places, they would have a much more enjoyable time. Also, go to Lake Mead for a day or two. And don't just drive out there, walk to within 100 yards of the water's edge, take a photo, and leave like so many idiot travelers do. Go there, ENJOY IT... go swimming, kayaking, hiking, something.... tour Hoover Dam... any of that is much more enjoyable than spending your time and money in a shitty casino.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson Day ago +1

    The only proper way to review something is to speak of YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. It is NOT APPROPRIATE to read the reviews of others and regurgitate that bullshit.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson Day ago +1

    Every room can't have a perfect view. You know it takes lots of things to have a hotel... including AIR CONDITIONERS. Rooms with a view of the strip, or a pool, or an ocean cost more. IDIOTS pay extra to have that fucking view and the see it for five minutes of their stay. Rooms are for sleeping and showering... Normal people actually do things when they travel that take them out of the hotel room. Unless you are traveling for work, why are you staying in a hotel room longer than you spend sleeping or showering anyway?
    Unless I'm experiencing bad weather, such as a long period of rain, I have never even been in a hotel room long enough to even turn on the fucking television.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson Day ago +1

    The Hooters Hotel is NOT ON THE STRIP. "On The Strip" MEANS "ON THE FUCKING STRIP"... This Hotel/Casino is 0.3 miles from The Strip.

  • Blanco
    Blanco Day ago +1

    Double all those rates right out of the gate to include the resort fees.... Stay somewhere that doesn't charge them, they exist

  • GazzaOak
    GazzaOak Day ago +2

    Its crazy and there no excuse for resort fees (as well as taxes in USA).... they should just add it on to the final adverted cost (and adjust the final cost accordingly to season and whatever). Its just make things hard.

  • David Perry
    David Perry Day ago

    The Excalibur was anything but cheap. I agree that it's outdated and somewhat shabby. Our room looked out on the air conditioning units seen in the video. Air conditioner was very loud. The walk from the room to parking was long too. What a gloomy place. Staff was pleasant, and Baja Fresh was great!

  • Nick Lomman
    Nick Lomman 2 days ago

    There is a small part of me that wants to stay in each of these hotels as a challenge...

  • calm calm
    calm calm 2 days ago +2

    who hangs out in a hotel room when in vegas ? .. but that being said i only stay at the venetian .

    • Joe Casson
      Joe Casson Day ago +1

      or ANYWHERE... A hotel room is for sleeping and showering.

  • YourFriendGoober - Twitch

    I live in vegas.
    My advice if you're going to vegas is to not go to the strip, actually dont come here at all. There really is nothing worthy of visiting here unless youre coming for a sporting event/convention/game tournament.
    The entire city is a tourist trap, unlike L.A. (My hometown), Vegas has no soul worthy of seeing. Vegas is an absolute shit show for visitors that dont have much money and for the people that live here. Skip vegas, go to L.A. and at least try to become cultured and go to places that might not be there for much longer where you will meet actually nice and wholesome people with something valuable to add to your memories. Vegas is horrible, unless youre coming to learn about its history, which, c'mon, youre just here to get wasted and party.
    Love, a 13 year old.

  • Anette Bell
    Anette Bell 2 days ago +1

    The Luxor is terrible.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 3 days ago

    people smoke in las vegas? wtf?

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 3 days ago

    I am a tourist...I want a great room and free stuff for $25.00 a night...kiss my tourist ass.

  • Cam Smith
    Cam Smith 3 days ago

    How many cream pies you think were on those beds

  • Dan
    Dan 4 days ago +1

    Hooters was terrible, but the restaurant was great. Hooters was so bad we almost dropped our sliding glass door to the balcony off the balcony.. it had fallen out of socket and was tipping over. The Televisions were from the 1990s, like 24 inch Box TVs that you couldn't give away. What a horrible place.

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn 4 days ago +1

    circus circus hotel is very terrible and bad it was worse

  • Dave zombie
    Dave zombie 4 days ago

    Pathetic whiners

  • HVAC Quality Assurance

    OFFS, what are you expecting for

  • OG Gregory
    OG Gregory 5 days ago

    I love Hooters and Excaliber LOL..

