STOP DOING THIS! - Copyright Striking Criticism etc

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Correction: Copyright striking does not transfer the revenue of the video.
    copyright strikes are not epic sign this petition against article 13
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  • Dyefield
    Dyefield 4 hours ago

    Singing is the gateway to illegal musicing.

  • xbluefire *
    xbluefire * 9 hours ago

    This somehow reminds me of those good ol’ days in elementary school when some kid would hear their name mentioned in a sentence and think some crazy drama/gossip or whatever was going on and all of a sudden the whole grade is at war 😂

  • Caleb Cumberland

    That girls voice makes me cringe

  • D H A JN
    D H A JN Day ago

    Nice striking, bitch.

  • MythBeyondLegend _
    MythBeyondLegend _ 3 days ago

    3:03 what a thot. Whiny wahman upset cause of a word 💀

  • Aly le renard BJ
    Aly le renard BJ 3 days ago

    Ok. That's enough! I need those earphones!!! Thank God my bday is coming 🙆👍

  • TheDigitalOdometer
    TheDigitalOdometer 5 days ago

    I got an ad on this video from a website that claims to protect its users from copiers and infringers. It’s called

  • White Knight
    White Knight 6 days ago

    I think someone should report spam Ray William.... not telling people to do it... just think someone should. *Hint hint*

  • Thirty-Six Autømøbile Drivers

    6:38 “It’s the RU-clip Algorithm” foreshadowing blue shirt kid

  • yellowyellowyellow yellowyellowyellow

    I signed. Up the ra ✊✊ (that really doesnt apply in this situation but it felt appropriate).

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 13 days ago

    I might make a vid so I can get copyrighted by alinity

  • Chaqara Prod.
    Chaqara Prod. 16 days ago +2

    I've literally gotten copyright-strike on my own beats/instrumentals 100% by me. No Samples. No Loops. MY OWN. Its really sad that a giant company can come through and throw up ads on my vids, and since im a small youtuber, youtube doesn't seem to care

  • Lucky SOB
    Lucky SOB 16 days ago


  • Jyeza218
    Jyeza218 18 days ago

    Does anyone know the background music to this video? Love it

  • Sosi Fofi
    Sosi Fofi 18 days ago

    Ray William Johnson is a biiich he once blocked me for criticizing his unfunny content recently

  • Fiji Water
    Fiji Water 18 days ago

    He still makes more money than all of them combined lol

  • Weak JoShUA
    Weak JoShUA 20 days ago

    hey i have AIDS can we copystrike PewDiePie 😂

  • Arthur Marston
    Arthur Marston 24 days ago

    Who legitimately likes Pokemaine? 😂

  • matthew martin
    matthew martin 25 days ago

    i got copystriked ny netendo

  • The hoosher
    The hoosher 25 days ago +1

    T series:*uplaods music*

  • gigggla
    gigggla 26 days ago

    Hmmmm so basicly your saying we can copyright your vids and earn tons of cash :O ?

  • Alexia Almeida
    Alexia Almeida 27 days ago

    Pewdiepie looks so good in this video

  • Mr Moneysign
    Mr Moneysign 27 days ago

    Pew die pie 🥧 is going to change the world 🌎

  • AA
    AA 27 days ago

    Could we make it a law that people can be sued for copy striking?

  • ElCaballoTV
    ElCaballoTV 28 days ago

    That background track is dope

  • Hylian Hero 12310
    Hylian Hero 12310 28 days ago

    Don’t ya just LOVE that the ENTIRE second silent hill movie is on RU-clip with no repercussions(6 YEARS btw) but a single second of you saying you don’t like an artist is copyrighted material.

  • Poppy Harlow
    Poppy Harlow 29 days ago +1

    I dont like the lighting. COPYSTRIKE!!!

  • Sheikh Jaber
    Sheikh Jaber 29 days ago

    What if I claim a video of youtube spotlight? Ever thought of that? What happens then?

  • Chocolatecat Gameplay

    Vanity and Narcississm make a person lose their sanity and.......

  • tonnam 5050 gamming gg


  • Ben O'Neill
    Ben O'Neill Month ago

    go to court with sony for taking the dr phill episodes!!!!

  • DemonetiZed
    DemonetiZed Month ago +3

    Hey you are showing oxygen in this video something that I breathe in


  • yoongi raps
    yoongi raps Month ago

    The background music tho-

  • Jakob Franklin
    Jakob Franklin Month ago

    I love this man

  • Stickiboi
    Stickiboi Month ago

    OMG! He has a hat in the background!

