20 Creepiest Children’s Toys Ever Made

  • Published on Sep 21, 2014
  • Toys made for young ones are not always friendly looking, From weird finger lights the shape of dildos to horrifying dolls that will keep your kids awake all night, we count 20 of the creepiest children’s toys ever made. Click Here To Subscribe! bit.ly/xWackyWednesday
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Comments • 9 434

  • George Vreeland Hill

    I want those dead dolls.

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock 3 days ago

    i think your rating of creepy toys for most scary to least is a lil off id put other in front of the other toys in the listings

  • XxTiger LightxX
    XxTiger LightxX 5 days ago

    yo i think i played with a little miss no name before when i was little

  • Mako
    Mako 6 days ago

    Looks like a bunch of damn Halloween decorations

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    #3.jack in the box toys...looks like some thing in a Stephen King film.

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    Hitler doll... you gotta be kidding...

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    #7.musical jollychimp... always wanted one as a kid...glad I didn't..looks Creepy as hell.....

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    #10...baby laugh alot... looks like one of Chuckys ex girlfriends!!!!

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    The e.t. fingerlight...oh yeah,my ex girl would really love that one!!!!😝

  • september quest
    september quest 7 days ago

    Number 19.. Cyclops toy...now who in the hell would buy this toy for their kid???? terrible.

  • Roderick Samuels
    Roderick Samuels 9 days ago

    Its hell

  • Phoenix 358
    Phoenix 358 10 days ago

    ...and three adorable little animals to I M P A L E

  • Amy Kouba
    Amy Kouba 12 days ago +1

    I thought Jolly Chimp Toy was something they made up for Toy Story... geez.

  • Search Seven
    Search Seven 14 days ago

    Poop flying everywhere? Nope.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 15 days ago

    I still have the clown bank that my mother used to SCARE me with. The thing had a smiling face on one side....and a sad face on the other, and when I was a super, super young child, Mom would turn the bank around at will, but I didn't KNOW that it had TWO faces, so I'd start crying whenever the SAD face appeared. Of course, when I was super young, my mother would SOMETIMES pretend to be DEAD, and you can imagine how I reacted to THAT.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 15 days ago

    Okay! The Ghost Girl's LOWER HALF freaks ME out! : O I don't like the toys that look like they have REAL TEETH!

  • Puggle Mom
    Puggle Mom 15 days ago

    I would use the Cyclops car :)

  • Puggle Mom
    Puggle Mom 15 days ago

    The Evil Dead Dolls are really cool.

  • Nur Salsabila
    Nur Salsabila 15 days ago

    Probably some of these toys are more suitable for the teens.

  • Addison Case
    Addison Case 16 days ago

    Doll:looks a child creepy me:calls cops doll: UH OH THE COPS cops:arestes doll and takes to prison

  • Trayvon Cook
    Trayvon Cook 21 day ago +1

    Well my favorite creepy toys are little miss no name baby laugh a lot Mr. buttons face bank hugo man of a thousand faces bones family evil dead dolls jack in the box and plaseebo's custom ghost girl and jolly chimp those are my favorite ones i want them all but the i really want is little miss no name and baby laugh a lot i think there cool

  • Hans Lad
    Hans Lad 21 day ago

    I miss this narrator does he have his own yt channel?

  • HM Smith
    HM Smith 21 day ago

    I actually LOVE Mexco's Living Dead Dolls. I own a few and I always search Hot Topic for more

  • brandon the pinocchio
    brandon the pinocchio 23 days ago

    Number `6 is probably what Jeffrey Dahmer got when he was a kid.

  • Reagan Weller
    Reagan Weller 27 days ago

    Mr. Buttons actually was a way to store baby teeth- boy they're real

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 28 days ago

    The Hugo Doll is pretty Goddamn creepy! That's one where I'm left scratching my head... what the hell were they thinking.

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 28 days ago +1

    Most of these are pretty self explanatory. If you buy your kid a severed head that glows in the dark, do you really need to complain to the company in the event it gives your kid nightmares?

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 28 days ago

    The Cyclops Brain car doesn't seem creepy to me. It just looks like a cartoonish goofy characterization. The target market is definitely for adults to get a kick out of it, as most young kids such as the one in the photo has no clue what's being depicted.. but overall it's too silly looking to be scary. It's a joke that works for me.

  • Garrett Beasley
    Garrett Beasley 28 days ago +1

    Mr buttons reminds me of the new movie ugly dolls

  • Dax Darve
    Dax Darve Month ago

    little miss no name so cute

  • Gacha Devie Demon
    Gacha Devie Demon Month ago

    The creator of mr. buttons used real teeth!!