  • Jayden Garmo
    Jayden Garmo 6 days ago

    My favorite hotel in Vegas is either the Venetian or Bellagio

  • Manuel Magallon
    Manuel Magallon 6 days ago

    And this was just a few days ago

  • Manuel Magallon
    Manuel Magallon 6 days ago

    Lol we were so Close to saying in travelodge they did have a room ready till 3 so we just left and they said the pool does not open until may sum

  • jimsyhammond
    jimsyhammond 6 days ago +1

    Well you get what you pay for I guess....what would you expect for 30 bucks a night!

  • saleem Ahmad
    saleem Ahmad 6 days ago +1

    Great video thanks for the warning

  • kawika dav
    kawika dav 6 days ago

    The hotel I like to stay at is the California Hotel.

    • owleyes 11
      owleyes 11 19 hours ago

      California Hotel is the ninth island of Hawaii.

  • Chuck Gates
    Chuck Gates 6 days ago +1

    The fremont was the best back in the day.

  • David Peters
    David Peters 6 days ago

    all motels n casinos smell like smoke
    plagiarize much?

  • Vincent Rush
    Vincent Rush 6 days ago

    OMG! Anything that starts with Circus Circus....My wife and I were staying at the Wynn and we were recommended to try the steak house at Circus Circus. (Which was a surprising gem!) But as soon as we stepped into the lobby from from the Uber cab, we knew where all the Agilent travelers were flying to. It smelled of cigarettes and despair. The zombie-fied looks of the patrons spoke of lost wages and missed trailer payments. Honestly though, the steak house is excellent!

  • Jaíme
    Jaíme 7 days ago

    I prayed that I wouldn’t be staying at a worst cheap hotel....


  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 7 days ago

    If you don't have any money, why do you want to come to Vegas?

  • Just Smith
    Just Smith 8 days ago

    I have had one night stands in all of these

  • YTScooter22 Games
    YTScooter22 Games 9 days ago

    I’ve been to Las Vegas and stayed at the 5th Worst Hotel?

    • YTScooter22 Games
      YTScooter22 Games 7 days ago

      Yes, the only problem was that it was like Cuba there when most of the hotel was gambling or smoking, and there are a ton of bars with beer and alcohol products. Besides that the pool and rooms are clean and the food is fine and tasty there.

    • Lori Stone
      Lori Stone 7 days ago

      Did you like it?

  • westie430
    westie430 9 days ago

    The Excalibur *needs* a remodel so bad...and Circus Circus seriously scares the crap out of me. I mean who puts a giant flashing clown on their sign??😱

  • Emz Channel
    Emz Channel 10 days ago +1

    i agree circus circus is very worst

  • SUPRAFAN50 0
    SUPRAFAN50 0 10 days ago

    If you want a good hotel for a 100 a night,Choose Tropicana.

  • Shannon Karr
    Shannon Karr 10 days ago +1

    Loser!!!! Stop using others room purchase and stays to make your video. Use your own money and time to make a proper review.. bum!!

    • westie430
      westie430 9 days ago

      And, if you don't like it, DON'T WATCH😂

    • westie430
      westie430 9 days ago

      He *does* do reviews on hotels in Vegas. I don't blame him for not staying at some of these like the travel lodge😑 The reviews of others say it all😏

  • jazz93
    jazz93 11 days ago +5

    This is hilarious. I clicked on this video the day before I check into The Excalibur 😂😂😂😂

    • Jaíme
      Jaíme 6 days ago +1

      Lol I’m gonna stay there when I visit Las Vegas this summer

  • 2000konnie
    2000konnie 11 days ago

    I used to love staying at Excalibur. It was good value for the money. Granted that was many years ago. If they haven't done any renovations since then, that's a shame.

  • Lina Pagliari
    Lina Pagliari 13 days ago +1

    Ty for this info on Vegas hotels😂🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Ken Fisk
    Ken Fisk 13 days ago +7

    Yup! I've stayed in a the circus circus lodge room before, smelt like ass and body odor. I left the window open for 18+ hours and it didnt ait out at all. Circus circus needs burned down. Worst hotel ever.

