Sport psychology - inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth

  • Published on Jan 23, 2013
  • Martin Hagger is Professor of Psychology at Curtin University. His areas of expertise are social, health, sport and exercise psychology. He is involved in numerous research projects nationally and internationally with a focus on motivation and behaviour change. He is currently leading projects in drugs in sport, promoting physical activity and healthy diet, understanding the mechanisms of willpower and self-control, and reducing binge drinking and the prevalence of smoking.
    At the highest level, athletes are well-matched in terms of their physical abilities, conditioning, and skill level. But often that is not enough to win and perform on the biggest of stages like the Olympic games. Developing strategies and techniques to get athletes minds in the best possible condition for optimal performance is increasingly important for sports teams and coaches.
    Martin will provide an overview of the kinds of techniques that elite athletes use to prepare psychologically for their sport, give details of the scientific research into these techniques and how they work, and how the techniques might be used by competitive athetes and coaches to maximise performance.
    TEDxPerth 2012 took place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at the Octagon Theatre at the University of Western Australia. Over 500 people attended in person and listeners all over the country enjoyed the day by tuning in to the live broadcast on digital radio.
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  • LVC 1212
    LVC 1212 11 days ago

    Looks like his pockets are full of golf balls

  • Muhammad Huzaifa
    Muhammad Huzaifa 24 days ago

    I know my country isn't in the conditions that I can play for my country internationally. But for my juniors I will say for sport the biggest thing is that don't think you lose now. Until the last second has been ended. It isn't words it is the truth. Courageous people rule the world rather than talented. Because you overcome anything through your brave mindset. I am playing in Pakistan for my city's club that is Karachi. My first 50 games isn't good. 50 games just 8 goals and 3 assists. I started playing for the club at the age of 16. Now I am 20. Make yourself A BIG GAME PLAYER means ready yourself for the champion at any second of the time. Today I have played 164 games scored 90 goals.82 goals in last 114 games. And 46 assists. Won 3 titles and have 2 times best player of the City. This season i have played 41 games and scored 36 goals with 9 assists. My best players are Ronaldo Ibrahimovic and none others than Messi.

  • gobum
    gobum Month ago

    Works for me, useful information

  • South Eagle / Urban Bboys


  • QuoteZ
    QuoteZ 2 months ago

    I wonder if he believed Lance Armstrong cheated

  • roger
    roger 2 months ago

    Brasil was never the reigning Olympic champion. They barely won their first Olympic gold medal in soccer recently.

  • Talha Çubuk
    Talha Çubuk 2 months ago

    you are do turkish subtitle add please

  • Audel Salazar
    Audel Salazar 2 months ago

    Summary of this abysmal Tedx Talk about Sport Psychology from Inside the Mind of a Winner:
    1. Mexicans are better at soccer than Brazilians
    2. What are in his pockets?
    3. Factors that are linked to success in sport: Motivation, Confidence, Performance Knowledge, Routines, Anxiety Management
    4. For motivation, set a SMARTER goal: Specific, Meaningful, Agreed, Relevant, Time-Specific, Engaging, Recorded
    5. Improve confidence through experience, "modelling" (observation, imagery, self-talk), and feedback
    6. Use imagery for mental preparation and rehearsal, especially useful for visualizing obstacles and barriers to overcome to be successful
    7. Use self-talk for motivation, focusing, and calming oneself
    8. There are numerous relaxation techniques for anxiety management: breathing, stretching, relaxing the muscles, listening to music, and meditation
    9. Never found what was in his pockets...

  • Shiyam Sundar
    Shiyam Sundar 3 months ago

    I love it....

  • Sonalli Guptaa
    Sonalli Guptaa 3 months ago

    So true!
    Our channel is all about the idea of figuring out what goes behind the mind of individuals who play sports and how it helps them grow in other aspects of their life. And how others can benefit from it.

  • Omar Kingosso
    Omar Kingosso 4 months ago +2

    Booring and annoying speaker

  • dbsk06
    dbsk06 4 months ago

    Great title : totally underdelivered

  • Todd Denny
    Todd Denny 5 months ago

    An intriguing subject made very boring

  • Pizzathehut El
    Pizzathehut El 5 months ago

    Perhaps saying perhaps makes everything perhaps-ish.

