Top 10 British Actors Who Totally Stole The Show

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • Top 10 British Actors Who Totally Stole The Show
    They’re not always in the lead roles, but they definitely stand out. For this list, we're counting down those times when a British actor has earned rave reviews for their performance, stealing all the limelight from the movie as a whole. From lead roles in definitive horror, to supporting parts in '90s rom-coms... It's their work that we remember most of all.
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    #10. Tom Hardy
    #9. Tim Roth
    #8. Judi Dench
    #7. Robert Shaw
    #6. Benedict Cumberbatch
    #5. Tom Hiddleston
    #4. Christian Bale
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 3 days ago

    10 cm dkc t 10 😎 9 bc at i 8 th j dkr 7 i c b and tb 6 mc dkc dk 5 te ej rm 4 rg rw hpatdh2 3 cf kg ks 2 jd e1 sil 1 er sh t

  • Senna
    Senna 4 days ago

    I was gonna say if Hiddles didn’t make it in this list I would riot 😂 I love my Thor, but Loki was a complete scene-stealer.

  • Katana
    Katana 23 days ago

    There should be Jeremy Irons in this list

  • agathatyw
    agathatyw Month ago

    My all-time favourite actors are Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor. Where are Gary Oldman and Ewan McGregor, by the way?


    Benedict Cumberbatch is my fav

  • Bea Mancenido
    Bea Mancenido Month ago

    I see benedict. I click...

  • Iron Marvel Strange

    (T)om (H)olland,(H)iddleston,(H)ardy
    British British British

  • Iron Marvel Strange


  • Iron Marvel Strange


  • Patti Petro
    Patti Petro 2 months ago

    Tom Hiddleston Should be No. 2. Can't beat Sir Anthony.

  • Daniel Fronc
    Daniel Fronc 2 months ago

    There's no denying that Robert Shaw was deserving of mention but he wasn't half the actor that Sir Laurence Olivier was. If you're catering to the younger viewers, Jaws came out in 1975 and Olivier's superb performance in 1976's Marathon Man really, rightfully and completely showed Dustin Hoffman up as the mere plot device he so often is. Olivier, playing a sociopathic ex-Nazi whose character notoriously and needlessly tortured Hoffman's character by drilling into his tooth's nerve without benefit of anesthetic, all the while demanding of a naive Hoffman "Is it safe? regarding the secret of his Nazi past. His acting was so completely scary that the scene was etched into cinema history. Made a lot of people really not want to go to their dentist more than they already didn't. Many people were fearful of ocean swimming after Jaws but boy, what Olivier did to the image of dentists! Also, Olivier had a phenomenal career, winning 4 Oscar's, 2 British Oscar's and just about every other award you could think of, including Knighthood and being made a Peer of the Realm.

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose 2 months ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch is my favourite. I love Tom Heddleston to

  • Mr Tea & Crumpets
    Mr Tea & Crumpets 2 months ago

    I think everything Tom hardy Is in he steals the show

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron 2 months ago

    Where is Jude Law? He stole the show in A.I,The Talented Mr.Ripley,Gattaca,etc.

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron 2 months ago

    Tom Hardy sucks ass.

  • Robert Michel
    Robert Michel 3 months ago

    What? No love for Ian McKellen in The Fellowship of the Ring? You fools!

  • kefinkamed
    kefinkamed 3 months ago

    While upstaging the likes of Chris Pine and Leonardo DiCaprio is an extremely low bar to go by, it is very true that usually, when a Brit joins a movie, the rest of the cast can go home.

  • kalikurtgirl
    kalikurtgirl 3 months ago

    ddl is Irish though??

  • buses in profile
    buses in profile 3 months ago

    Mark Wahlberg was born in Dorchester America not UK

  • Jonelle Jones
    Jonelle Jones 4 months ago +1

    Benedict Cumberbatch outshines everyone he’s paired with, by FAR!

  • Killerhenne9
    Killerhenne9 4 months ago

    1:03 wtf thats Littlefinger

  • Colby Wan Kenobi
    Colby Wan Kenobi 4 months ago +1

    Ewan Mcgregor where is he come on

  • NS Gaming
    NS Gaming 4 months ago +1

    Where is Benedict Cumberbatch for The Imitation Game

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker 4 months ago

    Star Trek is butt juice, the only scenes I would ever watch are Benedicts' for sure.