  • Saved by Grace
    Saved by Grace 14 days ago +1

    Paying $19/night for a room in central Las Vegas and being surprised at the horrible experience is like paying 19¢ for a Happy Meal imitator then being surprised at getting rancid mystery meat and sawdust bread. (But I did enjoy the video and think you did a great service for humanity.)

  • fabian trejo
    fabian trejo 16 days ago

    you went to the ugly side of circus circus

  • Pat Ooykaas
    Pat Ooykaas 16 days ago

    FYI all the hotels charge a daily resort fee. Not just the cheap ones. We stay at Excalibur because it is cheap and we’ve never had problems with cleanliness. We stay there because we are just there to sleep anyway. Why pay more for just a bed

  • S1888
    S1888 19 days ago

    Hi mate can you do an updated version of this?

    LEGION MAPS 19 days ago +7

    Travel lodge locations are drug dens and hooker central do not stay there

  • My2 Love
    My2 Love 19 days ago

    I don't know about the rest of you but I've been to vegas 3x already in the past years and going again this year. Every time I went we stayed at circus circus (yes cause its cheaper) and our rooms were decent the 3x we went. I have never stayed at the manor one but reserved the skyrise instead. Since we mostly use it just for sleeping cause were out the majority of the day and night then this was good enough for me. The only downside for me was that it was a ways off the strip.

  • Stephanie L. Strong
    Stephanie L. Strong 21 day ago

    So glad I saw this video. I thought the Excalibur was a nice one, lol. Marking it off my list thanks to you.

  • Mark DeFazio
    Mark DeFazio 23 days ago

    The Excalibur was only built 29 years ago. Do you think they are supposed to demolish a hotel every 10 years? The Beverly Hills Hilton was built in 1955 and that is still where they hold the Golden Globes. Old is not bad.

  • Barndonn
    Barndonn 23 days ago

    You're high Excalibur is tight

  • Sarah Winfrey
    Sarah Winfrey 24 days ago

    look circus circus i found this, The iconic Circus Circus opened in 1968. Since its opening it has become one of the most famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.
    The history of Circus Circus is filled with far more than guests who enjoy visiting the location. It is also the location of numerous murders.
    Paranormal activity claims include seeing the words “Help Me” in a mirror in one of the rooms, other people have heard someone screaming those same words.
    The ghosts of a woman and her young son have also been spotted wandering the hotel and heard in room 123. Room 123 is where the mother killed her son then herself.
    The ghosts of three people supposedly killed in the kitchen have also been spotted. i found it at www.hauntedrooms.com/10-haunted-places-las-vegas-nv

  • Manuel Gomez
    Manuel Gomez 25 days ago

    Wild, wild, West hotel casino is more of a dump than these five but thank keep up the reviews

  • billy yanna
    billy yanna 26 days ago

    Filthy animals

  • domizzi626
    domizzi626 26 days ago

    I would put the Hooters Hotel on #2. The worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in Vegas, and one of the worst ever. When I went there in 2014, as soon as I stepped in the elevator I stepped on piss. The hotel was disgusting. You’ll find better hotels in Tijuana for half the price. Even the food wasn’t great. Worst wings ever! The parking lot is dark, ideal to commit a crime.. the only people who I could picture staying in that hotel is college students on a really tight budget looking for any excuse to drink cheap alcohol and bring a $20 hooker back to the hotel. And the Travel Lodges are disgusting as well. I stayed in one in Ventura, California and I might as well stayed in a ghetto ass hotel in Tijuana. Small room, uncomfortable bed, cold and to top it all off, my ex at that time was having a fit and I wasn’t able to sleep all night..

  • Peng Li
    Peng Li 28 days ago

    Travelodge is a Motel knucklehead!
    Manor Lodge is basically a Motel as well.
    You want the Tower next to the Check In when you stay at Circus Circus.

