10 Amazing Science Stunts For Parties (1)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2012
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  • Norbert
    Norbert 22 days ago

    I can rotate my right foot clockwise & draw a 6 in the air with my right finger & my foot rotation stays the same.

  • Playtime the Jumprope Girl

    "Naked flames and flying crockery"
    My tongue exploded reading that.

  • 22Anthony McGuire
    22Anthony McGuire 2 months ago


  • Márktúb
    Márktúb 4 months ago

    1:50 i can do that!

  • Mike Sidelka
    Mike Sidelka 5 months ago

    Is this dave hax

  • Die nervigsten Personen
    Die nervigsten Personen 6 months ago +1

    He:ask your friends

    Me:well I haven't got any

  • copperblue 17
    copperblue 17 6 months ago

    I know how to extinguish flames without touching them.
    It's magical, sort of like the carbon dioxide solution,
    We humans need it to survive.
    It's called water.

  • GachaMost UwO
    GachaMost UwO 8 months ago


  • Cheung0128
    Cheung0128 9 months ago

    有冇IVD仔係度 :)

  • Dr. minyak It
    Dr. minyak It 9 months ago


  • Ace2Ace
    Ace2Ace 10 months ago +1

    This is why I love Great Britain...

  • winter the cat and Molly
    winter the cat and Molly 11 months ago

    0:34 did anyone notice the way the table cloth is laid out?

  • Crazyman22 .0
    Crazyman22 .0 Year ago


  • x mia x
    x mia x Year ago

    0:22 I’ve done that before

  • Elegant Atrocity
    Elegant Atrocity Year ago +1

    I can move my foot clockwise and draw a six, anyone else?
    Smile and look sad...
    I would use smile and frown.

  • Jerald Dean
    Jerald Dean Year ago

    I think you failed to take into account guitarists on the sixth. . .Or I'm a mutant (lol.) Still, fun videos, man. (:

  • Mohit Balani
    Mohit Balani Year ago +15

    What is a party ?

  • Daddy Open
    Daddy Open Year ago +1

    0:5 you have a yahabobo cute and sweet black dos haredi shoes

  • Ryn
    Ryn Year ago

    1:54 I can do that

  • Arfan Eka Diandra

    The ending. :O

  • Sbeve Sbeve
    Sbeve Sbeve Year ago

    Guys remember! Naked flames are dangerous! So put clothes on them to be safe

  • Alpha Hunt
    Alpha Hunt Year ago


  • Want - Diverse Content

    I'm super I was able to raide my ring finger while my middle finger was down

  • MP
    MP 2 years ago

    I can do the finger one with my left hand. Maybe because I play guitar?

  • Anson Cao
    Anson Cao 2 years ago +1

    The stunt about drawing a six in the air didn't work on me. I'm really good at beating these tricks.

    OJESHWAR DIXIT 2 years ago

    is your book not available in India

  • Christopher Paffrath
    Christopher Paffrath 2 years ago +1

    The fork and the spoon on the toothpick...set it on the rim of a glass and light the part of the toothpick inside the rim. My dad taught me that trick when I was little.

  • Perfect_Poop
    Perfect_Poop 2 years ago

    10 amazing party stunts for science!

  • Perfect_Poop
    Perfect_Poop 2 years ago

    10 amazing party stunts for science!

  • Jessica Khanagri
    Jessica Khanagri 2 years ago

    I'm i

  • Mikie Lau
    Mikie Lau 2 years ago

    The foot one with the six doesn't work for me...

  • Maverick Therrien
    Maverick Therrien 2 years ago


  • SkittyDa Skittles
    SkittyDa Skittles 2 years ago

    1:52 it is auctually possible to move your ring finger up. Only around 5 percent of the world's population can do it, like ke

  • Travis Rees
    Travis Rees 2 years ago

    where do you live.Canada

  • Mew Ancient
    Mew Ancient 2 years ago

    1:17 Am I the only one that hears cumdioxide instead of carbondioxide?

  • layso fong
    layso fong 2 years ago

    What is the background music?

  • The FBI
    The FBI 2 years ago

    I knew the bouncy ball part....

    do I win something....?

  • Arvin
    Arvin 2 years ago

    At first I thought it said naked flames and flying cockery. ;D

  • Nate Green
    Nate Green 2 years ago

    i can move it

  • Firewave 147
    Firewave 147 2 years ago

    1:55 what i did it

    • SkittyDa Skittles
      SkittyDa Skittles 2 years ago

      oh yeah about that.. only 5 percent of the world's population can do that . .. welcome to the 5 percent club

  • Nolmart Maridor Gimeno

    "A-gain-st" XD

  • Buzz
    Buzz 2 years ago


    • Buzz
      Buzz 2 years ago

      Um, my mom dad , neighbors and friend can do it too! So i guess were all mutants?