  • WeLive2inspire
    WeLive2inspire 5 months ago

    I find this boring and tiring I am sorry u lost me,you did a kinda better job at the end but you really didn’t make your points in a way to win me as a former international athlete and currently a coach I thing u have good elements in here but not right into the point that will help much somebody .thank u for the effort tho

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 5 months ago

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  • a
    a 6 months ago

    Tell me the name of the person who invited this moron? Please.

  • magpiemaniac
    magpiemaniac 6 months ago

    Perhaps he has a lot of stuff in his pockets.

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez 7 months ago

    Only losers have this mind set

  • Greg Truong
    Greg Truong 7 months ago +1

    Why so much stuttering? Where's you inner and outer confidence?

  • Harry Paterson vandyke
    Harry Paterson vandyke 7 months ago +2

    This really is boring thank you TEDx for wasting 15 minutes of my time

  • Federik
    Federik 7 months ago +1

    8:15 voice crack 😆

  • MenSSanA
    MenSSanA 7 months ago

    Nada interesante, habla de cosas del pasado sin dar ninguna explicación . No me gustó

  • Hari Sankar
    Hari Sankar 8 months ago +1

    *Error :-* Brazil were *not* the defending Olympic champions in 2012, Argentina won the 2008 Olympics. Brazil won their first Olympics gold in 2016.

  • Mohamed Semeunacte
    Mohamed Semeunacte 8 months ago

    Sport Psychology is important. There you go, you just won 12 minutes of your life back.

  • Bruno Camodeca
    Bruno Camodeca 8 months ago +2

    The video seems perfectly interesting and does a well enough job of keeping my attention. I don't understand how you people can't bother 12 minutes or so to learn a new item of info.

    • Patrick Morgan
      Patrick Morgan 7 months ago

      There was nothing new and what was there could have been presented in 2 minutes.

  • Kpopluvr94
    Kpopluvr94 9 months ago

    I didnt realize how close this seems to behavior analysis

  • Selina Bramberger
    Selina Bramberger 9 months ago

    Very interesting !!!

  • Sirvart Sarafian
    Sirvart Sarafian 9 months ago

    I don't get why people don't think this is a good video.. I think he covers the main areas in which sports psychology can help with. Such as the areas needing work on for perpetration (goal setting, confidence, motivation), the consequences associated with loss, and how to get back up understanding the opponent and performance day psychy management. He specifies that sports psychologists provide techniques and strategies which athletes NEED and DO and gives an example of Michael Phelps and Blanka Vlasic. So yes, he talks about how a sports psychologist can help but the only reason why this job exists is because of the athletes/human mind!

  • Goonerville Gonad
    Goonerville Gonad 9 months ago

    Sports psychology for dummies.

  • Mathew Sunmonu
    Mathew Sunmonu 9 months ago +1

    Good day Prof. I am so impressed with this video and it inspired me more to have deep interest in this our noble profession. Am a Phd student in Nigeria studying sports psychology. I always enjoy your video clips and wish to have yo as my mentor sir

  • Alma Galicia
    Alma Galicia 10 months ago

    Perhaps perhaps you are building your discourse upon hypotheses and we are suppossed to believe you??

  • Nioam Mac
    Nioam Mac 10 months ago

    2:21 your welcome

  • Ben Bodha
    Ben Bodha 10 months ago

    Dreadful video zzzzzzzzzz

  • Al J Pelayo
    Al J Pelayo Year ago


  • James Schultz, Ph.D.

    So cool that the two different contrasting styles can be equally as effective. Phelps is pure baller.

  • Dan K
    Dan K Year ago +32

    That's a lot of "perhaps". Perhaps you can cut down on them.

  • Jristian C. L
    Jristian C. L Year ago

    I switched off, obsessing over what's inside his pockets.

  • oluwakamau
    oluwakamau Year ago +1

    this guy could take a few pointers from what he preaches lol

  • Pete Cyclist
    Pete Cyclist Year ago


  • Daltira
    Daltira Year ago

    I’m not hear to hear about someone who runs in a straight line and has a natural born talent to run faster than anyone

  • Tibor Kökény
    Tibor Kökény Year ago

    Does he have practical experiences, work with athletes?

