D&D 5e Ranger Class Guide ~ Those Aren't Berries... You've Never Met an Owlbear Have You?

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • This is the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Ranger class guide. The ranger is a hybrid class. Part warrior, part spellcaster, but most importantly, explorers.
    The ranger is a situational class, and their performance depends on the type of campaign you are playing. So consult with your Dungeon Master before building your ranger.
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  • Don't Stop Thinking
    Don't Stop Thinking  2 years ago +81

    Sorry everyone, I made a small mistake when recording the audio for the ranger hit dice at 2:30. Their hit dice is 1d10 and the average hit points they would get when leveling up is 6 hit point, as displayed on screen.

    • Nico Says...
      Nico Says... 3 months ago

      linkes waran no

    • linkes waran
      linkes waran Year ago

      Hey can you do a beast master build

    • SkyEcho751
      SkyEcho751 Year ago

      You also missed that you put down undead twice on the favored enemies list at 3:15. Still a great video, just waiting for the sorcerer and artificer class videos to see what your take is on them.

  • Ryan Acres
    Ryan Acres 9 days ago +1

    I did not include the ranger revised because it’s to overpowered

  • Ryan Acres
    Ryan Acres 9 days ago +1

    There are 5 ranger archetypes also beastmaster ranger is best ranger

  • Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice 14 days ago

    I play as a Half-Elf Ranger named Gregor MacIntosh.

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude Month ago

    For those of you saying the Ranger sucks
    Go check out the unearthed arcana revised its much better

  • Rin Miraikaze
    Rin Miraikaze Month ago +1

    Can they replace multiple spell if leveled up?

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl Month ago

    I am considering making another Ranger with the Hunter archetype. My first Ranger in 5e is a shield-and-sword Monster Slayer. That campaign is on pause due to real life obligations, but we do have back-up characters and other tables and settings at the place I play.
    Well, right now my priority is going to be my first Totem Warrior Barbarian. I dub her "Project Mama Bear". All Bear Totem all the time. See, what bugs me seeing Totem Warriors at the tables is that everybody, at least here, forgets or just doesn't care about the utility rituals it has. I guess I want to make a character that, yes, has that tanking ability, BUT I want to be different from the typical "big smashy smash". So I'm honestly thinking of a Hill Dwarf that was part of a mercenary company, possible cousin to one of my previous characters. I also need to finally make a character that is more outgoing in personality. Even with characters I previously had, high charisma and all, I got terrible at roleplay and just sat and listened rather than talk.
    Also, ideally, this Barbarian will get only one feat: Tough. :P

  • Mark Cecil
    Mark Cecil 2 months ago +1

    What does hit dice do

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 6 months ago +3

    My favorite class is the Beastmaster ranger. If done correctly they can be extremely over powering

    • Christopher Rivera
      Christopher Rivera 6 months ago

      im a new player about to play a beast master because its true to me irl, i recognize how its underwhelming compared to other classes but seeing this and the revised ranger from unearthed im looking forward to it

  • Olly Shk
    Olly Shk 7 months ago +1

    This helped so much as im making a centaur ranger

  • Revenant 666
    Revenant 666 7 months ago +1

    I must say, you have a very funny accent, but your videos are pretty good.

  • joemarie vega
    joemarie vega 7 months ago +3

    Just play fighter with bow it`s much better

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl 8 months ago +1

    ... I WANT to run a good ranger, but... *sigh* The "format" of play for the large group and multiple tables I'm in is "mission-based". So things like Natural Explorer are hard to apply because it's a bunch of planar travel through permanent Gates set up in a "hub world" town, so if groups get together, it's more likely than not that a Ranger would be unable to get to apply much of its features because of a lack of Favored Terrain or Enemies.

  • REDV
    REDV 9 months ago +5

    M O R N I N G W O O D

  • Gaming Knight
    Gaming Knight 9 months ago +1

    What's funny enough XD in a campaign that my dad is doing for me my brother. And my cousin but earlier it was just me and my brother. But we had explored a dungeon and I found a nest which had a baby owl bear who's my companion and I decided to name him Steve XD I was young and didn't do names really well but still Steve lives on in the campaign

  • Noname Nobody
    Noname Nobody 10 months ago +2

    ...one of these days, I'm going to find out EXACTLY what a "Spellcasting Focus" is.....