    • TheGoldLola
      TheGoldLola 2 years ago

      BeazyRose 4774 SAME HERE!!!!

    • Taki E-D
      Taki E-D 2 years ago

      no you can't unless you're a mutant

  • Mason Lawrence
    Mason Lawrence 2 years ago +15

    2:24 the face you make when you ate someones doughnut

  • Rapid Leasing Ltd
    Rapid Leasing Ltd 2 years ago

    I tried the 2nd one the plate dropped😟😞😰😢😥😪 cus im only 8 years old

  • Bella Sara
    Bella Sara 2 years ago

    I actually could lift my finger off the table

  • Angelo Bagneris
    Angelo Bagneris 3 years ago

    What kind of party are you going to that has baking soda and vinegar? o_O

  • Rupert597
    Rupert597 3 years ago

    The one where you draw the six is easy once you practice.

  • sage
    sage 3 years ago

    omg i can do finger thing :D

  • Electro Chrome
    Electro Chrome 3 years ago

    0:27 i discovered that one to

  • Ido Bar Haim
    Ido Bar Haim 3 years ago

    1:55 i can do that but it hard

  • TheZaninator
    TheZaninator 3 years ago +74

    this party is gonna be lit. imma get the dj to play this song while everyone is fucked on pingas and ill be doing these experiments.

    MUTD FC 3 years ago

    For that last one could you just not use gloves?

  • L 27
    L 27 3 years ago

    if i make the six fast i can keep my foot going clockwise

    YEOOO ITS LANCE 3 years ago

    Pinche travieso only Hispanic people will understand

  • Professor Geek
    Professor Geek 3 years ago

    Last one is epic!

  • Shark Puppet Boi McGee


  • JgHaverty
    JgHaverty 3 years ago

    I must be a freak of nature, because lifting my ring finger isn't even a challenge lol

  • Kenzie Salem
    Kenzie Salem 3 years ago +2

    He loves his matches 😂

  • Jaden Peterson
    Jaden Peterson 3 years ago

    Ughhh you europeans and your metric system

    • Le Reff
      Le Reff 3 years ago +1

      I don't understand how the fuck it's possible to understand the imperial system, probably because it's impossible to understand.

    • Jaden Peterson
      Jaden Peterson 3 years ago

      I like the way your system is organized, we just don't understand it and want to be different

    • Cowler
      Cowler 3 years ago +2

      Ughhh you americans and your imperial system

  • Perfect_Poop
    Perfect_Poop 3 years ago

    If you say you can move your third finger, try moving it while you're scientifically drunk.

  • CD_PC
    CD_PC 3 years ago +3

    How have I lived without knowing this channel.

  • Frandie Yau
    Frandie Yau 3 years ago

    what is the bgm?

  • HiperViper95 apclipy
    HiperViper95 apclipy 3 years ago

    look.. im not typing...heggfcbstf vshhv evsv d d MY ĎDSC..... my FUCKIN PHONE IS A PIECE OF SHIT. TYPING ITSELF$!!/!!// look!! srŕhr shit stop thi comenttyg

  • Thia
    Thia 3 years ago

    This never gets old...

  • xXTheGoldGamerXx 2000
    xXTheGoldGamerXx 2000 3 years ago

    YOU LIED!!! The match trick did not work no matter hard I try I kept lighting the diagonal match it does not work!!!

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 years ago

    a little

  • Zombie Cat
    Zombie Cat 3 years ago

    1:40 I did tried it and I could do it.

  • Pyrenix
    Pyrenix 3 years ago

    A party with science..... yah

  • melissa infuso
    melissa infuso 3 years ago

    I love it

  • Andrea Estrada
    Andrea Estrada 3 years ago +1

    I have no friends.... :C..... Everyone hates me.....

    GAMER BADBOYZ 3 years ago

    من ضمن

  • The Magic Bush
    The Magic Bush 3 years ago +1

    You must be the funniest person in parties

  • Unleashed Squid
    Unleashed Squid 3 years ago

    I found a way to rotate my right foot clockwise and draw a six in the air with my right hand without changing the direction of my foot:
    You have to do a few counter clockwise loops with your hand before attempting the six. The rest is easy.

  • 1Clip1Bullet
    1Clip1Bullet 3 years ago

    For parties ? Yeah am going to stop drinking and light a candle with a match okkkeyyy

  • Brad Teaster
    Brad Teaster 3 years ago

    If you can lift your ring finger easily, then you're doing it wrong. :/