  • Wade Cortez
    Wade Cortez Year ago +2

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  • Don Kirk
    Don Kirk Year ago

    After about the twentieth "perhaps," it became clear that the speaker has no science in his talk.

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi Year ago

    *these videos are either the most mind breaking thing, or really basic and boring*

  • Ayberk Karaman
    Ayberk Karaman Year ago

    Why doesn't has it Turkish translate?

  • Lynkrig
    Lynkrig Year ago +1

    I never understand why these never bring up combat sports athletes

  • Carlos Andrade
    Carlos Andrade Year ago +10

    thanks! awesome speech!

  • Jewelry Limited
    Jewelry Limited Year ago +1


  • Simonas Dailidė
    Simonas Dailidė Year ago +1


    RYTIS MEDIA Year ago +2

    dope film!
    have a nice evening :o)

  • Scott Seymour
    Scott Seymour Year ago +6

    Honestly thought it was a good talk. Very refreshing to hear. As a college athlete, sometimes I forget the simple mental aspect of success.

  • paladro
    paladro Year ago +1

    given the prevalence of PED's at the highest levels of all sport, amateur and pro, psychology is important, but so is chemistry. ))

  • charles goldbach
    charles goldbach Year ago +1

    I learned that the next time I give a talk to a large audience to not start a sentence to the far left side and end the sentence to the far right side.

  • Emily Heil
    Emily Heil Year ago +16

    I am a D1 student athlete who will be creating a channel telling of my struggles with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and relationships. I want others to know they aren't alone and hopefully I can help through things I still struggle with. You're not alone. We aren't alone.

    • dani nobin
      dani nobin 4 months ago


    • thatcrazyxoxo
      thatcrazyxoxo 5 months ago

      this is an awesome idea! I am in the same boat. I think there are many who feel the same

    • Greg Truong
      Greg Truong 7 months ago +1

      Emily Heil have you made that channel yet?

    • hot sauce muay Thai
      hot sauce muay Thai 9 months ago +1

      When are you going to post content? I would be interested in seeing it.
      Best of luck

  • Yuri
    Yuri Year ago +1

    One wrong information: Brazil wasn't the reigning Oympic champion against Mexico in 2013. In fact, Brazil has never won the Olympic football medal until 2016.

  • msbutterfly1010
    msbutterfly1010 Year ago +1


  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson Year ago +1

    Great video so helpful for my training while im injured from football. Excellent!

  • Dallas Jones
    Dallas Jones Year ago +1

    This sucked

  • Nour Lababidi
    Nour Lababidi Year ago +1

    Thank you. Some people mentioned that this video doesn't tell us anything new. I disagree, this video reminds you with what we naturally know which is the make sense and that is why you think it's not new. This is a reminder to enjoy and live the moment while doing sports. So go tomorrow and try to apply keeping your mind in the activity. you will come back and thanks him

    • Patrick Morgan
      Patrick Morgan 7 months ago

      That's not what the title says it's about.

  • William Wang
    William Wang Year ago +16

    this guy doesn't present much useful information, it's very much a surface level look at sports psychology, with a lot of examples of athletes who use it, but it doesn't really look inside the minds of any champion athletes...rather just gives examples of successes and failures

  • Lance Winslow
    Lance Winslow Year ago

    Wow, I must say, I AGREE with EVERYTHING you said. Works for me.

  • treseyot
    treseyot Year ago

    There's a huge difference between knowing and doing it unconsciously or consciously. The latter takes practice, the former is just about memory ;)

  • Haroldo Ribeiro
    Haroldo Ribeiro Year ago

    I wonder know how in earth TED approved that, after 5 minutes that seemed to be a lot more I had to stop the video and came to see the comments.

  • Fiascofan96
    Fiascofan96 Year ago

    What has it got in its pocketses!? (Gollum voice)

  • Karan Sagar
    Karan Sagar Year ago

    This is how Roger beat Rafa at AO 2017

  • John Elite
    John Elite Year ago

    He should be renamed captain obvious.