  • DaViper Venom
    DaViper Venom 4 months ago

    Any role requiring an accent automatically goes to a Brit. No matter what accent is required. I’m pretty sure even monsters and animals growl and hiss in a British accent in movies. It pays to be an actor from England. Almost a guaranty that you’ll end up a movie star. But even if at some point Hollywood won’t cast you anymore. You still end up wealthy.

  • The Walking Thrones
    The Walking Thrones 4 months ago +1

    Patrick Stewart?

  • Aditi Guha
    Aditi Guha 5 months ago

    For me Hardy is the Best

  • Trishy Angel
    Trishy Angel 5 months ago +1

    *_How about Venom?_*

  • BarrelDive
    BarrelDive 5 months ago

    Stealing is illegal, tell them no next time

  • lokitty
    lokitty 5 months ago

    Cumberbatch & Hiddleston ❤

  • OriginalTharios
    OriginalTharios 5 months ago

    Cumberbatch is a good actor...sure. But...he was NOT fucking Khan. Period. I didn't like his performance in that particular movie in general (and I REALLY just hated the movie overall), but there's just no way to do what he was trying to do. You can't "outdo" Ricardo Montalban's Khan. It's not possible. You can imitate it with a bit of your own spin...but that's it. I couldn't stand Cumberbatch in the role.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 5 months ago

    that unforgettable Snape voice 😔

    IVERTY 5 months ago

    Stewie Griffin !!!?!!

  • WTF artiZts
    WTF artiZts 5 months ago

    I swear heath ledger was english

  • denny ng
    denny ng 5 months ago

    bane stole the show!?!?!?.... that's my deal breaker

  • Helen Gillis
    Helen Gillis 5 months ago +1

    So sad great British actors and up playing baddy shit cartoon characters in the us for money.

  • Wineblood
    Wineblood 5 months ago

    No Jeremy Irons? Fuck this video then.

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 5 months ago

    Bruce Willis wasn't high profile at the time.

  • Cancerous Yasuo
    Cancerous Yasuo 5 months ago

    I only know everyone from MARVEL like Cumberbatch,Hiddlestone,Hardy,Holland etc.

  • Caladuun
    Caladuun 5 months ago +1

    No love for Jack Nicholson in Batman...shame. he totally stole that movie.

  • xcver
    xcver 5 months ago

    So you can put all Daniel Day Lewis movies on the list where is is not the main character

  • Gisela Duran
    Gisela Duran 6 months ago

    Alan Rickman voice is just iconic , he was one of the best British actors. Sad he is not longer with us , this list was good enough from my favorites .

  • Triton 23
    Triton 23 6 months ago +1

    Benedict Cumberbatch was the only reason I watched Star Trek into Darkness four times in a row.

  • oerskmi p
    oerskmi p 6 months ago +2

    Benedict cumberbatch steals the show in everything he acts in 😚

  • TheRockshoxx
    TheRockshoxx 6 months ago

    Day-Lewis IS and always will be better than the rest of the cast of Gangs.. Rickman IS and always will be better than Costner .. FACT FACT FACT

  • JRD DoubleU
    JRD DoubleU 6 months ago

    Benjamin cucumber should never have played Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek. He's a good actor, granted, but someone else should have played Khan. Khan is no posh British twat. (A posh British twat)

  • Nick Butcher
    Nick Butcher 6 months ago

    tim roth in 'rob roy' was much better than the awful planet of the apes, a far more menacing role and amazing to watch.Tom Hardy as 'bane', im bias as I hate that film, and this was not bane, but he mumbled and was barely audible thru most of it, and was just.....there really. underused and bland really. liam neeson as ra's al ghul was far more memorable, and would of made the film better if he did turn up in rises

  • Jaceric2
    Jaceric2 6 months ago

    Thats Aiden Gillan Aka Littlefinger from GoT, trying to intrerogate Bane in the plane. Never saw that it was him before!

