How to FAKE being a STAFF on ANY Server

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • How to FAKE being a STAFF on ANY Server
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  • WolfX
    WolfX 3 hours ago


  • Spidey 18
    Spidey 18 Day ago +1

    Why did u search cute puppies on Google lol

  • collin playz
    collin playz 6 days ago

    Around 1:10 i first thougt he said F**k it f**k it instead of bucket bucket

  • Logan Gates
    Logan Gates 8 days ago

    Intro song?

  • seoulmin
    seoulmin 11 days ago

    why was skeppy in incognito mode

  • Amanda is a bitch
    Amanda is a bitch 11 days ago +2

    8:50 gotta love that the legend of zelda music in the background

  • Whirly Dirly
    Whirly Dirly 13 days ago

    why are keys so good?

  • Cheha Paik
    Cheha Paik 13 days ago

    Can I ask you a question Skeppy?

    Why do you search cute puppies in google

  • Frostwing
    Frostwing 13 days ago

    "Why is my dog attracted to buckets?"
    Skeppy... is Rocco ok?

  • Startrainy
    Startrainy 14 days ago

    his giggly laugh is so contagious

  • Trevisan family
    Trevisan family 16 days ago

    What's the intro music? I actually liked it.

  • Jude Litowitz
    Jude Litowitz 17 days ago

    Bro 1:20 kills me every time

    NXTBXI 18 days ago

    is there any credit to levi niha for the intro song?

  • EmmaDrawsStuff
    EmmaDrawsStuff 18 days ago

    Extremely subtle
    _extremely subtle_

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans 20 days ago

    I thought I was watching Skeppy not some Otis the bucket man.

    LAPIS THE MEME GIRL 20 days ago +1

    No one will talk about the cute puppies in the backround? 😂

  • melanie blake
    melanie blake 20 days ago

    Yeah, you need to feed your stonechild liar.

    Sorry, not sorry.

  • Connor Flynn
    Connor Flynn 20 days ago

    Whats that intro music tho

  • reddragon
    reddragon 21 day ago

    1:34 why does he have cute cat pictures behind

  • Ambermeow
    Ambermeow 21 day ago +1


  • SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR
    SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR 21 day ago


  • Edyth Lutz
    Edyth Lutz 21 day ago

    shoto skin!!!

  • Yingsonic Gaming
    Yingsonic Gaming 21 day ago

    New title: Ruining the economy of my server: THE VIDEO

  • RockerGirl201
    RockerGirl201 21 day ago

    Yall notice that Todoroki skin?

  • icxd.tae
    icxd.tae 22 days ago


    b u c k e t

  • Airo -
    Airo - 22 days ago

    I appreciate those cute puppy pictures in the back

  • Cucumbers in ketchup
    Cucumbers in ketchup 22 days ago

    at 0:09 i thought it said "i have kids to feel"

  • MaildoYT
    MaildoYT 22 days ago

    RIP ThanosToast

  • Benjamin Lobo
    Benjamin Lobo 23 days ago +1

    Cute puppies?

  • Crescent_Foxx101
    Crescent_Foxx101 23 days ago

    I loved watching them all just gather around you and follow you, reminds me of every time I had a pack of gum or pizza at school. The best representation of these people are the sea gulls in Finding Nemo

  • Saxh'sPlays
    Saxh'sPlays 23 days ago

    Because of you I want to play Minecraft again..

  • Flowara Kumar UwU
    Flowara Kumar UwU 24 days ago

    I have respect for LunarClientFps

  • Madden Mobile Ketchup Packet

    Whats his intro music

  • Paokhi
    Paokhi 24 days ago


  • Enrico Vermeulen
    Enrico Vermeulen 26 days ago

    There was someone flying whe the keys where dropt

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon 27 days ago

    I don't know why, my captions were enabled in this video and said the no-no word at 1:25 lol 😆

  • Minecraft MinerYT
    Minecraft MinerYT 28 days ago

    What's the intro music? plz I need it

  • Muffin
    Muffin 28 days ago

    Cute puppies background rlly skeppy

  • H3N9Y
    H3N9Y 29 days ago +1

    Hes already uploaded this vid

  • kringer alcatros
    kringer alcatros 29 days ago

    noob skeepy poo poo

  • ChickaWikaPie
    ChickaWikaPie Month ago

    What is the intro music?

  • no name.
    no name. Month ago

    Who else went to hear the fish in a bucket song after this video?

  • Yee- Claw
    Yee- Claw Month ago

    300,000 views but 28k licks really people don’t be lazy and help our boi skappy

  • MOAT75 MC
    MOAT75 MC Month ago +1


  • Rexoy
    Rexoy Month ago

    Intro song?

  • alioopsable1
    alioopsable1 Month ago

    I looked up the bucket song...I died

  • Bread Stix
    Bread Stix Month ago

    This is beautiful

  • PecheurEnSlip
    PecheurEnSlip Month ago +3


  • Joshua Funes
    Joshua Funes Month ago

    18 seconds ago mor likes than my iq

  • Don’t Pickaxe Me
    Don’t Pickaxe Me Month ago

    i always get kicked on your server

  • Yeshaya Gabriel Evaristo

    Skeppy ur a poo poo head
    Like if ageee

  • _Blaze_
    _Blaze_ Month ago

    SKEPPY MAKE me apple for stauff pleaue

    • _Blaze_
      _Blaze_ Month ago

      but I can do today

    • _Blaze_
      _Blaze_ Month ago

      also can't reply until next Friday so be patient with content

    • _Blaze_
      _Blaze_ Month ago

      I ate 14

  • Sirma XD
    Sirma XD Month ago

    Can we appreciate LunarClientFps's skin for a moment.
    No? Oke

  • Scent
    Scent Month ago

    Better title: how to make a video over 10 mins

  • Alexiz Gaming
    Alexiz Gaming Month ago

    What is the song on the beginning

  • Pose_ Aiden
    Pose_ Aiden Month ago


  • CoolChannel Here
    CoolChannel Here Month ago

    How have I seen this video before it uploaded? I watched it before when RU-clip says it was uploaded. For some reason I just know what's going to happen

  • MCKAB8
    MCKAB8 Month ago

    Me dont wanfgt mozneter in bed

    Me speahg sakeppy launguge