  • Sir Drastic
    Sir Drastic 10 months ago +1

    make the revised version pls

  • darkjayfeather
    darkjayfeather 11 months ago +1

    I am choosing ranger Hunter my party needs that they suck at direction and exploring and they can't attack from afar

  • Jakub Ziarno
    Jakub Ziarno 11 months ago +1

    Would a blind ranger work? He has a pet dog.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago +24

    Base 5e ranger: shite
    Reworked ranger: actually good

    • Norman Whitmore
      Norman Whitmore 10 months ago

      Honestly never got why it didn't give you extra damage against your favorite enemy

  • Ollie Barbor
    Ollie Barbor Year ago +3

    Ranger is extremely OP.
    Take the hunter with hand crossbows, crossbow expert and sharpshooter.
    Or for the Beastmaster play a halfling, mount your panther pet, dual wield lances.

  • Tylon Taylor
    Tylon Taylor Year ago +1

    Dude you say 1 level 8+con but video says 10+con

  • Maegn M
    Maegn M Year ago +1

    This is the BEST video series for beginners needing to get a basic familiarity with a class! Thank you SO MUCH for making these. That said, do you have any plans to create a UA version of the Revised Ranger in this series? I could sure use it! THANKS!

  • QuietStar silence
    QuietStar silence Year ago +12

    My dm made me a special bow. I named it shadowbolt. It can be turned into a double ended sword. I also have a larger quiver with special arrows that do different sorts of dammage. Like fire, poison and ice arrows

    • JK Kay Kay
      JK Kay Kay 8 months ago

      QuietStar silence your dm is nice. I hope I can be a nice dm like that

  • Yoko318
    Yoko318 Year ago +1

    Undead is in the Favored Enemy list twice.

  • Cristofer Picado
    Cristofer Picado Year ago +1

    Ranger is my favorite class pretty much in any edition.

  • TheRABIDdude
    TheRABIDdude Year ago +2


  • J0kk3
    J0kk3 Year ago

    The Ranger seems very interesting. But remembering all the class spells/attacks and what they do seems impossible

  • Germain Iribarne
    Germain Iribarne Year ago

    Why the automatic subbing dont work on the video?

  • Yazuki Wolf
    Yazuki Wolf Year ago

    Man I should've chose hunter instead of beast master. Who would've thought that your companion beast is sooo stupid that they can hardly do anything without your direct command. You know how all the movies show the guy command their dog "sick em boy", and the dog runs after the target dead set on bringing them down?
    Yeah well beast masters can`t do that. They have to say ok "sick em boy", oh you missed, "Ok boy I`m going to forft my actions now just to let you know that I still want you to attack the thing I told you to attack last round again, ok" two rounds later I decide to take an action myself and oops, my dog just stopped fighting the orc in front of it and turned to look at me. Uh oh the orc is stabbing my dog now, but the dog still doesn`t have enough intelligence to fight back unless I stop what I`m doing to tell it, "Hey boy, you know that orc we`ve been fighting for the last four minutes? Yeah the one that`s currently trying to kill you. Please attack it"
    Dog attacks and then turns back again in confusion, "He said attack it, but I don`t think he wants me to attack more than once. I better sit here and await more instructions"
    Orc than stabs dog again, My dog is dead.

  • Underhay Kids
    Underhay Kids Year ago +1

    I don't like rangers that much as a class but i highly recommend playing a wood Elf or Forest Gnome when playing one.

  • Dart Devious
    Dart Devious Year ago +1

    Wait, no, rangers are part rogue and fighter, not spellcaster (initially)