  • s bird
    s bird 6 months ago

    Nothing against Benedict Cumberbatch, he's a great actor, but I don't really think he stole the show in Star Trek the way some of these other actors stole the show. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto held their own against him pretty well. Compared to Alan Rickman acting circles around Kevin Costner/outshining Bruce Willis in his first major Hollywood role, or Anthony Hopkin's being so memorable as Hannibal Lector no one even remembers the name of the actor who played the MAIN bad guy in Silence of the Lambs, Benedict's Kahn doesn't really steal the show.

  • Randall P
    Randall P 6 months ago

    For Alan Rickman you could choose any film he was in. Or all of them, for that matter.

  • Adagio Breeze
    Adagio Breeze 6 months ago

    Jeremy Irons is eerily charming in everything he’s in

  • Chris Turnbull
    Chris Turnbull 6 months ago

    this narrator is horrible

  • Farmer ned 6
    Farmer ned 6 6 months ago

    Jeremy Irons - Margin Call
    "Its just money!
    its made up -Pieces of paper with pictures on it, so we don't have to kill each other just to get something to eat!"

  • ssw 4711
    ssw 4711 6 months ago

    Alan Rickman is the best

  • Minato
    Minato 6 months ago

    Its because most of British actors actually went to drama school and did plays before becoming movie actors :D unlike lot of American actors did commercials etc. or had other professions before

  • Arakash
    Arakash 6 months ago

    *Ooooohhh, 22 days until christmas, u know what that means?? Die Hard marathon \o/*

  • Monty Singh
    Monty Singh 6 months ago

    British actors are the best in the best business. Although, you forget Ralph Finness in Schindrel's list(fuck my spelling though).

    HANIF MIAH 6 months ago

    Britian > american

  • Danger of The Man Deville

    Tom Holland in Civil War

  • Urban Hawk
    Urban Hawk 6 months ago

    I am a massive Cumberbitch 😍😍😍

  • Noelle Steven
    Noelle Steven 6 months ago

    Sees Benedict Cumberbatch
    Me: click

  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones 6 months ago

    Bain? Really? He was the worst villain

  • trashy gay
    trashy gay 7 months ago +1

    Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch......😍

  • deza eslao
    deza eslao 7 months ago

    watched the movie many years ago.... but still loved the potrayal of khan

  • Jake Alter
    Jake Alter 7 months ago

    I would’ve included Michael Fassbender

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 7 months ago

    10 michael caine in little voice 90s a star 9 tom hardy 10s good 8 Benedict cumbrrbatch 10s ig stole the film 7 alan rickman 00s la a tdf 6 mfn 00s c sweet 5 jd sil 90s bloody witty 4 bb secrets and lies should have won oscar 90s 3 et 90s he excellently done 2 kate winslett 10s the dresser her best role 1 hugh Grant 90s 4 weddings and a funeral thanks to a great script he was hilarious 🐶

    • Bilbo Baggins
      Bilbo Baggins 7 months ago

      yeah but both Caine and Grant could be argued to be the principal protagonists in those respective films, so that is hardly "stealing the show" is it???

  • Gingerbred_Hed
    Gingerbred_Hed 7 months ago

    Christian bale is british? Never knew

    • Leigh M.
      Leigh M. 5 months ago

      He's Welsh.

    • Bilbo Baggins
      Bilbo Baggins 7 months ago

      He was the kid in that brilliant old Spielberg movie, "Empire Under The Sun"

  • William Earney
    William Earney 8 months ago +1

    SO WHERE IS......O' can't take your eyes off him in the SMALLEST ROLE ...EVER.

  • Baron William
    Baron William 8 months ago

    a shame sir anthony hopkins didn't have much of a role in thor. tom hiddleston would have had a harder time contending for that spot!

  • Beneditch Cratesofbooze
    Beneditch Cratesofbooze 8 months ago +5

    I need Alan Rickman back. I want him to live forever. What a legend

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds 8 months ago

    Actually, in Jaws there were no "lead actors." All three, Roy, Richard and Robert were credited together, all at the same time so Robert Shaw WAS one of the lead actors. They had great chemistry. You should hear Richard Dryfus when he talks about Shaw and how he would be a total English gentleman then morph into "Quint" as they got closer to the set.