  • fattermcphee
    fattermcphee Year ago +4

    This guy is soo boring....I was distracted the entire time

  • Sahil Lathia
    Sahil Lathia Year ago

    Sport psychology is a science that draws on knowledge from many related fields including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. It involves the study of how psychological factors affect performance and how participation in sport and exercise affect psychological and physical factors. Proper instruction and training of psychological skills for performance improvement, applied sport psychology may include work with athletes, coaches, and parents regarding injury, rehabilitation, communication, team building, and career transitions. Performance routines, Imagery or Self-talk are most used techniques that psychologists teach to athletes for improving their performance. i.e.- Michael Phelps (an American former competitive swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time) listens music before any competition which helps him to focus.

  • Giovanna Iacobellis


  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan Year ago

    Great man great video thanks

  • Pill Box
    Pill Box Year ago


  • Just Random 16
    Just Random 16 Year ago +2

    Lol the voice cracks tho😆😆😆😆😆

  • Georgi Stoev
    Georgi Stoev Year ago

    bla bla bla.... boring and not valuable as information that i can use! Eat shit mr Hagger

  • Val Robinson
    Val Robinson Year ago +3

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  • Mr Constantin
    Mr Constantin 2 years ago

    It's missing a most key component, the spiritual well being of an athlete. Speaker borrowed and incorporated a lot of Buddhist religious practices to compensate. However there is a superior means of addressing the spiritual well being and this presentation didn't address it directly.
    This presentation was very much lacking in my opinion, which once again brings into question if psychology is even a science. Take away behavioral science and neurology from psychology and what do you have? Seems like in this case you have yoga.
    Take home message - want to be the best according to the speaker, then incorporate yoga. He was promoting Buddhist mysticism achieved through yoga and rebranded it to sound legitimate science, by calling it psychology.
    It was also misleading because Phelps doesn't practice yoga and is a devote Christian. So if you're going to represent Buddhist sympathizing athletes, then accurately convey those who in this case are Christian and use a different method.
    And further more instead of approaching this in an atheistic stand point recognize that yoga is a religious practice, because it is. Don't smuggle religious practices into the presentation and pretend they are a-religious.

  • fullnoscope
    fullnoscope 2 years ago +1

    What are all that things in his pocket?

  • jrn00498
    jrn00498 2 years ago

    let me shorten this video: some people are great at sports, some are just good. They all approach their match/game in their own way.

  • Julian Herrera
    Julian Herrera 2 years ago


  • Randy Boudreau
    Randy Boudreau 2 years ago +61

    3:01 really breaks down the whole video in about 12 seconds. your welcome.

    • FlixTwix
      FlixTwix Month ago

      no it doesnt not at all

    • sammie hayman
      sammie hayman Month ago


    • X
      X 5 months ago

      Randy Boudreau looool

    • Boo Boo
      Boo Boo Year ago

      Randy Boudreau TY

  • Alberto Salgado
    Alberto Salgado 2 years ago


  • Boa
    Boa 2 years ago +4

    Anyone count how many times he voice cracked?

  • ShogunG
    ShogunG 2 years ago

    Fucking stupid

  • James Ferrell
    James Ferrell 2 years ago


  • Paul Leverenz
    Paul Leverenz 2 years ago +2

    I have no idea what the point of this talk was. Boring.

  • Rhino Ragni
    Rhino Ragni 2 years ago

    "Sometimes being anxious can undermine an athlete's performance." Thank you Captain Obvious! Who is this stiff? It seems like he's reading an outline that someone else wrote. They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these TED TALKS these days.

  • reSunator Chang
    reSunator Chang 2 years ago

    This is such a fascinating subject and I was so excited to listen but man the way this guy talk is sooooooo boring and borderline annoying.

  • bascursocmes
    bascursocmes 2 years ago


  • Jay Bushan
    Jay Bushan 2 years ago +34

    Perhaps psychology is all about PERHAPS...

  • Jokūbas Zalepūga
    Jokūbas Zalepūga 2 years ago

    using Olympic football final, for which nobody cares as an example lol

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown 2 years ago +6

    Thank you for this video I know sports take a lot of physical activity but mental is important too!

  • Timur Sultanov
    Timur Sultanov 2 years ago

    Ostentatious statement. I wonder for whom is this information? The presented examples are not the best option to demonstrate the psychological abilities of the athletes. And in the mind of the athletes is much more interesting to explore thoughts.