  • Gacha Devie Demon
    Gacha Devie Demon Month ago

    Mr. Buttons has to be sued.

  • Mango Burst
    Mango Burst Month ago

    I never knew how did they sell Adolf Hitler dolls!

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Rosebud. Citizen Cane.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    We care Hope doll, That's why I wanted to name my daughter Hope, Christmas, And Hope always good.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Puppet Master.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Ok Hope we done eating Fruity pepples kid. - The Captin.

  • Darkmemes19
    Darkmemes19 Month ago

    Number 6 offends me

  • Darkmemes19
    Darkmemes19 Month ago

    I really want number 20

    RING JANDO Month ago

    @0:36 " *PROBABLE SERIAL CHILD KILLER* " are you insane to say that? Bloody Drongo!

  • Aphex Engineering & Fabrication

    Living dead dolls aren't scary don't be a baby

  • Quizx Death
    Quizx Death Month ago

    Nice cannibal corpse reference dude. 🤘

  • EmmaLantern
    EmmaLantern Month ago

    5:38 Why would they censor Mike Mozart??

  • Francot Lee
    Francot Lee Month ago

    Are these for children?

  • Linda Wheeler
    Linda Wheeler Month ago

    The jolly monkey may look creepy, but it was the reason it was used on many TV shows and movies 1950's to today. Freaked out our dog....

  • Paola V.
    Paola V. Month ago

    I love n.20, their name is Living dead dolls (not Evil!), i collect them. I'd love to have some Little miss no name too! 😍

  • Dat Lil’ Sarah Bear

    mr buttons kinda looks like Minions cause of the teeth, thats what i think

  • Amelia Feeleus
    Amelia Feeleus Month ago

    Okay if the toy looks scary WHY WOULD YOU BUY IT because you know it looks scary and kids espacialy little kids find alotbof things scary and you buy it and them say off my kid has nightmares and it you fault BUT WHY WOULD YOU BUY IT THEM jesus just think about your kids please thing about you kids and DO NOT BUY SCARY LOOKING THING thanks u 😶

  • courtney medlin
    courtney medlin Month ago

    I have a doll that comes on by itself. Next time it does it I'm gonna catch it on camera and post it.

  • Kay M
    Kay M Month ago

    Omg man I'm so sick of this b.s.!!!! Raise your kids to be tough stupid. Not a lot sissy. Ffs

  • Ashley & Family
    Ashley & Family Month ago +1

    Me. buttons is sold at Walmart I believe now I seen one around Christmas I was like eww what is this lol

  • Dann Lawrence
    Dann Lawrence Month ago +1

    It could scare the SHIT out of a Child 😂😂😂😂

  • michael mobley
    michael mobley Month ago

    Blippy: surprise toilets: oh shit ( crap flies out as fart noise starts up ) blippy : um ok then uh by. Baby: what the fuck

  • Neil Sheridan
    Neil Sheridan Month ago

    The PlayDoh Dentist is not that creepy

  • Bonnie Skelton
    Bonnie Skelton Month ago

    Noooo aaaaaa Mr. Buttons

  • Bonnie Skelton
    Bonnie Skelton Month ago

    This gives me nightmare

  • marie
    marie 2 months ago

    who else noticed that some of the lines are exactly the same from list kings video

  • Madison Oslie
    Madison Oslie 2 months ago +1

    The doll us used for high school health class

  • Teddy Rex
    Teddy Rex 2 months ago

    I had a Dr drill n fill it was fun

  • Mr Guy
    Mr Guy 2 months ago

    Now i have nightmare

  • Emmet Ray
    Emmet Ray 2 months ago

    Last one kind of made me sad only because it reminded me of all the real children out there without a home or anyone that cares about them.

  • Please Clap
    Please Clap 2 months ago +2

    That chimp toy looked as if he just snorted a pound of cocaine, holy frick

  • Tammy Nelson
    Tammy Nelson 2 months ago

    A HITLER doll??

  • Julian Orellana
    Julian Orellana 2 months ago

    Why are you swearing

  • susan price
    susan price 2 months ago

    Little Miss no name reminds me of something Tim Burton thought up..

  • Princess Of Chaos
    Princess Of Chaos 2 months ago

    Now I want an evil dead doll...

  • Jodi Bolan
    Jodi Bolan 2 months ago

    The Living Dead dolls weren't so bad looking. Not to mention the Little Miss No name doll. I thought she was kinda cute. Oh well, then that's just me.