  • Lilika Ngosso
    Lilika Ngosso 28 days ago +1

    The Excalibur Hotel has actually been renovated three times, 2000, 2006 and 2015.

  • OdKeepsItReal
    OdKeepsItReal 29 days ago

    I 100% agree with circus circus ! 😝

  • Taylor Montgomery
    Taylor Montgomery 29 days ago

    I'm suprised The Tropicana isn't on here. I stayed there for maybe $40 a night. The smoke smell was one of the worst I found.

  • UnSlient Minority
    UnSlient Minority Month ago +3

    Its hooker Central at the Travel Lodge...every local knows that.

  • UnSlient Minority
    UnSlient Minority Month ago

    The Travel Lodge hotels are where the hookers take their johns for to do business...I would never stay there...I only drive by it on my way to work and all I see re a lot of prostitute looking women coming and going.

  • Pipe Creek Farms
    Pipe Creek Farms Month ago +8

    Pay the extra money and stay at the Belagio, MGM Grand, Delano, or the Mandalay Bay! Circus Circus is the worst!

    • Joe Casson
      Joe Casson Day ago +1

      fuck those overprices places... they aren't any better than the cheap ones

    • Pipe Creek Farms
      Pipe Creek Farms 8 days ago

      Rosalie Ngo yes it is. 2 people have died there and it has bed bugs

    • Rosalie Ngo
      Rosalie Ngo 28 days ago +1

      Circus circus is not a worst hotel

  • Rosalie Ngo
    Rosalie Ngo Month ago

    Why our you lying excalibur is not a worst hotel (mad)

  • Jim Eadie
    Jim Eadie Month ago

    Have to agree..was forced to stay at the manor Lodge at circus circus for one night because of a snafu. Was HORRIBLE. Everything you described was on point. Nasty. Remainder of trip was at the Palazzo....MUCH nicer...like going from a rusty 72 gremlin to a 2019 Bentley! Seriously.... just nasty.

  • venom74799
    venom74799 Month ago

    I stayed at the aria and the entire floor smelt like marijuana. Wherever you go it’s gonna smell like weed!! What the fuck kind of comment was that to put in here??
    Plus all of the hotels have resort fees!!

  • Bootattoos
    Bootattoos Month ago

    Looking to come here for my honeymoon? Looking at the Linq? Any review on that or opinion on that hotel?

  • MT Rich
    MT Rich Month ago

    I guess they must have closed down the La Cucaracha hotel next to the Riviera Hotel. The reason was because the bathtub had a ring around it and was stopped up, but I did have a good view because the Riviera dance girls would come out to the parking lot very underdressed.

  • John Rudd
    John Rudd Month ago +4

    Don’t agree. I love the Excalibur. The rest is probably true though.

  • Greg B
    Greg B Month ago

    Dude just reads reviews off of trip advisor. Plagiarism!

  • Bill Franco
    Bill Franco Month ago

    Is Las Vegas midget friendly?

  • mac979s1
    mac979s1 Month ago

    Circus circus is such a dump 😂😂😂

  • Carrie Hernandez
    Carrie Hernandez Month ago

    The places in your reviews look like 4 hour rate rooms.
    So many Vegas hotel do not take the time to renovate and been have been there for years.
    I'll be visiting at the end of May and I'll be staying at the same hotel again but only because they took the time to renovate in 2018.

  • frank hargreaves
    frank hargreaves Month ago

    Another 5 reasons to stay away.

  • GantzIsSloppy
    GantzIsSloppy Month ago

    I *fucking HATE* Circus Circus I parked there once & didn't realize there were 2 identical parking lots it took over an hour to find my car!!

  • Leonardo S.
    Leonardo S. Month ago

    What about the LINQ?

  • James Gonzales
    James Gonzales Month ago +1

    Stayed at Excalibur in early 90s...it was only 2-3 years old, even back then it was just average

  • Carlton Freeze
    Carlton Freeze Month ago +1

    Wow I'm excited to stay at the circus circus I just booked a room. Next time can you give us the reservation hotline please

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago

      I just stayed at Circus Circus two months ago. It was terrible. Check out my 1 star review on Yelp if you get a chance.