  • JuckiCZ
    JuckiCZ Year ago +5

    If you like idea of str-based ranger, I have nice build for you to try - it has many possibilities.
    First to say - I am using only PHB, point buy, don't use polearm master - OP in my opinion (and i love it this way ;-)).
    Half-orc(Mountain Dwarf)
    Str 17
    Dex 8(10)
    Con 16
    Int 8
    Wis 15
    Cha 8
    lvl4 Heavily armored (str 18)
    lvl8 ...see further...
    lvl12 con 17 + wis 16
    lvl16 Resilient Con (con 18)
    lvl19 str 20
    Two handed (horde destroyer)- Take defensive fighting style, great weapon master on lvl8, horde breaker, escape the horde, whirlwind and evasion or uncanny dodge. You can do d12 or d10 with reach (I love pikes), as Half-orc, you will love savage attacks with these weapons, will do 3-6 attacks per round if more than 1 enemy around.
    S&B - dmg dealer - Take dueling fighting style, shield master on lvl8, uncanny dodge, rest is up to you (differs if you want to be good against 1 enemy, horde, or combination of both) - good combination of defense and offense.
    S&B - defender - Take defensive fighting style or dueling, sentinel on lvl8, colossus slayer (works with opportunity attacks), multiattack defense, whirlwind, evasion - base AC 21 (25 for 2nd attack), opportunity attacks do 2d8+str+2 dmg to damaged foes.
    Dual wielder - Take two-weapon fighting style, dual wielder on lvl8, solossus slayer, rest up to you - you are great dmg dealer against 1 enemy, still very defensive (AC 19, uncanny dodge, multiattack defense).
    Beast master
    Take sentinel on lvl8 and keep your animal next to you (punish anyone, who dares to attack it). This is one of the best tank builds in the game (your HP together is d10+con+4 - same like d18+con). You can use ensnaring strike on you and your animal (share spells) and have twice the chance to succeed (we all love restrained enemies).
    Offensive build - take defensive fighting style, great weapon master on lvl8 and your strategy is like this: Cast ensnaring strike with bonus action on both of you, come to your enemy, than engage enemy with your wolf, attack with wolf twice with advantage (pack tactics), first hit means str check or restrained, every hit means str save or knocked prone, than you attack with greataxe with advantage if prone or restrained for 1d12+str+10 (great weapon master), another str check or restrained and than you can run away (enemy has dissadvantage), followed by wolf, or stay there, because enemy has to use action to escape ensnaring strike.

    This concept works for every play-style, you want, works good and is realy entertaining to play. Every build is quite tough (204 HP on lvl20, AC at least 19 with no magic items, uncanny dodge)
    I especially love dwarven beast master S&B with wild boar (they both smell the same) charging next to him to close combat.

    Another possibility is variant human:
    str 16 (14 + 1 VH + 1 feat)
    dex 10
    con 16
    int 8
    wis 15
    cha 8
    Heavily armored feat, rest the same combination of feats and ASI, (lvl4 str+2, lvl8 feat, lvl12 con+wis. lvl16 resilient con, lvl19 str+2 or any other order).

  • Pinnocolo
    Pinnocolo Year ago +1

    Shiiit thanks dude, been meaning to try a ranger

  • Keelyn Wilson
    Keelyn Wilson Year ago +1

    Next can you please do D&D race’s

  • TheOneBread
    TheOneBread Year ago +4

    0:24 I believe i can fly

  • Kyo Yamato
    Kyo Yamato Year ago +1

    Is this a review for the Revised Ranger or the version 1 Ranger??

  • Roark The Half-Orc
    Roark The Half-Orc Year ago +1

    lol Moring Wood

  • 4animefan
    4animefan Year ago

    Can you make a Revised Ranger/beast master Guide? Plz! Awesome videos!

  • Jason Keats
    Jason Keats Year ago +2

    would it be too op to have a ranger hunter with a pet wolf. any nerfing suggestions to make it more fair (he wouldn't be able to see through it's eyes and if it died it would take a long time to replace them) and less op. thanks

  • Pauric Conwell
    Pauric Conwell Year ago +1

    Making a ranger npc in my 1st campaign as a DM, this helped a lot. Thanks man

  • Sasquatch 15431
    Sasquatch 15431 Year ago

    Ah beastmaster. This subclass can often be more burdening as depending on your companion they wont scale veru well abd be very annoyong to lug around

  • Avalanche 616
    Avalanche 616 Year ago +1

    Ranger was so much of a failure in the game I recently quit. In general, if terrain or environmental dangers and skills are ignored by the Dm, it does away with a third of the ranger special abilities. Hunter's prey, specifically horde breaker and giant killer are very circumstantial, and in a large party it makes it less likely that you will ever use them. I myself didn't get passed level 8, but I felt forced to go bow and arrow and the rest of the abilities, and when I looked further , situational and circumstantial is an excellent description of this broken class.