  • Jemma Duncan
    Jemma Duncan 8 months ago +1

    Alan Rickman should be number 1.

  • Daniel Jefferson C137
    Daniel Jefferson C137 8 months ago

    did you breast feed her toughened ya nipples dident it

  • Anish Dangol
    Anish Dangol 8 months ago

    1:03 what are you doing out of the realm?

  • aurora virtanen
    aurora virtanen 8 months ago

    insurance gather fit institutional wildlife base down occasional prospect anniversary bond.

  • Teri Lefevers
    Teri Lefevers 9 months ago

    I was hoping that Alan Rickman would be number one.

  • suvin s
    suvin s 9 months ago

    what about Heath Ledger in dark knight??

  • winner winner
    winner winner 9 months ago

    Tom Hiddleston even has an army!!!

  • T Smith
    T Smith 9 months ago

    Benedick cucumbersandwich is a knobhead believes his own opinions are far superior to anyone else’s he loves his own voice go to the theatre when he is performing then you will agree

  • Jelena Jelisavcic
    Jelena Jelisavcic 9 months ago

    But how is Loki just a supporting role in Thor? I always considered the two of them as main characters

  • Laslo finkledink
    Laslo finkledink 9 months ago

    Nice to hear an accent from home

  • gle tube
    gle tube 9 months ago

    Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada.

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 9 months ago

    Cumberbatch was great as Kahn in my opinion and Huddleston is fucking spectacular as Loki. Absolutely fantastic

    RICHARD MARTINEZ 9 months ago

    mostly villians

  • Noodleboy N
    Noodleboy N 9 months ago

    No Brian Blessed in anything..mainly Flash Gordon

  • Vanessa Fuchs
    Vanessa Fuchs 9 months ago

    Christian Bale is not british , is welsh

    • flip inheck
      flip inheck 4 months ago

      The welsh are British, idiot.

  • Johnny R.Z
    Johnny R.Z 9 months ago +1

    What now Cumberbatch kills it in every role he plays
    Alan rickman is also one who kills it in anything he's in wether the movie does good or not just saying

  • Alicia Simmons
    Alicia Simmons 9 months ago

    Alan rickman when his name came I cried, you will be missed, fly high rickman

  • Safaha 85
    Safaha 85 9 months ago

    Dumbledore traded places with Snape 😂

  • Shane Fagan
    Shane Fagan 9 months ago

    You put an Irish actor when talking about British actors... come on. Daniel Day Lewis is from Wicklow in Ireland.

    • flip inheck
      flip inheck 4 months ago

      @Leigh M. The Welsh are British you idiot.

    • flip inheck
      flip inheck 4 months ago

      DDL is English , born to English parents in Greenwich London , he is not from Wicklow.

    • Leigh M.
      Leigh M. 5 months ago

      Yeah and two Welsh actors.

  • Surendra Godi
    Surendra Godi 9 months ago

    Why's Gary Oldman not in the list?

  • v1oletv0id
    v1oletv0id 9 months ago

    i took one look at the thumbnail and thought yep okay it’s binglebonk crumplepaps i’m watching this

  • David McMullan
    David McMullan 9 months ago

    Give us a 'whoop whoop' if you think that Peter Ustinov's performance in Spartacus was worth a mention (yeah I know I'm showing my age).

  • Xentric
    Xentric 9 months ago

    Bendadick cumonmyback should’ve been higher on the list

  • A.M. D
    A.M. D 9 months ago +1

    I came here for number 5😍😂😍😂😍😂

  • Mary Glinoga
    Mary Glinoga 9 months ago

    Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch definitely belong on this list.

  • Stuart K. Seels
    Stuart K. Seels 9 months ago +1

    Alan Rickman was an amazing actor. He is dearly missed!

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 9 months ago

    Is your name Khan? Worst line ever.

  • Fawne Brown
    Fawne Brown 9 months ago

    This list just confirms that Brits really do make the best villains.

  • Harmen Westerhof
    Harmen Westerhof 9 months ago

    Tom Hardy with a mask and a persistent cold vs. Littlefinger before he was Littlefinger