  • Honey Kid
    Honey Kid 2 months ago

    8:17 that doll is doing the funniest post ive ever seen

  • Kevin Loving
    Kevin Loving 2 months ago

    Uh I don't think #20 were sold for children. '98 was when adults started collecting action figures
    Though #18 was messed up

  • Wren LaPirata
    Wren LaPirata 2 months ago

    Living dead dolls aren’t for kids lmfao

  • MsKiTTy1138
    MsKiTTy1138 2 months ago

    A NOTE on the Hitler Doll or Figure is over played in this video. I have this Figure as well as the others in the Set which is Patton, Roosevelt, Churchill, MacArthur, & a few others as there line of Leader's Of World War Two line. This company also did dolls or Figures for Leaders Of The Civil War, Leader's Of World War One, And also Titanic Figures way before the Cameron Film. They make dolls or Figures of infamous people in history. Mostly geared to the adult Collector not really for kids, These dolls are now worth big bucks if you can find them. The 2009 release boxed Hitler Doll is worth about $356.79 compared to it's 2009 release price of $14.99. So it's not that creepy.

  • Morgan MUERGAN
    Morgan MUERGAN 2 months ago

    4:40 rip toys r us

  • lady veruca grimes
    lady veruca grimes 2 months ago

    love the brain car , i would love to find one for my frends little ones

  • Cleve Jae
    Cleve Jae 2 months ago +1

    the Hitler doll lol, what's next the trump doll that will most definitely top that!!!!

    • Elaine Snow
      Elaine Snow Month ago +1

      Cleve Jae there is already a Trump doll. Came out years ago and says stuff like “You’re fired!”

  • Kit
    Kit 2 months ago

    RIP Toy's R Us

  • Odinny
    Odinny 2 months ago

    yeah some of them are creepy, but I think you're a little over worried about serial murderers. there actually isn't that much overlap between toy design and serial murder

  • Lil squish
    Lil squish 2 months ago

    I used to have a doctor drill and fill

  • Donald Hall
    Donald Hall 2 months ago

    Anyone else think that Hugo looks a little like Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo when he was on trial?

  • Robert Waddell
    Robert Waddell 2 months ago +1

    1 and 2 are the exact same as list kings video

  • Sister Jude
    Sister Jude 2 months ago

    2019..? i miss these videos.

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe 2 months ago

    That monkey was an inspration to a Stephen King story in Skeleton Crew. It doesn’t get much creepier than that.

  • Cassandra Poole
    Cassandra Poole 2 months ago

    Wow she is beautiful! I want that evil dead Angel doll!

  • Taneeka smith
    Taneeka smith 2 months ago +1

    Fun video

  • Yoandra Uridelarrea
    Yoandra Uridelarrea 2 months ago

    What the I don’t like number 20

  • Cotton Candy Kitty
    Cotton Candy Kitty 2 months ago +1

    The face bank looks cute to me. Odd but cute

  • Fandom Internet
    Fandom Internet 2 months ago

    I laughed at 5:22

  • Meleah Lollar
    Meleah Lollar 2 months ago

    I got Doctor Drill and fill for Christmas and I'm a kid by the way I am 8 years old

  • Claire O'Connor
    Claire O'Connor 2 months ago

    17 umm if it gives ur kid nightmares then DoN’t BuY iT

  • Thrashaero
    Thrashaero 2 months ago

    it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out some toy makers are serious satanists who love to fuck with kids

  • James Tolentino
    James Tolentino 2 months ago

    I see what you sead about the E.T. and grown up toys😳😳😳

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 2 months ago

    Who the f*** thought the narwhal would be appropriate for kids ?

  • To Leyik
    To Leyik 2 months ago +3

    The japanese pregnant doll is really creepy....

  • Manuel Paez
    Manuel Paez 2 months ago

    The living dead dolls were at hot topics and Spencer’s from what I remember never remember seeing them in a toys r us or anything

  • Jacob Pessagno
    Jacob Pessagno 2 months ago +1

    So your hiding in the comments to be safe?

  • gacha life4455
    gacha life4455 3 months ago

    I've had Dr drill'n foil and it's pretty fun so ya

  • Cherry Faygo
    Cherry Faygo 3 months ago

    Mr. buttons is acutally called a fuggler, and i have 10 "Mr. Buttons", covering my room. I also have a Little miss no name doll, but i shaved her hair off :/

  • Isabel Romero
    Isabel Romero 3 months ago

    5:44 I'm going to have nightmares :/

  • lilezZzy731
    lilezZzy731 3 months ago

    I wanna punch who ever made the hittler doll

  • Ron Lopez
    Ron Lopez 3 months ago

    Miss No Name looks so cute!

  • Kyle Zeigler
    Kyle Zeigler 3 months ago

    Stretch Armstrong shouldn't be on this list