  • shinnidan
    shinnidan Month ago

    I had no problems at excalibur...

  • Horace Ball
    Horace Ball Month ago +1

    I have heard many people who re nearly homeless love the Circuc Circu manor and are thankful to have a roof and bed and fellowship with people like you and Bryce Harper.

  • C m
    C m Month ago

    Look at that Escalade parked at that Travelodge!!

  • Dion1957
    Dion1957 Month ago

    I lived in Las Vegas for years. When the Mob left, so did everything great about the city.

  • evekurocieru
    evekurocieru Month ago

    It's mind blowing that those 2 disgusting Travelodges haven't been bulldozed by now . So bizarre when the land is worth tens of millions. At least circus circus has good bars. The Stratosphere is the worst "not cheap" hotel on the strip btw

  • Ronald Joseph
    Ronald Joseph Month ago

    I stayed at a cheap room in LA and it wasn't bad considering I only used it for sleep!

  • Rafael Trickett-Robles

    The orange carts, such as those at Circus Circus are in fact linen carts which most, if not all of the hotels use. Granted, other hotels may not have them out in the open for guests to view, but these are commonplace in hotels.

  • g boxing
    g boxing Month ago

    Excalibur is not bad at all. The place is packed for a reason and it's not because the rooms are cheap.

  • geoff dearth
    geoff dearth Month ago

    I'd be afraid of bedbugs at any of these places. I think you could get bedbugs at even more expensive hotels.

  • Wolf Riddle
    Wolf Riddle Month ago

    ive stayed at the manor lodge before it wasnt that bad though i wasnt in my room that much the only thing was the wall were/are very thin

  • Ronnie 62
    Ronnie 62 Month ago


  • Beau Her
    Beau Her Month ago

    Well you pay for what you get for

  • Ferdinand Mora
    Ferdinand Mora Month ago +1

    Excalibur shouldn’t be on that list. There’s also other traditional casinos that are outdated like mirage and treasure island, but still have the essence of Las Vegas. Instead I would put Tropicana in this list.

  • paul noble
    paul noble Month ago

    I got robbed in the Excalibur cunts

  • Teddy Edd
    Teddy Edd Month ago

    This is a tutorial for cheap but crap hotels in Las Vegas.
    So if Cheap is wanted, Crap should be omitted.

  • Rrivers411
    Rrivers411 Month ago

    Thank you

  • Bryan Medina
    Bryan Medina Month ago

    Would you do the best and worst in Laughlin

  • Bob Mohr
    Bob Mohr Month ago

    Hooters was the San Remo no changes still bad.

  • chazz Lucas
    chazz Lucas Month ago

    Yellow Productions ... Thank-you, i love your channel sir.... This episode was a huge help to me and my family... We had to go to Vegas for a family reunion of sorts and being from Philly we have never been west of Nashville .. So i directed my family members to your channel and it was a huge help .. THUMBS UP ... lol a step above a homeless shelter ... Classic

  • Steve Schmengle
    Steve Schmengle Month ago

    Okay actually stayed at the Travelodge so you're wrong about that rooms. They were fine. The price was good we stayed in December. They had a really good price and it's right off the strip so you're wrong. Also brainiac they all charge a resort fee catch up!

  • Kelli Clark
    Kelli Clark Month ago +1

    You missed Budget Inn. It was the worst motel I've stayed in ever. I wore earplugs and still didn't get more than a couple hours of sleep at a time from all the people banging and bumping around me on the walls and floors day and night. I'd rather stay at the Circus Circus or the Excaliber than that dump again.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    I used to play all the Holdem Tournaments in Vegas. I became quite good at it, even made a name for myself. Next month they're flying a couple of us old-timers down, comping the entrance fees. The game is being marketed now.They need celebrity gamblers. Like everything else, they wanna pretend it's the way it used to be.

  • James Colburn
    James Colburn Month ago +2

    Great video. Love the truth! Keep it up sir!