  • Molly Mead
    Molly Mead Month ago

    Ok so real question here to anyone who may know the answer. I just started a Chanel where I do drunk movie reviews. Is it okay for me to include very brief clips of what I’m watching for context? I’ve asked a few people but I get a lot of mixed answers.

  • Ellavita Maria
    Ellavita Maria Month ago

    I'm sorry but i dont even know who is allinity

  • Israel P
    Israel P Month ago +3

    Veronica wang:stuck-up
    RU-clip algorithm:mental
    Pewdiepies videos:Liked

  • Betty Glocker
    Betty Glocker Month ago

    Great role model, went from watched felix play happy wheels when i was 12 and now im almost 20,huge thanks to pewds for bringing light to this situation,

  • 1000 subscribers no videos

    Ayy that's Shroud

  • Joanna Hernandez
    Joanna Hernandez Month ago +3

    “youtube algorithm” look at him quoting blue shirt kid 💗

  • I AM GAY
    I AM GAY Month ago

    4:40 for shroud

  • Fatter Cat
    Fatter Cat Month ago

    dunno if u made this before the mukbang one buuuuuut, veronica wang claimed she copystriked your video about her as well to her fan on insta (I believe it was instagram if it wasn't it, it's either snapchat or twitter) and ppl obv. demanded proof she couldn't bring up. She did also comment that she's more "woke" now thanks to you on... I think the mukbang vid you did? And then went around and talked shit about u on snapchat or where ever in one of those "I got drunk, time to talk outta my arse" streams.
    8:04 ALSO this reminds me of what dumb shit Fine Brothers tried to do, copyrighting/trademarking all types of reaction videos.

  • FexGaming - Gaming and More

    That is one sexy shirt you got there Felix

  • Darkzz Lord
    Darkzz Lord Month ago

    Ray William Johnson was the first "major" RU-clipr or RU-clipr in general that i started watching regularly and even when Pewdiepie came out i was like who's this overrated Swedish dickhead.How the times have changed though

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago +1

    0:06 ...They are Gay:)

  • Ya Boii
    Ya Boii Month ago

    This is clearly just attacking wahman

  • mitch g
    mitch g Month ago

    "Should I change my shirt before I start recording? Nah I'm sure nobody will even say anything about it"

  • Create Your
    Create Your Month ago


  • Phantom NPC
    Phantom NPC Month ago +1


  • killer
    killer Month ago

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  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan Month ago

    I cant search this video at all.
    Hell RU-clip

  • butternuts
    butternuts Month ago

    Shroud is part of T-Series

  • anaptrc
    anaptrc Month ago


  • X.Anonymous .x
    X.Anonymous .x Month ago

    Umg universal music group and other companies like that are involved

  • M
    M Month ago +19

    Pewdiepie is Swedish
    Marzia is Italian
    Pewdiepie lives in England
    Has an American accent
    Probs has a German Shepard and a Burmese python
    Love u pewdiepie

  • LapaTrust
    LapaTrust Month ago +1

    Search up “Orchard Music” on youtube they copy strike everyone including me.

  • Just Want To Play Games

    Would Nintendo copystrike "pokimane"!?

  • StryxGaming
    StryxGaming Month ago

    4:32 Thank me later

  • whatamidoingwithmylife nothing

    Ayyyy our boi Hooverr got noticed

  • The Guy
    The Guy 2 months ago

    hey atleast pokimane was nice about it

  • nishashamaz YT
    nishashamaz YT 2 months ago

    I wonder if she have the guts to copyright strikes Pewdiepie

  • axelito555
    axelito555 2 months ago

    What if T-Series Copyright strikes Bitch Lasagna....

    The worst crime known to mankind

  • TBD 22
    TBD 22 2 months ago

    This video has been copyright striked

  • Fade
    Fade 2 months ago

    This video gets copyrighted by Pokimane

  • dosduros
    dosduros 2 months ago

    Im gonna make T-Series shirts with the phrase "can we copy strike pewdipie?"

  • Dr. Bejk Mat
    Dr. Bejk Mat 2 months ago


  • A Time!!!
    A Time!!! 2 months ago

    You need a 1080p60fps camera

  • Reja HTW
    Reja HTW 2 months ago

    Know kontol?

  • Alberto Moreno
    Alberto Moreno 2 months ago

    Stop bullying 🤣

  • Kim R.
    Kim R. 2 months ago

    Felix looks like someone’s father

  • D 8
    D 8 2 months ago

    Lol she tried to copy strike pewdiepie. How did she not no him

  • hOt fOoD
    hOt fOoD 2 months ago +1

    *So many twitch thots ...*

  • Tenshi1509
    Tenshi1509 2 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the song playing the background :c ?