  • Peyton Markel
    Peyton Markel Year ago +3

    I'm fortunate enough to still be able to play my first character. He's a Half-Elf Ranger who's a bounty Hunter by trade. I find it funny, a party member of ours is a renowned criminal and our characters just met. I disarmed him of his crossbow and knocked him out after he tried to shoot a civilian, simply because he wanted some extra coin!

  • Péter Czakó
    Péter Czakó Year ago +2

    This is way the best educational series on the whole internet when it comes to 5th edition

  • Sec Pendragon
    Sec Pendragon Year ago +1

    Out of curiosity, and upon seeing some of the subclass videos up on the channel, I'd like to ask for a video on Ranger subclasses, if there are any
    Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to the D&D scene, so I don't know everything. Hence why I'm watching these videos

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago

      Yes. I will cover all the subclasses. Regarding the ranger, as other commenters have said, there is a plan by wizards to revise it. It is currently not very popular right now, because their features are too specific and doesn't transfer between campaigns well. However, it is not that bad, just ask your DM if you can rebuild your character once the revised ranger is out.

  • Hunter St. Arnold

    1:24 I think that was the most subtle _Terraria_ reference I've ever heard. (To clarify, the sound effect that plays at this time is _Terraria's_ bow firing sound effect.)

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F Year ago +1

    Your presentation is amazing, but I wish you would talk a little slower, it's a lot of info!

  • Crimson NitePyro
    Crimson NitePyro Year ago +1

    Will you do paladin

  • Junior Carvalho
    Junior Carvalho Year ago +1

    Please enable subtitles, even if generated altomática, I am from Brazil and do not understand English perfectly, I need to see what you are talking about for a better understanding.

  • Marco Pohl
    Marco Pohl Year ago +1

    i've been thinking of making a tribal mage for my first character: i'm obviously going to use a ranger, but should i multiclass into another spellcaster for versitility?

    • Marco Pohl
      Marco Pohl Year ago

      just watched your vidoe on them: it might work, thanks

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago

      Druid (Circle of the Land) is a great choice to give your character more spells to play with.

  • shmuckling
    shmuckling Year ago +1

    So, level 1 Armor proficiencies: is Medium Armor(14) and Shield(+2) with 14 Dexterity(+2) just as good(18AC) as Heavy Armor(16) and Shield(+2=18AC) with 13 Strength, that might as well be 14 or 16 for the better modifier? All classes that get Medium Armor also get Shields. If anything, Medium Armor seems more like a nerve to melee Attacks, since you are either MAD or using Dexterity melee weapons(that are not necessarily worst). Add all the other things high Dexterity is good for and suddenly Medium Armor is starting to sound like the better option.

  • ShadowRuler0
    ShadowRuler0 Year ago +1

    i wish this was updated with xanathars guide

  • Animefan_0727
    Animefan_0727 Year ago +1

    So do you start at lvl 1 at the start of each campaign or session. Do your Lvls carry on to different campaigns

    • Animefan_0727
      Animefan_0727 Year ago +1

      Oh ok thx your videos were really helpful I want to play online with some buds but can’t seem to find where to do it

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago

      It's really up to the DM and the group you are playing with.

  • Luke Gann
    Luke Gann Year ago +1

    Hey love the videos, but could you do one on the beastmaster i'm new to the game, and only playing with a party of 3 i don't know witch one to choose

  • SkyNinja759
    SkyNinja759 Year ago

    Pro tip: Use the Unearthed Arcana rules for the Ranger, it's the most underpowered/least satisfying class from the base game. Wizards of The Coast will most likely officially release the "Revised Ranger" in a future book anyways so you might as well jump into the new ranger now... unless you like being next to useless outside of your environment and moderately powerful at best in your element. Don't get me started on how bad the Beastmaster subclass is. If you like it good on you, but the Ranger is the worst class overall based on player feedback to the creators (by a large margin).

  • Nikola Silvers
    Nikola Silvers Year ago +1

    Unless heavily home-brewed, the BEASTMASTER Ranger is broken beyond repair.

  • andrew garcia
    andrew garcia Year ago +1

    Could you do a monk starter guide?

  • Draconis
    Draconis Year ago +2

    Paladin is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see it. In my current adventure I'm a warlock planning to multiclass into Paladin so that'll be useful. Keep it up!

  • Luke Simonson
    Luke Simonson 2 years ago

    do monk next