  • deepesh dang
    deepesh dang 2 years ago

    dint see much meat in the talk

  • Michael Dunham
    Michael Dunham 2 years ago +5

    I like the end of the seminar imagery is important .when racing a motorcycle or car through a turn you look ahead and see yourself already through the turn. There's so many thing we do during our game to be the best we can. And always listen and learn to those at the top. I was hoping to get deeper in the mind but this is a great start

    • dellydel 254
      dellydel 254 Year ago

      Right when I’m riding my sport bike I’m always looking ahead seeing my spot before I even get there

    • andi
      andi 2 years ago

      I completely agree 🙌🏼

  • anik khan
    anik khan 2 years ago +26

    not using cristiano ronaldo in any of the examples is weird, he is a master athlete, physcially and mentally, never gives up, gets what he wants no matter what with hard work, fittest player ever in one of the most physically and menatlly demanding sports where he is under pressure every week.

    • Sexy Beast
      Sexy Beast 5 months ago

      he is in no sense the fittest footballer ever.. dont get confused by his aesthetics, it serves little to no purpose on the football pitch

    • Tibor Kökény
      Tibor Kökény Year ago

      He might not know CR7.
      Anyway Puskas was the best of all time.

    • antonio romero
      antonio romero 2 years ago +2

      anik khan how does Ronaldo's dick taste?

    • Jokūbas Zalepūga
      Jokūbas Zalepūga 2 years ago +2

      Messi is a natural born talent. His skill is just from another planet, on the other hand Cristiano's character is out of this world too. As the topic is what goes inside the heads of those athletes, Ronaldo should be the example.

  • Mark Schwab
    Mark Schwab 2 years ago +6

    Difficult to use Phelps in the equation when he gets 10 opportunities an olympics to medal and most others get only one.

    • Patrick Morgan
      Patrick Morgan 7 months ago

      But he wins all 10, or close to it.

    • Pawan Ghimire
      Pawan Ghimire 2 years ago +1

      Boost yyyooour brain power in 14 days? Sport psyсhology inside the mind oof champiоn athlеtes Мartin Hagger at TTEEDxPerth

  • Nalhäa Music
    Nalhäa Music 2 years ago +2

    Very nice thanks a lot !! very useful ....

  • Dima Medvedev
    Dima Medvedev 2 years ago

    bull shit.

  • ForeverFlame88
    ForeverFlame88 3 years ago

    One cannot measure distances of greater than about 25 light-years using parallax since we don't know EXACTLY where (not only does the Earth go around the sun, the sun orbits the galactic center, etc. so determining exactly where Earth was 180 days ago is all the more difficult) the Earth was sixth months ago using the Earth's ORBIT around the sun as the base of the triangle. Just ONE light-year has an angle of ONLY 0.017 degrees already! If u think Red Shift measures/accurately gauges distances 2 distant objects, u need 2 know that red shift is QUANTIZED (only at certain energy levels), absolutely ruling out the Dopper Effect explanation, may b caused by tired light, (Light may lose energy naturally as it travels and remember that since light has mass, it is affected by other objects with mass. A solar sail works because light has momentum and therefore mass. If you believe light has energy, and energy is mass according to Einstein, then you believe light has mass.) objects moving @ right angles to us, & when gravity is acting on an object. There's this object moving TOWARDS us that is still red-shifted!!! There's this pair of objects connected with radically different redshifts that proves the big bang wrong. In addition, in the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, near the center, where the velocities are extremely high, the red-shift is somehow washed out. This strongly implies that strong motion DESTROYS the redshift, instead of creating it. A galaxy has even been measured to have a DECREASE of one quantization in redshift, which should be impossible if the universe is expanding and the redshift is due to the doppler effect. RU-clip: Stretching the Heavens: A New Cosmology. Google Science vs Evolution Pathlights. We can barely make out PLUTO with our best telescopes and yet we are told astronomers have detected a planet 1,300 or so light-years away?! Think about it. The object MAY be thousands of light-years away but we cannot measure those distances. We are simply TOO TINY, to put it humbly. And yes, there may be no such thing as deep space. Perhaps the "far away" objects are just super-tiny. It's possible. How could we know the difference? The Cosmic Background Radiation is much too cold to have come from the supposed Big Bang. It actually comes from stars. The heavens shall pass away with a great noise... interesting how from a biblical perspective, the big bang is in the future, where the heavens will be passed AWAY, instead of in the past, where it supposedly created the universe.