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 2 months ago

    I hope this is what you came for 4:33

  • GeoMatiur
    GeoMatiur 2 months ago

    Shroud to host meme review

  • Stay Down
    Stay Down 2 months ago

    Tell me how this man has the most subs on YT but still has like a 1970 20 inch tv in the background lmao

    • Stay Down
      Stay Down Month ago

      LBerryCeePopper48 sorry but people who post anime have no say

    • LBerryCeePopper48
      LBerryCeePopper48 Month ago

      Cuz he wants to. Did you ever think about that?

  • Jon Burrell
    Jon Burrell 2 months ago

    Did Shroud Subscribe yet?

  • Jorge Jacob Toledo
    Jorge Jacob Toledo 2 months ago

    You are the GOAT man.

  • Cherry 2000
    Cherry 2000 2 months ago

    Please don't ever change. Stay being the voice of reason, Pewds!

  • Smol Six
    Smol Six 2 months ago

    Its not theft if someone uses your image you have the right to claim the revenue of whatever they did by using it, after all its your image, your voice it is your choice, to avoid this kind of stupid things the simplest and clearest way to avoid copy strikes is by notifying the other side HEY DUDE I MAKE A VIDEO ON U YE OK ? If the other side ignores you then thats your problem if you want to risk the revenue or not but if they agree to you posting something with their image and terms are agreed then the moment they dislike the content you can just show text proof of their previous agreement with you even under the claims of not knowing what kind of video or art youre creating they still gave u creative liberty over their image so yea. But whatever I guess its just me who thinks that if I need the money right and I give an example I'm a cam model, someone posts my image in porn videos over the internet, they make money, cool, now what I still work hard to pay my rent food personal expenses etc when in a hypothetical case some random ass dude makes money of my image posted god knows where for basically no effort. AMAZING. Before adressing this kind of complicated issue I personally would suggest you see as many of the sides posible of the story Felix, life isnt just as easy as good or bad guys, you should know this since you are the brand you made and it took you hard work to get there, how would it feel if I used your brand to make money changing the meaning associated to it meanwhile by just posting example missinterpreting videos of you.

  • Ian Skrivarnik
    Ian Skrivarnik 2 months ago

    ahaha but Ray did steal that video from Grade. pretty sure he, as a Striker of Doom and Justice he is, has to strike himself now too.

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 2 months ago

    F U C K Y O U A L I N I T Y

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 2 months ago

    F U C K Y O U P O K I M A N E

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 2 months ago

    B E G O N E T H O T S

  • Nga Phan
    Nga Phan 2 months ago

    Pokimane talked it out. she no longer has beef and regreted the things she has done Im preaty sure. We all know what happend about the beef talk she had, but everyone else, IDK

  • Joseph Seka
    Joseph Seka 2 months ago

    I just signed the petition that was in the description.

  • JK_1O1
    JK_1O1 2 months ago

    This maybe why article 13 was a thing because people randomly abusing copystrike feature to take down video or because some bull shat reason

  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine
    Eleanor Of Aquitaine 2 months ago

    Do anyone here know the name of the intro song?

  • Dacus Decebalus
    Dacus Decebalus 2 months ago


  • 지러시드
    지러시드 2 months ago

    _Poki did an oopsie_

  • Your friendlyhobo
    Your friendlyhobo 2 months ago

    What’s the name of that song or beat you use in the background?? 4:07

  • Persy54
    Persy54 2 months ago

    Poki went from being an entertaining streamer who was actually good at games, to just using her "cuteness" to get people to watch her. It's a shame really, most streamers evolve and mature, she went the opposite direction with it all and just focuses on the viewers who rub one out to her.

  • Colin King
    Colin King 2 months ago

    Had to pause the video to take in everything on his shirt.

  • Jacquelinewithac
    Jacquelinewithac 2 months ago

    It’s kind of funny because I had become a fan of Hoover a few weeks before this story and idk it was just trippy to just discover a small channel I rlly liked then having my favorite RU-clipr talk about him a week later

  • minᅧᅣmin
    minᅧᅣmin 2 months ago

    Rather than copystriking, they could report for harassment instead??? Since it's defamation and making fun of other people???

  • pvg 1127
    pvg 1127 3 months ago

    Idk why but I kinda like his shirt

  • DeDA
    DeDA 3 months ago

    Pewdiepie: Talks about RU-clip
    RU-clip: Copystrike

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 3 months ago +1


  • Amiel Shadow
    Amiel Shadow 3 months ago

    Did you see?

    On the right shoulder of Pewds is green screened*